Deidra Ritchhart, Founder of SW MO Cop Block, shared the content below, detailing the “service” she recently received from a member of the Joplin (MO) Police Department, via the Cop Block Submissions page.

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A nice relaxing drive becomes a traffic stop and police encounter.

My route involved me driving down Main Street late at night (about 1am). I didn’t normally think too much about the police being out, particularly VERY early in the morning, just to make illegal stops and talk with strangers in nice cars. But, I guess here, that’s what their job requires nowadays.

I approached an intersection in which there was a Joplin Police car on the right side of the intersection. Ahead of me, there was ANOTHER police encounter in which a car was pulled over. As the stoplight turned green, I went to the next stoplight by the police encounter, in which I switched lanes for Missouri’s “Move Over” law. Pretty soon, the police car that was at that last intersection was BEHIND me. I stopped at this other red stoplight for a few minutes before it turned green.

As I approach the next block, there’s another stoplight with two flashing yellow stop lights. I stopped at this intersection to be very cautious with, ya know…. Two cop cars surrounding the area. I then continued on through, and, what do you know?… The cop that is behind me PULLS ME OVER!!!!

I remained very calm as I pulled over on the side of the road between 4th and 7th street. The officer then came to my window and told me the reason that he was stopping me is because I stopped at the flashing yellow stop lights. He explains that I don’t have to stop there. I can go through those. I then look at him very oddly and asked him, “So it’s against the law for me to stop at a yield sign??”

When I asked this officer that question, he then began to state that when I approached the other traffic stop, I was over the yellow line when I switched to the oncoming lane….Get this…. He then pulls out his flashlight, shines it in my face and asks, “Have you had anything to drink or anything like that?”

This officer had a poor excuse to pull me over, PLUS he made excuses after he told me his reasoning for doing so. I did nothing wrong; had broken NO laws. AND YET….He demanded that I give him my driver’s license and insurance when I hadn’t actually broken any laws. Stopping at a flashing yellow stop light is not illegal, if you believe there are other cars or motorists around. And the courteous thing to do, if you see a traffic stop, is to switch lanes.

I believe that I was illegally pulled over. I wasn’t given any citation, but just a warning. I shouldn’t have to provide my ID or insurance for a friendly driving lesson. It’s a shame that this has to occur on very cold, snowy peaceful nights…The Midwest at it’s very best!

~Deidra Ritchhart, Founder of SW MO Cop Block

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  1. Author dude:
    You lost all,credibility by starting wth the “making illegal,traffic stops” crap.

    1. And you lost all credibility with the lies you spew. Especially accusing somebody of supporting child molestation. You foul little punk bitch.

      1. Liar guy:
        What is your plan? To keep bringing up your statements and lies and “casting shade” on me?
        Is that your goal?

        Your like a little broken record.
        You just keep bringing up the same old stuff….stuff that you did and said…and hope for a different result?

        Your like @Tay with his police state stuff He brings it up all the time and blames me for it.
        It’s be sad it it weren’t so funny

        1. LOLOLOLOL. You’re a lying sack of shit. Like I said, it’s a foul ass punk bitch that accuses somebody of supporting child molestation, claims that they will post proof, and never does. You didn’t post it because it doesn’t exist. No matter how much you claim that it did. And nobody needs to “cast shade” on you. You do just fine with all the bullshit you spew out.

    2. T you never had any credibility so be quiet when adults are talking please

      1. Wow
        Coming from a CBer…that’s like a badge of honor
        So thanks.

        1. So I’m a CBer because i come to this site? What does that make you exactly? Other than a huge tool..

  2. You started bashing the police before you got into your story. The rest of it is some dream you had while sleeping. Copblock fiction is fun..

    1. So are police reports/testimonies. Great fiction. Take this great piece of work. The story speaks for it self:

      Remember, these are the guys who have kids that play in the same neighborhoods as ours, shop at the same stores, coach little league and attend the same church. As a bonus, I added this. I like the comments from the State Supreme Court Judge about police telling lies. Allow me to help you:

      That year, Justice Gustin L. Reichbach of the State Supreme Court in Brooklyn condemned a widespread culture of lying and corruption in the department’s drug enforcement units. “I thought I was not naïve,” he said when announcing a guilty verdict involving a police detective who had planted crack cocaine on a pair of suspects. “But even this court was shocked, not only by the seeming pervasive scope of misconduct but even more distressingly by the seeming casualness by which such conduct is employed.”

      But, talking to the police is in our best interest.

      1. The purpose of this article is to bash and rip on police officers and nothing else. The article doesn’t have any validity. I’m sure there is a lot more going on then the author stated.

        1. You’re the one without any validity, you lying little punk ass bitch. Bestiality video posting weirdo.

          1. Why don’t you post a link to this supposed “video” on copblock. You are the lying little punk ass bitch monkey boy.

      2. Don’t forget the cops faking 911 calls to do illegal searches, or the barber shop raids for ‘license checks’. LE has no honor. What the NY Narcs, the 911 issue, and the ‘license checks’ had in common that t and JC will miss? Lots of cops in all of them, and not one with the integrity to point out their actions were unethical and illegal. Not one cop in all of them saw anything wrong.
        Cops have no honor. In truth, they have less respect for their badge than we do.

  3. I’m not sure why CopBlock needs to be a “Dear Abby, the cops who dealt with me were nasty” column.

    No video or recording. I have multiple dash-cams, and that doesn’t include my tablets or phones. Such tend to speak for themselves.

    No “Am I being detained / on what cause?”, but arguing with the cop.

    If it was illegal, file a lawsuit (did you get the name of the cop?).

  4. No, the driver provided a poor excuse as a reason why she purposely stopped her vehicle at a yellow light, knowing that a patrol vehicle was following behind her vehicle. Her intention was quite clear. She was hoping in her attempt that the patrol vehicle would drive into her from behind causing a traffic accident, where under her reasonable belief that the police would be fully liable of the accident. When being legally and lawfully pulled-over and stopped by police, she remained calm. In hoping that the police officer would approach and conduct himself illegally and unlawfully against her, so she could file for civil rights lawsuit of police misconduct, which is another crime itself.

    How do I know? Because she admitted in this article (as a written consent) her premeditated thoughts and personal feelings of dissatisfaction for the police in general before conducting herself illegally and unlawfully against a police officer/patrol vehicle in traffic.

    Now since she gave CopBlock a written consent of admitting her premeditated thoughts and personal feelings of dissatisfaction for the police in general and how she purposely conducted herself in public prior to purposely trying to cause a traffic accident in this article, the Joplin Police can follow-up and conduct an investigation against her and could charge her for reckless endangerment because she now self-incriminated herself by willingly supplying new evidence of this entire incident.

    1. You’re a fucking idiot. You made up more shit than the person who posted this.

  5. Where was the tyranny?

  6. Drinking or not…on Drugs or not….1am on main street in Joplin doing odd things (like stopping at a flashing yellow light) would draw attention by the officers. I wouldn’t stop at a flashing yellow light at 1 am on Main street (when the bars are letting out) unless I wanted to be pulled over. So I curious what your argument here is? Are you asking if the police are doing their job by pulling you over by acting unusual at such a late hour around so many bars, or are you asking if providing you license and insurance is illegal? I would prefer that the police pull you over and make sure you were sober. I would also prefer that the police pull you over and make sure your ID matches the car you are driving (just in case you were the person that stole my Mercedes). You apparently weren’t charged, even ticketed, in this instance. The officer did absolutely nothing wrong. He/ She did their duty in making sure you weren’t someone that was going to drive drunk and kill someone. Once that was established, the officer let you go. My suggestion…either learn the “rules of the road” or stop trying to incite traffic stops to prove some odd point.

  7. As a former Joplin resident I can tell you the police are extra vigilant in the downtown Main st area around the hours of 11 pm to 2 am. There are many bars in that area and no other businesses that are open. Idk if the author was intentionally trying to get pulled over or not, but Main st in Joplin at 1 am is a good place to do it.

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