Too Many Cops Too Little JusticeAs police brutality grows, so does the number of supporters for Together, we have the ability to eradicate this virus from our “free” country. Filming the police is a right but many are misinformed about this due to police intimidation. Some of these officers are completely fine breaking the laws they are sworn to uphold, because they know they will escape prosecution. They look out for one another and the courts have them in their pockets for revenue generation. We will remember their faces. Police hate is not what I am promoting here, just police accountability.

If you did anything in any of these videos below, you would no doubt be in jail. There are over 100 videos here and these were just some of  the incidents that have been caught on tape. The police state effects everyone from the young to the old, all races, and with no gender discrimination either. Imagine how many police do these things everyday and get away with it. I personally wont stand for it, and will work as hard as I can to raise awareness and support a change. Hopefully, your eyes are open now if they weren’t before. Stop killing our children, stop killing our dogs, stop raping women, killing the homeless, killing unarmed men, and stop hassling hardworking Americans. The list goes on.

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  1. I’ve never seen a submission with so many links in to.

    I bet that was some angry typing.

        1. Its just a collage of articles. Its his time I suppose, but I could compile a listing of clergy or service members who’ve been arrested to the same affect. Such is life.

    1. Did you submit this? Not saying you’re angry.

  2. And this is why all police should be investigated externally, and overseen by civilians.

    1. Instead of worrying about how they are managed, perhaps we should be questioning what is their true purpose. Is it the same purpose for which they were originally created?

      If their purpose is to protect the lives and property of individuals, then they are failing dismally. We are told, too, by the courts that police are under no obligation to protect life and property. And, ironically, they seem to have become the very thing from which lives and property require protection.

      We take for granted that most of the services we use are satisfactorily provided by private parties on a voluntary basis. Why should personal security be any different?

      1. Excellent points. In fact, I was reading an article the other day about how the majority of most serious crimes (rapes, murders, home invasions) are being committed by on (and off) duty police officers.

        I especially agree on your last paragraph. I refuse to call the cops for anything and have asked them to disregard my address and phone number for all response purposes. Imagine how peaceful the inner cities (and surrounding areas) will be without the police antagonizing the occupants. Imagine how much smoother and safer traffic will flow without cops strong-arming the citizens by the roadside.

        A private personal security “agency” was what I utilized when I had some business in a certain Latin American country where the police were generally non-existent or enforcing for a criminal gang. It was awesome. We raced from the “airport” to my “hotel” which was a shack surrounded by thick concrete walls and razor wire. During the trip there, we briefly exchanged fire with another “security company” and ran at least three families off the road, never dipping below about 65mph through narrow crowded streets (I’m estimating the speed, since I spent most of the time in fervent prayer). The best thing about it was that I knew I was safe as long as I didn’t run out of cash. I hope, as you do, the USA can bring this experience to every freedom loving American.

        1. I would call it “bullshit.”

        2. I have to disagree that your Latin American experiences qualify as a free market in security. The history of Latin America is a history of tyrannical states collapsing due to their economic infeasibility, and with new, powerful groups filling power vacuums – whether competing gang, drug cartels, or any organization prepared to commit violence to maintain control over a particular geographical area.

          On the one hand you seem to agree that the policing monopoly under which we live is mostly out of control; yet you also seem to have a sarcastic view of security services being exchanged freely and voluntarily, suggesting that such a situation would result in the penniless being murdered in the streets. Historically we know this is not the case. Policing is a relatively modern concept, coming to the US in the late 1800s. Before then, individuals made their own security arrangements.

          Banks in those days obviously required more security than the average individual, so they hired private agencies for this purpose. Would you have suggested that the average guy, who had only himself to worry about, be forced into a monopolistic policing system to supplement the costs required to protect a bank?

  3. Oh brother, another BS article by paranoid copblockers.

    1. Oh brother, jc saying what jc always says


  5. ICE cop Ryan Faulkner [allegedly] used Malia Arciero as a drug informant; raped her at ICE HQ; sold the drugs; stole the cash… and she’s the one who gets convicted. F**cking outrageous.

    Portlock Ex-Madam Makes Stunning Allegations in a Civil Lawsuit Against Hawaii ICE Agent

    Civil suit

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