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MeridianPoliceOn February 2nd, 2015, Idaho’s most prominent Cop Blocker Matthew Townsend was engaged in a one-man protest on a sidewalk in Meridian, Idaho when he was accosted by Meridian Police employee Richard Broadbank who accused him of “blocking traffic.” When his attempts to get Matthew to agree with him and submit or incriminate himself failed, Broadbank resorted to saying “well, I saw you…” [blocking traffic.]


At this point, Matthew told officer Broadbank “then charge me.” and pushed the crosswalk button, and proceeded to cross. Broadbank was silent for a moment, and when Matthew was halfway across he began to shout that he’s not done with him yet. Matthew was then arrested for “resisting and obstructing,” simply for exercising his rights.


Then on the evening of March 20, Matthew was arrested again and charged with a felony for a Facebook post, in which he explained that he intended to protest and shed light on the Meridian police if this asinine charge wasn’t dropped.


Matthew is being retaliated against by the Meridian police and city for being an activist, and the local mainstream media simply isn’t going to cover anything that offers the local police in anything other than a glowing or magisterial light. Please share this article by journalist William N. Grigg on Matthew’s abduction in order to help spread Matthew’s side of the story, and protect activism from unjust police abuse and silencing.


Will Grigg‘s article on Matthew’s plight is the most complete and informative. That is what I’m looking to spread far and wide. If Matthew isn’t safe to protest and exercise his rights, none of us in Idaho are.

Included below is an excerpt from that article at William N. Grigg’s blog, Pro Libertate:

A Felon for a Facebook Post: The Abduction of Matthew Townsend

Matthew Townsend was made an offender for using a sidewalk without a police officer’s permission, and then accused of a felony for publishing a Facebook post about the incident.


“Apparently, holding a protest sign, or condemning government abuse on Facebook, is enough to make somebody a terrorist now,” Matthew wearily observes.


A small, wiry man with a luxuriant beard and a contemplative demeanor, Matthew is gainfully employed in Meridian, Idaho as a cook. That is to say, he feeds people, rather than feeding upon them. His abductor, Officer Richard Brockbank of the Meridian Police Department, makes neither butter, nor shoes, nor poetry; instead, he makes “offenders” out of people who have done no injury to anybody.


Matthew at home (photo by A.J. Ellis)

On the evening of February 2, Matthew – a part-time liberty activist – was conducting a one-man protest outside the local branch office of the oxymoronically named Liberty Tax Service. That company often pays people to publicize its services by standing on a sidewalk dressed as the Statue of Liberty.


A devout believer in the principle of truth in advertising, Matthew attired himself in a Grim Reaper costume holding a protest sign. One side bore the inscription “Taxes [do not equal] liberty”; the other pointed out that “Taxes fund terrorism.”


“An officer pulled up and told me that I had to get out of the road, and that I couldn’t be blocking traffic,” Matthew recalled during an interview in his home. “He tried to get me to agree with him that I was blocking traffic. And I didn’t. He asked me for my name; I gave him my name. He asked me for my ID; I told him I didn’t have it on me.”


The officer, later identified as Richard Brockbank, continued to “build the stop” – that is to say, probing for an excuse to arrest someone who had not committed an actual crime.


“He asked me if I had been drinking and … kept trying to get me to agree with him that I was blocking traffic,” Matthew continued. “He said, `Well, I saw you.’ I said, `Then charge me.’ And he was silent – just stops, silent. I turned around and hit the button [on the crosswalk signal light]. It said `Go,’ so I started crossing. Half-way across the intersection he starts yelling that he’s not done with me. I stopped on the next corner. He walked over there, and other officers pulled up, and I got arrested.”


At least two other officers responded to Brockbank’s urgent call for assistance. As he conversed with his supervisor, another officer took the opportunity to lecture Matthew about his civic responsibilities.


“He told me that I need to read the Constitution,” Matthew told me. Either out of politeness or a prudent desire not to antagonize his captor, Matthew refrained from pointing out that he has probably forgotten more about that document than the officer has ever learned…


…His kidnappers demanded a $300 ransom – or, as they would insist on calling it, “bond” – and designated March 19 as the date for a court hearing to validate the abduction.


On the eve of that pretrial hearing, Matthew posted a notice on his Facebook page describing Brockbank’s actions as “terroristic in nature and in other ways unconstitutional and criminal.”


“The cop refused to charge me for said `crime’ that he was accusing me of and so I walked away,” he explained, “and was soon after kidnapped and hauled away by several costumed State goons for my disrespect of officer Brockbank’s harassment towards me.”


Given that the charge against him was entirely devoid of merit, Matthew continued, he would seek its dismissal. If this didn’t happen, he advised, “I will begin a non-violent and legal shame campaign that will be remembered. HOA [Home Owners Association]`upsets,’ protests in the aggressors neighborhoods (I know where you all live- this is notification of knowledge and future protests, not a threat), mailers, door hangers, online ads, local and (hopefully) national media- I’ve done it before and I can do it again as well as other peaceful, but… annoying avenues will commence.”


Nothing in that post constituted a threat or an incitement to violence. It was a pure exercise of what we are told is the constitutionally protected right to petition for a redress of grievances – in this case, armed abduction under color of “law.” When Matthew showed up for his hearing a few hours later, however, his court-appointed attorney informed him that the Ada County Sheriff’s Office was prepared to arrest him at the courthouse.


Matthew’s Facebook post was being treated as a “terroristic threat” – and a warrant was sworn out by Meridian Police Officer Shannon Taylor accusing him of “attempted intimidation of a states [sic] witness.”

To read the post on Pro Libertate in it’s entirety, click here…


  1. Why shuld we care about your constitutional rights…that’s not our job.

    1. Do you know how to change a Pussy into a Dick……Give him a Gun & Badge !

      1. That’s t’s little brother. But you do have a very interesting and correct observation.

  2. Ha ha ha, guess that didn’t go the way you thought huh junior.

    1. Be man enough to say shit on the internet without hiding yourself pussy!

      1. Just in regards to your comment, you have to realize there are a plethora of reasons to not post everything under one’s own real name identity, and many of them have very little to do with ‘hiding’ or being a ‘pussy.’ It’s actually often quite the opposite…. Just some food for thought…..

    1. Happens everywhere not just idaho and if you think I’m wrong look at where most n of the crime is, idaho has the 2nd lowest in the nation.

  3. Mathew Townsend …. your integrity shines like the morning sunrise here
    downunder, and your captors and would-be jailers cause the rest of the
    world much despair at the way your countryfolk treat honest godfearing
    folk like your good self.
    I have too much respect for this wonderful webpage to print all my
    colorful opinion of the thug-like character RB who disgraces the Police
    with His presents.
    I’ll just send a wish: may the Grim Dick find some enlightenment
    before the Reaper takes him permanently off the Broadbank.

  4. Thank you guardian of peace. Keep up the Work.

  5. Another one of Pete and Adam’s street sheep gets the shearing it deserves! Good work, City of Meridian and Ofc. Brockbank!

    1. 31B, are you as low in honor as t? He may or may not have deserved the arrest. But that facebook post certainly doesn’t equate to a terrorist threat.

      To say he deserves it, is to wipe your ass with the Constitution.

      1. As a retired LEO, I still hold myself to the same standards of honor & integrity as I did when I was on active duty. The thing is, this story, like so many others on this site, have no real, hard facts to back anything up. If Townsend was such a well regarded and prominent Cop Blocker, where’s his video of any of the police interaction? Isn’t that Cop Block’s main mantra? Eyre said it himself to get it on video or it may as well never have happened. The only fact I can find in my own independent research is that Townsend was arrested. The rest in this story is opinion and hersey.

        My mind very well may be changed if there are any other evidence posted to the comments section or the story is edited to add that evidence.

        As for t and your opinion of him, well that’s your opinion. But I find him to be honorable and as compassionate as I was. He just does things differently and sees things from a different angle.

          1. Such a badass. The beauty of losers like you is that you’d never crawl out of your mom’s basement and say that to anyone’s face.

            Well, maybe to your pet rats or to the other vermin scurrying around you. But not to any actual human being.

          2. Eat a dick, i own my house and have no problem voicing my opinion in the real world, wasn’t it you that was takin about broad strokes?

          3. you truly are an idiot to believe people wouldn’t personally come after you. I suppose you can have your own beliefs of what would happen, those beliefs would most definitely change if you met me on the street.

        1. Griggs article was pretty good. I read it. Of course he’s anti cop (I think). The way he explains it this guy is a pot stirrer, and the cops didn’t like it. So they went after him.

        2. “As a retired LEO, I still hold myself to the same standards of honor & integrity as I did when I was on active duty.”
          Sorry, not buying. LE around the country has clearly made life real easy for bad cops. Entire department have shown a willingness to use deception. The Orlando SWAT raids of barber shops as ‘license checks’. An entire unit and their bosses knew full well they were ignoring the 4th Amendment with trickery. Fake 911 call checks.
          Or the one I’ve show where a department knew full well a cop murdered his exwife and pretended it was suicide.
          For so few bad apples, they seem to be the only ones on scene with no good ones to say “No, this is wrong and I’m stopping you.”

          As for video? The issue here for me isn’t the stop. He’s probably wrong there. But to characterize those statements as threats is clearly a witch hunt against a critic of cops. If you can’t see that, you have no honor.

          as for

          “As for t and your opinion of him, well that’s your opinion. But I find
          him to be honorable and as compassionate as I was. He just does things
          differently and sees things from a different angle.”
          T’s idea of honor is to stand up for Harless. His idea of honor is SWAT, the most irresponsible activity LE has done. His compassion? Bull, when cops burned a baby, he saw is like they did. Just collateral damage. Like it was some other nation’s problem.
          T may not be the most arrogant person I’ve ever seen, but he is way up there. As for his “Different Angle” You got that right. He only ever sees the world through a cop’s eyes. He is about Team Blue, not honor.

          1. “Sorry, not buying. LE around the country has clearly made life real easy for bad cops.”

            You can’t paint me with that very broad brush. The agency I worked for is far from angelic. However, I have said on many occasions that I have held myself above those who abused their badge and have gone so far as to write up and recommend termination of poorly performing officers who worked under my supervision.

            But as I have said, your opinions of t are yours and mine are mine. Since I do not know him personally, they’re just opinions of my own interactions with him on this site. I’ve not read every one of his posts and I don’t read every comment or story on this site.

          2. Who cares about your magic jewelry? All it is is an article of faith in your false religion of “state” and its insane cult of “government”. Guess what? Your “state” scriptures are all lies; the higher power of “state” is in your imagination, and the cult you retired from is just an extortion mafia when you strip away all the religious bs and public relations propaganda.

          3. Lol the police are a gang of pirates and thieves – why would anyone buy into their public relations BS that they are the saving grace of society? The police are a huge scam, and all of civilized society are its victims. Their whole business model is predicated on fleecing the “sheep” with their protection racket.

          4. Sounds like the words of criminal.

        3. Hey 31b! How goes it? Long time no chat!

        4. Really? So what kind of “honor” allows him to falsely accuse somebody of defending foul ass shit like child molestation?

        5. Perhaps you should update yourself on the training of the young men who are now employed. I was around many LEO’s as you call them, I called them my father’s friends. They would talk about how to prevent shootings, how to reduce violence and how to talk to people in a respectful manner even when they arent respectful to you.

          Today, I worked as a clerk for LEO’s and witnessed their training. It was all reasons why you can become violent and how to make people forcibly comply. You are retired, I doubt you went through the training these young men go through today that has made them into fearful creatures who react on instinct instead of informed shepherds of the people.

          I am sure that video games have had an impact on the men as well, as they take glee in the physical altercations that I have seen. They go past the line of what needs to be done, to what can be done. That is not all, but those were the men I saw being trained for police work in the last 5 years. It was a stark contrast to the deputies I knew as a child who were thoughtful and kind but firm men.

      2. Honor among thieves? They think they are entitled to fleece the “sheep” because of the sacred scriptures of their higher power of “State”. Why would you demand or expect honor from one with such a perverse value system?

      1. You, Sir, appear to be the ass… Domestic violence, driving after suspension or revocation, not paying your rent – and that’s just the top of the list. Tsk tsk tsk…

        1. Amazing what you can find isn’t it.

          1. I love freely accessible public information. :)

          2. Do you feel the same when its info that the cops are holding and classified as public, but it takes 10 months of litigation and a court order to get it released?

          3. these words ring so true, thank you based white pages and sparsely populated state :)

        2. Holy shit. You assholes need to stop and look around. The only reason you are ok with this shit happening is because you aren’t the new Jew, African-American, homosexual, or whatever other group you fucking assholes decide to pick on. But what are you going to do when your government decides its your turn, or that someone you love becomes their collateral damage. Wake up and fight the police state. Our founding fathers didn’t want the military deployed within our borders, so they militarized police. Those police are corrupt killers with loose oversight and little to no repercussions for their illegal actions. But hey you keep on towing the company line. It’ll change when they decide to cut the strings they’ve been controlling you by.

          1. Paranoid and race bait much?

          2. They seem to be painting a pretty clear picture of life in America today, actually. Sorry you don’t see it, ex-cop (maybe that’s why.)
            “Same standards and honor / integrity” or whatever you said up there – while saying this guy “got what he deserved” – which is a possibly felony charge for something that is clearly not a felony? Way to shine. Those are some pretty fucking pathetic standards. Actually, you equate to scum with those standards. And I would think it’s pretty clear that if you can’t find video of this person’s interaction with cops, it might be the fact that they are a good cop-watcher and have been filming without getting hassled by them. So…. with this logic I must presume, with this history, he is telling the truth and we have another classic example of pig shit.

      2. Actually , while I may not agree with 31B’s opinions, I would defend to the death, his right to them, just as I COMPLETELY agree with your statement, “You are an ass.”

    2. i hear kary higbee home addy is all over the webz now>> good job indeed :)

  6. Another copblocker looking at a felony. Doesn’t surprise me. “Gainfully employed as a cook”? I’m sure he asks, “You want fries with that”? Of course he blames everyone else for his behaviors. Too funny

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          1. Why don’t you tell me dipshit.

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  7. Those officers violated title 18, conspiracy in its raw and natural, power sicking, with no regards to the constitution, or what is protect for, and by the people. Shame on that officer, I smell RICO, get a grand jury. Fry the piggy wiggy, in his own damnedable court system. Did he get permission, from the secretary of state, to press charges, since the FSIA, Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act. Where is the injured party, the state is a piece of paper and there fore cannot claim injury.

    1. You could go to college if you wanted and take a few classes on law, they will get you straightened out. Its just an option, there is no reason to continue to be so confused on such simple matters of law.

  8. Inbred hillbillies in the great city of blowsie! Wtf does this Department have a facebook? Take pictures with kids? Is this what my imposed taxes pay for is to have them harass this dude!! Better than Fucking horses huh? Officer should not be one if his ego is hurt by this fella. What a Fucking pussy.. I bet he gets offended by the lil ceasers sign holders. RICO! Inbreds wit a badge go deal with the meth problem. This department needs to be evaluated

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    “…..Matthew Townsend III Ijust got home from court. I didn’t take the “deal” that I was offered. The persecutor had paperwork prepared to have me arrested on the spot
    while I was there for the “crimes” of tagging the Meridian Police Department – Idaho’s page as well as tagging family members in this supposed “threat”. I received a court order to untag a family member of the arresting officer. I have followed the
    order. Currently, I’m not in jail, but the State isn’t done with me… They are preparing new charges and an increase in my bond. Much gratitude to those that cared enough about me and my case to join me!20 March at 14:40….”

    I did not file for 2012. Personal reasons.”

    The city’s role in economic development should be to defend liberty.”

    “any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government and any government in the United Nations also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained herein including, but not limited to my photos, and/or …

    the comments made about my photos or any other “picture” art posted on my profile. You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action against me with regard to this profile and the contents herein. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee, agent, student or any personnel under your direction or control the contents of this profile are private and legally privileged and confidential information, and the violation of my personal privacy is punishable by law. UCC 1-103 1-308|UNCCPR 3.17 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WITHOUT PREJUDICE”

    1. This case isn’t so cut and dry. The legality of the charge comes from “protests in the aggressors neighborhoods (I know where you all live- this is notification of knowledge and future protests, not a threat)” The hard part he is going to have is to prove he wasn’t trying to intimidate the officer into changing his report/charge. This is technically an open investigation and that officer is a WITNESS. Now I’m not condoning the officers actions or saying this right/fair in any way shape or form. I’m just pointing out that there is actually a legal case because his words can easily be argued were meant to intimidate the witness to change their testimony.

      1. Intimidating a witness (whether it be on your “protected” social media page or not) is against the law. He should of controlled his temper more and let it play out in court, because now he is facing a felony charge for posting intimidating comments where he states “Matthew continued, he would seek its dismissal. If this didn’t happen, he advised” That’s intimidating a witness as he threatens direct action against the witness if they did not drop the charge. Again he should of been much smarter about his word selection

  11. if the fucking neckbeard got a job, he’d have had something better to do than protest.

    1. He does, maybe if you had one you wouldn’t be a keyboard warrior

      1. I drive a tractor trailer full time, a taxi part time, and i tattoo. Faggot.

  12. We must all stop funding this terrorist gang.

  13. Weird, they didn’t include the post, it’s almost as if it was full of threats and police addresses and the addresses of their families as well…

    Degenerate scumbag. I hope he gets locked up for 3 years without a trial and offs himself.

    1. I actually hope the opposite, if you knew him you’d understand better.

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