The following was received via an anonymous submission on the Cop Block Submissions page.

Bush-ObamaA study was done to identify symptoms of fascism. This graphic represents the factors that lead to fascism and tyranny. The graphics creator, chose to remain anonymous.

All these things are happening daily here. It is not all in the open all the time, but as time goes by it gets closer and closer to the powers that be not apologizing for the blatant disregard for the will of the people. One only has to view the failed drug war to realize the total disregard for the will of the people. Marijuana would be legal already if they could only figure out how to divvy up the cash cow!

In our current system (which is working just the way it was designed to work, by the way), I think you can see how all of the below conditions apply.

Have you taken a stand against this yet? I know I have! I’m tired of funding the criminal enterprise known as the U.S. Government!

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  1. I suppose its a matter of perception.

    If police have “unlimited” power, then why does CB and his affiliates gleeful post cops who’ve been arrested?

    Corporations go unchecked? I really. Again, a matter of perception. Perhaps wire-fraud and money laundering indictments just aren’t sexy enough to make the spotlight.

    If the “Government” controlled the media, then many sites would be shut down and hosts, bloggers and staff would be either out of work or jailed.

    The “arts” locally are under-fire only because of budgets. Declining property values reduce tax base(s) which limit funding for public education schools/programs. Sorry, you being able to play the cello as “first chair” is not nearly as vital a trait as others. Most school systems have a policy, “If you want to play, you pay” – simple enough.

    As far as the federal level of budgetary money allotted, you are wrong (again)

    I suppose I have a different interpretation of what “rampant” means.
    His triumphs and convictions, however heroic to disheartening they were, does not cast as wide a shadow on legislators as some would like.

    Alaska has now decriminalized adult use of marijuana, change takes time. I’m sure in your lifetime, it will become legal. Or maybe not.

    …I do like how the image “creator” chose to remain anonymous, no doubt out of fear from chem trails, MIB and transceivers implanted in his molar.

    1. Not just are police arrested and convicted, but that “unlimited power” is only unlimited when there’s no camera present, according to Pete and Co.

      You missed the disdain for human rights, which, of course, from the CopBlock perspective is a disdain for “muh rights.” Additionally it ignores the sad reality that a disturbing majority of people will turn anything into a right, even when it’s really just a want

      You missed one aspect of arts programs falling by the wayside. Which is, of course, the push of teacher’s unions pushing for nationwide standardization, which comes with lots of extra testing and in turn leads to less time for the arts. Additionally, the benefits of arts programs aren’t measurable in the way academic studies are, and as a result this leads to reduced funding.

      1. How does one qualify or quantify a “disdain for human rights?” Its an opinion.

        From what I’ve read, unions are actually pushing for a reduction in testing. But then again, I really don’t care so I don’t read much about it.

        1. That’s just it, “disdain for human rights” just can’t be quantified. It’s really just an argument meant to shut down opposing thoughts. It’s the product of the same sort of thinking that produces such glaring inconsistencies as having a right to free speech and an equal right to not be offended.

          Some unions are pushing for a reduction in testing, some are pushing to expand testing. The places where there has been a push to reduce testing have generally seen less reduction in music and arts programs. The increased testing, and the absurdities of teaching for statewide testing, and the reduced role of music and the arts are reasons that I have considered homeschooling my own children. The insane list of rules and regulations governing homeschooling have been among the reasons I don’t homeschool.

          1. I would tend to agree with you.

    2. It’s like this was written by a 16 year old kid. What ridiculous thinking.

  2. This website now takes so damn long to load that I find myself closing it before it finishes, quite often..

  3. The author said, “A study was done to identify symptoms of fascism. This graphic represents the factors that lead to fascism and tyranny. The graphics creator, chose to remain anonymous”. What study? Do you have a link to it. As far as the marijuana legalization goes, There is not one country in the world that has legalized marijuana. There are some cities that have decriminalized it but none that have legalized it.

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