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Coming back from Texas I had a flat on Hwy 69 just outside of Durant OK. My son had apparently taken my jack, so I could not change my tire. I was in the process of calling my service to come help me and an Oklahoma State Patrol car pulled up behind me. I was so happy, it was a very small shoulder and I had already told my 16yr old daughter to get out of the car, so if we got hit she would not be in danger.

So, I am on the phone, trooper walks up to me and motioned me for my ID…WHAT???….I am on a short shoulder, and this guy wants to check my ID!!! Not fearing anything, I fumbled around, while talking to my service and gave him my DL…

After running my plates, my ID, he came back – I am still on the phone. When he brought a jack with him I was relieved. I got off the phone after canceling the service and told Officer Michael Green that I didn’t want to violate any laws and that I was carrying a sidearm.

I thought he was going to shoot me on the spot!!!

I informed the officer that it was condition one. He still took my weapon, dropped the mag and turned it to himself to check the SN….POINTED AT HIMSELF….he then racked the slide and the chambered round came out. He yells at me…”You said that there was not one in the chamber”. I told him that I said it was condition one. He says’ You need to be more clear about that”….got to love informed LEO’S!!

He takes my weapon and puts it UNDER a blanket on the passenger seat where my daughter was, and puts the mag and the extra round in the glove box.

I change my tire, gave him back his jack and he asked me to get in the patrol car because he has to fill out paperwork for the “assistance stop”.

He then tells my daughter to get back in car…..guess what, she sat on!!!! That is right, my unloaded weapon. She took the weapon and placed it on the dash in front of the passenger seat.

Now I am in his car and he starts to give me the riot act about concealed carry and the like. Meanwhile my 16yr old daughter is in a car with a weapon and knows how to use it…..what an idiot.

Officer Green calls the DA of Bryan County and wants to know what he can charge me with because I didn’t notify him of the weapon. Basically it was told to me, that if I let him search my car for drugs, they would lower the fine. I don’t do drugs and didn’t have any… so what the hell. I just wanted to go home.

Officer Greene, leaving me in his car, goes up to my daughter and starts giving her the riot act, “ If you lie to me, and I find illegal drugs in the car, I don’t care if you’re a 16 year old little girl I will take your dad to jail and take you to a shelter and have your mom come pick you up.” My daughter told me this. He told my daughter to get out of the car and then freaked out!!! He couldn’t find the weapon that he put on the seat, yelled at my daughter, who told him it was on the dash…. still… love these “well trained officers”

After another 45 mins of ripping through all the Christmas presents and finding nothing, Officer Green returned to the car.

Officer Green informs me that I had been arrested for “discharging a firearm while intoxicated” and that I will have to submit to “blow” especially because I have beer on ice in a cooler.

First of all, I was never arrested for anything of the sort, but I blew because I wasn’t drinking… I just wanted out of there.

After the breathalyzer, he then started giving me a lecture again on how I should know that I “have to notify” police officers that I am carrying a weapon. I politely told him that this is not required in Missouri and he told me that it was a “National” law” WHAT? What the hell do they teach these idiots?..

Officer Green kept mentioning that he has a concealed carry license and that we both went to the same training and I should know better. Again, I just wanted out of there, but I should have told him that the Florida license requires only a DD214 to get a license.

Here is the kicker, and no one should ever doubt that this is a money making machine. Officer Green said that if I wanted to I could go to the courthouse right now and pay the fine and I could be on my way. I told him to write the ticket and I will handle it another way.

He did. I got a ticket for failure to notify – $211.50.

I nor my daughter were ever searched.

– Zeke, “I asked for the cam footage, was told that I have to get a subpoena…”


  1. Sounds like what we should expect nowadays in our police state.

  2. What the hell? Discharging a firearm while intoxicated? If I read this right, you neither “discharged” your gun, nor were you intoxicated, AND you told him you had a gun. Goddammit, it’s this kind of stupidity seen in LEO that made me change my mind about wanting to become a cop, in the first place, because they all give law enforcement a bad name.

  3. You have to make your own decisions in these situations, and, certainly, there’s a strong temptation to comply with an officer’s unreasonable and illegal demands, but this is another example of how it most likely made things worse for you to comply.

    You should have declined the officer’s request to sit in the patrol car. He already had all your information, he didn’t need more for an assistance report. If he did, he could call you on the phone. Hanging out with Officer Crabby made it easy for him to string you alone.

    Voluntarily submitting to the search of your car when officer has already revealed a propensity to be dishonest could have really screwed up your life. Could have gone very wrong for you. You got lucky. As it was, he found an unopened beer in the cooler and used it to escalate the situation and to further intimidate you into helping him dig a hole for yourself.

    A breath test to get a smaller fine? What? You got a pretty hefty fine as it was and you paid it immediately, rather than disputing it in court.

    There’s no way to know how this would have gone if you’d politely asserted your rights, but my guess is that it would have gone a lot better for you if you’d done so.

    This is a 3 year old video, but you should watch it at least once a year.

    Never talk to police:

  4. Letting him in your car was a mistake. What if he was under the gun from his bosses for low activity and decided to “find” some dope in your car? You willing to give up 15 years or so in a state prison?

  5. I’m familiar unfortunately with the justice system in Oklahoma. So I believe this account completely. With cops like that, who needs criminals?!

  6. Where I call home, you would have been arrested, your gun and your permit seized. And it sounds like you should have been. Here, you have to IMMEDIATELY notify any law enforcement officer that you are carrying concealed. Not just “hey, by the way I’m carrying” after he’s been dealing with you for awhile.

    Hate to say it to you all, but it’s guys like this that ruin it for everyone.

  7. Here in Florida you have no duty to notify unless asked by the LEO.

    CONCEALED CARRY INCIDENT #1- A friend of mine was on his way home from work when he was pulled over by FHP for illegal tint.The trooper asked for my friends DL.While getting his DL out of his wallet the trooper noticed my friends CC permit.The Trooper jumped back put his hand on his pistol and shouted “SIR DO YOU HAVE A GUN”! My friend said yes he had his gun in the center console.The trooper briefly lost his mind…giving my friend the riot act about how he should have notified him at the very beginning of the stop.The trooper also said “he liked to be the only one with a gun”! My friend got a ticket for the illegal tint,as the Trooper drove away with even darker tint on his cruiser.

    CONCEALED CARRY INCIDENT #2-Another friend of mine named Tony disagrees with me and is firm in his opinion that you should notify the officer even though we are not required to do so here in Florida.
    Tony was stopped by a Baker County Sheriff’s Deputy for rolling a stop sign.Tony immediately informed the Deputy that he was legally carrying a fire arm.Tony said the deputy immediately became nervous and placed his hand on his service pistol.The deputy removed Tony from the car telling Tony to keep his hands up and then to put his hands on the hood.The deputy removed Tony’s weapon and kept it in his possession throughout the duration of the stop.When the Deputy returned with a warning for rolling the stop sign he had Tony’s gun with the magazine removed and the slide locked back.The deputy said he needed Tony to pop his trunk so he could place Tony’s gun out of reach… for officer safety.While placing Tony’s gun in the trunk the deputy conducted a non consensual warrant-less search!

  8. t.
    More and more states are removing this idiotic requirement for Citizens to inform their employees when they have a weapon. Sounds like you need to start lobbying in your state.

  9. The idiotic requirement to notify is a violation of our 5th amendment right to remain silent.

    Officers taking citizens guns without a warrant, in the name of officer safety,is a 4th and 2nd amendment violation.

    Concealed carry PERMITS are a violation of the second amendment.

  10. Why doesn’t Texas float off into the ocean? Because Oklahoma sucks.

  11. While LEO do like to mess with people, when stopped by the state trooprs in Idaho before. I told the cop when I was pulled over (Hands on the wheel) that I was going to get my DL and my CCW and I was carrying… handed them both to him and to my surprise he didn’t even check the gun, just looked at the ccw handed it back and went on his business of writing me a waring for speeding… Similar case in Idaho (Latah County) my friend wrecked his car, when LEO showed up he let him know he was carrying… cop asked “You got a permit?” when he answered “yes” cop said… “ok”
    Two thumbs up for North Idaho Law Enforcement!

  12. Stop calling them LEOs’ or enforcers of any kind; they are peace officers, or they are the enemy.

  13. Chris: I think you misunderstood. I’m in favor f it.
    Mike: I keep the peace by enforcing the laws.

  14. Watch this video. This is all you need to know of Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

    I believe he is still working.

  15. Too bad your daughter didn’t “accidentally” discharge a round into his head.

  16. @t. Then you are a law enforcement officer, but not a peace officer. There is a difference. A subtle one, but, nevertheless, a definite one.

    A LEO enforces laws regardless of the “crime” and regardless of there being a victim. There is no crime if there is an absence of a victim. A peace officer knows this, and conducts him or herself according to this rule.

    I will provide an analogy, perhaps an the extreme side of the matter: A person is speeding on a back road. It’s 3am, and the town is essentially dead. No one other than said person is within view. He has not crashed. He did not damage property, public or private. He did not endanger a person crossing the road because, again, no one was around. A LEO would ultimately pull him over and ticket him for speeding, at the very least. A peace officer may pull him over and tell him to slow it down. He could also follow to make sure he doesn’t do anything to endanger the public. Maybe the guy does slow down, turn off the road, or pull into his or another person’s residence. No crime was committed, and the peace officer goes back to his patrol.

    Also, it’s kind of hard to tell a LEO that you are carrying when he’s already on edge and tells you to shut up because he’s telling you something. There was a video on here (or maybe it was Photography is Not a Crime) that was a dash video from a patrol car. It showed this exact situation. When the citizen actually got a chance to tell the officer, the cop blew up and literally went insane. He even stated that he “was this close to shooting him.” It’s a two-way street–if you expect and want citizens to inform you or other LEOs that they are carrying, give them the chance to do so. I’m not going to attempt raising my voice to speak over you in order to inform you of my CHL and firearm, and I don’t believe anyone else should have to. It would only enrage the officer and escalate the situation. None of which would be desirable.

    There’s more merit in LEOs trying to stop actual crimes than pulling people over _looking_ for a crime. It is a waste of time and a burden upon the people. This is one of the many facets revolving around the counter culture change in public opinion of LEOs. Whether they be from the Sheriff’s office, county Police Department, or a rent-a-cop.

  17. Red line: Pretty good. The biggest problem with your argument is this. In the scene you describe, you see it as a ‘victimless crime’. I say the potential harm has multiple victims. Elsewhere on this site someone posted about getting pulled over for the victimless crime of making an illegal u-turn. He said that he does it all the time because it’s safe. That day he said that he didn’t see the cop that stopped him. I asked about what else he didn’t see when he committed his victimless crime. If he didn’t see the cop, did he see my family of 5 coming in the minivan? Your argument is the same as I made in my youth about seat belts. I didn’t like mandatory use. As I’ve aged though I realized that I was being victimized by those who drive with reckless abandon, as well as those mother victimless traffic crimes. Every time the wrecked, even if they only damaged their property or only they got hurt, I had to pay because my insurance has to cover them. Or it cuts into profits and my 401k suffered from my insurance stock.

    I recently said under a different post, we don’t live in a vacuum. There are consequences to peoples actions. When someone makes a free will choice to do something, they can / should be held accountable for those actions, good or bad.

    I also said elsewhere: I keep the peace through enforcement of the law.

  18. The original poster violated the law. The trooper could have arrested him on the spot. Oklahoma requires notification of law enforcement if you have a license/permit AND if you are carrying (TITLE 21 § 1290.8. Possession of License Required-Notification to Police of Gun).

    Stupid requirement, IMO, but as long as it’s the law, you’d better do it. Anybody traveling out of his home state like this guy is well-advised to brush up on the law in the states they’re visiting. Sure hope that guy from Missouri doesn’t carry into Illinois !! We’ll never see him again, they way they treat concealed carry there ….

  19. Sounds like a bullshit story to me ! What a retard ! Tell him you have a gun up front Dumb Ass and you won’t get bent over. Those guy’s lay there ass on the line every day. Everyone is tough until they face the fire.

  20. Quit being a whiny drama queen! I wouldve cuffed yo u so fast you wouldve tried to sue me. Obviously yo u werent in Florida or Missouri, so quit acting like a pompous asshole and respect the trooper. His life is on the line everyday, how was he supposed to know you werent some crazy who snuck through a cibcealed carrry course with plans to kill an officer…research sovereign citizens. Instead he got some pity party doucher that wants to complain to the world on a website. Shouldve told him immediately, your fault. Tell ya what, next time something bad happens and you need law enforcement and other public servants, just hamdle it all yourself. From the way you talk, you already know everything.

  21. This is F’n funny.. a DD214 is the form you get once you are discharged from the military stating conditions of discharge (separation), highest rank earned and other basic info. Once the trooper requested a search of your vehicle, you should have said “No Trooper Green. Am I being detained, or am I free to go?” If he wanted to search your vehicle then make them get a search warrant. You already declared you had a fire arm, you surrendered it for both you and his safety. You have a witness (your daughter) to what took place. So at that point their was no probable cause for a search. So lesson learned here.. Use your (or your daughters) smart phone and when things start to go goofy start recording the conversation and actions. Generally just the act of recording the situation will cause the situation to be short and no problems.

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