A reader, named Carter Sherman, shared the content below, regarding the service several employees of the Van Buren Township (MI) Police Dept. provided to him and the wasteful habits of those individuals, via the Cop Block Submissions page.

cross-trained-588x330Individuals Involved: Sergeant Papin and Lieutenant Bazzy
Outfit Involved: Van Buren Township (MI) Police Department
Phone: (734) 699-8930
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So I should first start off by saying that I have had trouble with police harassment in the past. I watch most every Cop Block video that is posted and read a lot of the articles. I am fully aware of the corruption that is taking over the nation. I was wondering how my little town of Belleville, Michigan, with less than 4000 residents, is affected.

I had just finished a workout at a local gym on a Saturday when I saw three Van Buren police cruisers in the parking lot in front of a Subway restaurant. I noted that one of the squad cars, which happened to be a supervisor unit, was left running while the other two vehicles were turned off. Since I had nothing to do that day, I decided to wait and see how long this car will be left running for no reason. I parked my Honda Civic behind the supervisor car and waited 30 minutes for the officers to come out – I had a dashcam running to make sure everything was on film.

When the officer came out, I calmly exited my vehicle and politely asked “excuse me? Can I ask you a question?” Sergeant Papin’s response was “yeah sure.”Van Buren police logo
“Is there a reason that your squad car needs to be running for a half hour while you’re at lunch?”
“Short answer: laziness (laughs)”
“Oh. Okay.”
“But no, seriously, we have a lot of equipment that takes about 15 minutes to fire up once the car is turned on, so we just leave our cars running.”
“I see. Well, those other two squad cars aren’t running right now.”
“I’m only responsible for my car.”
“Thank you officer. Have a nice day.”

I then returned to my car and waited not even 2 minutes before the officer came to my car and asked “Do you have business here, or are you just here to harass people?”
I replied “I’m sorry. I don’t answer questions.”
He said “How about you get out of here?”
I said “I don’t answer questions” again.
He demanded in frustration “You know what? License, registration and proof of insurance.”
I said “Am I free to go or am I being detained?”

He then went to the back of my car and read my license plate to his radio and returned to his car. I rolled my window down and asked for his name and badge number. He ignored me and took off in his car.

At this time, I was unsure if I could leave or not. Sergeant Papin was driving in wide circles around the parking lot and my car. I exited my car a few times to flag him down and ask for his name and badge number. He ignored me every time. Then I noticed that he was on the opposite side of the parking lot with another officer. I walked over there to ask if there was a problem. Sergeant Papin yelled to me “do not approach the squad car!” I was in shorts and a t-shirt, so it was pretty obvious I was not armed. However, I returned to my car.

The two officers drove slowly towards my car at different angles. Eventually, Lieutenant Bazzy walked to my window and said “what’s up?!”
I responded “I don’t answer questions.”
Lt. Bazzy: License, registration, proof of insurance.
Me: Am I free to go or am I being detained?
Lt. Bazzy: You’re being detained.
Me: What crime do you suspect me of committing?
Lt. Bazzy: False plates. We ran your plates and they came back to a Pontiac. This is a Honda.
Me: I’ve had this car for 9 years. You have made a mistake.

I rolled up my windows and waited for them to realize their mistake. During these few minutes, they were discussing loudly how I locked my doors, roll up my windows, only crack the window to talk with them, and how I look really nervous. Lieutenant Bazzy then checks my VIN number and reports it back to the station.
Finally, I hear Honda Civic.

Lieutenant Bazzy then re-approaches my window and tells me how it is none of my business why Sergeant Papin’s car is running and a series of other things implying how I am wrong. I said numerous times, “am I free to go or am I being detained?” Finally, once he said I was free to go, I left, and he followed me out of the parking lot.

When I got home, I told my dad what happened. About 20 minutes later, Lieutenant Bazzy calls my dad’s phone and asks if he or his officers are in danger because of me. They discussed a bit more and Lieutenant Bazzy requested an in person meeting with my Dad. I am 22 years old, might I add. My dad and I drive to the station and they requested numerous times to meet with my dad alone, and we both declined until the four of us had the meeting in the hallway.

It was a 15 minute meeting, and I did audio record, but it’s basically them saying how I am a threat to them and they had every right to “yank me out of the car” and that it would hold in court.
Unfortunately, my dashcam’s sim card malfunctioned and I don’t have the video.
I sent a FOIA request to purchase Sergeant Papin’s and Lieutenant Bazzy’s dashcam video. I was able to receive Lt. Bazzy’s footage*, but Sgt. Papin’s footage “malfunctioned” as well. Oh, the irony.

The moral of the story: guilty until proven innocent.

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  1. Oh my, the horror.

    Interesting how you immediately tell your dad, as a 22 yr old man, and that the police know your fathers phone number. I wonder how. And that you submit to some informal “interview” at the police station. It sounds like you’ve been on their radar before and yea, the irony that your dash cam failed also, as did your audio recording.

    Depends on the PD, some leave cars running and some don’t. Some do for the heat/AC, some do because electronics inside are not wired to run off the battery and shut off when the car isn’t on. It all depends.

    I would hedge a bet you wasted more fuel in your Honda vs their cruiser.

    1. ‘Depends on the PD, some leave cars running and some don’t. Some do for the heat/AC, some do because electronics inside are not wired to run off the battery and shut off when the car isn’t on. It all depends.’

      A reply like that, delivered in a friendly manner, was all this incident should have consisted of, but they HAD to teach the guy a lesson for daring to even ask. Pathetic bullies are pathetic.

      1. There was no reason to bother these officers for simply leaving a car running. Although I am anti-police, I am not in favor of harassing and provoking them, and I don’t recommend going out of your way to confront them over stupid shit when they can kill you and say they were afraid of you.

        1. I have often wondered why they leave their vehicles running and considered asking myself, although I never seemed to have found the time.
          Perhaps he asked as a purely education motive?

          Asking a question isnt bothering people if they care to respond, if they do not then they simply choose not to respond, but I believe as public officials, they are/should be obligated to answer questions pertaining to their duties and responsibilities to taxpayers when at an appropriate time.

        2. He wasn’t “harassing and provoking them”! He was a citizen with a question. A simple question, nothing complicated, who had the temerity to approach a public official without fear, what a concept! I’m NOT anti-police; if they serve with integrity and professionalism I back them 100% But I’m certainly not going to let fear guide my interactions with them.

    2. Cuz Im sure a V8 police cruiser uses less gas than a 4 cylinder civic. You’re an idiot.

      1. So….you want to debate the fuel efficiency between a 9 yr old Honda vs 2014 Ford Explorer?

        From this point on, I will defer any and all questions about fuel efficiency into your knowledgeable hands.

        1. the fucking Ford Explorer gets 20 miles to the gallon. the Honda gets better than 30. Generally, you do use some common sense. Not this time though.

        2. You lost this one, Common. Just be a man and admit it for once.

          1. I don’t think the mpg of a specific vehicle is in question but rather the amount of wasted fuel. A v8 cruiser driving around arresting criminals and thugs. Or a 22 yr old that’s very well acquainted with vpd that thinks he’s making some global impact by messing with police officers. YouTube Chris rocks how to not get your ass beat by police for other helpful driving hints.

  2. so asking arcane questions is harassing people? the cops do that all the time. and the cop shouldn’t waste fuel, but what does he care he doesn’t pay for it. the tax payer does

    1. I know right, that’s some despotic tyrannical shit there.

    2. what’s more is here in michigan, they’re trying to make it a ticketable offense to leave your car running. this obviously wont apply to the pigs

  3. If this article is even remotely true, what day did this happen? You say you were in your gym clothes. If it was in the winter, did you leave your vehicle running? You can’t prove you calmly approached the officers. If this story is even remotely true, and based upon other copblock videos, I would venture to guess you were aggressive towards the police. How convenient your camera and the officer’s camera malfunctioned. Since you watch all these copblock videos, I’m sure you have heard Ademo and Pete say, “If it wasn’t captured on camera, it didn’t happen”.

    1. Would you look at that on the ground. Oh it’s more stupid, constantly falling out of JC’s mouth.

      1. Prove 100% this story happened the way it was written.

        1. Yet you ask no such proof of cops!
          Also, I agree with you. So when a story appears of a cop at a stop and we do not see video of the alleged infraction, can we ask the same question? “Video or it didn’t happen? Or do we just believe cops because they NEVER lie?

          1. Using copblock’s statements, “No video, No crime”.

          2. That’s “no victim, no crime,” ignoramus.

            But what’s funny is, you memorized it by heart and chose to parody it.

            Looks like Pete’s education is rubbing off on you more than you’d like.

        2. Jesus and there’s more stupid on the ground from you. You would think if something fell out of something else pretty soon it will be empty. But stupid seems to replicate in you like the plague. You should be dissected and studied.

          1. Another chimp like response from ymygody. Who would have thought.

            Another lying statement by you: ” the comments made by the character ymygody in no way reflect the true beliefs of the author. this is an in-depth study of secondary emotional response. the results of this study will be put forth in a peer-reviewed paper”. Liar

          2. well another unintelligent response by JC. who could have guessed.

          3. Those were your words dumbass liar.

        3. Prove 100% that you’re a PO in CA. LOL. Oh, wait, you can’t, because you’re not! Stupid hypocritical douchebag.

          1. I asked you too prove it first. Now you are just looking for attention.

          2. Lol UH OH, JC:

            Your time is ticking away here at CB!

            Any last comments/thoughts? Speak now or forever hold your “piece.” hahahaha!

          3. More threats. It’s too bad your limited intelligence only proves your you are a bottom feeder in society.

          4. Well if I threatened you, you now have the evidence and can prosecute to obtain my IP address.

            What are you waiting for?

          5. I already have your IP address. It’s not that difficult to get.

          6. If you want to be taken seriously, you’ll have to practice spelling your words so you don’t look so foolish while talking. Too late!!!

    2. Still haven’t seen any upvotes for you, Chimpy McMonkeyfucker. Wonder why.

      1. Who is Chimpy McMonkeyfucker? Can you be any less specific?

        1. If you looked at the little arrow next to his name at the top of his post, you might be able to figure it out on your own.

      2. you said that and he went and upvoted it himself. Lol

    3. I heard through the grapevine that you’re a bestiality champ with the chimps? Tell me it isn’t so?

  4. More pigs on a power trip. If their personalities continue to interfere with what they are expected to legally do, then they should be in fear of losing their jobs. you say it’s only a town of 4000, it is very easy to figure out where each and every officer lives. I would suggest posting their addresses publicly. Then if they act out, their families will be held accountable. Only a very stupid person put his family in the way of danger. Once their addresses are known, see how their attitude changes. If their attitude changes for the worse, their houses can be removed. How they are removed is up to whoever decides what method is best. I find that fire removes houses and creates a very distinct statement.

    1. Exactly, I encourage everyone to make and keep a list of all the pig’s names and addresses in their area. Justice does not come from a court, it comes out the end of a rifle.

      1. ooooh scary.

        Admit it, you wouldn’t do anything. You’d try and sue them for $1 million in silver.

        1. of course I wouldn’t do anything, I’ve said far too much on this site ever do anything. I would be first on the list.

    2. So you have no regard for the innocent?

      1. absolutely zero. There is no such thing as innocent. If you are human, death is deserved.

        1. That is absurd. People can be innocent of actions that make them deserving of death, and most people are. If you think all people deserve to die, why don’t you kill yourself?

          1. If it was guaranteed that I was the last, I would have no problem with it. Humans are simply a larval stage for a species that is far worse. If you don’t understand what I am saying, then you have not thought deeply enough about the future of our developments.

          2. How do you know? Also, are you saying that you deserve death?

          3. for what it’s worth, I love to play the devil’s advocate.
            do I deserve death? I guess that depends on who you ask. do I believe I personally deserve death? No, very few sentient beings deserve to be extinguished. however as a species, I believe we, or more precisely what we evolve into, will be a plague to the universe. I’m not referencing natural evolution that takes eons. I’m referencing our abilities to create artificial sentient life forms that may or may not be human. there will be three separate species in the near future. completely artificial intelligence sentient beings, normally evolved Homo Sapien sapien, and a hybrid of the two. the thing you must observe is exponential growth. particularly in the development of algorithms that can rewrite themselves to be higher functioning algorithms. humans only understand linear growth. they continue to fail to understand the truly remarkable precipice we are standing on.
            as for your first question, how do I know? Nobody knows anything from what I’ve seen. but statistical analysis will indicate that we are headed in that direction as fast as money can pave the way.

  5. Where is the video?

    I had a dashcam running to make sure everything was on film.

    1. “Unfortunately, my dashcam’s sim card malfunctioned and I don’t have the video.”

      1. There are a lot of counterfeit SD cards out there. On Android there is the SD Insight app to detect it. I was ar BestBuy when the Samsung rep showed it on an ebay card that wasn’t even quite the right samsung orange. Perhaps CopBlock could make a little money off Amazon with a copblocking list. I now have a gopro hero black for the purpose, and some Lexar cards. The counterfeit cards are usually 4-8G that have the info hacked to report the larger size, but everything breaks after you go past a limit, usually 50% beyond, but that includes erased data.

  6. Next time leave the damn cops alone. ffs We have enough trouble in America right now with people getting shot just for looking at a cop the wrong way, and you want to literally harass them for leaving a car running? As far as I’m concerned, you are lucky to be alive, in one piece and a free person.
    Rev. Chuck
    Freedom Fighter

    1. disagree with your point of view. it seems everyone pointing a camera at our trusted public servants, individuals willing to legally do what they wish in attempts to shed light on potential abuse and oppression are doing the right thing. if someone (cop) commits a crime or violates the rights of another citizen simply because they were provoked, they should be exposed at the least. just my opinion.

  7. How did they get your dad’s phone number? Why would they call your dad? Why did you agree to go to the police station?

    1. There has to be history between them.

  8. I don’t know about you guys….
    But my favorite part was the Sgt driving in the large lazy circles in the parking lot (at lunch time) and the 2 vehicles driving right at him (still in the parking lot at lunch time)

    Of course there is also the part about his oh so polite approach to the officers…after just hanging around for 30 minutes, with a nice polite question…..but instantly turns to douchary when the officer talks to him.


    1. I don’t know. I really liked the “I was in shorts and a t-shirt so they could see I was unarmed”

    2. my favorite part is you pretending to be a cop

      1. My professin matters not.
        Your stupidity and the ridiculousness of the story matters a lot.

  9. amazing how different white people get treated by cops. a black girl would have had fake charges put on her and snatched out the car. unbelievable assholes

  10. If they ever want to have a meeting again, bring a lawyer.

  11. Actually just an FYI it is actually better and cheaper to let the unit run..why? Simple the fuel used to start the vehicle is more than what it is using idling the same goes for ambulances and fire trucks outside plus less wear and tear on the vehicle. Not to mention the equipment statement maybe true as well. Not trying to nit pick this but there are ways to use common sense and logic and in this case could have been avoided had the person thought about it for a few seconds.

    1. It makes sense, but what doesn’t make sense is police attempting to criminalize civilians leaving their cars running when it’s cold outside. Just seems like a way for them to collect revenue for more victimless crimes, or for them to be able to search your vehicle when you aren’t present.

      1. Police don’t criminalize anything, that responsibility lies at the feet of legislators.

        1. I believe what he meant to say, if I may reword his position is…..The police have a habit of using laws in a manner in which they never were intended to be used. 4 years ago there was a Drudgereport headline: ACLU reaches agreement with the Pennsylvania State police. Seems they, along with many other LEO entities were using the disorderly conduct law to cite people who cussed in public. One woman was cited in her own house for cussing at an overflowing toilet. It was so prolific that the ACLU got involved and the police actually decided to respect the 1st amendment. I wont even mention the cases involving people who gave cops the single finger salute and were charged in the same manner
          Then we have wiretapping. Someone standing in public pointing a cell phone at cops, recording their voices was wiretapping in 2 party consent states. I have always stated the most headshaking part of the Glik ruling was the fact the 3 idiots who arrested Glik, made the claim the first amendment didn’t protect the right of citizens to record police and those 3 mouth breathing/paste eating idiots were supported by the Boston PD for quite sometime.
          So, it is true legislators make things illegal, cops are the ones who have the warped sense of reality at times and misuse laws.

          1. I don’t think that’s what was meant at all, as I think it was more intended to mean that police were/are behind the idea of ticketing for leaving a car running, as someone here mentioned that the state of Michigan wanted to do.

            As to your examples of police perverting the law, I can speak fairly well to the PA state police. The problem there wasn’t a perversion of the law, but rather a case of policing the letter of the law as the PA statute for disorderly conduct is very broad and under which state police would certainly be legally right to issue citations for people cussing in public. This was why the case never went to court.


            One of the long running discussions that involve the role of police has been whether police should be entitled to interpret law. Allowing police to interpret the intent of the law is troublesome in my opinion, since it opens up the potential for abuse. This is why I firmly believe in the need to not only scale back the number of laws we have, but that laws should be written to be easily understood, as that leaves little room for the parsing of semantics within the law.

          2. The case never went to court as they would have lost on 1st amendment grounds and when you cite a woman for cussing in her own house, you have misused the law. But, I can agree with the totality of this position.

      2. They don’t unless it’s suspicious or in a place it shouldnt be but this is about him questioning them and getting a negative response when the answer is simple. I dont agree with the tactics from either side of this incident. They guy could have just let it go when the cop explained it but he didnt he kept going and this was the result. The coos could have simply explained again andnthen left him be also. Lots of options both sides didnt take.

  12. No video or audio, no proof. This is just a well written story with no proof to back it up, so basically this is intended to fire the hatred towards the police officers. (which in turn is causing cops to get shot in there cars.. New York and Minneapolis are fine examples of this) How about we worry about real threats to our safety, be it Isis or any other terror group. Cause I doubt 1% of police officers who are bad make up the majority. (I am 32 years old and never have had issues with police officers) Or did we forget that you take the badge away they end up just like you or me. (and when anyone gets targeted for being who they are or job they have gets annoying and frustrating) I am pretty sure if I walked into any of your burger flipping jobs and told you that your cooking is a threat to my health, then proceeded to record you… it would get annoying. (Ignorant fools)

  13. It’s the police’s job to treat people that are behaving suspiciously with suspicion. There was nothing wrong with the initial exchange, and thus guy sat and staked out their vehicles, also known as stalking, and then refused to answer simple questions. I’m sorry, but cops put their lives on the line every day. Why should they take chances over assholes that want to harass them? I am not going to assume hostility from customers at my job that make their sole purpose to harass, and I’m less likely to go to the ends of the earth when they don’t have a problem, they just want to cause one. No one appreciates this behavior and it’s sad the cops get a bad rap. Are their bad ones? Sure, people are people, but most of these stories I read are people going out of tthird way to be dickheads to them.

  14. lol good job f the cops. Only thing is is how long until this kids beat or shot? but still good job keep it!

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