NOTE: This is an update from an earlier post about a (graphic) video depicting members of the LAPD shooting a homeless man in Los Angeles on March 1, 2015.

Homeless Man Shot and Killed By LA CopsEarlier today, a video taken by bystanders in Los Angeles, was posted online that showed the LAPD fighting with a (reportedly) mentally ill, homeless man. About 22 seconds into the video a tazer can be heard and then, shortly after that, four or five gunshots in rapid succession. The man, who is unidentified officially, but was known by the nickname “Africa” among other homeless people, obviously was dead at that point in what witnesses have stated began either as a result of complaints about him not taking his tent down early enough or an altercation with another homeless person within that tent.

Although there are conflicting interpretations of what exactly the officer who shot him stated and the audio on the video is difficult to make out exactly, the official story (that is still developing) appears to be yet another case of an unarmed man being shot after he “reached for my gun.” If this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s one of the go-to statements cops make whenever they shoot someone, even when there is video of that person clearly not reaching for their gun. Unfortunately, the video that is (currently) available isn’t so clear in this case. However, according to the LA Times, the LAPD, the LAPD’s “Independent” Inspector General, and the District Attorney are currently investigating and we all know how thorough a job they do when they investigate themselves.

This video was posted by Anthony Blackburn’s facebook page about 5 hours ago. It shows atleast 4 police officers trying to arrest a man, you can hear a tazer go off and then gun shots. More details coming soon.


  1. This was plain and simple murder. There were so many cops around him, hitting and punching him that I doubt he ever had the opportunity or inclination to try to grab the cops gun.

    1. excessive force beyond control, in too many ways, I feel for both men, but the PIG didn’t have to empty his clip on him, that’s a fact!!!

  2. It looks like he tries to re-holster, but can’t because the other person takes his PR24 and he can’t re-snap the holster itself. Then in the struggle, either the homeless man pulls on it, either for leverage or to take it, and it comes out or it falls out, either way its lands on/near him and they shoot him. He’s either saying “drop my gun” or “lost my gun.” Repeated verbal commands nonetheless. You can hear the taser before the shots.

    I’d say it was lawful.

    Other the political side, the officer in question is black as is the homeless man. No to gonna get much traction on this.

    1. You do understand that there exists this very real thing called black on black crime, right? Just because a person is of the same skin color doesn’t mean they are unable, unwilling or wont hurt, lie to or kill the person

      1. We’ll see who arrives to lead the protest.

      2. So when a white person is it called white on white crime?

        1. I meant to say when a white person commit a crime against another white person, is it called white on white crime?

        2. Not what I mean, just bc a cop is black or any person for that matter doesn’t mean they won’t needlessly treat another person of their race with racism or treat them differently as if that man was suspicious or needing to be shot

      3. OMG. Get a clue. Buy one with your “check”

        1. My check? You’re stupid lol

    2. Of course you’d say it was lawful. You would NEVER say anything other than that – even when only hard-to-see video is available.

    3. Plenty will after witnesses confirm this was nothing short of murder

    4. You have no evidence either way.

  3. You’re a fucktard if you think that’s why they won’t have much traction on this one.

  4. Tough call. Unfortunately he resisted and was flailing around enough for someone to consider him a threat. Once that line is crossed if he does it’s just another dead crazy homeless guy.

  5. Another clusterfuck by the LAPD. FAIL, FAIL, FAIL. Common sense is missing the entire point. It is pathetic when an organization with the resources of the LAPD CANNOT answer a call to skid row successfully. I have lost all confidence in the ability of the LAPD to function SAFELY in our community in a law enforcement capacity.
    We need better training for officers and a higher caliber of PEACE OFFICER in our departments. We are not getting what we are paying for. Very, very disturbing this circus is allowed to continue.

  6. it’d be different if like one of them shot him once but after that first shot it sounded like they all just took one. Those cops look an awful lot like gangbangers if you think about it

  7. The guy was fighting the police. The tazer didn’t work so he went for an officer’s gun. The shooting was lawful. Anyone who complains about him being shot multiple times, one shot doesn’t always work. He chose to fight the officers and loss. I’m sure the family will smell money and want to sue even though they more than likely didn’t help him in any way shape, or form while he was living on the streets.

    1. Lol this JC guy, all I ever see him commenting on is how every act of police brutality is justified, you’re pathetic. He reached for my gun….9 officers there and they couldn’t subdue a homeless man? Give me a break. You really think someone being tased can reach for a gun, unholster it, take the safety off, AND THEN carry out the execution of said officer(s) while 9 of them stand around him with 4-5 of them ontop of him? You must have watched this with your eyes closed.

        1. Lol it was an exaggeration, you know just like when the cops say the suspect is “resisting” or “reaching for my gun”. I like how you take the one part of my statement that was clearly blown out of proportion, and you focus on that. So who do you know in law enforcement? Do you get paid to troll?

          1. I watched a number of media where people were arguing for and against. The consensus came down to the guy grabbed for the officer’s gun. The pictures even showed that.

            You said, “Lol it was an exaggeration”. No it wasn’t and it wasn’t taken that way. When you copblockers make up garbage too cover your own ass after you say something, it’s not an exaggeration.

            You said, ” So who do you know in law enforcement” I work in law enforcement. I am a probations officer. I was a police officer before that.

          2. It shows, your unbiased opinion against crime is apparent lmao. Doesn’t seem to matter what case of brutality goes up, you always take the law enforcement side. How’s it taste after ALL the witnesses came forward from this event say the man in no way reached for or touched the officers gun? Remember Jessica Hernandez? You had some choice things to say about that situation, how she deserved what she got for trying to hit an officer and the like. How’s it feel now that witnesses AND the autopsy confirm it was a homicide and none of the shots fired were from close range? Good to know you speak after the facts and not out of your boot licking mouth right?

          3. What a boot licker points to in a video released by said boot lickers means nothing to me. It’s like watching a math professor try to convince me that 2+2 = 3. Witnesses say differently, and criminals who investigate criminals can be trusted as much as a $3 bill.

          4. Why are you posting to me? You have obviously made up your mind. I posted links to back up my statements and you haven’t. You obviously made up your mind.

          5. Lol a like to a police departments fabricated lies means nothing to me. You’re the same person who defended Darren Wilson and the Ferguson police department, and now we all know what was really going on there. Even the DOJ couldn’t deny it.

          6. Sorry but Darren Wilson was exonerated. The grand jury didn’t bring any charges to Wilson and Wilson was also exonerated for any civil rights violations. I have a grand juries decision. You haven’t posted anything to change that decision.

          7. Lmao, thats your reply? That he was exonerated? Tell me please if you think he acted under his oath to the constitution when he shot and killed Michael Brown. Oh and yea… the officers in the Rodney King beating were also acquitted! They sure were just “doing their job” right? A grand jury’s decision means jack shit and the people are waking up and realizing that. The prosecutor in the Darren Wilson case is even being sued by one of the jurors for mischaracterizing the case. Not only that, he admitted that witnesses who were called to the stand were not even present at the time of the incident! Sounds like a legit judicial system to me…one I’m sure you have no problem at all with.

          8. Darrin Wilson did act under his oath to the constitution. That was proven when no charges will be filed for violating Michael Brown’s civil rights. The Grand Jury’s decision does mean jack shit. By the way, the juror is suing to have a gag order dropped. I believe you are not getting your facts straight.

          9. Lol nothing was proven besides the system is flawed, when liars can take the stand and be allowed to blatantly perjure themselves with no repercussions, it speaks volumes. You’re the perfect person to support this system as well, why do you honestly think they want the gag order dropped? Because it will allow them to talk about the case and what went on and what was said, opening the door to possibilities of justice after the true facts are voiced. It’s no mystery that the prosecution threw the case harder than Mariano Rivera in his prime, you’re a joke. Funny how you had no comment on the Jessica Hernandez case, or the Rodney king beatings. I bet you felt those officers upheld their oath as well? The system you love so much is flawed beyond repair and you’re just another product of it spewing shit into the world.

          10. Yes, everything was proven. I have a grand jury decision to back up my statements. You have nothing. You are just ranting and raving.

          11. what’s a scary possibility is that he is a pig with a mentality like that. hopefully one of the criminals that he has interactions with, will skin him alive slowly. he’s a piece of shit and only deserves death.

        1. LOLOLOLOL. Yeah, you’re a probation officer in San Diego. Lying motherfucker.

        2. Sucking corn off of your boss’s ass.

    2. I think the officers chose to fight him. More than 6 cops and innocent people still get shot? They are uniformed gang members… Liars, cheaters, thieves and abusers – Just ask one? You do know we have the right to defend ourselves against unlawful arrest, right?

      1. Those are your opinions. Go ahead and try to “defend” yourself from what you interpret as unlawful arrest. You would end up like this guy. The video only showed 4 police officers. Also, it is unclear as to why the PD were called to that location.

    3. JC you are a moronic fuck and every thing that’s wrong with America you fucking coward.. Must be a piggy pie

      1. You write fuck America. Why don’t you leave. Just because you chose the loser’s path doesn’t mean everyone else has to.

        1. Actually he wrote no such thing. Just more of your lies, you punk ass lying bitch.

          1. liar guy:
            Actually…he wrote EXACTLY THAT. What moniker did he choose?
            Lying idiot.

    4. Your fucking mouth is worthless and there is no one here that respects your opinion, no one.

      1. Another pussy keyboard warrior copblocker. Obviously no one respects your opinions because you won’t even sign into Discus.

        1. Because “JC” is really signing in? No he’s pretty spot on. Your views are closed minded and biased. From the first comment I’ve seen from you it was apparent you don’t use facts to support your views, you use cop logic.

  8. better not nap in public. YOU COULD DIE

  9. “He went for your gun?” Not in this video he didn’t. POLICE = Professionally Organized Liars In Criminal Escapades (period).

  10. That’s America for you. Wouldn’t live there if I was paid a million euro.

      1. You can bet your fat ass I will!

      2. I’ll do what I decide, and I decided to never go into that #shithole #USA.

  11. If they were wearing cameras we would know for sure. You’re beginning to sound like JC.

    1. “……The LAPD has revealed that two of the officers involved were wearing
      bodycams as part of a pilot program. “That offers a unique perspective
      that we believe will be crucial to determining the propriety of the
      officers’ actions,” Beck said, according to local NPR station KPCC…..”

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