In the latest bailout of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department by taxpayers, the LVMPD will be “paying” a $50,000 settlement to a man for injuries he sustained after being hit by a flash-bang grenade, while he was an inmate at the Clark County Detention Center.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal:

The inmate, Rick Kendrick, was injured during a “shake-down due to the threat of inmate violence,” in December, according to a document in the committees agenda.

Officers were trying to throw a “distract grenade” into an unoccupied jail cell, according to the document. But the grenade bounced off a concrete beam and hit Kendrick, who was injured by a piece of the explosive.

The Nevada Corrections Department has a pretty long and extensive history of abuse and medical neglect throughout the state’s prison and jails. So, it’s not exactly shocking that yet another inmate has been injured. Of course, if the person throwing those explosives around was the one picking up the tab for those injuries, they might be a little less “distracted” (you saw what I did there) and truer with their aim.



  1. What does NVDOC have to do with this? The Detention Center is run by the county, not by the state.

  2. These inmates live to sue. They have so much time on their hands they sue for everything. It was an accident. But what can you do.

    1. Accidents have consequences and what you can do is pay when you fuck up and quit blaming the victims regardless if they are behind bars or not. This is your most moronic post yet. LOL

    2. These “accidents” seem to happen quite often.

    3. Graham gave me your information. Now I know everything about you. You are in deep shit. I’m coming for you. You better be ready.

      1. please oh please make a video of it. I’m still trying to decide whether it’s worth it or not to kill this piece of shit.

        1. More threats, more paperwork, more emails, more pay.

      2. More threats, more paperwork, more emails, more pay for me

    4. how long you think its going to be before you are forced to watch your own intestines being taken out of you? you can almost feel it if you watch the victim’s eyes closely.

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