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Department: El Paso (TX) Police Department
Address: 9011 Escobar Dr. El Paso, TX 79907
Phone: (915) 872-3600,  (915) 564-7000
Officer Involved: Jessica Martinez
Date of Incident: March 5, 2015

A female police detective from the El Paso Police Department has been accused of choking out her step daughter, and threatening to end her life in a drunken rage, because of the girl’s dog.

Detective Jessica Martinez allegedly told the victim, “I discipline in this house” and “I can end your life.” According to the victim’s father, Detective Martinez struck herself in the eye in order to claim that the victim hit her and instigated the violence. The detective was arrested the next day, was quickly released with only a $2,000 bail bond and paid administrative leave (Otherwise known as paid vacation.).

The victim, whose name and age were not released, told deputies that her stepmother, Martinez, began to yell at her about the victim’s dog when they were eating dinner, according to the affidavit.

The victim grabbed the dog and went to her room, according to the affidavit.

Martinez then followed the victim into the room and continued to yell at her while the victim sat on her bed, the affidavit states. According to the affidavit, Martinez put her hands around the victim’s neck and pulled her hair.

The victim was able to get away and ran into a hallway, but Martinez allegedly grabbed the victim again by the neck and hair, the affidavit said.

Martinez then began to tightly squeeze the victim’s neck, according to the affidavit. The victim told deputies that as Martinez squeezed her neck, she could not breathe, began to feel dizzy and almost passed out, the document states.

The victim then fell to the floor and Martinez allegedly dragged her through the hallway, which resulted in the victim suffering injuries to her elbows, knees and back, according to the affidavit.”

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  1. Probably some daughter-in-law that went “you’re not my real mom.”

    Bitches be trippin’

    1. Why don’t you go ahead and forget about what this “sounds” like and take a look at what this actually *is*….. Another person with a badge with violence problems. That’s all there is to it, and there’s nothing “interesting” about this. It’s your typical pig bullshit from just another pig, you fucking pig.

      1. You said, “Why don’t you go ahead and forget about what this “sounds” like and take a look at what this actually *is*. I did. It’s a domestic. You are just too stupid to understand. Go back to the bottom of the well where you belong.

        1. just another pig that should be butchered.

    2. Can’t bring yourself to admit this is another cop who screwed up?

  2. Jeffrey Williams is the new hero of America.

  3. police being police again. when do we decide to end their employment? it’s time to get rid of all of those with a badge.

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