Earlier this week, video was released of a 2012 high-speed chase involving a motorcyclist that had run a a stop sign and then refused to stop, when a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper, who was camped at that stop sign waiting to generate some revenue for the state, tried to pull him over.

The part where it gets interesting is when Trooper Abraham Martinez protects the public’s safety by firing four gunshots at Steven Gaydos through the window of his police cruiser as they are riding down a busy highway. Then at the end, as Gaydos (who had been hit in the thigh by one of those earlier gunshots) can be seen clearly surrendering, but apparently not quick enough for Martinez, who runs up and kicks him off the bike.

Via the Daily Mail:

Dashcam footage has revealed the startling moment a Texas trooper ran toward a motorcyclist following a high-speed chase, leaped into the air and karate kicked him to the ground.

Texas Trooper Martinez Karate Kick 2The unconventional maneuver led to a three-day, unpaid suspension for Trooper Abraham Martinez last year but the footage only emerged this week as the Austin American Statesman investigated outdated tactics used in Department of Public Safety pursuits.

The incident unfolded in December 2012 after Martinez, a 10-year veteran trooper, took chase when 25-year-old Steven Gaydos ran a stop sign near Houston.

Gaydos knew he was being pursued but drove off because he was driving on a suspended license.

‘I took off, thinking I could easily lose him,’ he said in a later interview.

But troopers followed Gaydos for nearly 40 miles at speeds of 130 mph before Martinez pulled alongside him and fired four times through the window of his moving car, striking the man once in the thigh.

The motorcyclist then raised his hand and pulled over and, as he tried to put down his kickstand, Martinez suddenly leaped out at him, kicked him and knocked him to the ground.

Gaydos was arrested for evading law enforcement, driving with an invalid license and possessing a prescription painkiller after he was found to be carrying two Percocet pills.

The Statesman reported that the kick and shooting from a moving vehicle don’t specifically violate the Texas Department of Public Safety rules for high-speed chases, but experts said that shooting at fleeing suspects was an area of the policy that needed updating.

After the incident, Martinez said he pulled out his weapon to avoid harm coming to anyone else on the road and only intended to shoot Gaydos’ tires. He did not strike the bike with any of the bullets.

‘I knew that it was necessary to terminate the pursuit in order to avoid any more injuries or serious bodily injuries, possibly even deaths from happening,’ he said in an interview with a supervisor.

As for the kick, ‘obviously we don’t teach that,’ he said. ‘I think it’s something that just comes natural to some of us.’

He said he opted for the unusual move because experience taught him to act decisively in case the suspect was armed.

In February 2013, a grand jury declined to indict Martinez for the shooting but he was eventually ordered to take three days off last summer for violating DPS policy by using force inconsistent with his training, the Statesman reported.

Both men have declined requests to comment.

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  1. Guess he should have stopped huh. I think it was CBP who just recently prohibited agents in helicopters from firing on fleeing vehicles.

    ….ahh, the good ol’ days

      1. I keep seeing a lot of you guys like t, jc and Common Sense talking very bad about people here and I am hoping that you guys are not police officers cause a lot of you guys wright to people on here in a very negative way, calling people names and not respecting what they have to say, and that is not a very good way to prove what you guys want to say. Its not very becoming of an officer.

        The thing that scars me is with all that has been going around about how police are being prorated in a negative light that some one like t who said on another video that he works in law enforcement just putting people down. From what I see there needs to be more and better training on how officers of the law should work with others. Not every thing needs to upgraded to the next level. My wife an I ware talking last night about what she should do if she is stopped by an officer. My wife said that she will not stop until she gets to a police station. What scared me about what she said is that officers are now shooting people for being afraid of them. So there may be a chance that my wife may be killed cause an over the top officer will kill her because he had to drive a bit longer because my wife was afraid of stopping until she felt safe.

        I think respect goes both ways and as an officer you really need to work a bit harder and not always making it about you. If your going to act a tough guy do it with the people that deserve it not regular people.

        Just to let you know Im not ageist officers just how thing are now. There just seems to be a lot of lies and excuses and pulling out guns to fast instead of trying to work things out and not taking everything up to the next level.

        1. “So there may be a chance that my wife may be killed cause an over the top officer will kill her..”
          Very possible; And more than likely the officer that kills her will not even be indicted… There will not even be a trial.
          You will have to settle for a half hatred apology, that’s not a real apology – like this:
          “It is a tragic thing, our harts go out to the family – but the officer acted appropriately”

          The officer that killed her will get a free paid vacation. Then he will go back to being a cop, like your wife never existed.

      2. t:
        Do you see how letting cops get away with murder is making ordinary folks think about the police? take a look at Sifu’s comment.
        That’s not some dope smoking hippy kid – that’s mom and pop America talking.
        PS- I was stunned to learn you lied about being a cop, what’s up with that?

  2. Typical pig criminality…..

  3. Officer dumbass got his vacation WITHOUT pay for being such a dumbass. Seriously, there are a lot of stupid people in the world. Sadly, some of them wear a badge and carry a lethal weapon.

    1. They should make officer doofy pay for the windshield. What a dumb ass.

  4. Just another terrorist PIG. The trooper needs the same done to him.

  5. What the F**K did I just see? Any guesses how the boot lickers will excuse this?

    1. I’ll take a stab at it.
      t says – the officer did it right again!
      JC says – he should have complied, he made the cop act like a retarded 3 year old.

      1. g2:
        Ummmm…sort of right anyway.
        I have zero idea about what their policy is for shooting at a moving vehicle. Mine prohibits it.
        As for the Chuck Norris kick….all good. The officer doesn’t know the guys hit. The officer knows that he has been chasing this idiot….who ran for an unknown reason. The video shows the rider downshifting…as if preparing to take off when the officer approaches.
        I doubt I would have kicked him. I’d have gone with a flying high body tackle. I’m just not much of a kicker.

        But the rider has already shown a propensity to resist. Everything post stop looks fine.
        Remeber boys….it’s happening in REAL TIME…not video replay and pause time.

        1. Suck a nut you fucking pedophile

          1. Nope sorry dude….pedophiles fall under Glenn and liar guy. They were all about sex between kids and adults.

            tommy = reality fail.

          2. don’t lie, the cops and the priests are just the same. they rape the weak whenever they get a chance it doesn’t matter what gender they are you fucking pedophile.

          3. I’m telling you, that he would even make an accusation like that just to get under my skin is as sick as it fucking gets. I try not to let it bother me, considering the source, but he is just fucking foul. Makes me nauseous.

          4. don’t let them control the game they are playing. they will do whatever it takes to win, they are used to having no morals or ethics. those who are not psychopaths and born that way, are turned into sociopaths by those psychopath around them in law enforcement.

          5. Whats rich is that on this post, he claims you can’t go by the video. You have to see it real time. But jump ahead to the “Beaten in Long Beach video, and suddenly he’s insisting that the proof is right there in front of you, on the video!!!! LOLOLOL. And this video here is about 1000X clearer than the LB vid. It’s why I constantly say he’s not only a liar, but a stupid liar. I really don’t believe he’s a cop, anyway. Ask 31B where he’s a cop, he’ll tell you. But this douchebag here says he won’t reveal his location because we will do call floods. Also says he’s sued 3 people for making false complaints against him. Amazingly enough, there is no public record of those suits (he’s in Florida). You have to search like a mofo to even find a couple of suits of that type, and none of them are in Florida. Sikko posted 5 examples. Of the 5, 3 were cops suing the department, not cops suing non-cops over false complaints. Only one of those 2 even appeared to be successful.

          6. I don’t mind any of the other pro cop advocates on this site. JC is a whole different type of stupid. he pushed me too far, and he’s going to find out what happens when you do that to me. the things I type on here are but mere shadows of what goes on in my mind. those things in my mind will be unleashed on him, and you won’t have to worry about him making stupid statements on here anymore.

          7. Yeah, douchebag, I’m sure everybody believes your bullshit about me supporting pedos. Of course, apart from not being able to provide the slightest bit of backup for your story, you never have explained why if I supported it so strongly, I suddenly started changing my tune? So tell us all, why? If I was such a staunch supporter, why am I now calling it sick filth? The short answer – I never supported jack shit. And every person on this site has seen you lying, making shit up, and putting words in people mouths. Over and over again. But keep up with the foul shit. Just proving yourself more of a sick fucking liar. Because it takes a really sick nasty motherfucker to make an accusation like that. And be lucky this is an anonymous site. Make a public accusation that foul against me in an identifiable manner, and you best be able to provide some proof. Because unlike your imaginary lawsuits, I would sue the everlasting shit out of you. Foul ass sick motherfucker.

          8. And you’re the liar. as proven over, and over, and over, ad nauseum.

        2. Sure.
          How about officer doofy shooting through the windshield?

          1. Where did he “shoot through the windshield?”

          2. My bad, you’re correct. He fires through the window not windshield.

            I’m glad the officer got that dangerous stop sign runner off the street. Its obvious the officer was in complete control of his emotions; he maintained his professional bearing and made level headed decisions!

            Stupid cowboy shit like that would get you relieved for cause in the Army.

            However, All in all, it was funny.

          3. Where does he “fire through the glass”?

            Are you making things up or just don’t know anything?

          4. Sorry….”fire through the window”. Are you implying that the window was closed?

          5. I’m implying only a dip-shit would fire out of a moving vehicle at a guy that runs a stop sign. A bit of an overreaction and dangerous to boot.

          6. g2:
            Oh. So you know nothing. Again…go read this story elsewhere where some of the “facts” are available. Wow dude…I feel you are finally making some progress here.

            Now…if you would only stop beleiving all of the lies that are posted on this site.

          7. Lies? Absolute indisputable truth. Nothing but.

          8. If you really believe this site tells lies, why are you on it so much?
            Not picking at you, just curious.
            When I get a chance, I will look up the story on other sites to see if the facts are different. “facts” not BS opinion (spin) from the sheriff, statist hacks.
            Yes, I know on this site they include opinion with facts. However, it’s obvious what is fact and what is opinion on this site. Main stream news do their best to confuse the two.

          9. Ok checked 3 other sites. They all report the same basic facts as CB did (in fact, it looks like cut and paste in some places)

            …troopers followed Gaydos for nearly 40 miles at speeds of 130 mph before Martinez pulled alongside him and fired four times through the window of his moving car, striking the man once in the thigh.

            …The motorcyclist then raised his hand and pulled over and, as he tried to put down his kickstand, Martinez suddenly leaped out at him, kicked him and knocked him to the ground.
            what do you think this site got wrong?
            The facts are agreed upon – is it the opinion alone you disagree with?
            I know, you think he was protecting the public from horrible stop sign runners – making the streets safe, by firing a gun out the window of a moving vehicle at another moving vehicle, which he apparently missed with every shot. He did however hit the guy driving the motorcycle, who he then kicked off the bike while he was obviously surrendering.
            Why not just come clean and say the officer made some poor, ego fueled choices – and should probably not be trusted with a gun – for public safety.

          10. Yes, on policeone, right? Because we all know that they would never spin things to favor a cop, would they? LOL. Fucking jackass.

          11. out the window – dumb ass.
            I’ll draw a picture next time…lol
            The first one was just auto correct in action, the second one was poorly worded. I’m often rushing, typing on a phone and I have big thumbs.

        3. Um.. he’s CLEARLY putting down his kickstand, not “down shifting”.

          And on top of that “propensity to resist” is NOT the same thing as “resisting arrest”.

          You’re just yet another d-bag LEO who shouldn’t be trusted w/ the power that you have.

          1. Another BS cop excuse.
            It’s a dangerous job, bla bla bla…
            Get a clue. Everyone is starting to hate cops.

          2. Oh…somyoubdidnt see him shifting before that?

            And he had already resisted. Guess you missed that part too?

            And clearly you missed the idea that things happen in real time…and not
            Video replay after the fact time.

          3. it goes to show pigs can’t think in real time. this is another one that will be better when he’s dead. and America will be far better off not having him around.

          4. He was getting off the bike, idiot. Now this wouldn’t be a difference of opinion, it’s you being full of shit. Stupidly, as everybody who watches the video can see you’re lying.

          5. You and the lung.

            Let me demonstrate:
            – Can your dumbass not see him downshifting when he stopped? It’s clear as a bell.
            – Can you not understand that YOU ARE WATCHING IT ON VIDEO !!!!
            Not lLIVE!!!
            – Can you not understand that this incident was SERIOUS enough that the officer SHOT AT HIM….YOU FUCKING IDIOT.

            So…..now which part did I lie about? Oh yeah…nothing. Douche.

          6. Except the part where you said, “The video shows the rider downshifting…as if preparing to take off when the officer approaches.” Because he wasn’t. He downshifted to stop. Then climbed off the bike as the officer approached. Doesn’t matter if it was on video or not, it’s plainly visible. Just like it’s plain that you constantly lie through your teeth. Lying sack of shit.

          7. liar guy:

            So….you don’t see him downshifting? It’s clearly visible.
            Maybe your have never ridden a motorcycle before so you don’t know what to look for. It’s all of that action with his left foot.
            And expanding on the idea of your ignorance of motorcycles….maybe you don’t understand that to take off from a stopped position….it works best if you start out in first gear.
            Now if you are really sharp….you see that he downshifted into first….and then back up out of first. It’s easy to see when watching a video on your couch….maybe a little tougher to catch after a 45 mile high speed chase in which shots were just fired.

            So now, after a short review…..you lie.

            Liar guy =. truth fail.

            Go read the story on Police One about this. It’s a very different story with all the truth in it and the facts.

          8. Yeah, asshole, that all sounds fine, as long as you ignore the fact that he was climbing off of the bike. Somehow you just keep missing that part. Oh, wait, you’re not missing it, you’re just lying through your ass, as usual. And douchebag, you know how a bike gets put into neutral? Why, amazingly enough, you shift all the way down to first, than one up. So what, your story is that you can tell he might be attempting to flee by shifting the bike into neutral? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. You are such a fucking douchebag liar. And I’m the first one to say the guy was a douche for trying to evade in the first place. Btu your horseshit just gets tiresome, you know? Especially with your stupid as fuck =fail bullshit. Lying dirtbag.

          9. “Now if you are really sharp….you see that he downshifted into first….and then back up out of first. ”

            you do understand that shifting down to first and then up a little puts you in neutral. Are you aware of this? Or are you this ignorant about motorcycles?

            the stupid between you and JC is nearly unbearable.

          10. dy:
            I absolutely know that. But you douche bags can’t even see him doing it at all.

            Nice to see that you at least can watch a video from the safety of the basement. It’d be interesting to see if you could pick up on that after a 45 mile high speed chase in which a shooting took place.

            dy = thinking it through fail.

          11. You keep making the mistake of thinking I watch the videos or read the articles.

          12. LOLOLOL – You just said the way he was shifting indicated that he might be trying to flee (while once again ignoring the fact that he WAS CLIMBING OFF THE MOTORCYCLE, numbskull). So when we point out that he was shifting into neutral, now it’s “I absolutely know that”. So what was the part about his foot movements indicating he was ready to flee? Fuck, dude, you are a freaking moron. You realize how stupid you look on this, right? Probably not, because you are that much of a moron.

        4. you just make up shit as you go along don’t you.

          1. you are as real as my character is.

  6. ………Trying to hit the TIRES while going 130 MPH? I’m sorry, but with how abysmally terrible LEO’s firearm accuracy is, that’s just laughable. Even with an expert sharpshooter that would be a miracle shot with a PISTOL. No matter how you slice it that’s reckless endangerment.

    1. Actually, driving along side him, the shot would be relatively easy. It’s the rotational velocity of the tire that made it such a risky shot. Anything except a very direct straight on shot is just going to spin off. If the guy’s wound was in the bottom of his thigh, that’s exactly what happened. But I do agree that it was an ignorant thing to try and do. About as ignorant as the guy trying to run from cops at those speeds.

      1. No, with the crosswind generated by their speed that shot would be near impossible to make (Without shooting off a full volley, which is plain reckless)

        1. LOL, from 3-5 feet away? Yeah, uh, ok.

          1. Funny thing….
            If you read this story on Police One….that story has real facts in it. This one for some reason leaves all of that out.
            Wonder why?

          2. Because:

            – Can you not understand that YOU ARE WATCHING IT ON VIDEO !!!!
            Not lLIVE!!!

            – Can you not understand that YOU ARE WATCHING IT ON VIDEO !!!!
            Not lLIVE!!!

            – Can you not understand that YOU ARE WATCHING IT ON VIDEO !!!!
            Not lLIVE!!!


  7. in another decade, when everything we see with our eyes will be recorded, the police will be fucked.

    1. In 2 or 3 years police are going to be wired from ass to elbows with tamper proof recording equip.

      1. we can only hope. but don’t worry, shortly will have drones recording everything that’s not inside a building.

  8. Lol…. They need to give some kind of IQ test before they hire these guys. Maybe an emotional age assessment? And test for sociopathic, masochistic personality also.

    1. they do, and when they fail them all, they hire them.


  10. Hey, it’s Walker Texas Ranger!

  11. The guy was running at 130 mph and the author calls it “revenue generating”? That is hilarious. Why did the guy run? When the rider was ordered off the bike he was taking his sweet time. The officer wasn’t going to wait until the rider takes off again. He had a lot of strikes against him including having prescription meds that were his. The rider can say good-bye to his bike. The officer did a great job.

    1. Here’s some better questions – Why did you lie about calling somebody ignate? Were you too stupid to realize how easy it would be to prove you a liar? What about this “parole officer” business? Once again, didn’t you realize that it wouldn’t take much effort to expose you as a fraud? Come on, slaps, enquiring minds want to know.

    2. So you think that shooting at a kid and running the risk of potentially or possibly killing him for running a stop sign and then refusing to pull over is justified? Congrats you just got the BOOTLICKER DOUCHEBAG COMMENTOR OF THE DAY AWARD! Fucktard.

    3. the only good job this officer will ever do is die.

      1. More threats more paperwork and another fax to your hometown PD.

        1. are you too much of a pussy to tell me what hometown PD that is? you know you’re a liar. prove you’re not pussy. going to laugh when that crowd finds you and pulls you apart slowly. you see the only people I have to worry about are rogue officers, because I’m not breaking any laws. the only people you have to worry about is almost everybody else, you’ve always got to wonder who knows exactly who you are and what you said. there are paid people out there looking for you, I hope you’re prepared.

          1. There’s about 4 or 5 people on this site about who he has claimed to have addresses, criminal records, drivers licenses, etc. But somehow he has never managed to produce jackshit. Even though he claims he will “when the time is right”. LOL. Problem is he believes everybody else is in the same single to low double digit IQ range that he is. And he hasn’t even answered my latest question- Why is it that although he claims to live in San Diego and work “elsewhere” as a parole officer, the Cal Dept of Corrections says there is not a single probation officer living in the San Diego district who does not also work there. They dismissed my complaint based upon that. Flat out told me that he is lying and is not a parole officer, so based upon that fact they couldn’t take any further action on my complaint.

          2. I believe that devoting some resources towards identifying him legally through the use of a private investigator would be sensible. this way everything is done legally, and can have no legal ramifications if done properly.

          3. Look on Facebook for “Paul Bowman Winter Park Florida” Also look up “No Excuses Bootcamp” in the same area. Some guy here outed him quite a while ago. Apparently he originally worked with the cops in Keene, NH. That’s where he started stalking copblock. Amazingly enough, this P Bowman relocated from Keene NH to Winter Park a year or 2 ago. In my opinion, they are one and the same.

          4. yeah I seen this one before, and it probably is him. I just want to make completely sure. what I have in store for him I most definitely do not want the wrong person getting. this is why I want to make completely sure. when I know exactly who he is, you won’t see JC posting on this site anymore.

        2. oh and I forgot to tell you that cop killers are heroes, I certainly hope you are a cop. I know a few heroes that could come find you then treat you exactly how you deserve to be treated. you’re pushing a line JC, cross it and find out what happens.

    4. Seriously, your just making jokes right?

      All that irrelevant BS you mention aside, the officer is a dip-shit with the emotional maturity of a 3 year old. That cop put more people in danger shooting from a moving vehicle (at a moving vehicle), then the guy on the bike did.
      The guy ran a stop sign, you dumb ass! (he went 130 mph after deputy stupid started chasing him).

      1. This is simply hilarious. Some guy is racing his motorcycle at 130 mph and the rider is the victim by copblock standards. Why didn’t the rider just stop instead of running at such high speeds? The rider can more than likely say good-bye to his bike and driving privileges.

        1. You want to talk about what everyone did beside the cop.

          Nothing you say changes the simple fact that the officer made some childish choices.

          Racing? Where did that come from?
          He was chased for running a stop sign, not speeding.

          1. This is ridiculous. The rider blew a stop sign and when the officer tried to pull him over, he ran at speeds up to 130 mph. The biker is at fault. Period.

          2. Yep, looks like the rider was violating some traffic codes.

            Did the cops actions make the public more or less safe?

            The answer is obviously, less safe. In that light, you should question the officers decision making ability and maturity. He appears to act out of emotion and ego. Clearely he was shooting at the driver or needs practice, because that’s all he hit. The kungfu kick was funny but the guy was already stoped and he was so so so obviously puting the kickstand down.

          3. The rider was shot in the leg. At the speed he was traveling, he put everyone at risk on that road. The rider was stopped and the officer ordered him off the bike. He was acting suspicious and was taking his time. No one is going to stand there and wait for him to make up his mind if he would run again.

          4. I’m trying to determine if you actually believe your on BS – or do you know your full of shit, and your just trying to fool everyone else?

  12. That cop has been watching too many movies. Who in the world would think that shooting out the window of your cruiser while chasing a fleeing suspect could ever be a good idea? That moron should have been canned immediately.

  13. The cop is a joke with poor judgement and is as skilled at “karate” as the average 80 year old grandmother. But let’s not forget that if the goof on the motorcycle had simply pulled over, none of this would have happened.

  14. Crouching tiger, hidden piggy!

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