What is going on here? How can you expect to be trusted when this is what we see from you? Nine cops in eight days charged with sex crimes against minors. From all over. Its not like one place did a raid. These are all separate incidents. How can we put trust in the police when this is what is happening?

The police will then try to put the blame on the people reporting whats going on. Just like the cop in the Eastside traffic stop video. “All you guys see is the bad cops” he says. Because that’s what is happening! We didn’t go out there and make the cops we film do the dumb shit they do! We just happen to capture it on video! And then we get to see how the system supports these “Bad apples” which seem to be more than just a few spoiling the buschel!
Donald PattersonTrever-Blackwell-150x150Samuel-Bryant-150x150Rodney-Eddy-150x150
The website Don’t Comply.com did this report on this story. Even if they are only half right it’s too much!

Aaron-Barnes-150x150  James-Edwards-150x150 Jared-Tomlinson-150x150 Jonathan-Diaz-150x150 Louis-Mercado-150x150


  1. Hey, look! It’s JC’s friends!

    1. dammit you beat me to it. I think JC is the 4th picture down.

      1. If that’s JC, where’s the sheep? You can’t have a molestation story about JC without his favorite type of victim.

  2. Red Apple in a barrel of rotten fish that’s the standard.

  3. This is part of why the PD is starting to wear cameras. If they did it, they can rot in prison.

    1. Wow, that is one of the ONLY times you haven’t blindly defended the actions of the police. I’m so proud of you….OK, not really. You actually disgust me. But you didn’t make me want to puke this time. That’s a start,…I guess.

    2. Problem is, more often than not, the cop can control the recording in one fashion or another. That limits the effectiveness of cameras in controlling bad cops.
      Case in point, a Key West officer tased a guy. The taser apparently has a recorder. He ‘accidentally’ activated the camera so that it recorded over the event.

    3. so which one is you JC? Or are they still waiting to catch you? I assume your neighbors children or your own will turn you in at some point.

    4. How is a body camera, that can be turned off, going to help catch cops who are sexually abusing people?

      1. How is a camera run by a copblock activist going to help catch cops who are sexually abusing people? Activist who like to edit their videos to try and make something out of nothing.

        1. You can not answer a question with a question. Just concede that someone who wants tot get his rape on won’t record the act himself.

          1. Sorry I have a number of parolees who were convicted of rape and recorded themselves. That is why they were convicted.

          2. Ok, well, this just strengthens my argument about the low intellect of cops. If you are dumb enough to record yourself raping someone….

  4. What’s with the creepy smile of the guy wrapped in a blanket? And what’s witht he blanket? Was he arrested WHILE molesting a child or something? Was it a chimpanzee child? WAS THAT JC?!?!?!

  5. Are these criminal lawsuits or a civil lawsuits? Besides, “charged” does not mean guilty as you try to sell it off as. It is innocent until proven guilty.

    1. Nice, someone who defends child rapists. Wow you’re up there with JC.

      1. Are you not the one who is always whining about being innocent unless proven guilty?

        1. I think you have me confused with someone else. But I’m not sure if the statement about being innocent until proven guilty would be considered whining. I guess if you have the mindset of a Nazi, then it could be considered whining. Is that way you have the mindset of a Nazi?

    2. Innocent until proven guilty? only if your a cop. Tell that to the 90 year old who’s house got smashed over drugs not there, or the man who got shot for running away. Or the 1,000 of other caces. Must be nice to have such blue privilege. Bacon lover.

  6. these must be the good cops they are always talking about.

  7. JC T and sicko must be in this Bunch!

  8. These are not “over the past 8 days” – its over the course of about 6 years years. You should really check the dates.

    (L – R)

    (2015) Donald Patterson, 48, suicide (no loss there)

    (2014) Trever Blackwell, 30, had a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl while she was in the department’s Explorer program in 2011 (he gave her a ring)

    (2015) Samuel Bryant, 40, was charged with sexual abuse of a minor, second-degree assault and a fourth-degree sex offense. Bryant is accused of inappropriately touching a 14-year-old girl on three occasions at his Brooklyn Park home on Jan. 5. (He’s TSA – not a cop)

    (2008) Rodney Eddy, 67, of Mesa, was arrested at his home Wednesday night on a
    warrant alleging 36 felonies including sexual assault on a child by a
    person in a position of trust, a pattern of abuse, sexual exploitation
    of children and obscenity. (not a cop, school teacher)

    (second row)

    (2015) Police Sergeant (Aaron Barnes) was arrested Tuesday night following an investigation into his alleged sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl, according
    to Lake Wales Police Chief Christopher Velasquez (in my state, age of consent is 16, so he’d get termed, but not criminally charged)

    (2014) James H. Edwards III, 47, was booked into jail early Wednesday, charged with lewd and lascivious conduct and exhibition. A longtime Miami-Dade police sergeant plied a 15-year-old boy with drugs and alcohol before groping the teen and masturbating in front of him, authorities say. (confessed actually, enjoy prison)

    (2013) A Yuba-Sutter reserve police officer faces 12 years in state prison if convicted of sexually assaulting a teenage boy 10 years ago in Butte County,
    authorities said. Felony child molestation charges have been filed against Jared M. Tomlinson, a reserve officer with both the Sutter County Sheriff’s Department and the Marysville Police Department. Mike Ramsey, Butte County district attorney, said the alleged abuse dates back to 2003, when the boy was 13 years old

    (2015) Jonathan Diaz A suspended Falfurrias police officer was arrested Monday on suspicion of sexual assault of a child.

    1. CS:
      Thanks for the info.
      I have t had a chance to look at these incidents before I commented.

      I’m in agreement that they aren’t all what is this article would lead one to believe.

      Of course….the author and the CBers always miss who investigated and arrest these guys.

      1. Doesn’t fit the narrative.

      2. What we don’t miss is how easily cops let their own get away with this stuff. Two cases in point.
        One, a couple years back there was a sting for a sexual predator online. As soon as they learned it was a cop on the other end, they ended the sting before he could “seal the deal”. They let a clear predator get away because he was a brother officer.

        Two, in 2010 a cop’s ex-wife committed suicide by shooting herself in the back of the head. His own department investigated her ‘suicide’ and made that the cause of death. A 2012 investigation, that included interviewing the daughter who had witnessed the ‘suicide’ came to a rather different conclusion. Every cop in that department had to know better, and were happy to let a fellow cop murder his ex-wife.

        You treat the exceptions as if they were the rule. They aren’t. Time and again, your trash shows they’ve learned that the normal rules don’t apply to them.

        1. Yeah. Again…you know a guy who heard about something that happened one time to,somebody they heard about somewhere else..

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