It has been two weeks since Deven Guilford was on his way home from church, where he was playing basketball with his brothers. It was there that Deven was shot and killed by Eaton County Police Officer Johnathon Frost at a traffic stop on Grand Ledge Hwy in  Mulliken, Michigan. The events took place near Cochran road, where Johnathon Frost pulled over the 17 year old. The reason for the traffic stop has yet to be disclosed, but we know the officer called for back up within minutes, saying shots were fired and adding that he was bleeding as well.

B9316460049Z.1_20150304113513_000_GVBA4H1M2.1-0 The number of times Deven was shot by Officer Frost is still unknown, but he was believed to be shot in the head and chest multiple times. Frost was hospitalized with bleeding from his abdomen, an injury that the Eaton County police are calling “significant” but are not willing to explain, as in what caused the injury. Sgt. Jeremy Brewer has not released an update on Officer Frost, as is protocol, for officer-involved shootings and the department has not said if Deven was armed or not.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Deven was the second person in Eaton County killed by police in less than two weeks and the third in the Lansing area, since early December.

There are a lot of inconsistent factors in this incident including why the department wont release the body/dash cam footage, the reason for pulling him over and why he was removed from his car. You can find the original article regarding these events here. I will provide an update when the Eaton County Police Department decides to release more information. Please call the Eaton County Police Department at (517) 543-3512 and demand that they release the footage.

I’ll keep trying to find more information regarding this story, but if you’re in Michigan, consider connecting with one of these groups:

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  1. 1st, the story left a lot out, I can’t make a good troll without full info, but here goes “so he attacked the police officer, and got hurt, why the fuck does anyone care?”

    1. You mean, the police have left a lot of information out, but it’s OK. We know. If you can even try and blame these guys’ site and stories for something you will.

    1. That link, like most of yours doesn’t back up your statement, how is it obvious that he started fighting with the officer?

      1. JC thinks that a cop’s report is automatically verified fact.

        1. Oooooooh, see I was under the impression that thought was not actually part of his process, leeeeaarning and groooowwwing. :)

      2. Yes it does. Where is the link that would verify anything you said?

        1. I said the link you posted doesn’t say he started fighting the cop, why would I post a link when I was talking about the one you posted? Answer the question, how is it obvious that he started fighting the cop? The link you posted doesn’t say that, you can post a source all you want, that doesn’t mean it backs up your dogshit statement. You’re no good at this dude.

          1. If he is driving off with the officer in the window, what do you think is happening? Obviously your pea sized brain can’t figure out things for itself.

          2. so because he drove off after a lunatic jumps in his window, this means that he started it by fighting with the officer? weird how your link says nothing about that….but you posted a link so people should believe u right ?

    2. You let everyone know, so we know you aren’t a fucking piece of shit liar…. what piece of fact do you possess currently that shows he “obviously started fighting with the officer?” All some of us see right now is a grown man trained to fight and kill with a cut and a teenager shot dead.

      1. Post a link that backs up your side of the story. Otherwise you are just rambling.

          1. He was bleeding from his abdomen. The driver also tried to drive off with the officer halfway in the driver’s side window. I suggest you cut your wrists. Maybe you’ll get another chance at being a human being.

  2. Most likely the kid was pulled over for some dumb-shit reason for “revenue collection” since that is what most cops have become. Kid probably said something that the cop got a boo-boo lip over and decided to pull the kid out to teach him a “lesson”. I’d be very interested in learning what the “injury” was to the cop to cause blood on him……..I’d bet the cop’s tampon slipped out.
    Why not release all the facts of the stop and shooting? To turn a phrase back onto cops, “if they have nothing to hide or have done nothing wrong why not release all the info”.
    Just another little piggy out of control, can’t even handle a 17 year old kid without a weapon.

    1. jonn:
      Ah. Some stupid.
      Ok…..let’s walk through a short primer about to:
      • SELDOM do the police release videos before investigations are complete or before court. OFTEN a real
      Need outlet will file a lawsuit looking to force the police to release videos….but that’s not the police….that’s the media
      • Why? Well….it makes sure people get a fair hearing. It preserves evidence for possible criminal prosecutions as well as any civil actions.

      Now…..that is about as basic as I can dumb it down for ya.
      I hope you understand

      1. Its amazing how little they understand about OIS.

        1. My sentiments regarding the Albuquerque PD.

      2. Conducting an investigation of oneself can be a lengthy process. Investigators may have to make a phone call and ask a question or two before they inevitably clear the officer of any wrong doing. How long does it take exactly to write “grabbed for officer’s gun” in the report?

    2. most cops can’t seem to handle under ten yr olds holding toy guns, but don’t expect the unthinking cop defenders that post here to think logically, lost cause. T and friends’ agenda here to to discredit anything posted, good thing people have eyes and can think for themselves.

  3. Huh
    Would t it be something if either the PD or his family did a forensic on this dude phone/tablet/computer and found that he was a frequenter of this site and that he just took the advice of “resist resist resist” and it got him killed. And then let the lawsuits begin.

    1. Can you imagine? The weeping family, holding up a photo of him, and then a threat of his comments about his desire to kill the police?

      1. Can you imagine? Idiots like you still not understanding, ESPECIALLY if that happens, that there is a fucking PROBLEM in America? Dumb dumb mother fuckers….

        1. 3r:
          Hmmm. Interesting approach you have there. Kinda two-faced.

          But I’ll give you a chance to example.

          So….are you saying that the words that are written on sites like this are meaningless? That the messages of violence don’t mean anything?

    2. I’ll just do the honors here and go ahead and say you that you are a sick, twisted, DIRTY, mother fucking piece of shit to get a smile off of this incident. Please go end yourself, fucking piece of shit. You are now the same scum as JC, if not lower for this.

    3. Resist, resist, resist, huh? LOL. Lying motherfucker, as usual.

    4. Where does it say “resist resist resist” on copblock? Maybe your boyfriend can post a link for us

  4. I always laugh, its like you want the police to release information on your timetable. Patience.

    “Michigan State Police have issued a statement that the Sergeant’s
    injuries were “significant” and that as of 03/03/15 that he was still

    Additionally, MSP have stated that the driver was
    well versed in MMA and that his instagram postings suggest his
    involvement in MMA was going to get ” him killed ” by a law
    enforcement contact…..”

    One account said it was a broken jaw and facial injuries, another said “abdominal bleed” – I would say a “liver shot/spleen hit” most likely.

    But please, ramble on, but the investigation(s) are being handled by the Michigan State police and they will take whatever time they wish. Its just how things are done. I have no doubt that in time the videos will be available for FOIA.

    …..when in doubt, comply. If not, well, its your coin to flip.

    1. CS,
      The problem is what information they release and when. Patience is all well and good if the police kept all information until an investigation is complete, but they don’t. Went through Guerena in Arizona where the Pima CSO, the Marana, and Oro PDs, were releasing all sorts of “info” about J. Guerena to the point that the AZ Republic asked them to please stop, it was just too embarrasing for everyone. It was so clear what they were trying to do.

      I’m speaking to generalities, not this specific case. As for your faith in the State Police, go look up Quartzite, AZ, the judge threw out the DPS report. He called it “cursory”, I think he called it a few other things too.

      1. Sorry I don’t have time to read all that nonsense bullshit, keep your crazy ass replies short

        1. Good, I don’t want you to spend time reading a comment I made to someone not you. Please don’t read my comments at all.

          Frankly, I have brevity for control-freaks that add nothing other than their need to control. Was this brief enough?

      2. Ray:
        Interesting stance there dude.

        Let me make sure I got it right:
        You want the info when it makes the police look bad but don’t want it if it makes he pokice look good?

        Let’s look back to Ferguson.
        If you’ll recall….I repeatedly wrote for everyone to remain calm as they were falling for a lie. Which is exactly what was being sold to you guys and you bought it
        Putting that but aside…..the police released the video of the gentle giant commuting a strong arm robbery….using his large size to imrimdate and physically force his way in the store owner. Was that wrong?

        1. “Let me make sure I got it right:
          You want the info when it makes the police look bad but don’t want it if it makes he pokice look good?” Nope, you got it wrong. Start over, but try to avoid it’s either zero or a hundred, because there’s all those numbers in between.
          If you can’t avoid it’s got to be either a zero or it must be a hundred, just avoid thinking you have anything right.

          Ahh, Ferguson. A prosecutor using a liar to give testimony to a grand jury just to get the whole truth. A DoJ that can’t make a case because there isn’t enough to make a case. And then there’s you proclaiming the truth, always knowing the truth, and never understanding that our legal system doesn’t find the truth because it never has certainty, it just finds an approximation. I still think O.J. did it, but the Court found the truth, at least by your way of thinking.

          So whatcha gonna do, the DoJ said Wilson was absolutely innocent, by your way of thinking, but found Ferguson practiced some sort of systemic racism. So whatcha gonna do…

          BTW, Jeane Dixon.

          1. Ray:
            Ah……but it is either 0 or 100. Either the info is released or it isn’t?

            Ha ha. So that’s what you think? 1 person. Quite funny. I’ve defintely given you way to much credit. Just look at the DOJ report. Not a single credible witness told the hands up” lie Not a single witness. Not even one. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch.
            But you keep clinging to the lie dude.

          2. Which info? Because info is one word, you think information is just one thing?

            You missed all the points, whoosh. One, no report or jury decision gives absolute innocence or guilt. In fact it is all an approximation. Two, so whatcha gonna do when the same organization that found they can’t pursue federal charges against Wilson says they can take Ferguson to court because they found systematic racism in the police force?

      3. I’m not sure what report you’re referencing (have a link?), all I know is Quarzite is a very small town with some big issues.

        I did read the affidavit for the SWs and I’d say he was invovled in the drug trade. But that’s my opinion. Then look at the Geer shooting, Fairfax PD (I think) releases 11,000 pages of their OIS. LAPD has all their OIS reivews online for anyone’s viewing pleasure. My personal favorite is the AD in the locker room.

        The issue is this. When these dynamic, tragic incidents happen, everyone wants to now immediately what happened. And this isn’t TV, you’ll know when everything is done and completed, it will be available. I know the media wants info, they get to wait also.

        If a PD wants to put out everything, that’s their choice, but they don’t have to release anything. I think the general population forgets that the police, in these situations have all the time they want to conduct a their investigations. Even look at the DOJ, 8-10 months is common, if not standard.

  5. Wow T, real cute post to me. Did you think of your post all by yourself, or did you require some assistance?
    Since I started commenting on this site I have avoided making snippy or sarcastic comments about other posters, just cops and other government employees. But if you want to go down that street with me just let me know and I’ll be happy to accommodate you.
    Oh, and “dumb it down” for me? Fat chance of that! You’re dealing with someone that spent over 30 years in uniform carrying a weapon and was attending school part-time at Campbell University, Buies Creek, NC, (look it up on any search engine to see what their professional programs are) until my injuries forced me to resign to concentrate on my treatments.
    Of course I know the procedures in an investigation and and why information is kept confidential. There has been a shift is police activity so maybe we need to re-think the reasons of “that’s the way we’ve always done it”.

    1. It won’t be, its just not released until either charges are issued or its ruled justified (typically).

    2. Bitch, everyone knows your lying, ” I severed 30 years In a uniform” bitch if you spent that long on the force you could easily see past all these dumb shit articles

    3. jonn:
      Funny….I’ve got friends all over central and eastern NC….and my parents lived there for a while back in the day.
      I’ve even played Kieth Hills golf course….so I don’t have to look anything up.

      So you trot out a resume and really not much else.

      IF you KNOW why investigations are done the way they are….
      AND you KNOW why the information can’t be released like I explained….
      AND you are still calling for it to be released…..
      Does the mean, you care so little for people’s rights that you are willing to violate due process? Just because technology has advanced in some areas doesn’t mean it’s better.

      Look at Pete’s recent post about body cameras. I think it was just last week
      He was a screaming and stomping guy demanding the the police all have to wear them and that they be on all the time. Then….after he realized what that meant…..that EVERYTHING would be recorded. All of those private moments isidr private homes, everyone involved in something….and all of their behaviors….and all of their lies….now recorded for both evidence but also as investigative tools. Amazingly….he has now changed his tune.

      So…..for you to be as knowledgable and experienced as you say you are… should be readily apparent why….as you asked in your first comment….they can’t just “release” everything and explain it to you.

      So if you don’t want it dumbed down….don’t make silly comments especially if….as you claim….you know better.

  6. Thenumber6……I must have really touched a nerve with you! And the language, you kiss your mother with that mouth? And no, I don’t have to lie about my service, and quite frankly, I could give a furry rat’s ass less if you believe it or not. There is not one reason why I need to justify myself to the likes of you or anyone else. Believe what I write, or don’t believe, I could care less and sure as hell won’t lose one nano-second of sleep wondering if you “approve” of any post I make.
    So run along child, go un-bunch your panties and put some soap in your mouth and scrub-a-dub-dub to clean up the vile that you spew.

    1. But see, when you answer, you do care.

  7. T,
    What are “silly comments” to you might be serious concerns to others. And listing my”resume” online here would be a waste of my time, space in the comments section, and boring reading to all since I am now disabled and medically retired.
    You have to admit times have changed in our Country and that includes police work along with individuals in the numerous departments nationwide. Gone are the days of Officer Friendly walking a beat and knowing everyone on his route. You could count on that Officer to be fair and his word to be honest. Now, everyone is guilty until proven innocent, everyone is a threat, dogs are to be shot on sight, the cop is never wrong attitude, etc, etc.
    You appear to be intelligent and informed so you must see the point I’m trying to make. Law enforcement has changed and I fear for the worse, not better. Technology in LE has jumped by leaps and bounds. I fully believe that the technology advances MUST be tempered by more transparency by the “people”. Police departments seem to have forgotten who actually they work for and pays their salary. Doing business as before just isn’t working any longer. Why do small town departments need tracked vehicles, full automatic weapons, grenade launchers, belt fed weapons, mobile cell towers, etc?
    People no longer trust cops, just look at YouTube. Cops doing stuff not knowing they are being recorded, then arrest a person and lie to make a conviction. You can spend weeks looking at all the examples of bad cops. Look at all the death penalty cases being over turned due to DNA advances.
    The old way we’ve been doing things just doesn’t work anymore and things have to change! Cops investigating themselves just does not cut it anymore. Civilian oversight from the beginning of an investigation, along with transparency now must be the norm, along with cops being held to a higher standard, not less has to take place.
    Stupid crap cops do must be addressed each time it happens. Examples are all over YouTube like I said. Like the cop that shot a man’s dog that was locked in a van in a parking lot while the man was eating inside a diner and the dog barked when the cop walked by the van. What would happen if either you or I pulled a stupid stunt like that?
    Sorry “T”, things have to change whether cops or their supporters like it or not.

    1. Before I moved, my next-door neighbor was a 30-year motor cop. He says he wouldn’t be a cop today, too much trash.

    2. jonn:
      I’d have to disagree on many points.
      Lots of places still have officers that walk beats. It’s extremely inefficient. Where I work…’s “sprawl”. Outward and not upward. Tough to,do that on foot.
      That’s part of that societal change

      As for technology changing police work.
      Right you are. Well…..kinda.
      The “tools” that are available have changed and evolved. Basic police work hasnt.
      No offense…..but it’s not like TV. We still use fingerprints. We still use photo lineups. We still interview victims and witnesses. We still photographs crime scene. We still video record them too. We’ve done that for many many decades.
      Now the photos are of better quality. And so are the videos.

      And the law evolves and changes. If you are from North Carolina….there was just a SCOTUS case about an officer their stopping someone with a brake light out. But the law itself is from like the 1800s and is about horse carriages.

      Gotta go……to be continued

  8. Is there any update on this, such as have they released the footage, do we know why he was shot, ect. I can’t seem to find any recent articles that disclose this information.

  9. It is extremely suspicious that still after almost four months there is nothing as far as an update from the authorities. I would pray that this is not in the hands of the Eaton county prosecutor. The entire Eaton county justice system is skewed and corrupt.
    My personal interest in this case stems from this same jack-booted deputy Frost that violated my civil rights several months earlier. He then lied under oath (along with his partner) about the whole incident. Respect given when deserved….PIG.

  10. This police gang member may find himself at the mercy of the first fashion of justice.

  11. Its not right at all. Another cop out of control. Unfortunately this kids behavior was what set off the cop’s madness. My suggestion to everyone is if you want to get mouthy with cop, be prepared for something unpleasant. It will never go in your favor.

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