GeorgiaCBLogoThe video below was submitted by Jonathan Beavers, the founder of Georgia Cop Block, via the submissions page. While this is a short video, it illustrates two things that anyone interacting with cops should make sure they are aware of.

The first is that the cops will tell you that you are required to do things you aren’t actually required to do. (whether it be because they themselves don’t know the appropriate law or because they are just liars and are hoping you don’t know your rights). The second is that you aren’t in fact required to identify yourself, unless you have been detained, which requires probable cause that you are committing, have committed, or are about to commit a crime.

Jonathan states:

On April 7, 2015, City of Canton, GA.  Police Officers Worley and Gerdes were called to my home by a former roommate trying to kick down my door. I proceeded to call my lawyer (as seen in the video) My lawyer told me to keep recording and get back to him and that they were breaking the law. After hanging up with my lawyer, I informed my girlfriend that he had said the officers were breaking the law. At that point, the officer asked me what he (the lawyer) had said, but I told him that I was refusing to answer any questions. He got mad and started asking for I.Ds, after which I shut him down by citing the law (O.C.G.A Code 16-11-36) relating to identifying oneself.

Film the Police Stickers


  1. Where is the donut eating brigade that trolls this blog demanding the criminals with badges to shoot down that vicious dog?

  2. Why was this video significant? He was pulled over for a traffic violation. He obviously didn’t want to show his identification because as the driver said, he is going to jail. This is the whole reason for refusal to show. And to say because he doesn’t reside in that state he isn’t accountable to the laws there? Unreal! And anyone who says that the cop is wrong needs their heads examined.

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