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Cst. Christopher Labreche

Date of Incident: June 8th, 2014
Individuals Involved: Constable Christopher Labreche along with at to other unknown Greater Sudbury police Dept. employees.
Outfits Involved: Greater Sudbury Police (Ontario, Canada)
Phone: (705) 675-9171
Fax: (705) 675-8871
Area Cop Block Affiliate: There are several Cop Block groups (see bottom of post for list of known Canadian affiliates) within Canada, including Ontario Cop Block. In addition, if you live outside Ontario, you can find the appropriate affiliate in your area by consulting the Cop Block Groups page or, if necessary, Start a Cop Block Group yourself.

I was arrested on June 8th, 2014 with charges that were later dropped. While in the police station, Cst. Christopher Labreche smashed me face first with such intensity the glass shattered!!! Instead of making sure I was okay, he kept me there, pulling my arm up as far as it would go without breaking it behind my back while screaming in my ear for a approx 30 seconds. During the duration of this incident, two other police officers witnessed the entire altercation without intervention of any sort. The most disturbing of all was the casual nature off all three officers, as if this was just another daily occurrence.

After a titanic struggle with the legal system, I along with my legal representation was able to have Cst. Christopher Labreche charged with assault. However, my family and I remain drastically disturbed over the fact that he was exonerated by the police department by which he was employed. Furthermore, Labreche remains on active duty. Can you imagine the sheer terror I feel everyday knowing the man who assaulted me remains at work with a gun. His trial is set for March 11th, 2015. Please support me and my fight for justice by sharing this link and visiting my GoFundMe account here.


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  1. What were you arrested for? It sounds like the officer didn’t do anything wrong because he was exonerated. I seriously doubt you were passive. Maybe you think the officer assaulted you.

    1. He was exonerated by his coworkers, moron. How do you even remember to breathe regularly? Stupid asshole.

      1. No, you are the asshole. It’s amazing how your statements become more and more stupid as the day goes on. How do you do it? By the way, the officer was exonerated. Period.

        1. fallacy of argument from authority, pig.

          1. It’s worse than that. He’s a faker. Claims to be a probation officer in California. But he himself has proven that he’s lying by tripping up on his own bullshit.

          2. You suck cock for a living don’t you? That’s how you keep it real

          3. Dude, that’s your dad you’re thinking of. Old poppa splooge himself.

          4. Another circus chimp copblocker speaks.

          5. Another brain dead slave posts on an article with nothing intelligent to say.

          6. I just said that about you the other day.

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        2. Really, moron? So if he was so exonerated, why is the Crown bringing charges against him? Because, oh simple minded one, he was only exonerated by his coworkers. As I already mentioned. Which is why I changed my mind. You’re not an asshole, you’re an ignorant asshole. In addition to being a PROVEN fraud and liar. Probation officer that lives in SD, but deals with sailors in some other county. Uh-huh. Sure you are. LOLOL. So do what you always rag on others for, douchebag. Post your name. But you won’t, nor will you post anything which could back up all your other dumbass claims, because you’re a lying pile of dog vomit. It’s proven, dickwad.

          1. You have no argument so you go off on a childish rant. The officer was exonerated. Live with it. Idiot

          2. just because the cop was exonerated does NOT make him innocent. Do you seriously thing that an “impartial” panel of his coworkers would really find him guilty??

          3. Were you there? Were you part of the investigation? I doubt it. The officer was exonerated. Live with it. You won’t change it.

          4. Were YOU there?

          5. “Exonerated” by fellow cops in his department, but still had to face charges in their local legal system.
            Being “exonerated” by your fellow thugs is like winning 1st place at the Special Olympics…….you’re still a “tard”! Hahahahaha.

          6. It’s sad you use the Special Olympics and “tard” in the same sentence. This just confirms you are the tard. I’m going to pass your statements around the office. Maybe show some of the public your statements. It will show how low down the well copblockers are.

          7. Awww, somebody got the boo-boo lip?
            Sure, pass it around the mall cop office.
            “Low down the well”…. wow, did you think of that snappy comeback all by yourself? Hope you didn’t strain your over-taxed brain thinking that comeback up!
            Oh, while you pass around the office your snappy comments, remember this, ” copblockers” may be down the well as you say, but we’re still above the LEOs and well above bottom feeding copsuckers!

          8. Good posts… SLAVE.

          9. LOLOL. I have no argument, huh? Like I said, an ignorant asshole. Stupid motherfucker.

        3. No, you are. Nuh uh, you are. Nuh uh, you are. Really? Is that all you got?

        4. I wonder if somebody killed you yet.

    2. Did you even watch the video? Can you hear okay? He was arrested for public intoxication, a charge which was later dropped. The video SHOWS he was being passive and compliant. Did we not watch the same thing or are you deliberately trying to be obtuse? Or are you a cop? THAT would explain a lot, like your sheer stupidity! The cop was exonerated…by other cops! Of course he was! No fox is going to send another fox to jail for killing a hen! It means NOTHING to them! The cop still has to stand trial for assault, a trial conducted by real people with nothing at stake but justice, one hopes.

      1. Another circus chimp copblocker. The officer was exonerated. Period. Live with it. You can’t change it.

        1. “Chimp copblocker”. Beats being a chimp cop. Thank you. I shall wear the pejorative with pride.
          Exonerated by his fellow cops is like saying not guilty is the same as innocent. Real trial to follow. We can only pray that real justice is done then and this pig does some hard time. Or at least loses his badge. Since it’s Canada, there is a real chance of that happening. USA? Would NEVER count on justice.

          1. You forgot you are a “Circus Chimp Copblocker” In other words, you do nothing unless Ademo and /or Pete tells you too and then you are rewarded with a banana.

          2. Ahh, yes! The “argument from stupidity”! When facts must be ignored because they get in the way of beliefs, resort to attacking the person with stupid comments.
            And who the heck are Ademo and Pete? Some of your invisible friends? Voices in your head?
            Trial’s comin’ officer. Let’s just shut up until the verdict.

          3. You are on copblock and you don’t know who Ademo and Pete are? Now that is funny you troll.

          4. Thank you. So easy to amuse the simple minded. Glad to oblige.

          5. Yes, you truly are simple minded

        2. The cops in the Dorner hunt that shot at 3 innocent people were ‘exonerated’ too. Such claims are meaningless. No government or LE agency will declare themselves in the wrong. Not if they can find any way to avoid it. You can’t so stupid as to not understand that.

          1. Meaningless? Sorry but they were exonerated. Were you in on the investigation? I didn’t think so.

          2. You weren’t either you pathetic parole officer. You have no idea what process was used to exonerate, yet you keep clamoring “exoneration – exoneration” as if it’s supposed to mean something. Only a pathetic, low-life parole officer would be so stupid about something like this.

          3. I don’t live in Canada. All I know is the officer was exonerated and that is good enough for me. Of course you believe anything posted on copblock and that is stupid.

          4. You’re the one that’s stupid. You’re blindly endorsing the exoneration despite the fact that it could be due to corruption. Idiot.

          5. The officer was exonerated. Period. By the way dumbass, prove the officer exoneration was corrupt.

          6. You’re too stupid to have ever heard of a white wash, but how do you know that it wasn’t one? I never claimed that the exoneration was corrupt. I’m saying that you’re completely ignoring the fact that it may have been. That’s the point of this post. It’s funny that your tiny, little probation officer brain thinks that the exoneration negates the point of the post. Logic fail.

          7. Your rants and raves are becoming boring and more stupid every time you post. The officer was exonerated and you continually go off thinking by saying it enough time you would over turn the decision. Move on loser.

          8. I’m not ranting. I’m having fun exposing your stupidity, and I’m having fun demonstrating that your bitterness is a result of your pathetic life. Plenty of inappropriate exonerations have led to the exposure of a corrupt system. It’s hilarious that you pretend that an exoneration is always the end of it. It’s probably because you have bowed to authority your entire life.

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      2. Don’t worry about JC, Jon. He’s trying to intentionally upset you so you don’t come back to this website.

        He knows he’s full of shit and loves it. Don’t give him any more ammo.

        1. Thank you Mike. I realize that. I find folks like him to be ultimately more amusing to me than infuriating. I only wonder if they are ever really intellectually honest with themselves. Aristotle said that the unexamined life is not worth living. I sometimes wonder Just how do folks like this get on? Living little lives in little boxes, their brains like prison cells. Maybe they are happy, but I kinda doubt it.
          Take care, and have a good one!

    3. your fallacy is called “argument from authority”, pig.

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    4. Maybe you could try watching the video, but that’s none of my business.

    5. in my opinion, your family should be skinned alive in front of you. Their feet should be dipped and phosphoric acid after they have been skinned but still alive. You should be forced to watch the entire event. Your children, while bleeding and fully conscious, should be fed to rats. End of the opinion. fucking queer ass mother fucker.

        1. you see that part about “in my opinion”? And the words “should be”. All that is, is opinion. I show no intent, because it would not be me. Nor would I ask somebody to do it. I as well would never advocate that being done in the real world. but unfortunately for you we live in a country of free speech where a person is free to express themselves. I know this goes against your bigoted beliefs, but you’re going to have to get use to peoples opinions being different than yours.

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      1. Another idiotic response by steve who doesn’t sign in with Discus. That makes you the fucktard

  2. So you want to be given $5000 for what? Just because?

    1. For having to deal with that abuse, maybe?? How dense are you?

      1. You really don’t get my question, do you? And I’m the dense one, huh? LOL, OK.

    1. What? It’s not worthy of your time unless there’s actual penetration?

  3. SUE!!SUE!!SUE!! If they want to employ these obviously mentally challenged cops then just continue to sue them. Soon the cost will be so great it will have to stop.

  4. There is no excuse for his kind of behavior from anyone. “especially from cops” They are supposed to serve and protect, not beat up suspects.

    ANY ABUSIVE COPS SHOULD BE FIRED ON THE SPOT WITHOUT PAY, PERIOD. If it was the case, we would see allot less police violence. I would bet on it.

  5. He should feel somewhat lucky. If this happened in America, he would not have been able to bring charges against the officer and most likely would have not had the charges dropped… if he survived.

  6. You have to wonder, with this kind of thing happening so damn often, when the police are going to do this to the wrong person and pay a steep price for it? Will a jury of that persons peers even convict them of retaliating against law breaking law enforcement? What the fuck has this country, this WORLD become? Why do we allow this to continue?

    1. This type of activity is happening with sufficient regularity that it supports the conclusion that this is the policy of those in the higher echelons.

      When their underlings do this, they should lose their jobs. Until those at the top start losing their jobs, their policy and this type of abuse will continue.

    2. we allow this to continue so that anger will build. When there is sufficient anger, retaliation will be swift and brutal. When the hunt begins, there will be blood in the street the likes of which have never been seen. the pigs will be hunted and decapitated. My predictions are rarely wrong.

  7. pig probably wanted to screw the pretty boy but didn’t know how to process his feelings over it.

  8. Another fucktard with a badge…how many is that now? Thousands of troll creatures have applied for and received badges to attack citizens and kill them whenever they feel the urge to murder someone….how do you know if the cop rapping on your window is one of them?

  9. in my opinion, this cop should have his skin peeled off of him using a piece of galvanized shingle. His house should be burned down with his family inside. His parents should have their throats sliced, and slowly be forced to bleed out while he watches. And a blow torch should be used to stop the bleeding so he doesnt die too quick. End of opinion.

  10. Pfft that’s it? I’ve had cops take me into isolation and put on leather gloves and beat me and leave me in isolation until I heal up and for what? Cause I pushed the button in Birmingham, al. County jail and asked what my charges were..

  11. Lol he wasn’t even part of the assault and gets arrested for public intoxication?

    “Charges dropped.”

    So….if the charges were dropped……why does the officer go unscathed?

  12. you big pussy cops think your above the almighty your day will come not by one of theses people you abused but by the ultimate judge the only real punisher that will take care of your little power trip your time will come and your pussy little tears wont save you your a discrace to the good officers out there in time your karma will overcome your badge and then and only then will you act like you really care, but don’t worry you cant fool the big man upstairs your only fooling yourself ill be waiting at your judgment day to escort you to your very hot and boiling cell. which if you had any type of heart and soul you would know we call this hell. cant wait to close your cell door and listen to screams of pain don’t worry ill ignore them like you do your time will come. I have no pitty for you burn slow you crooked cops. those good cops please disreguard this is not for you.

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