Members of Texas CopBlock have requested a Call Flood on behalf of the 170+ bikers who were arrested and are being held at the McLennan County Jail, with $1M ransoms being demanded for each, after the May 17th shootings at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, TX. (See below for more details.)

Call Flood Details – June 10th, 2015 4:00 PM CDT

Waco (TX) Police Department

Online Contact Form:
Chief Brent Stroman:
Phone Number: (254) 750-7500

Waco City Attorney: Jennifer Richie

Online Contact Info:
Phone Number: (254) 750-5680

McLennan County District Attorney: Abel Reyna

Phone Number: (254) 757-5084

Waco Police Association (Police Union)

Online Contact Form:

Waco Biker Call FloodTexas CopBlock has requested this call flood as a result of the unfair treatment, excessive bail demands, and unsubstantiated arrests of bikers who were not actually involved in either the shootings themselves or even the altercation preceding the shootings. As of yet, charges for the majority of those arrested have either not been filed, or have not been made public. In addition, those being held have been given the option of signing a waiver of their right to sue in exchange for being released. This is both a violation of their civil rights and an indication that the police do not have solid evidence against them, but are attempting to coerce them into giving up those rights.

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Most of the bikers being held have been arrested for merely being in the same building. All told, nine lives have been lost and 18 people have been injured. Many people, including witnesses present at the incident have been questioning the official story and casting doubt upon the legitimacy of the actions by the police, including the extent of police involvement during the incident, how many of the dead and injured were actually shot by the police, and whether the police had provocateurs that intentionally helped to escalate the incident.

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 Additional Information/Eyewitness Accounts

Stephen Stubbs Las Vegas Biker AttorneyStephen “Bowtie” Stubbs, a Las Vegas attorney who has been featured several times on in the past (here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), is well known as an advocate for civil rights and specifically for defending motorcyclists, especially those that have been targeted by the police and/or government agencies/departments. Because of his past reputation for supporting the rights of bikers, he has garnered trust and connections within that community, as well as an understanding of the inner workings of motorcycle clubs, beyond the typical hype and myths.

Below is a series of videos he has released on his YouTube channel discussing the case itself, as well as the many unanswered questions, wrongful arrests, excessive bail amounts, and illegal lawsuit waver demands. Many of the details he discusses in those videos consist of inside information, provided by eyewitnesses or those who have spoken directly to people that were in attendance during the Twin Peaks shootings in Waco.

Wrongfully Arrested Bikers Have to Sign Lawsuit Waiver to be Released

The Truth About the Twin Peaks Shootings in Waco, TX.

Eyewitnesses’ Perspectives on the Waco Biker Shootings

True Story of a “Boozefighter” Hero

Are the Bandidos Really Ninjas?


  1. I can tell you exactly which one is going to prison….

    1. Are they African-American or Hispanic? I heard a rumor JC was planning a terrorist event against #BlackLivesMatter groups and police watchers near a school.

  2. The truth is that the PIGS did the murdering. The PIGS did all the shooting.

  3. Let’s use our god given and constitutional rights to hold them accountable. Couple hundred armed american patriots standing at the door will make the legal prosses work faster.

    The police have proven time n time again that there acting as rouge units against the american people and OUR country. We the people will change things and free those political prisoners.

    Every cop in this country should take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror. Then look at there family while there sleeping safely in there bed.

    Now picture what will happen when we the people breaks free from the chains of oppression and hold those accountable for there actions.

    You cant save yourselfs, but you can save your family and the unborn future before things turn worse. Stand up and be men. Don’t accept illegal orders. Arrest any other officer you see break any law they would hold against another human.

    This is the year. Before its over there going to try there shell game again. Let’s take our balls back before the game starts.

    1. So ominous. And in the end, nothing will happen. If you’re lucky, the GOP will regain the White House, and then the pendulum will swing every so slightly back center-right.
      Reading your comment sounds like the overall plot from Batman.

  4. Are you truly this stupid? They were taking part in a gun fight. What part of that don’t you understand? Do you honestly think a bunch of brain dead activists are going to get those responsible for attempted murder released? The author is truly truly stupid.

    1. There was no gun fight. The bikers didn’t have a chance. To much don’t add up

      1. Didn’t you see the news about it? The officers confiscated a lot of weapons from the bikers. The bikers were there to fight each other like two gangs.

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