A Cop Block.org submission by the relatively new Capital District Cop Block.

This deputy (Frank Maston) is ignorant. I was standing in a no parking zone, and he could not understand the difference. He wrote me a ticket which was dismissed in court! I filed a complaint with the Sheriff’s department and his Sgt. Anthony D’Agostino cleared him of any wrong doing. Well, I later found out they both are criminals and nothing is ever done about them.

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So both these “fine” officers stole from other officers and nothing happens. It never ceases to amaze me. Why  people don’t respect cops any more?


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  1. You should have won, there is clearly a legal difference in the definitions of “standing” and “parking.”

    The “embezzlement” would depend on the bylaws of their titles within the union. They (he) were part of the executive board with authority to use the credit cards, to what end would the be the issue. It would depend on their internal policy/bylaws within the union organization itself regarding what could or could not be purchased. Since this was in 2011 and no other info exists, it looks like a dead issue. If the union membership (victim) doesn’t want to pursue it as it’s their membership dollars, then “no victim no crime.”

    Seems they all have drama. Must be a NY thing.



  2. You won the ticket being thrown out. As usual the copblocker is harassing the officer from the get go. Then you act so surprised when you get a ticket.

  3. Dumb fuck cop wasting more of my tax dollars summoning this guy.

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