Note: As can be seen in the embedded post from Facebook, this is an exclusive report from those involved with Lima-Allen County Cop Block. It details a warrantless (and unjustified) raid that was carried against the Main Street Irish Pub, a local bar in Lima, OH, which took place on St. Patrick’s Day. It also discusses some other cases of harassment that has been directed at the owner, Brooke Jones, and some of her family and freinds, as well as patrons of the bar.


On March 17th 2015, the Main Street Irish Pub was enjoying a packed crowd and festivities for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Brooke Jones, the owner and operator, had left the bar early but was later called back around 3:45 AM Tuesday morning by one of her employees. The bar had closed for the evening and concluded it’s sales of alcohol to all patrons. However, after closing, a little more than a dozen people, not including employees, remained inside the bar with permission to socially interact with friends. Most of whom were family members and close friends of Brooke Jones.

Upon Brooke arriving at her establishment, she was greeted by a 3rd shift gang of thugs known as the Lima Police Department. Apparently, they were called to the establishment for loud music after hours, but would not disclose the source of the complaint and there are no residential properties in this area. It is commercially zoned with the Allen County Jail and Court House directly across the street from the pub.

Lima Police Officers Zachary Leland, Matt Boss, Nick Hart and other unnamed officers pushed their way through a back kitchen door as a patron was leaving. They did not have permission to enter the bar, as it was closed for business, had not yet obtained a warrant to enter the premises, and were unwelcome.

As officers entered the bar, they began to immediately intimidate and use coercive tactics against the non-drinking patrons who were present at the pub. Officers demanded everyone to lay down on the floor as they pulled taser guns and service weapons attempting a non-warranted pre-dawn search of the establishment. Patron “Desmond Kirkman” was kicked in the back and shoved to the ground for not moving fast enough for police. Brooke Jones’ cousin who is only 18 years old was sleeping in the pub office, after a long day of cooking. Police barged in, shining lights in her face and ultimately arresting her and over a dozen other patrons for public intoxication. All of whom were inside the bar and not on public property. Almost every person in the bar requested a breathalyzer test to maintain their innocence, but were denied by police, issued citations, and taken to jail on suspicion alone.

Officer Zachary Leland, who would ultimately request a proper warrant signed by a judge, produced an unknown object in his hand after exiting the pub bathroom. He claimed he had found drugs and held something up but never showed the pub employee or any other patrons what he had found. The officers remained at the bar until a warrant to search could be issued.

Brooke Jones eventually gave permission to search, but the police still obtained a warrant and found no evidence of ANY illegal activity going on in this bar. After LPD were unsuccessful in their attempts, the Allen County Health Department was called in by police as an additional “further attack” against Brooke Jones and her establishment. Of course, the “health police” are always going to find a reason to shut you down. They cited Jones for: store bought mouse traps…..a fridge that did not work that was actually being used to store can goods, and unmarked containers in another, working fridge. Brooke has since re-opened for business after compliance with these petty infractions.

Lima-Allen County Cop Block logoBrooke Jones has become a target by police for unexplained reasons that all of us are trying to determine. She is a mother, a law abiding citizen, and a recent employee of Proctor & Gamble for 17 years. Brooke wanted a “life change” and decided to enter the bar business using her 401K funds to start up an honest and lucrative business for herself and her family. Brooke’s 16 year old daughter has been pulled over at least 10 times by the Lima Police since December 2014 and never issued a SINGLE citation. The police are clearly targeting Brooke and her family as her daughter drives Brooke’s car that is registered in her name. Her daughter has stated that she is petrified by officers who continue to harass her by following her to her high school and Brooke is extremely concerned for the safety of her children, as one Lima officer has already pulled a gun out during a traffic stop that her daughter was involved in.

Brooke also questioned Lima Police Chief Kevin Martin as to the events surrounding the warrantless entry of her establishment. Chief Martin stated that Brooke operates a “public liquor serving establishment and officers have a right to enter, anytime they want”. Hmmm. Even after hours when the doors are locked? Does this sound right to you? Either way, if Brooke or any of her other staff had violated the law or were in non-compliance of an ordinance or code, I would imagine this is more of a “constructive day job” for the ATF and not an illegal after hours raid by an “OPIE run police department” that just want to generate revenue and rob the citizens of this community.

As I continue with this story, the huge matrix behind all this goes even deeper. The police NOT ONLY lied to get a warrant to raid this pub, but they also confiscated almost $4000 dollars from several patrons and an in-house employee who was scheduled to deliver those funds to the owner, being Brooke. Only one patron was re-issued her cash, as police stated they were confiscating everyone’s money to cross-reference it with drug use! Am I dreaming here or is this reality?

I have seen and heard a lot in my lifetime, but nothing quite like this. Questions need to be answered by city council and the officials of this community. The continued harassment of Brooke Jones and her family, the completely insane cash forfeiture made by police, and every single solitary law that was broken in order to obtain this warrant should be investigated. ALL arrest of peaceful citizens without evidence of wrongdoing should be thrown out in court and lawsuits should commence against these officers who have violated the civil rights of these people!!! I am ashamed to be a member of this shitty community and to know that this is what OUR law enforcement officers have resorted to by using their badge and gun to operate under the color of authority and color of law.


  1. So…..
    Basically you just don’t like it? You don’t have anything like facts or anything…..but don’t let that stop you.

    1. The $4000 dollars confiscated seems to be something like a fact. We have a date, a place, the how (some take on asset forfeiture), and the who.
      We also have another fact, that no alcohol was being served after hours, it was in a commercially-zoned area, and the music may have been loud. What we don’t have is the law for a commercially-zoned establishment, not selling alcohol after hours, playing loud music.

      1. “Something like a fact”.
        Letting that sink in.
        You didn’t mean it be like you wrote it…..but that’s perfect.

        You don’t if ANY of this is true. And neither does the author.

        1. So let me get this straight. If somebody has not personally observed a phenomena then their concepts of truth regarding it are nil? I guess you must be one of those flat earthers, then, since you have never observed the planet directly from multiple angles in space. I bet you have a lot of crazy beliefs, actually, if that is your measure of truth. Please, share some more!

          1. EC:
            So….you are willing to blindly accept fourth / fifth or maybe even further out information with no corroboration of any kind….all,about a story that really doesn’t sound very real.
            Ok then

          2. This fits perfectly the M.O. of police gangs. This story has the ring of truth.

        2. No, I saw facts by way of date, place, the how, and the who. No different than a police report. I do know which you believe to have facts…

      2. “they also confiscated almost $4000 dollars from several patrons”
        There’s the motive.

        1. It may be motive after the fact of why they raided. Then again, cops only have to claim a crime to seize…It’s really funny when property is seized but no living being is charged with a crime. Property, who would have thought property commits crimes.

    2. This is an armed robbery. Cop are terrorists and pirate bandits.

  2. There’s no easy way out of this aside from moving, which is losing. Expensive solution: FOIA requests on every single time the daughter was pulled over and not given a citation (are you fucking serious??) to prove a harassment case, and perhaps extend the request to what the fuck the pig was doing during that time (following the daughter around.)
    Although it’s bullshit, the board of health is allowed to shut a place down over little things like that and there is nothing you can do about it. Often, you are given a 24-48 hours notice to comply before they actually do, but if they don’t that’s really all there is to it. No harassment charge can be brought about in that regard.

  3. If this is true, you would think cops would have learned from the Atlanta gay bar raid and the Detroit raids. You can’t do a mass detention because you believe some criminal activities might be present.

    1. Learned what? Did any of the Cops get fired, jailed, or have to pay a even a fine out of their own pockets? (I haven’t checked it out, but I’ll bet not) Any settelments were paid with tax money. All they learned is just keep pushing, because sometimes they might get some bad press, but mostly they get what they want… revenue, arrest stats, and promotions.

      1. In the Atlanta gay bar raid, 6 were termed for lying. Although 1 got his job back. The independent investigation found 10 specific examples of lies told by cops. Plus, 13 or so specific examples of other police wrongdoing.

        1. Damned. Knew I should have looked it up.

    2. But yes they can at the time. And no they don’t learn because they (as in all PDs) do not change their policies and procedures to fit what happens in other states. Or even in other Federal circuits, or even in their own state and Federal circuit. The latter is cynicism.

      Boston and “martial law” over the Tsarnaev bombing was a good example of overreach.

      1. Wow.

        Tsar aver was a good example of handling a massive public safety threat with NONE of your ridiculous Police State fears being true.

        As for policies and prosecutes are general in nature because EACH and EVERY call/incident are unique and they are ALL fact dependent/specific.

        1. Yeah there have been loads of civil lawsuits over the “martial law” issue, I just can’t find them.

          1. No martial law was present. People need to understand that better!

          2. And that was pertinent how? So it’s only a violation of the Constitution (State or Federal) if a civil suit is filed?

        2. Hmm, you mean in Boston? Where police searched houses without warrants. The people themselves stating they allowed it reluctantly or had no choice they felt? Some did not care. Even police blogs talked about how bad it looked to engage in law enforcement that way. Mnay of the self identified LEO’s on Policeone that flat oust stated no way in hell would any cop search their home in that manner. In fact, doing comparisons to the New Orleans Door Kickers (aka the police) who ordered that only cops will be in possession of firearms.
          I am sorry but I am not aware there was a statue of limitations on the 2nd amendment unless martial law was declared. Then things change drastically!

          1. YF:
            Yep…that’s the one.
            No “police state”. No consequences. Just searching for a mass bombing subject to protect lives and moving on.
            You guys all,got smoked on that one. The screaming and stomping……and nothing to it. All quite funny

          2. Protecting lives by demanding people exit their homes and letting you search with no warrant/PC all to keep people safe? Like I said, even your bros in blue on other police blogs thought that was bad police work. That wasn’t a police state but that is how one looks. Get out of your home so we can keep you safe! People let them in, had no choice or felt they had no choice. If that is how you think police people should be kept safe, then we need to change how police think. People shouldn’t give up liberties for safety!

            Would you have let them in? Do not sell that shit to me you would have. Neither would common sense.

        3. Sorry, I didn’t use the phrase “police state”. One incident in Boston does not a police state make.

          It was about the overreach, an YF addressed that. Just because police do it doesn’t make it right Constitutionally. You can’t protect lives by ignoring the Constitution. There’s a bigger picture.

          YF put it well with this “Protecting lives by demanding people exit their homes and letting you
          search with no warrant/PC all to keep people safe? Like I said, even your bros in blue on other police blogs thoughthat was bad police work.”

          A road to hell paved with your good intentions. BTW, the younger brother was outside of the “Constitution-suspended” area, and wasn’t discovered by the cops.

  4. “Brooke Jones has become a target by police for unexplained reasons…”

    Phht… that’s easy. The bar is located with “…the Allen County Jail and Court House directly across the street from the pub”

    Some Cop, or related Government parasite, wants to turn that into a Cop bar, and she’s in the way. Keep an eye on who gets the place after she’s driven out of business. Either that, or pretend to put the place up for sale and see who turns up.

    1. This use to be a previous establishment that was frequented by off-duty cops as “patrons.” The bar has changed hands several times since then because of a disgruntled land owner who is continually coming up with excuses that the current lease owner isn’t doing exactly what she wants. The county jail and courthouse have nothing to with Brooke, or her family and friends being there after ALCOHOL SALES had commenced!! Police forcefully entered through the back kitchen door as one of Brooke’s after hours guest was exiting. Not only was the register locked and the regular patrons gone but this establishment became private at this point, giving Brooke the option to do whatever she wants. She can no longer legally SELL on a running tape at her register but can freely give away as much alcohol as she chooses. What I personally don’t agree with is that they attracted attention with the music. It would be no different if you had a party at your house and the neighbors called for a disturbance. Other than this fact, Brooke did everything completely legal and even the music wasn’t a disturbance but attracted police for some unknown reason. There are no residential properties in this immediate area that would have called in the first place. The police knew exactly what they were doing when they came through that door. I know, because I wrote the article. ;)

  5. It seems to me that if a jail and courthouse are “across” the street from a bar, you would be smart to not ever do anything that would attract the attention of THOSE people? When you close the bar, get EVERYONE the hello out and leave. I am sorry for these people.

      1. Are you kidding? He is despised and feared by every farm animal in a 250 mile radius around Winter park, FL.

    1. No, according to this story, the bar was not open. The law regulates the SALE of alcohol.

      1. Do you believe every story on copblock? I don’t.

      2. No, the bar was considered open as patrons were in the bar beyond legal closing time.

        1. Being from Ohio, and having partaken in many “after hours cleaning parties”, where it was ASSUMED that since the alcohol was not being sold, and the bar was no longer open for business, we were in the clear, I decided to look up Ohio law on hours of alcohol sales and what that entailed. It is, in fact, illegal to consume alcohol, on the premises of a business that sells alcohol, for consumption on the premises, after the legal hours of sale. It does not matter if it is sold, given, or borrowed. If you drink alcohol, in a bar, after hours, you are in violation.

          1. Welcome to the light.

  6. Guess who’s gonna lose their liquor license? Looks like she didn’t read the fine print about what the police could and could not do.

    1. Common Sense doesn’t have very much common sense.

    2. Unless this establishment has a fairly long line of problems, there will be little more than a warning letter or suspension of the license for a number of days. In most states, Ohio included, liquor licenses are considered property once granted and it takes a bit of time to revoke it or recommend non-renewal when the license comes up.

      1. Here, they can be yanks for a single violation. She will have to go before the Liquor Control Commission and argue that she should keep her doors open or have he license suspended for a few weeks.

        1. Oh, I agree completely if the infraction is severe enough. In the jurisdiction I used to work in and on my own beat, we had a Tavern that got shut down less than a month after the license was granted. The owner got an injunction keeping the bar open pending a trial but that was revoked the next day when I went in in check the premises and witnessed the same infractions (an active dogfight).

          Now no license will ever be issued for that address for the foreseeable future for anyone who applies to the common counsel for a liquor license.

          1. 31:
            I wonder why the bar hasn’t provided any security camera video?

          2. Lol true. If any exists… But I can’t imagine a licensed premises that doesn’t have at least 2 or 3 cameras on board.

          3. I’ll guarentee there is some. You’ll never see it here

          4. Of course not. 1, it can’t be edited with a bias. And 2, it supports our logical & experienced calls to complete bullshit.

          5. You should have shot the motherfuckers. I wouldn’t have complained a bit.

  7. Fucking pigs are out of control. They forget who is boss.

  8. Stealing + An insane religion to justify stealing = Government

  9. I can only laugh at this one. This is a case where a licensed (liquor) establishment has non-employees are in the establishment after closing time where none are allowed by law. This is regardless of whether those non-employees were drinking alcohol or not. What’s more, the police need no warrant to enforce the laws in an occupied licensed premises.

    No wonder this is an “Exclusive”. Nobody gives a shit except the street sheep.

    1. But that gives them the right to rob all the people of their money under the guise of forfeiture law? An even if partially true surely ALL the people weren’t involved. This is armed robbery by people in silly costumes…nothing less.

      1. No, actually its not.

        When she signed for that license, there were a number of stipulations that she must have forgot.

        1. Apparently then, she must have forgotten the part where pigs are allowed to take your money for no valid reason.

          1. big:
            “where pigs are allowed”
            Hey….the 60’s called And they want their term back.

      2. That’s all heresy and added to the “story” solely to evoke emotion and no factual info.

        1. How do you know? Aside from that almost every state has laws when someone has a liquor license. She needs to read the rules they have for obtaining a license and running a business that serves alcohol. If they are not allowed to have anyone in the bar after hours unless they are cleaning I would say this is why they came. As to whether they are out to get this family for some unknown reason, they need to get an attorney and preferably someone who does not live in Lima. Taking people’s money seems a bit sketchy to me. Looks like their Civil Rights may have just been stomped on.

          1. “Taking people’s money”
            So…you think they should be allowed to keep their funds that were garnered through illegal

      1. Laugh away. You rarely add anything constructive anyway.

          1. do you even know how that phrase “Assholes and elbows” is used? Say elbows and assholes to a grunt and he’ll know you ain’t

          2. No one is talking to you, ignoramus.

            “Mike TheVet –> ThirtyOneBravo”

            Comprehension is important.

          3. Well you talk like an ex soldier. But we all know better. and I guarantee if ytou met me, you wouldn’t be man enough to talk that way

          4. haha what’s your 20, high-speed?

            I’ll buy the first round of coffee if you don’t piss your pants.

          5. Kalamazoo, Mi. Look for r.k you will find me. And I guess we will find out how good a guesser you are. Where you at. Mike thevet. I could use a vacation, too cold for my taste around here. Lets see how bad you are. VietNam Vets do not back down.

    2. Well being from Ohio you are dead wrong as long as they wasn’t selling the drinks after hours they was allowed to be there, its no different than being at someone’s house drinking

      1. Being from Ohio lends no credence at all to your claim I’m wrong. I know the law pertaining to this as I’ve actually done my homework. This is a licensed premises. Not anything like drinking in one’s own home.

        1. all I can say is on the scale of crimes it hardly ranks unless you feel or know different. Not like fight or druggin or people hurt stuff cops are normally called to. It’s just sad how money grubbing these towns are gettting. Sad really

    3. dont know where you are coming from But the sfpd is pretty good about the after hours thing. Don’t know what put a bug in that pd’s butt but sounds like police malfeasance to me. Trumped up call, no real right to collect. It’s all tainted, Cops don’t touch bags with other cops around, it’s evidence and you grabbing it messed that up. Keystone cops. I see big time lawyer and damages for the bar owner.

  10. POLICE = Professionally Organized Liars In Criminal Escapades (period). That goes for ALL the crooked judges too!

  11. I couldn’t find any mention of the incident on any legitimate Lima news site, nor does the bar’s Facebook page make any mention of it. The only news item I saw was a short bit about a shooting that took place there back on March 11th.

    Can someone produce a link to an article about this on a legit news site? An incident like this is normally a newsworthy item so I’m forced to wonder if this even actually happened.

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