Alpharetta PoliceJonathan Beavers, the founder of Georgia Cop Block, has requested a call flood in support of Amy Bramuchi, an Atlanta woman who was recently shot six times by the Alpharetta Police (see video at the bottom of the post). Amy has faced harassment over her involvement with Georgia Cop Block, as well as her involvement with Georgia Cop Block family, a group for communities in Georgia. She also believes that the incident in which she was shot was a deliberate act of retaliation against her for filing a complaint with the police department against one of their lieutenants.

The Alpharretta Police and the prosecutor are trying to revoke Amy Bramuchi’s bond and have her placed in jail, saying she was harassing them.  She has Court @9:30 am on 06/26/2015 at the Alpharretta Court house, located @12624 Broadwell Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30004. She needs folks in the area come out and show support for her at the hearing (see below for a map to the court house) to better ward off her being caged and to prevent the judge from sweeping this case under the rug. (Per her lawyer.)

The members of Georgia Cop Block are also requesting that those who are not in the area or unable to physically attend participate in a call flood. Please contact the Assistant to Public Safety Director at the Alpharetta Police Department and/or the court clerk for the Alpharetta Municiple Court to express your support for Amy Bramuchi, as well as requesting that they stop retaliating against her and end the efforts to have her put in jail. (See below for contact information.)

Below is the official police report from the original incident, which resulted in Amy being shot six times by the Alpharetta police:

On 25 September 2013 Alpharetta Department of Public Safety units were dispatched to a suicide threats call at 204 Woodhaven Way. Officers arrived on scene and attempted to make contact with the subject. Repeated attempts to make contact with the subject on scene and by telephone were unsuccessful. There was reason to believe that the threats were credible and that the subject was armed. There was also reason to believe the subject was at the residence. The decision was made to force entry and the subject was located in the residence. END OF REPORT

Comments from Amy, regarding inaccuracies within the police report:

I want everyone to know ‪Alpharetta‬ Police Department lied in their police report and said they tried to contact me by PHONE. I have the proof they never attempted to call via phone records. AT&T confirmed the police NEVER attempted to call me prior to entering my home with a battering ram. In fact, I called 911 after they broke in because no one would tell me why they were there. I made the 911 call at 6:26.


Call Flood Details

Alpharetta Police Department:

Court Information:

  • Alpharretta Municiple Court House
  • Name: Amy Bramuchi
  • Hearing Time: 9:30 am (EST)
  • Hearing Date: 06/26/2015
  • Phone: (678) 297-6250 (Elizabeth Sahlin, Clerk of Court/Court Services Director)
  • Fax: (678) 297-6251
  • Address: 12624 Broadwell Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30004

Map to Courthouse: (Located in the “Crabapple Government Center”)

Names and badge numbers of all the police involved:

  • Allen, J. (311)
  • Bradley, R. (154)
  • Carter, J. (333)
  • Davis, G. (148)
  • Farmer, K. (191)
  • Fisher, D.A. (391)
  • Garren, C. (116)
  • Glass (384)
  • Gordon, G. (280)
  • Jones, G. (128)
  • Noble, R.B. (387)
  • Lindgren, T. (K9, PAT)(282)
  • Farmer K., (CID, GEN) (191)
  • Wessel, R., (PAT, PAT) (216)


  1. lay down with dogs and you will get fleas

    1. That is a downright ignorant thing to say. Cop block isn’t about infringing on, removal or changing the the rights of police officers. Its about making them act the way they are REQUIRED TO BY LAW. This woman was almost murdered in cold blood and has the evidence to prove it. The officers should legally have never entered her home at all, much less burst through the door with a battering ram.
      You’re basically saying, “If you believe in the constitution and that you have basic rights as a human being, you should get shot.”

      1. your a idiot .you hang around with cops and you will get screwed just like she did more ways than you know

      2. indi:
        What “evidence”?
        All she had rondo was talk to them as they knocked on the door.

        Yours is a typical CBer response of ignorance as you the duty the officers have at that point.

        1. Well look who it is!! SPANKY!!! That red-ass cool off yet when I spanked your ass in here with your own arrogance? HAHAHAHA.
          Putting that aside, “what evidence”? Come on Spanky, I expected more reasonable thinking from you than that!
          Let’s start with the bullet holes in her wall, then we’ll move onto the bullet holes in her, her bashed in front door, her being on meds that included a sleeping med and probably didn’t hear someone banging at the door until they bashed it in. We’ll let slide the evidence of her AT&T phone bill……not sure if AT&T logs call attempts or just connected calls.
          what more evidence do you need? Yes, yes, yes, before you even type it……cops breaking down the door in extreme emergencies.
          The woman did nothing wrong, this still isn’t Nazi Germany where they can bash your door down with lame ass excuses.
          Typical ignorant cops……use extreme force when a little common sense and courtesy will do wonders……and save lives too!
          Bash my front door in like that? Better be prepared for a BIG suprise! I didn’t survive 32 years in the service and 7 tours of combat duty to be taken out by some local pussies playing “Soldier wanna-be”.
          Oh sure, most likely they’ll win in the long run with over whelming numbers and equipment, but a heavy price will be paid. I fought for this Country numerous times along with defending the Constitution, don’t you think that I would do any less for myself/family? And please don’t forget my brothers and sisters that have served or are serving……..there are a hell of a lot more of us than there are of “the thin blue line”.
          So in your posts and rants, be careful of the company you choose to side with when the shtf……it may be a very bad choice in the long run.
          G’nite SPANKY. LOL, LOL, LOL.

          1. ah…the fake.

            So….you think the EVIDENCE that the police did something wrong is their response to her suicide attempt…where they enter and she points a gun at them?

            Wow just like everything else you post…,it’s all fake.

          2. “The Fake”? Not bad, think of that all by yourself? I guess you had to come up with something, (even if its wrong), to lessen your spanked ass. If that name eases your hurt feelings, go for it.
            yeah, evidence, evidence that the cops screwed up and went into her house uninvited, no warrant, just a “claim” of possible suicide from a “friend”.
            Why wasn’t said friend there with police? Were the EMTs on site ready to jump in with medical attention? I see no evidence that medical was on site from the 2 articles I read.
            This entire

          3. fake:
            Now it’s you don’t see evidence?
            Which Is it? Evidence or no evidence? You seem very confused. Must be all the lying and now you can’t keep it straight.

            So think the story through:
            Report of suicide/suicide attempt.
            Officers try to call. No answer.
            Beat on door for quite awhile…no answer.

            (Now….this is where you have to pay attention)

            Officers force entry (according to both sides).
            SHE says she never heard the police at her door BUT when they forced entry it woke her up and she had enough time…to run UPSTAIRS and get her gat.

            Now…that’s her tale in a nutshell.

            And to you…it makes sense.

            • No. EMS wouldn’t be there as they won’t go into the “hot zone” until there isn’t any danger.
            •. No. We never bring he caller to an active scene.

            Oh…what is it exactly that tou think you kicked my ass over exactly?

  2. “Resently” seems to have a rather broad definition.

    You left out the part where she had a handgun.

    1. You left out the part about you being a douchebag

    2. You left out the part about you being a douchebag

      1. Epic burn dude, totally got me, totally….

    3. That’s how these people operate.

    4. I’m sorry. I don’t know what country your from but in america owning a gun is fully legal and constitutionaly protected. Again having a gun on your person or in your house is fully legal and constitutionally protected.

      Shooting someone breaking/forcing there way into your home is legal and constutitionly protected as a means of self defense and home protection (your home is your castle). Even if its a cop.

      Just because your grandparents gave up their/your right to owning guns and self-defense doesn’t mean you should push your coward ways onto the parts of the world where we still have our balls and COMMON SENSE….

      1. You should take some time and read about what happened.

  3. good thing she is still breathing

  4. She’s back in jail. Allegedly pointed a pistol at her roommate/boyfriend.

  5. She’s disgusting….. And a liar.. Why hasn’t it been mentioned that she pulled a gun on these officers. Why was it okay for her to have sex with an office while he was on the job but when she didn’t get her way she’s trying to say she’s protecting other citizens.
    Someone lock her away forever.

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