Last weekend (May 16-17, 2015), the LVMPD, who constantly complain about how understaffed they are, managed to find enough people on their payroll to stake out, threaten, and harass or even arrest a group of sick people, because they didn’t jump through some of the proper hoops relating to the medication that they are actually legally allowed to possess and use.


  1. “…because they didn’t jump through some of the proper hoops relating to the medication that they are actually legally allowed to possess and use….” So next time jump through the hoops. Unless you’re too busy doing bong hits, that is.

    1. And as far as “sick” people? Yeah, right. I installed security systems at 3 different dispensaries in Southern Ca. Most of the clients were sick in the way that Tommy Chong expressed on a TV show I saw – “I get depressed when I’m not stoned”.

      1. So, you’re a doctor but you moonlight installing security systems?

        1. Actually I install the systems and moonlight as a doctor.

          1. The question is do you do either well? Really you can’t tell by looking at people what chronic diseases they have unless you are highly trained. I live everday with a woman who you would have no idea that she’s chronically ill and in constant pain.

          2. OK, call me cynical. But I still believe most are just potheads.

          3. You can be cynical. I’m cynical about anything that smacks of authoritarians getting together believing they make a reasonable, as in person, decision.

          4. NOT IN NEVADA!!!! We must have a REAL diagnosis & we go to regular practicing doctors here. NV was set up to be super, over-regulated, supposedly the “premier” MMJ program for the country to follow. I know a young man who does not look sick at all. He only has a few more years to live because of his disease. I think he’s only around 30. Some MMJ patients do not have pain unless they eat & they look perfectly fine, they use it to stop the pain of eating. Some use it just for sleep at night. If us patients could finally help all you people realize it is NOT about “getting high” for the majority of us life would be good. Many of the same people thinking the med programs are an excuse are the same ones who smoke cigarettes & drink alcohol.

      2. I’ve been a medical marijuana patient for 6 years. during some of that time I was able to grow, but as the disability got worse, I was too sick to grow any further. it is used strictly to eat and to keep weight on me. to be honest I wouldn’t smoke if I didn’t have to, I’m sick of smoking, eating, and drinking it. However, there is no pharmaceutical equivalent. and don’t try and use the example of marinol, I have tried it and it does not work the same. beyond that, insurance companies do not want to pay for marinol. they will push you to grow if it is allowed in your state. Don’t allow your ignorance to overrule your logic.

        1. I didn’t say every patient. But when I see guys throwing a football around in the parking lot waiting their turn to go in, I’m thinking they can’t be in too much pain.

          1. They could be caregivers.

          2. And they could be patients. My wife can dig a hole for a tree, through will, but then spends 2 to 4 days in bed. The only thing people see is her digging the hole, literally and metaphorically.

          3. You mean like the guy in a wheelchair that berated my wife for using a handicapped space, because, well, she could walk? You know, that confirmation bias that leads to hoary thinking.

            You turned that into “most of the clients”. My wife takes strong pain killers for chronic pain (direct sunlight causes her pain, moving causes her pain, etc.) and yes her doctor prescribed MJ. It worked to a degree, she took fewer pain pills, but she won’t use it because we have one kid at home…and that because of the societal confusion you just gave a voice.

      3. What medical training did you receive to be able to just look at someone and tell if there sick, broken or disabled?

        You do nothing even close to keeping it real. Your just a shill trollng internet comment sections because you have no real life. Your mis/disinformation in not needed or warranted.

        1. Actually, I have a very real life. And by the way, fuck off.

          1. But you didn’t answer the question of “What medical training did you receive to be able to just look at someone and tell if there sick, broken or disabled?”

            You only answered his assholery. And the truth is that the answer to that question is that you don’t or haven’t.

      4. The Nevada system is more stringent than California’s. Also, many dispensary clients are caregivers, not patients–they’re not sick, but they represent people who are.

        1. Details, details, why let that get in the way of a prejudgment.

      5. Slightly disappointing. It seems you have no idea how chronic pain works….. and how there are millions upon millions of people living in the equivalent of torture…

        1. Actually, having 3 fused vertebrae from an auto accident where my neck was broken, I am somewhat familiar with the concept. I’m in pain every single day. I’m not saying that every MMJ patient is faking it to get high, but a lot of them are.

          1. It’s possible. Do you have any evidence to back up your claims? I would assume it’s a lot more plausible that when folks are feeling well they go to their med store, so they have it when they are in pain and need it… I don’t think you can use the example of people looking fine at the med store on cameras in this argument..

          2. Another take, and a reasonable one.

          3. My son has 13 fused vertebrae and diabetes. But he does have perfect posture. So there. (BTW, he does have pain everyday. OT, He’s working this summer on a graphical model of an astrophysical anomaly, a real study on a real anomaly, he’s had his name on a published article, and he had only one semester in HS. Funny thing, I have no doubt that the trauma he went through when we was 13 led to his achievement today. Like he said to me, he only has the intellectual as a possibility.)

            What I’m railing against is this “I’m not saying that every MMJ patient is faking it to get high, but a lot of them are.” It’s the “a lot of them”, and how you can ascertain that when you aren’t trained and make the judgment from watching people in a parking lot.

          4. Dark matter? He’s has a lot of brain power if he’s tackling that subject.

            How about if I add ….in my opinion, etc.

          5. Yeah, “in my opinion” would be nice. It wouldn’t save you from being excoriated, after all opinions can deserve that, but at least the rest of us would know you know it’s an opinion rather than a fact.

            Opinions as fact just destroy argument. In fact opinions as fact destroy a whole lot of things, one being good judgment.

            Was I kind?

            (No, it’s about pulsar-like jets from a quasar or proto-star, but also Fermi-bubbles from a blackhole at the center of a galaxy. As best he can explain, he’s a math student not an astrophysicist, it covers known anomalies.

          6. Or u could just STFU.

          7. Or you could just fuck off and bark at the moon.

          8. Damn…..everybody you know is falling apart…..

          9. Yeah, some of them have even died. I just don’t understand…

      6. So…the medical marijuana is controlling their disease symptoms then? Imagine that. It’s almost like this stuff works…

        1. Well, I’m going to go with option A, which is that a minimum of 70% have imaginary ailments. So it’s no surprise that doing bong rips cures them.

          1. I feel sorry for you that you’re so misinformed. Many people with cancer do not “look sick” or chron’s disease, heart issues, arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, etc. MJ is also a GREAT sleeping “pill”. Cannabis eaten in oil form got rid of my husband & my arthritis, he no longer takes sleeping pills either. With things like arthritis, diabetes, cancer, etc you’ll need to stay on a small maintenance does for the rest of your life. The small doses do NOT get people high who have been taking it for years. Many patients do NOT want to be high. There is a difference in recreational use & medical use. I’m OK with both but PLEASE people STOP lumping rec 7 med together because it is NOT the same.

      1. Better than what you lick. Eeewwwww, nasty.

  2. Until the police state is stopped, we are not citizens. Obo wants the cops to wear a Tutu… good idea!

    1. The police state isn’t going anywhere…you are all slaves.

  3. If a thousand must suffer…so that we find 1 leaf…or one joint…of the evil weed…it’s worth it.

  4. KWP:
    Wow. You’re as bad as Josh.
    Why can’t you just be honest? It’s amazing how you demeans it in others but to you…the truth is a complete stranger.

    Why don’t you and all,of the rest of the CBers just come out and say that it’s all about wanting to smoke pot and be done with it.

    1. All of the rest of us, huh? LOL, douchebag. I don’t use any dope, not weed, nor nicotine, nor alcohol. Moron.

      1. liar guy:
        But you claim. It to be a CBer.

        1. Yes, that makes so much sense. And once again, post the lies I tell. I can post yours. But I guess in my case I’m a liar just because you say I am, right? LOL. Douchebag.

  5. “….since it’s illegal to sell without a license….”

    “….But on Saturday, he said, officers started arresting patients who were peacefully using marijuana in their cars…”

    “…Nevada allows medical use of marijuana by patients with state-issued
    cards. But it’s illegal to sell the drug without a state dispensary
    license, and it’s illegal for anyone to use it in public….”

    I know of few states that allow use in a parking lot. I know of no states that allow use, possession or sale of mushrooms. When you hold your group session at 3 day convention called “Hempcon” – expect the police to be there. Don’t sell weed to UC officers, its a really easy way to stay out of jail.

  6. “Beyond that, you have to pay millions of dollars to become one of the very few people allowed to run a dispensary (which once again, don’t actually exist yet) in Nevada. Since another part of the laws that set up dispensaries involves removing the right for patients to grow their own marijuana, it also brings into question whether some of those chosen few might be throwing some of that money and influence they used to get in on that monopoly market around in order to eliminate the competition and intimidate those who are fighting that restriction.”

    Yes, it’s absolutely a state-run cartel; however patients and caregivers will still be allowed to grow their own, the restrictions on that are pretty minor.

  7. If you have a medical marijuana card, then fine. These people were going outside the law. The article shows why states have real issues regarding medical marijuana and decriminalizing marijuana.

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