This video (embedded below) and the accompanying description, detailing an allegation of excessive force by the Kansas City PD, were received via a submission to Cop

PhotoGrid_1424396197179Back story for every one who wonders why he was “resisting” before this video, his friend was on the phone letting me know that Thomas had told him to call me because he had no license while he was in a small fender bender. He was rude and mouthy, yes, and bruised egos, based on what I have heard from people who were there back in October. He voiced his strong opinion on police officers which he’s allowed to do. He was then punched in the face not once, not twice but 3 times before they took him to the ground and put him in a choke hold. Then the video starts after they had let off. Would you be a bit frantic if you feared you may be killed? Probably.

Are we claiming his innocence? Absolutely not, we just want to bring attention to the wrong in this situation. These officers joke about it and one incriminates himself multiple times in this video. He was bruised from top of his head to the tip of his toes and received no medical attention for hours while an officer with a broken finger was assessed and a guy with a scraped knee was as well. My 7 year old scrapes her knee all the time. Not something he needed to be looked over for hours for.

He was wrong on many occasions yes, but did they have grounds to do this? Nope not at all. This is more of a case of an officer who was angry due to comments made by the “criminal” and knew he would have plenty of back up to help and a police force behind him in court. We go to Fox 4 tomorrow. They have most info in their hands now. It’s hard to see how wrong it is just based on the video alone because there isn’t a lot going on at that point except he was afraid at that point. Which is an emotion he has never shown…

Sorry that’s a lot but there will be more info out there soon .

I was not personally there but this is just a break down of all info I’ve gotten. I wonder when the police will release their videos or if they’re going to be “lost”



  1. Punched in the face! 3 times! Choke hold !!!
    Oh my.
    Oh…wait…and THEN THE VIDEO STARTS.

    Interestingly conveint

    1. I was gonna let it slide, but no.

      It might be interesting, but it definitely wasn’t “conveint”. What does that word mean, anyway? Good thing there are little red lines under stuff that might be spelled wrong. This is for your convenience. It is convenient for the cops that the video started where it did. It was most inconvenient for the guy who got his ass whooped.

      1. picks:
        Wow. On point as always.
        Funny that…..originally as I typed immediately filled in an “ly” on the end. I back spaced the “ly” off and left it without looking. So much for trusting apple.

        But no…it’s convienent for the author because…….he gets to tell his little tale of horror and make it up how every he wants. The evidence from the video shows it quite the other way. The police showing remarkable restraint. So of course….all of the bad stuff had to happen “just before the video started”. Nice.

        See how that works? See why you look douche like?

          1. That is why you probably should stay off of the internet..

          2. Not surprised

  2. Funny how the video doesn’t show what the “author” stated. The author stated the guy was punched in the face 3 times and put in a choke hold. That wasn’t on the video. By the way, driving with a suspended license is against the law. Also, resisting arrest and fighting the officers are against the law.

    1. Funny how the author stated that the video didn’t contain the stuff you’re giving him crap for. I know you have trouble making sentences. I didn’t know you had trouble reading them. The author also states that the guy broke the law. He never denied that. The guy is guilty as hell. The point was that even if the guy did all those horrible things, the cops had no right to beat the crap out of him. That’s not their job. And having sex with chimpanzees is wrong and isn’t your job. But just like the cops, you do it anyway.

    2. JC you are washed

      1. Typical streetsheep copblocker response.

    3. Lol you saw the choke hold. Don’t lie.

      1. Ah….how sweet the dumb.

        So….do you know the difference between a headlock and a “choke hold”?
        Wait….sorry. That was silly of me. I saw your comment.

      2. How can I verify something like that when it didn’t show on the video? No, there was no choke hold.

        1. It was clear as day. Do you need someone to hold your hand and give you the time stamp, little buddy?

          1. Those are your words. There was no choke hold.

    4. JC, the pathetic probation officer, claims that the guy wasn’t in a choke hold. JC, your life must be pretty pathetic for you Troll this site with such stupid claims.

      1. What ever helps you sleep at night.

        1. Educating you is a public service I’m perfuming. It’s not to help me sleep at night.

  3. Something you idiots on copblock need to be aware of. While you have the right to say what you want, you do not have the right to be free of the consequences of what you say. The guy was wrong on so many levels, then his foul mouth and confrontational attitude earned him an attitude adjustment. Well deserved in my opinion.

    1. I hope they adjust all your mothers attitudes when they don’t like being thrown to the ground for driving with d_cks in their mouths…like mother like son

    2. And just about every cop in this country gets a free pass for beating and killing the very people they are supposed to protect. You police (and I say that because you are one) do not have the right to beat people just because you feel like it. Getting harsh words from pissed off people is in the nature of your job, deal with it or find a new career.

    3. If you were talking shit to someone and got into a bar fight then you deserve to get hit. We should hold our police to higher standards than to get butthurt about what some doucher says. If you’re off duty and it’s not under official circumstances then sure, but when they are representing the people (allegedly) then theres a certain bar of class we should expect.

  4. Looks-like resisting arrest and driving on suspended license.
    Breathe Easy, Don’t Break The Law.

  5. Remember, uncivil disobedience can be thought of as disorderly conduct.

    Also, I have little sympathy. He did not immediately pull out a stack of cash to pay for the fender bender damage. Did he even have insurance? He (maybe or ) is responsible for property damage. A priori he ought not be driving without a valid license (we can debate the merits).

    Arrogance tends to negate the best argument, especially arrogance in the above form.

    And I’m not sure why I should even bother when the camera/audio recording is turned on AFTER the critical point.

    Have a dashcam on a loop. Then do a linear recording if anything happens.

  6. Yea he was punched in the face obviously more than once, look at his eye, then the cop clearly said ” I hope I broke your face” and look harder at the video people as it starts he is in a fucking choke hold! If this is Kansas city’s finest, I’d hate to see their worst.

  7. Lets see now, add more charges and make more money. Trump it up. Police officers are trained to attack and they make even more money when they do.

  8. I am no fan of cops, but at some point resisting just makes the entire situation that much worse. He would have been better off taking the paper then disputing it in court.

  9. So it takes 6 cowardly cops on one skinny guy. What a bunch of fucking heroes. I’m surprised they didn’t “Fear for their lives” and shoot him. I won’t even go into the fact that a driver license for personal travel is a fabrication of the state and completely unconstitutional…

    1. Two cops and three fireman.

      1. CS

        They could have beat him….but you’d bitch
        They could have tased him….but you’d bitch
        The could have sprayed him…but you’d bitch

        Seems like any kind of accountability measures….and
        you’d bitch

        Maybe you’re just a bitch

  10. So, what was the reason for the altercation? When did it happen? What were the charges? Who was arrested?

    Why did the video cut right when the Q & A was about to occur?

  11. I call it fake, cause no one screamed “world star” in the background.

  12. Evil people. I really wish cops were drafted and killed overseas so normal people could feel safe.

  13. Are any of those pigs still alive?……..if they are….. why?

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