This was originally posted at “the Daily American.” Additional coverage of Chief Brown’s drunken, violent incidents and efforts to gain extra rights with his shiny badge (and gun) can be found here, here, and here, The video embedded below is courtesy of “KFVS 12,” a Southern Illinois CBS affiliate. Any time you come across (or are involved in) stories of police misconduct and/or corruption, such as these, you can submit them to Cop Block, via the submission page.

Orient Police Chief Joseph L. Brown, 39, of Herrin was taken into custody by Franklin County Sheriff’s deputies around 1:20 p.m. Monday, February 23, 2015, in response to reports the office received from both the American Legion and Elsie’s Tavern in Orient.

“Sheriff’s deputies responded to a complaint at Phillip Whiteside American Legion Post 1961 at 10:22 p.m. and were told by club employees and patrons that Brown, who had already left the area, had come to the club in an intoxicated state, made threats and brandished a handgun, ” said Sheriff Don Jones.

Before Brown made his way to the American Legion he first stopped by Elsie’s Tavern — just steps from the Legion — where witnesses say he pulled his gun and badge, making threats against another’s life.

According to an update posted on February 25, Chief Brown, who has since posted bail and been released was angry that the management at the bars refused to serve him any more alcohol when he pulled out his gun and began threatening people there. As of right now, he is facing felony charges of intimidation and official misconduct.

Read the rest of the original article here and the update here at the “Daily American.”

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  1. Wow, a town of 295 covering almost 500 acres. A den of oppressin and tryanny I bet.

    Seems the police there to investigate and arrest their own. How odd for the CB narrative.

    1. Actually, if you read it, it was a different department. And how many
      people get bail after threatening others with a gun? Add to that, he
      learn to behave this way somewhere.

      1. People get bail when charged with murder. This is just one of the ass-hats that thinks his badge is an “I’ll do what the fuck I want to” pass.

      2. Certainly must be a fictitious article because in a previous post, the author was quite clear that cops were never head accountable.

        1. I don’t know about ‘never’. But it is certainly clear that you’re more likely to get a politician to keep a promise, than for a cop to be held to account. Proof? 3 innocent people shot during the Dorner hunt. That kid holding a wii controller in HIS OWN DOOR, Harless. On and on, cops walk from stuff no one else would have any hope of escaping.

          ‘Never’ is a little too strong. But it is clear that it is more common for criminal cops to get off, than get punished.

          1. We still don’t know the names of those cops who shot the innocent women delivering newspaper during the Dorner manhunt. For all we know they could be captains, by now.

  2. If he did this, then he will be fired. He offered a verbal resignation but they need a written one to put it into effect.

    1. No, they don’t, moron.

      1. Actually he would, he could retract the verbal during an appeal. He could write in on a subway napkin but it would have to be written.

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