An anonymous reader shared the content below, regarding a case in which a heavily armed SWAT Team was used by the Marion County Sheriff’s Outfit to enforce a minor traffic violation based on the political beliefs of Dustin Heathman, the individual accused of “committing” that victimless crime, via the Cop Block Submissions page. There is a support page on Facebook for Dustin where you can get more information and lend support.

10481859_633834540067901_3856640266274764162_nDate of Incident: June 1, 2014
Individuals Involved: Chris Blair, Thomas Bibb, and various other unknown Marion County Sheriff’s Office agents and employees.
Outfit: Marion County Sheriff’s Office
Contact Page:Contact Us
Phone: (888) 440-0347
Facebook Page: Marion County Sheriff’s Office on FaceBook
Area Cop Block Affiliate: There are numerous Cop Block groups (see bottom of post for list of known Florida affiliates) within Florida, including Marion County Cop Watch and Ocala Cop Block . In addition, if you live outside Florida, you can find the appropriate affiliate in your area by consulting the Cop Block Groups page or by Starting a Local Group.

On June 1, 2014, Dustin Heathman was setting up his speaker system when he glanced out the window and saw a cop with a shotgun walking through the yard. More cops followed quickly. Snipers in ghillie suits surrounded the house. They were there for a suspended driver’s license. Multiple Supreme Court rulings have determined that driving is a right protected by the Constitution. And even if it WAS a real crime, it was a victimless misdemeanor traffic violation. Following a financial argument, Dustin’s father had decided to call the cops on Dustin and lied to them. He also told them that there was a warrant for Dustin’s arrest for the suspended license. So the Marion County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) responded by sending in a SWAT team, as if he was holding hostages.

Fearing for his life and knowing he hadn’t actually done anything wrong, Dustin tried again and again to avoid confrontation. Eventually he got on the phone with the SWAT negotiator, who didn’t do her job and failed to negotiate a thing. He explained to her his constitutional rights. He was not threatening to kill cops, and he was not making ‘anti-government statements’ the way MCSO claims he did.

The cops started shooting at him and using tear gas to force him out. He surrendered, was handcuffed, and then severely beaten by several MCSO officers. He suffered a fractured eye socket, a damaged ear, and a concussion.

MCSO decided to charge him with ten counts of attempted murder on law enforcement. They lied to the media about what had happened. According to them, Dustin was making a bunch of anti-government statements and saying he wanted to kill a bunch of cops. This is NOT true. He never said anything like that. The cops claim he shot at them, however NO officers received so much as a scratch. No one was injured, no one was killed. He did not point a gun at any of the cops.

He has paperwork that they wrote in which they admit that the reason they came for him with such force is because of his so-called “anti-government activities.” Dustin has been speaking out against the growing police state and the tyranny here in the USA for a long time now. He has never committed any kind of crime in doing so. He is not anti-government; he’s anti-tyranny. He has never threatened to kill cops or anyone else for that matter.

Marion County’s version of events is full of lies, contradictions, and half-truths. Their version of events raises too many questions which cannot be answered by their account. MCSO is somewhat infamous for using excessive force and for being so corrupt.

Dustin is not the violent thug that the cops are trying to make him out to be. He’s a very caring person. He’s an animal rights activist and pit bull advocate. He stands for the Constitution. He’s got the Betsy Ross flag tattooed on his chest and the Founding Fathers tattooed on his shoulder. He had a framed copy of the Declaration of Independence. He loves his country. Yet he is now a political prisoner because he dared to speak out against tyranny.

Dustin has done nothing wrong. He never tried to kill anyone. He is an innocent man facing ten life sentences for standing up for his rights and not hurting anyone in doing so.

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  1. 1st
    Next time do like Eric, and come out of the closet or in this case the house

    1. You got to love how this “anonymous reader,” whose writing suspiciously echoes the guy’s friend/girlfriend Jennifer Brown that has commented on just about every article that comes up when you search this guy’s name, relies on the no one received so much as a scratch, so it’s a lie to say that he fired at cops.

      1. Maybe it’s that Col. Klink here was just a crappy shot? I can seriously believe that.

        1. According to a couple of reports, he was firing at, and hit, the armored vehicle the SWAT team was using, including 5-6 hits on the windshield.

          1. That’s a lie. Even the author said “Dustin has done nothing wrong. He never tried to kill anyone.” so it’s utterly untrue. Can’t you read? (Sarcasm Mode: >OFF<)

          2. Yeah, keep trusting the mainstream news. You don’t even know they get prepackaged reports directly from the white house. George Bush even admitted this.

          3. Once you mentioned Bush, you lost any credibility you had if you had any at all.

          4. Obama admitted it as well. Several Journalists of mainstream news outlets have said the White House administers pre-packaged press reports.

          5. I would have fired upon the swat vehicle too, if they came to illegally raid my property. If the government wants war I will give them one.

        2. If you shoot at cops they kill you. Almost no exceptions. If you even look like you are grabbing for a possible weapon you. Are. Dead. Crappy shot or not. Like if they fucked up do you think they just going to be like “we fucked up” god no they would lie and cover it up and brand anyone who says anything an extremist. Like they always do.

    2. ..and are we shocked? Nope. Yeah I read a few others articles.

      “…..Heathman fired at least eight shots, striking the driver and passenger
      sides (of their armored vehicle), according to the Sheriff’s Office. Four more shots were fired
      near SWAT members outside the vehicle…”

      “…At the time, Heathman had an outstanding warrant for violation of probation in a DUI case….”

      1. so being tippsy or a drunk is a SWAT kill-able crime now … what planet did you come from

        1. That’s the thing that scares me and should others make any disparaging comments on tyranny, or Gov and get swated then trumped up charges, and most buy into it, because they are sheeple.
          Look! People! were doing to ourselves exaclty what Brittain did to us before the Revolution. Were also doing to ourselves the same thing’s that every despot, and tyrannt has ever done in the past, but the only difference is its called public safety, and or peace, and safety. Until more awake to this reality that peace and safety, and security is just as bad of a despot as Hitler was, and or tyrannt, were pretty much srewed!

      2. that is if that’s even true and not Gov propaganda. An outstanding warrant on a DUI case doesn’t, or shouldn’t warrant a swat team. I think that was just their excuse because of his anti gov rants… er excuse me anti tyrannical rants.

        1. 156:
          No….it shouldn’t have to warrant a SWAT team. But when heavily armed anti-government nuts like this guy tell you that they will kill e police or that will shoot at the police… it not prudent to use SWAT as that is exactly what it is designed for?

          Seriously…..just look at what happened. They showed up to serve a simple warrant….so he decides to start shooting gat them. And you think that’s rational?

          1. Swat teams were began as a anti hostage situation not as common civil law enforcement. WHo’d he tell and whats wrong with being heavely armed? Our Forefathers wanted us heavily armed because they knew such days were coming. I beleive that’s the whole propaganda thing make it look like he’s a nut to excuse their use of a swat team on him. WHich anyone, and everyone should be more aware.
            In 1775 upon word that the collonists were storing up arms and ammunition, he sent out the cops/redcoats to find and destroy the colonists depot they had. The Revolution started on the then Gov fear of the people uprising against their tyrannical ass much as we see today!

          2. Wow….revisionist history….I love to read it. Why all that stuff in the 2nd about well regulated milita” then? Maybe the just didn’t mean that part huh?

            “Civil law enforcement”. What exactly is that?
            Hostages? Did you read the story? They had a hostage negotiator there and trying.

          3. Remember they thought differently than what we do, so well refulated to them meant something entirely different. Thier well regualted meant well armed well trained well readyed militia. It’s an oxymoron to say they wanted a well Gov regulated populace when the second ammendment is our liberty’s teeth (George Washington).

            ya and i read no such a thing a a hostage I read two links and no mention of a hostage.


            “The whole of the Bill (of Rights) is a declaration of the right of the people at large or considered as individuals…. It establishes some rights of the individual as unalienable and which consequently, no majority has a right to deprive them of.” (Albert Gallatin of the New York Historical Society, October 7, 1789)

            “No Free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” (Thomas Jefferson, Proposal Virginia Constitution, 1 T. Jefferson Papers, 334,[C.J.Boyd, Ed., 1950])

            “The right of the people to keep and bear…arms shall not be infringed. A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the best and most natural defense of a free country…” (James Madison, I Annals of Congress 434 [June 8, 1789])

            “What, Sir, is the use of a militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty…. Whenever Governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins.” (Rep. Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts, spoken during floor debate over the Second Amendment [ I Annals of Congress at 750 {August 17, 1789}])

            “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined” (Patrick Henry, 3 J. Elliot, Debates in the Several State Conventions 45, 2d ed. Philadelphia, 1836)

            “The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” — (Thomas Jefferson)

            “Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence … From the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to insure peace, security and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable . . . the very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that is good” (George Washington)
            With such quotes one can not argue that any law against anyone buying arms/guns is constitutional. One could but they are wrong. Our forefather felt that in order to remain free people needed free access to arm themselves not just against the Indians of the times, or criminal types, but opressive Gov!

          4. 156:
            I didn’t say that there was a “hostage”. I said that the police used their hostage Negotiater….which is what a SWAT negotiTer is.

            Wow. You guys love the use of out of
            context quotes.
            The founding fathers did not want s “standing
            army” as they feared that it could be used against
            the citizens. Hence the concept of the “well
            regulated militia”. They lived in a world where there
            were are enemy nations with real armies on their
            birders. The English, the French, the native Americans.
            All were very real threats that needed to be guarded
            against. So how do you do that without a
            standing army? You look to militias that can
            be called up at short notice to protect their
            cities, towns and farms.
            Hence the inclusion of the Second Amendment.

            They never thought there would be idiots decked out
            like this goof rolling through town….which doesn’t have enemy armies camped nearby and where there hasn’t been a Native American war party for hundreds of years.

            Guy….I and every officer that I know wants a responsibly armed public. But this is the example of irresponsibility

          5. Remember, t, the FF’S used militia as another name for the people. The last line of any defense of this nation will be the people simply meandering about their business. A militia was the people and nothing more.

          6. YF:
            Oh so very true sir.
            If you read into it….what was that militia for?
            Defense of the cities and towns, defense along the frontier, defense against foreign armies. And defense against “insurrections”. Hmmm. That is an knterresting word for them to have used. Especially when you keep in mind things like the Whiskey Rebelion.

            Now….look at this video.

            What do you see here?
            Does it look more like the insurrections that the milita is supposed to quell?

          7. The proposers and ratifiers of the Second Amendment proclaimed that people’s right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. That is the proclamation being made in the Second Amend. The phrase about a well regulated militia is simply their pretext for making such a proclamation. These rights were proclaimed for all people – not just people designated for the use of law enforcement.

          8. Mmmmmm…..not quite.
            That’s almost as dumb as saying that the rest of the constitution was just a pretext for the amendments. Geez. And that last sentence ?!?!?!? Wow….what a colassally stupid statement

          9. I’ll restate, for The Retard known as “t”. The proposers and ratifiers of the Second Amendment proclaimed that people’s right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. That is the proclamation being made in the Second Amend. The phrase about a well regulated militia is simply their pretext for making such a proclamation.

            Please argue con law with me.

          10. cork:
            Geez….still missing it..
            It’s a REALLY short amendment. And you are wanting to throw half of it out.
            But let’s evengo with your dumb….

            Simply a pretext. Hmm. What does that mean?

            To all others….I’m sorry. This is gonna be really slow as he’s an idiot.

          11. I didn’t throw anything out. I stated that the first half was being used as their justification for the second half. The second half is where the proclamation is made. The proclamation is that the right shall not be infringed (this is true regardless of the justification for that proclamation).

            I’m sorry that you don’t know what pretext means.

          12. cork:
            I almost decided to just wait. You are so close to getting it….you just won’t quite let yourself.

            So now….the first part was used to justify the second part. Hmmmm. Ok.
            So does that mean that the second part isn’t justified without the first?

          13. “” does that mean that the second part isn’t justified without the first? “” – Of course not you idiot. Something can be completely justified without additional justification. That doesn’t mean that a justification was meant to provide any purpose other than justification. There’s also nothing wrong with providing unnecessary justification. You really are stupid. I wish you understood basic logic.

          14. cork:

            Wow. The is COLASSAL. Really.

            It’s justifcation of the justifcation, now without that justification it’s just as justified as it doesn’t need justification as it’s just so just.


            At that…I’d say your done.

          15. Poor t. He loses the argument, so he creates a strawman. He doesn’t want to argue con law with me. Again, it’s justification of the proclamation. A proclamation doesn’t require a justification, but one was provided in this instance. There’s nothing complicated about this concept. Unless one has a tiny t-brain.

          16. cork:
            Hardly dude.
            You,got smoked and basically started making things up
            Since you can’t get it that its all important drom reading the document that it’s actually part of…
            Try reading the Federalist and “Anti-Federalist” Papaers. They both talk about it. Both discuss “militias”….and fairly extensively.
            Now…while none of those documents are part of the Constitution or any law…and really just a political propaganda peice for trying to gain support (or titl thing the other way (depending on who’s doing the writing)…..they are still a good source of info about the thinking at the time.
            Militias are clearly discussed and there importance is very very clear. Jut like it is in the second amendment.

            Funny thing is….I’ve had a lot of con law classes and tons of it since I started in this line of work 19 years ago. I’ve never even heard your interuptation before. I seen lots of people downplay the importance of the militia…..but you may be the only ine I know of that completely dismisses it.

          17. Pea-t-Brain, I’m the one that smoked you. I always smoke you. Claiming otherwise is simply pathetic. And THANK YOU for arguing con law with me.

            Of course founding fathers discussed militias. They discuss them as a justification for an armed citizenry. They are an important justification. This is EXACTLY what you’ve been getting told all along.

            This isn’t my interpretation. Maybe you should stop taking nickel-and-dime con law seminars from people that want to ban guns. Requiring that gun ownership be linked to formal involvement in a militia is a pro-gun control claim. It’s not the language of the amendment itself.

          18. Wow.
            So back to the justification that isnt need to justify anything.

            Guy….you really need to stop.
            You get your butt handed to
            You time after time on this site. Maybe you do well with your School House Rock understanding of the Constitution and government. It’d be comical if it wasn’t so sad.

            But hey….you keep spreading bad info. It’s like job security for me.
            I’ll keep giving out good info and try to lighten my work load.

            I’m really trying to remeber anything that you’ve gotten right since you started posting here and I can’t remeber anything. But I’ll give you this much… least it doesn’t appear that you are intentionally lying like so many others. I just don’t think you understand much.

          19. Pea-t-Brain, you’re the one constantly getting your butt handed to you on here. Yes, justifications can often be provided despite the fact that they weren’t necessary. It’s obvious that your little Pea-t-Brain is too tiny to grasp this very simple concept – which is funny because you’d be the first person to claim that a cop might provide a justification for a legal order despite the fact that no justification was required.

          20. Geez.
            Your dumb just runs.
            Who said anything happened here that’s was illegal?

            My point is and has been that SCOTUS has virtually avoided this topic. In Hellerman….I think that SCOTUS made the right decision. But if you look at it….even Scalia has said that there are limitations. And with the very likelyhood that the next administration will likely put 2 or more justices on that court….it could tilt a greT deal. And people who act like idiots while armed may very well sway the elections that would lead to a SCOTUS shift.

            And you stance….which is unsupported….doesn’t look like it will be the prevailing Idea

          21. Pea-t-Brain, you really are an idiot. It’s incredibly fun making you look like the monkey that you are. You claim to be the great student of con law, yet you couldn’t even be bothered to get the name of the case that you are arguing correct. It was Heller vs DC.

            The supreme court did NOT punt on the issue that we are debating in this thread. The opinion of the majority concluded that, “Petitioners and today’s dissenting Justices believe that [the 2nd Amendment] protects only the right to possess and carry a firearm in connection with militia service.” In other words, that was the argument against Heller. The supreme court then went on to mention the word militia 158 more times in their majority opinion. For you to even try to claim that they “virtually avoided this topic” is a joke that demonstrates the clown that you are.

            The supreme court decided the militia argument in Heller. They say that I’m right, and they say that you’re wrong. I was hoping to get you to make even more of a fool of yourself prior to citing Heller, but I’m happy to make a monkey of you now.

            Sure, court composition can change over time and future rulings could reverse. Is this the best argument you got? This is incredibly rare for the supreme court. It’s more likely to simply narrow a previous decision. The supreme court didn’t even reverse itself in the Dred Scott decision. It was saved by a constitutional amendment. I love how clueless you are about con law. Now go eat a banana.

          22. cork:
            G E E Z.
            You really are dumb. And I’m not just slamming you. Your dumb.
            SCOTUS has absolutely punted on this topic historically. Heller (I had to look back at my comment to see what you were talking about…..I have no idea why it filled in Hellerman). was the first case 60ish years that SXOTUS looked at about the topic.
            And I notice that you avoided the part about Scalia. If he…the most conservative vote on the court… telling you that gun rights have limits….I’d listen.
            And naturally you can’t even begin to get it the court could change drastically. And depending on that titl…..the way that the Second is viewed could drastically change too.

            And I know quite well how the court viewed militias in Heller. But again….that’s the first case in 60ish years that that took about it. And it was a big change. My comments were about the Constitution as it was written. Not how it is interrupted now. The term militia is antiquated now. With not only a standing army….but also reserve and guard units everywhere….how do “militias” fit in? I’d say they don’t. And my point is….with the growing gun craziness…is that a less conservative court could easily start accepting cases that would allow them to shape gun laws far differently than they are now.

            Again…I agreed with the court in Heller.
            And as I’ve written many times….I don’t think now nor in the future will you see anyone coming for your guns. But when you act out…and bring your guns out to us….that’s a far different thing.

            So,again…slow your dumb. Try to understand the entire topic. See the big picture.

          23. It’s awesome seeing you reduced to a sniveling mess like this. You’ve retreated quite a bit, but you continue to be wrong. I’m going to force you back even further.

            “gun rights have limits” – I never said that they didn’t. All constitutional rights need to be weighed against the constitutional rights of others. You can take a REAL con law class if you want to learn about the standards, tests, etc. that are used to determine such things. However, this has nothing to do with a militia requirement. Just like the 1st Amendment right to free speech has nothing to do with a requirement to be with a press agency.

            “”you can’t even begin to get it the court could change drastically “” – Then why did I write “Sure, court composition can change over time and future rulings could reverse” ????? Maybe the term “court composition” was a term you didn’t understand. Regardless, I continue to make you look like a monkey.

            “”I know quite well how the court viewed militias in Heller.”” No, obviously you don’t. If you did, then you wouldn’t have posted so many ignorant comments about it.

            “” But again….that’s the first case in 60ish years “” – So what? High courts often take a VERY long time to look at high profile issues. How many examples do you need of this? Again, Monkey, you don’t know anything about con law.

            “”My comments were about the Constitution as it was written.”” – So was mine, and I was right.

            “” how do “militias” fit in? I’d say they don’t. “” LOL LOL LOL LOL You’re such a clown. You sure didn’t claim that militias don’t fit in during your previous comments. You claimed the exact opposite.

            “”I agreed with the court in Heller.”” – Then why on earth did you make the stupid claims that you did????

            “”Try to understand the entire topic.”” – Pea-T-Brain, it’s quite obvious which one of us understands the entire topic. It ain’t you. You’re just a monkey.

          24. I’m laughing looking at your comment from 4 days ago. Needless to say, you’ve been schooled. Your humiliation is my payment.

          25. My comment is quite accurate and my meaning is obvious. The proclamation of rights made by the amendment is clear.

          26. Kids get a short unit on the Bill of Rights in their American History or Civics class in high school and they think they’re the effin’ ALCU.

          27. He didn’t have hostages, but they acted like he did.

          28. You said: “Swat teams were began as a anti hostage situation not as common civil law enforcement.”

            True to Cop Block means and methods, you only tell half the truth. Fact is, SWAT teams were created in the 1960s to combat hostage-takings, sniper shootings, and violent unrest.

            Try giving ALL the facts and not the small snippet that you think suits you best and skews things in your favor.

          29. And like this story:


            3 times over 19 years the court says.

            They are used for fishing expeditions. The Bellotte V Edwards case is the perfect metaphor for the police mentality for why SWAT is used in the manner it is used for.


            Just recently, I came across a story linked to yahoo. In it, the story broke down data complied by the ACLU who did a FOIA request of PD’S. The found, bsed on police numbers/information, SWAT et all, was used in less than 10% of the scenarios you painted. They found they were used in more than 60% of warrant service. Many for drugs. Even though violence does go with drugs, it is not true or even close to true to say all drug dealings are violent.The numbers simply do not support that police thinking. I have read there are tens of thousands of warrants served every year and we do not have tales of thousands of cops being hurt or killed by routine warrant service.

            The thinking is very simply this. Better safe than sorry and in a free society, that is rather dangerous.

          30. YF:
            Why do,you think “that is rather dangerous”
            Not that I think it should be…..but if the warrants (be they arrest or search) are signed….why do you have a problem if a tactical,team is used to serve them?

            Do you not realize the amount of weapons that we face? And the desire to use them that people have? Look at this site alone. Violent comment after violent comment.

    3. from the first article

      “Officials said glass fragments injured Heathman’s face.”

      that’s a lie. it’s obvious that the cops beat him.

      “He said he was a front-seat passenger in the MCSO armored vehicle when
      Heathman fired multiple rounds at it from what they believe was an AK-47
      rifle. Of 14 rounds that struck it, five hit the front windshield.”

      so they prepared ahead of time by bringing an armored vehicle. c’mon, 31B. your confirmation bias is showing.

      1. “that’s a lie. it’s obvious that the cops beat him.”

        That’s true. He put up one hell of a fight.

        “so they prepared ahead of time by bringing an armored vehicle.”

        Yes. He’s a convicted felon and the caller advised the police that the moron is heavily armed.

        “c’mon, 31B. your confirmation bias is showing.”

        No, I just shared the same information anyone could get if one simply Googled the moron’s name.

    4. Lol everyones a hater till it happens to them. Hope a no knock raid on a wrong address doesn’t kill a family member or something. Cus that wouldn’t be ironic or suiting at all

    5. Mother fucker you he did fucking too mother fucker you!!!!!!!!!!!! fucking lier cocksmokker ass bitch

      “Firearms stand next in importance to the constitution itself. They are the
      American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence … from the hour
      the Pilgrims landed to the present day, events, occurences and tendencies prove
      that to ensure peace security and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally
      indispensable … the very atmosphere of firearms anywhere restrains evil
      interference — they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.”
      First President of the United States

      soke on that bitch fuck you liberal POS’s that come on here as false patriots and spew garbage FUCK YOU ALL!!!!

      “To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people
      always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use
      Richard Henry Lee
      American Statesman, 1788

      Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.

      that’s you fuckers !

      1. LOL that’s cute. No, he never said that. He’s commonly misattributed to that. But hey, frickity frack somnabish Bumpus! to you too.


        1. fricking commie everyone knows how you fuckers like to lie and change history and or try to dupe people into believing your rewritten history crap HE did and you know it. regardless the forefathers knew tryannical GOV would come and made many quotes as to why individules are ot have and own and keep guns and have free unfettered access to. I’d wager if still alive they’d be making plans again in small out of the way taverns as the founders did in the early years! Go smoke Cock

        2. I notice those sites you show are left leaning sites and pro Gun ctrl. ANyone wanting to push their agenda as yours would and could do the same. I notice all the good quotes that those of us against gun ctrl are the ones you left leaning liberal POS progressive commie bastards like to use or try to dupe people into thinking that our forefathers only thought the military and cops should own guns or that they onle meant muskets, or other such lies!!!!!!!!!

          To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always
          possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use
          Richard Henry Lee
          American Statesman, 1788

          “The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the
          Thomas Jefferson
          Third President of the United

          guess that’s not a true quote either or how about the countless others that say the same thing?

          “The great object is that every man be armed.” and “Everyone who is able may
          have a gun.”
          Patrick Henry
          American Patriot

          “The constitutions of most of our States assert that all power is inherent in
          the people; that … it is their right and duty to be at all times armed; …

          Thomas Jefferson
          letter to Justice John Cartwright, June 5, 1824.
          ME 16:45.

          “What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from
          time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take
          Thomas Jefferson
          to James Madison

          I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is
          the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”
          Co-author of the Second Amendment
          during Virginia’s Convention
          to Ratify the Constitution, 1788

          I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is
          the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”
          Co-author of the Second Amendment
          during Virginia’s Convention
          to Ratify the Constitution, 1788

          “And that the said Constitution be never construed to authorize Congress to
          infringe the just liberty of the Press, or the rights of Conscience; or to
          prevent the people of the United States, who are peaceable citizens, from
          keeping their own arms; …”
          Samuel Adams
          quoted in the Philadelphia
          Independent Gazetteer, August 20, 1789, “Propositions submitted to the
          Convention of this State”

          guess I’m wrong huh all those must be fabricated some how?
          FUCK YOU!!!!!!! and the Red horse commie you rode in on!!!!!!!!

    6. So all them cops and none of them can show video? Fucking lying cops.

    1. His political leanings are immaterial to this. Whatever you or I think, being a Neo-nazi is not a crime. As for the shooting event? Your news article only repeats the cops’ claim.

      Now the question left is, who and how is that being denied? And if it is being denied, then what is the evidence of a gun battle? Did he shoot, or are they making it up to tack on charges? Gun battles leave a lot of physical evidence.

      On the face of it, it is highly likely to have happened as stated. But then I also don’t put anything past cops. When they screw up, they have no problem lying to CYA.

      1. Are you serious? He open fired on police officers. He then resisted arrest. He even admitted he didn’t shoot to kill anyone. Google his name and you will see many reports about what happened. He shot first.

    2. I can say this is indeed the most contradicting story vs the media I have seen posted on this site. The one thing I’m going to need you to do is verify the comments these media reports are claiming he made. (And this isn’t a “for me” thing, this is for everyone.) (And I say I’m going to need you to do this, because if you don’t I will simply say the opposite is true and bitch at you, and you will just do it thinking you’re doing it out of spite, as I have actually demonstrated on you in the past (did you know that?))

      1. Who are you? Just google his name.

        1. And what you recommend does not return any results of his anti-government rantings? So unless you can prove otherwise, this author’s story is sounding true.

        2. And? Show me the comments he made. Prove the person who wrote this story wrong.

          1. He was not making anti-government statements. What he did say, among other things, was “I’m not an anarchist.” and “I respect good law enforcement.” He talked about his son. He talked about his dogs. He talked about how he saved a cop’s life when he was in prison. He talked to that negotiator for quite some time. He never said the things they say he did.

    3. for a second there I thought the village lost its idiot. didn’t miss a beat swallowing cop cock on this one did you. still not really sure how you breathe with that thing down your throat. Cum guzzler.

      1. You know there are probably gay people who checkout this site all the time. With your homophobic bullshit ect… they will leave and tell their friends not to check this website out. I guess that is why it is always the same copblockers on this site. You are just an idiot.

        1. You think I give a damn about a bunch of faggots, come on fag you know better than that. Why don’t you go swallow some more cop dick. you were able to make it one whole day without responding to my comments. You have absolutely no willpower, this is why you are always controlled by those around you.

          1. No one controls me. Those are your words. You are the typical copblocker. A stalker, a troll, homophobic, and OCD. In the last year that I have been on this site, there are no new people commenting. It’s the same old people. Your immature banter along with threats of violence that come out of this site doesn’t appeal to anyone new. Congratulations. You help keep new copblockers from participating.

          2. I can make you sing and rant all I want, your strings are completely in my hands and you’re too stupid to even figure that out. Get used to being attacked on every post you make.

          3. Again you are making threats. I suggest you get some help very soon.

          4. you just make up the definition of threat as you go along don’t you. I’m pretty sure you yell at your shadow about following you around and stalking you. your IQ has no bottom level does it?

          5. Why do you keep arguing this? You say I am not who I say I am yet you continue this BS. It’s very simple. Make the threat, you get reported. Period. It’s not up too you to decide what a threat is or isn’t. You made the comments you were going to continue harassing me until I leave copblock. That is stalking and making the threat you are going to stalk me. Grow the fuck up. You are worst than a little kid. You have to be embarrassed by your behavior. I know I am embarrassed by your behavior.

          6. I’m going to post comments every time you do telling you how stupid you are you fucking douchebag. You started a war with me and it will not end until I’m done. You can choose not to post here or I’m going to post after every post you make. Deal with it you fucking cocksucking piece of shit.

          7. Like I keep telling you, idiot, nobody believes your fake ass shit. Nobody. On either side of the fence. Stupid fake ass douchebag.

          8. I believe him.

          9. LOL, ok then, there’s you.

          10. embarrassed that I know the definitions of words and you don’t? Your elevator just doesn’t make it does it. I don’t even think there’s a stairwell to the top.

          11. What ever helps you sleep at night.

          12. I find it funny that by your definition you stalk and harass everybody on this site.

          13. and again you have no idea what my agenda is. You lack the intellectual capacity to have a thought much above a chimp. And I hope you realize that a honorary master’s degree from an uncredited online College isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. but go ahead and play in that little imaginary world of yours.

          14. Go back to your job at McDonalds.

          15. and there is the cry of defeat.fucking brain dead moron.

          16. every time you respond to one of my comments, I’m controlling your emotions. I’m pulling your strings. If I want you to talk about toilets, it would be simple to do so.

          17. You are a stalking troll. If I want to respond, it’s my choice not yours.

          18. you go ahead and keep believing you’re in control of your emotions.

    4. Sure because the news never lies. Now let’s all get back to watching Fox.

      1. Google his name. By the way, I will believe the mainstream media over a copblock article.

        1. “I will believe the mainstream media over a copblock article.”

          No shit, Captain Obvious.

          1. Thank you for actually taking the time to write something stupid.

          2. Stupid is an opinion, usually held by the incompetent.

            Btw, you forgot to claim that I was initiating violence in some way, shape, or form.

            You’re slippin, “JC.”

          3. Mike Mike Mike… know what day it is? It’s Hump Daayyyy

          4. What happened to “mikey”?

          5. Geez dude. Never seen the commercial.?

          6. Apparently, you watch too many….

          7. Hmmm. Maybe. Maybe your just extremely unaware.

          8. In your case, stupid is fact.

          9. Oh, now an opinion is fact? Welp, I only have one thing to say to you, JC:

            Prove it.

            LoL……how do you like seeing your own troll-logic used against you, JC?

          10. It’s not hard to prove you are stupid. Just look at any remark you have ever made. There is the proof.

          11. *Yawn* anything else, “JC”?

          12. It’s already been said.

          13. What’s that?

        2. That’s a huge part of the problem.

          1. How so? Copblockers over exaggerate these stories and when they see what total lies they are, they get all defensive and hurt.

  2. If there is ever a state where there are no police I’m moving there.+

    1. Please tell me you haven’t reproduced, if so, it’s begun

  3. Grateful for this information and for your whole operation, but I disagree with a statement you made: “Multiple Supreme Court rulings have determined that driving is a right protected by the Constitution.” Driving is not a right; it is a privilege. That’s why you have to pass a test to become licensed, and why your license can be taken away.

    If I am misinformed, which is entirely possible, please point to the Supreme Court rulings that determined operating a vehicle is a constitutional right.

      1. Please use a site that’s actually credible.

        1. 31:
          Sadly….they think that site and its flawed info is credible.

          Did you see/follow the links that @Ted Taupier put up.
          His link to “town hall” tells the sob story of a couple of guys who lost in a divorce so they went ape shot at the judge and got spanked becuase if their own behaviors.
          It’s craziness that they buy into.

          1. “The day is coming when our only choice will be to fight an armed battle for our rights. When the courts start violating our rights and violating constitutional protections the choice is taken away from us and made by their actions. ” – 31B you seen real duty or only play one on TV ?

          2. …see, you’ve lost now. The whole “revolution is coming” mantra never works because it will never happen.

          3. What the illegal cops and court did to Dan Brewington is why we should shoot back at rouge police forces. You ever been to sugar bar – in Haleiwa – probably not – I once heard from a nameless cop like yourself …that they would never let an innocent man get arrested ever …. try telling that to Michael Browns mother

            I ve seen it all… been around the world twice – I have a degree in electrical engineering and physics – and more stories from southeast asia then you will ever hear at state department reunion dinner …keep dreaming

          4. What the fuck is wrong with you people. That guy had just committed strong arm robbery. He wasn’t some angelic child strolling down the street. Why don’t you ask his mom why he would do such a thing?

          5. He did strong arm robbery in 1996 when he was 17. He spent 11 years in prison and was released He served his debt to society. June 1 had nothing to do with his prior convictions.

          6. TT:
            Wow. “Seen it all”.
            Huh. And yet….you write something as moronic as “ask Micheal Browns mother”. He was a criminal thug there guy. You are still beleiving the lie.

            Who’s “Dan Brewinton”? Is he one of the guys from the articles you linked too? Those guys that went all,ape shit because they lost in their divorce and started threatening people? Cry me a river.

            Are you gonna be a typical,CBer and back bad stories? Believing loser idiots like Jeff Weinhaus?
            Look….I don’t know what happened in this instance. I wasn’t there or involved in anyway. But think it through. This guy is clearly “Anit-governmnet” and even a new-nazi. None of that is illegal. And neither is him owning his arsenal. But being “anti-governmnet” doesn’t mean the governmnet goes away…and that the law doesn’t apply to you.
            If the police had an arrest warrant for him….the should serve it. Knowing that this guy is so violently anti-government….and that he had the arsenal that he clearly had…is it. It prudent to be prepared? And thank good they were prepared. This guy violently lashed out at the police for simply serving and arrest warrant on him for DUI. Talk about a lack of accountabilty
            This guy was clearly a power keg that placed everyone around him in grave peril. Thank goodness he is….at least temporarily….not a threat.

          7. …and you own a mansion and a yacht.

          8. Who is “they” you stupid bitch? You don’t understand that this is one person talking? That’s like me telling 31B or PSO that they’re lying punk ass bitches just because you are. Idiot.

          9. liR guy:
            No due. I group them like I see them. CBers aplenty read that crap and preach as truth. And as you are such a stranger to,the truth….you can be classed as among them.

            Sadly…you are even less relevant than most

          10. No, you’re a foul ass lying punk bitch. In a class all of your own. Well, maybe you should be classed with slappy.

        2. Ah what’s the problem you can’t use the case law presented?

  4. Wow…sounds like he went all Weinhaus up in here.

    What’s so sad is…..there are people on this site that really beleive this story. Just blindly accept nonsense.

    1. And you’re shocked?

      1. This story is 100 percent true I live in the Olaca fool.

        1. I don’t believe a word of it.

          1. This is because you are ignorant and naive.

          2. No, rather, I checked the facts of the real story.

          3. That’s because you’re a fearful, naive, bootlicking and unquestionably statist imbecile. Its very fitting how your picture is a sheep. :)

          4. I don’t believe a word of it because I did outside research and found the whole story. I didn’t blindly accept the fable of a “leader”.

        2. 33:
          So….are you the author?

          • If so…..were you there?
          • Can you explian the shot up police cars?
          •If they wanted to “silence him”….why is he not only still alive but only slightly injured?

          Oh yeah…..and what’s up with the arsenal?

          1. 80% of all police getting shot in america is with their own guns – maybe 80% of the bullets they were shooting went into other things beside the victim ?

          2. TT:
            So…..let me make sure I get you here….
            You’re saying that..the police showed up with this much “silence” this dude..shot at each other…but didn’t shoot him?

            I’m sure that in the CBer mind that sounds logical.

          3. Dude shut the fuck up with all that naive ass bullshit. Like “cops can’t lie” naw man its just illegal for us to lie to them not the other way around. And what are you the god damn author? Where you there? No so take your little double standards and go get protected and served until they “accidently” strangle you death, throw a flashbang in your child’s crib and when they realize they got the wrong house just dip with no restitution or apologies at all. Ya cops!

          4. EH:
            Ummmm….no, I’m not the author. Hence my question to Ted. HE is writing comments like he is the author. Stating things as fact. My question is….how does he know it’s fact if he wasn’t there.
            Oh….and when did it become illegal to lie to the police?

          5. Marion County Sheriff Chris Blair has an agenda. And he’s using Dustin to push that agenda.

        3. That only mean you claim to live in the area. It doesn’t say you were right there in the guys living room experiencing this first hand.

        4. @ftp33:disqus Have you been on the support page? The admins would be glad to hear your input.

      2. Yeah, ’cause if he is he must be stupid, right?

    2. Wow…sounds like you went all Barney Fife up in here.

      Well, there are people on this site that don’t believe anything anyone that doesn’t wear a shiny badge says ever. They just blindly refuse anything they have not witnessed for themselves. Even if they witness something they tell themselves, “There’s got to be more to the story”. So, which is worse? Hmm, I’ve NEVER heard/read you say anything other than (and I’m paraphrasing here) “The cop was in the right”. So sad, indeed.

      Personally, I believe parts of the story and think that parts were embellished. Did some crazy crap happen that shouldn’t have? Yeah, probably on both sides of the story. But to believe that one must believe the cops haven’t told the whole truth. That in itself is wrong. But this isn’t a “criminalblock” site, is it?

      1. Criminals/citizens don’t take an oath to uphold them you dumb bitch. So what the criminal does is literally inconsequential. The fact is they should have no illegal activity. Period. They are peace officers not some fucking old West sheriff that answers all the towns with bullets. Cus all I hear in all of your arguments is police officers should be allowed to operate in blatantly illegal ways and be free from scrutiny. And the dude deserves or at least should have expected life in Prison cus he happens to have differing political views. Wow um isn’t this America we are talking about? Yep and according to yall it became alright for it to start violating everyone of the very principles it was founded on. But naw they(we, all of us, me and you) smile bend over and spread their cheeks for big daddy America because he told you that’s the only thing you can do. And ya believed him. What the government is doing to the citizenship is similar to those Internet porns where the dude lies and lies and lies to this dumb bitch who eats it up until he gets her alone and she’s like “oh no you’re actually a violent rapist”. But shit I maybe wrong. Shit man prove me wrong go find some cops and just pull a gun out even a fake one. You win if you get shot less than ten times.

        1. Dude…seriously….put the bong down. Who are you even talking to and what the hell are you talking about? Go back to school and take another course in reading comprehension. Did you just click “reply” to the wrong comment or something? It’s like you’re trying REAL hard, but you just can’t make sense. Are you drunk? Tripping balls? Stupid? What? You get an “E” for effort, but an “F” for being a dumbass.

    3. You never go “full Weinhaus”

      1. The day is coming when our only choice will be to fight an armed battle for our rights. When the courts start violating our rights and violating constitutional protections the choice is taken away from us and made by their actions. “

        1. That day has already arrived. Courts have in most cases sided with continuety of Gov more than it sides with our protections. I’ve read court cases where the Justice rather than throw out 150 years of common law decided to side with the Gov. Problem is; until more people get violated; especially those that 99% of the time side with cops we wont go that route, and more and more of our rights will be violated!

          1. What court cases?

          2. well upholind infringements on our right to keep and bear arms to start with. illegally detaining us on the road ways for others oking terry stops, setting up road blocks allowing stop and frisk in MY although that has been found unconstituional, but is still practised. upholind abridgements against speach dozens of others.

          3. You have the 2nd Amendment. With the proper stamp, you can own a minigun.

            Roadblocks are either legal or illegal depending on the state. You do know that each state has their own Constitution right? That whole 10th Amendment thing.

            The 1st is touchy, it all depends on what’s said.

          4. all laws against the second amendment are ilegal imoral and unconstituional don’t make me post 100 fricking quotes form our forefather proving my point all not some but all laws are infringements. don’t make me post 100 quotes from our forefathers proving my point.

          5. Yeah, you can old the quotes. And no, they don’t prove you point.

            Like I said, you can own fully auto rifles and even a minigun. Sorry, the “they’re gonna take our guns” mantra is false.

          6. CS: But it makes a good rallying cry. The truth isn’t needed….just the hype.

          7. ya it does if George washington quoted that guns are the peoples liberty teeth that for sure means no one no majority or not legislature has the right ot infirnge. and oh ya I woudln’t be so sure for darah brady and company has said inclusevily that is thier goal. go to their site and bloomberg himself has a pdf file which shows pretty much thier agenda and rest assured confiscation is one of them. Take a look at whats going on in CT!

          8. February 4, 2015


            United States Attorney Deirdre M. Daly and representatives from five federal law enforcement agencies today announced the formation of the Connecticut Public Corruption Task Force to investigate corrupt public officials, the misuse of public funds and related criminal activity.

            The Connecticut Public Corruption Task Force includes representatives from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Postal Inspection Service, Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigation Division, and the Inspector General’s Offices of the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

            “For the first time in Connecticut, we have brought together in a single investigative unit, agents and inspectors from the federal agencies that have primary responsibility for investigating public corruption,” said U.S. Attorney Daly. “Although each of these agencies has a history of working together, bringing some of the best agents in the state into one unit with a singular purpose of investigating all manner of corruption is an optimal way to address the complex and varied threats posed by corrupt activity.”

            U.S. Attorney Daly explained that the Task Force is focused on rooting out not only corrupt elected officials, but also federal, state and municipal employees who use their position for personal gain at the expense of the public good. The Task Force also will investigate corruption that threatens public resources, the electoral process, and fair economic opportunities for citizens and businesses. In addition, the Task Force is charged with uncovering corruption within both public and private institutions that receive and misuse taxpayer dollars.

          9. ……and?

          10. SHOW ME ANOTHER STATE WITH THIS GOING ON? Because Im sure all the state agencies in every state are not corrupt and thuggery shops… it only happens in CT. I guess that’s why Sr Judge Carroll and Sr Judge Soleman were running around the Legislative Off Building yesterday trying to save their a$$es and cover up with the Legislators and WIPs … their corruption schemes and state cross funding agency agreement’s & faux paus – I guess i can put away my degree in particle physics and let the real math majors add this all up and find the trail of money and corruption. Its only a theory until its proven, why would judges conspire against a financial math wizard who was tearing apart the corruption schemes in CT … how else would they make their yacht payments … How do you think the DOJ got their information on corruption with an IQ limit ?

          11. Wow. So,you’d trust the DOJ that is so extremely politically motivated…..and not the local,cops whose kids got to school with yours? Those same cops that coaches your kids basketball team? You realize that’s the same DOJ that sent 3 representatives to the thug Michael Browns funeral? And that….you trust. Wow

          12. And the Task Force will have four people.

    4. Lol like you don’t do the same shit? Cus a badge gives you magic honesty powers or something? If you really believe what you insinuated you believe your are not only a hypocrite you are actually stupid or maybe you don’t properly comprehend English or basic human rights. Which is it? A language or common sense/logic barrier keeping you in the damn 50s? Becau

      1. EH:
        Dude….slow your dumb roll. Your slobbering at the mouth…it makes you hard to understand.
        So let me see if I can figure out what any of your point of that comment was.
        CS makes a comment about CBers using old quotes….which are out of context. I comment about it how the truth isn’t needed…because the out of context quote makes a good rallying cry.
        And YOU now add some nonsense that I’m stuck in the 50’s. Yet…..the goof 156 is using a quote from the 1780’s. Wow…who’s behind the times there?

        It’s a classic problem that almost everyone does. The pick up on a little line from a speech or book and the quote that little piece.
        Without going back to look right now……I think it’s in the Federalist Papers 44 that the NRA and lots of fun nutter types use to justify every kind of gun for everybody. I couldn’t really care either way. But they quote a small little line from that paper to show that the FFs wanted it that way. The unfortunate truth is that if you read the rest of that same document …it looks more like the FFs had no such thing in mind.

        The same thing happens on this site all the time. Several of the commenter here HATE context. They can’t deal with things as a total.
        It’s knnda like CBers who show a video and then a police report that has a difference of an officer who rights something like : I saw the suspect throw a black object into the weeds with his right hand. Well….that’s a report of something that took less than a second to happen….but they have a video to watch, re watch, slow down and they see that the suspect threw something gray with his left hand. And then e scream liar liar. It doesn’t matter that the officer then recovered whatever right where the suspect threw it….they still say liar liar.
        As an aside…’s even funnier/sadder that many here think it’s wrong for an officer to watch any video prior to writing his report. Talking about wanting it both ways.

  5. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” -JFK

    truer words have yet to be spoken.

    1. “Hey, where the white women at…?”

      Cleavon Little, 1974

      1. ;) I think revolution may be easier to live with.

      2. “You wanna be starting somethin'”

        Micheal Jackson. (Just heard that on the radio)

        “In This Issue”
        Narional Crime Prevention Council flier I daw lying on my desk

        That’s all just as relivent.

        1. Lying like a motherfucking scumbag punk bitch – What you do pretty regularly.

    2. 1785 August 19. (Jefferson to Peter Carr). “As to the species of exercise, I advise the gun. While this gives a moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprize, and independance to the mind. Games played with the ball and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks.”[6]

  6. 1984 enough said. Reading those crappy propaganda links bellow made me ill! anyone can photohop a bunch of guns on a table and call it his. Glass fragments I highly doubt it. I hope others will look to helping this guy. ALtough the animal rights part makes me want to hit him myself though, but still. Kind of creepy just how different sites can spin things. Fact is unless people truly look into it for themselves this guy could very well be a politicol prisoner and no one wouldever be the wiser. I dont’ doubt he was anti gov or anti tyranny and had guns but until he actually did something neither is against the law. This just goes with what anti gunners are doing with allowing people like family members or anyone call the cops, and say he/she is crasy and violent and then have their gun confiscated without just cause, or due process. I’m thinking anyone anti gun would and could do this to thier own kids. People need to be very afraid of all what’s actually out there and going on around the country. I dont believe those links bellow one bit, for you can see the pic of how bruised up the guy is. That alone tells you it wasn’t glass fragments. I’d want to know too just how his dad, and or family feels on second amendment rights, and if their part of the staus quoe?

    1. 156:
      Guy….stop all the nutter stuff.
      “Political prisoner”….how’s that?
      This guy sounds line the poster child for the “pro-1033 program” crowd.

      His political speech is protected. But that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. When/if he talks or writes about acting violently and want to hurt or injure people. That shouldn’t be ignored. When his family calls and gets into his violent tendencies….and the police decide to act on an outstanding warrant….the actions of the police isn’t illegal
      The fact that they prepared to be attacked because he has those violent tendencies and the weapons to back it up…..the police should be prepared. And using that outstanding warrant to remove him from society for societies safety.

      As for any injuries he has. Really? Who cares. IF there was the LEO presence as described….with multiple snipers and that many officers…..and he starts shooting at them…..the fact the he is alive is incredible. Of course….that still living thing kinda shoots down the idea that the authorities wanted to silence him.

      1. Seems that they did shoot back, but missed him.

        1. its not the first time that a POPO missed with 12-15 round in the clip .. I’m surprised they did not have machine guns spraying rounds into the civilian populous


          It turns out that those who have cursed at a police officer for apparently not using his or her brain or said an officer was being “stupid” may not be as far off the mark as the American public might hope.

          Although it’s not widely known, federal courts have ruled since 2000 that police departments can legally opt to not hire someone simply because he or she scores too high on an intelligence test. The millenium ruling followed a lawsuit filed in 1999 by Connecticut resident Robert Jordan, who was told by the New London Police Department that they only interview candidates who score 20 to 27 points on an intelligence test.

          Jordan, a 48-year-old college graduate with a degree in literature, had scored 33 points when he took the Wonderlic Personnel Test in 1996, giving him an IQ of around 125. His score was well above the 21 to 22 points that officers score on average, which reflects a slightly above-average IQ of around 104. (Interestingly, the Wonderlic test recommends that insurance salespeople score at least 22 points and that police officers score at least 21 — meaning that at least according to the test, it requires more intelligence to sell insurance than to solve crimes.)


      2. The story here, or not on anyother link shows what he actually did say, or not so who’s to say? Even if he did make violent remarks or anti gov statements the gov should leave him alone, until he actually starts to make a move on them. I fully beleive this shodl be a very fearfull trend in America where a person can’t say anti gov statements, and not get persecuted for it. Remember the british did things like this just before the Revolution, in locking up people for critisizing King George, and, or making a call to arms against british soldiers, and such. I see no difference here! I fully beleive if people let this go as just some nut job, and allow liberty to be taken all for peace, and safety and security, they themselves will be facing this very same thing. For all we really know is the Gov concocted this story as a way of conditioning us to accept thier side of the story, and now this poor guy will more than likely rot because peopel don’t have enough nerve, or perserveience to find out the truth beyond, the very little we see here. People need to truly learn what is actually going on and just how our Gov is in the propaganda game just like anyone!

        1. Surprised you didn’t say something about the Moon landings.

          1. Ya it’s a well known fact that trolls come to sites like this to protect the status quoe: So guess troll shoes fit you huh? It’s a well known fact that people like to detract from truth too. All anyone has to do is some research.

          2. Fact, 911 call, father alleges Dusty stole from him
            Fact, police arrive and attempt to get him outside
            Fact, Dusty was wanted and subject to arrest
            Fact, Dusty declined to leave the house
            Fact, police attempted to negotiate him out
            Fact, he declined to submit to arrest
            Fact, Dusty had a prior violent felon, disliked the Gov’t
            Fact, he “barricaded” himself inside
            Fact, he did possess firearms
            Fact, SWAT was called and set perimeter
            Fact, gunfire was exchanged
            Fact, Dusty decided to surrender

            Dusty now has his day in court. I don’t think it will turn out well for him. But maybe if he says something about the flag having a fringe, or 1933, or the Illuminati, he’ll walk.

          3. where? I’ve reasearched this case some more other than just on here and I haven’t found anything like what you say other than he allegedly fired back at them and allegedly refused to come out. how about the idea he may not have done those things and was targeted?

          4. Right, with the full weight of the US government went after Dusty. Like some dark room with a circular table guys in dark suits said “man, we gotta get this Dusty guy, its bad…so bad…”

            Really? You really think that way?

          5. no but local gov which is very anti gun anymore yes.

          6. “Anti-gun” – this isn’t an incident about “gun grabbing” – it was a barricaded, wanted person who fired on the police?

          7. Dude take the dirty wax out of your mind and understand the GOV does not want you to have a gun…just like Hitler said in the 40’s

          8. You’re retarded. Please accept your Godwin’s Law award.

            There are, and as only an estimate, 300 million personally owned firearms in the US.

            Its not gonna happen. It will never happen.

          9. Ted here is another one of those ranting and raving nut jobs that seem to think that everything is the government’s fault and not his. Agree?

          10. One of the reasoning for hiring DUMB A$$ POPO folks is people with higher IQs will easily get bored with police work go back to school and leave police work as soon as they finish their higher education. After spending thousands of dollars in training the police agency will have to hire a replacement and spend thousands training a newbie.

            In reality people with higher IQs have common sense and won’t blindly follow orders – is this where you are MR Common ?

          11. “people with higher IQs will easily get bored with police work”…meanwhile YOU MUST HAVE A HIGH IQ to work for the FBI, CIA, or even the Navy SEALS. That excuse to higher low IQ assholes is pathetic…and if you believe if you the right kind of low IQ faggot the police are looking for. KILL CIVILIANS, PUMP STEROIDS, HAIL LUCIFER

          12. Here is what the Gestapo and Goverment do on a daily basis in AmeriKa – they take rights away because of the IQ limit in police forces – (okay-ed by the supreme court to have IQ limits on POPO not above 80-90) and then arrest people because they are bored and do not have enough crime – In the case of Watts v. United States (1969), the United States Supreme Court ruled that mere political hyperbole must be distinguished from true threats. At aDuBois Club public rally on the Washington Monument grounds, a member of the assembled group suggested that the young people present should get more education before expressing their views. The defendant, an 18-year-old, replied:

            They always holler at us to get an education. And now I have already received my draft classification as 1-A and I have got to report for my physical this Monday coming. I am not going. If they ever make me carry a rifle the first man I want to get in my sights is L. B. J.

            According to court testimony, the defendant in speaking made a gesture of sighting down the barrel of a rifle. The audience responded with laughter and applause, which the Court of Appeals would later view as potentially ominous:

          13. what did he steal – a cigarette ?
            Just because police want to arrest you without a warrant doesn’t meet the need to come outside?
            Thomas Jefferson disliked the Gov in 1773 – he hated the English gov – should he have been killed by swat too ? Just because we give the 85 IQ person a badge and make them take 6 week training course doesn’t make them a agent of the law, it makes them little simpletons with a badge and a gun and a ego complex – reminds me a of a southpark episode where they say something about “MY ATHooORITEEEE”

          14. There was a warrant for probation violation. His prior was for robbery.

            So your statement that one of the key people in forming the US government, in fact disliked what he helped create?

            It would be outstanding if police had a requirement for higher education, but the ACLU would object.

          15. But did he own a wristwatch camera? That, my friend, would be the crucial factor. It all adds up to naught, without the wristwatch camera.

          16. Nice….I’m sure DARPA had a satellite overhead, hidden in the chem trail.

        2. 156:
          So…the police shouldn’t have arrested him on the warrant!
          And they should have ignored the threats reported by his own family?


          Did you see how this turned out? The family was spot on. He went all nutter. Starting shoot at the officers……over a DUI arrest warrant. Sounds like an FTA warrant.

          It’s not his words….it’s his actions.

          It’s like Jeff Weinhaus. He puts himself out there very publicly as a nutter who wants violence. And then wants to bitch when the police protect themselves from his violence.

          It’s not the words….it’s the actions.

          1. That’s of cource if one supports and believes what is, or has been said on this. Living in such a politicoly charged environment as we do, especially since Newtown, who’s to say parents aren’t lying, and anti gun? Since then too, I/we’ve seen what one might conclude as a vendetta from cops to disarm law abiding citizens, by confronting them at every level. Meaning perfectly open carriers being confronted by overzealous cops trying to make a name for themsleves by throwing their authority on someone for no reason other than because they can. Anti gun people are all over the country pussen out and calling the cops for no reason other than seeing a gun. ON moms demand action own website they support the idea of opening fire on someone either open carrying or concealed. Some guy the other day tackled some guy because he was conceal carrying, but must have seen it if the guy bent over, or something Just show you that liberals ar going nuts on peoples rights.
            As for the warrant comment it don’t take a swat team to serve a misdameanor warrant does it? Especially most of the time those if bench warrants can sit, for a very long time. SO No sir I dont buy into all the cops were doing thier job crap I beleive someone tipped them off to how many guns he had, and maybe he did say somethings so they just acted on their own to take this guy down then make it look like “Oh see were doing good for the public” BS.
            Tell me this how’s breaking into someones house at 1-5am in the morning, then within seconds of enterign the house killing a little girl? How is it in my/our best interest to break in, and kill an old man sleeping? Please tell me? Then oh the swat team of cop declare they saw a gun, but none was ever found when internal affairs investigated it. Cops lie each and every day to cover up their own Pussness and it’s been proven too that they have lied, and do. SO tell me please if they can lie and say he/she had a gun knife when none was found by anyone witnesses or other cops. Then why in Gods green earth would I believe for one moment that these cops aren’t lying here to protect their own?

          2. You should really read into the incident. I think you are commenting with skewed information.

            Also, pick one topic and stay with it. You bounce around too much and it makes you look…unbalanced.

          3. Here is a great story for you to stand behind – anti-Common sense – Federal Appeals Court Ridicules Florida Cops For Using SWAT
            Team To Check On Barbershop Licenses – The cops tried to claim immunity from
            prosecution for doing their jobs. Then
            they landed on the moon and collected valuable moon rocks. One question for you common, are you old enough
            to vote and have you ever used a rotory dial phone ? The reason I ask is that you seem like a
            child looking to make the mark on the world, did you go to a community college
            by chance and get some kind of certificate.. Maybe you should take off the “rose
            colors” and join the peace corps and see the world outside.


            Ruling : – Disney World is not the only fantasyland in Orange County, Florida, according to the U.S. Court of Appeals 11th Circuit, which Tuesday issued a remarkable ruling slamming the sheriff and a state barbershop inspector for imagining they
            needed—and then using— a SWAT team in a police raid to see if haircutting licenses were valid.

            “It was a scene right out of a Hollywood movie,” the Court’s ruling began. “Teams from the OCSO [Orange County Sheriff’s Office] descended… with some team members dressed in ballistic vests and masks, and with guns drawn, the deputies rushed into their target destinations, handcuffed the stunned occupants—and demanded to see their barbers’ licenses. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office was providing muscle for the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s [DBPR] administrative inspection of barbershops to discover licensing violations.”

            The Cout’s 44-page ruling, which will allow four barbers to proceed with a lawsuit that the cops violated their Fourth Amendment protection
            from unconstitutional searches, vividly describes how a team of local and state
            police ran amok—and then claimed immunity from prosecution, which the Court rejected, when the raid’s victims sued. Notably, the ruling didn’t even talk about the blatant constitutional violations first, but instead snidely asked if the cops involved were complete idiots who thought they were so far above the law
            that they could ignore previous multiple rulings from the very same Court ordering cops not to conduct militarized SWAT raids as a routine tactic: “We first held 19 years ago that conducting a run-of-the-mill administrative
            inspection as though it is a crminal raid… violates clearly established 4th Amendment rights. We reaffirmed that principle in 2007… Today, we repeat that same message again. We hope that the third time will be the charm.”

          4. No, I’d agree with the court’s ruling. Clearly overzealous. I’d expect a settlement shortly.

          5. TT:
            So far…you sound like a better educated CENTURION. The issue with that is the whole “been around the world twice” and all the Southeast Asia stuff. Who cares and how is any of that germane to anything? Easy… isn’t.

            As for this case…..and? Your are comparing that to arresting a heavily armed guy who has openly expressed his violent desires….and then carries out those desires by shooting at the police?

            F O C U S

          6. T- does that stand for temporary ? – Having a global education of the world and wisdom of islam gives me more credibility than a basement dweller and liver of their moms home. I unlike you… don’t live behind the hidden venue and fake name of random comments and a single letter penn name “t”, and based on your life experience of a grocery bagg’er at PUBLIX… im guessing you probably work as a postal worker delivering mail.

            Being a leader means you have to focus on the little things and help those that are just now starting to learn and emerge from darkness and while leading the little ones through the forest and helping those that can see the forest from the trees. This is what I gather you mean when you call me a Centrurion. Not sure sure though there was no contex or basis just name calling, just a smarmy remarks … you offered no basis on any of your comments which means you’re not here for a conversation, but rather sparking silly conversation based on ignorant thoughts and snarky sayings… short sighted one offs, which is why your are single and mostly alone. You come off as selfish and lonely is this true?

            This approach=your approach is what is wrong with america, everyone is used to texting even in their brain rather than forming and speaking complete thoughts. The world should go back to writing letters and this will drive complete thoughts which now seem to evade their everyday.

            You have yet to even state a complete thought in any of your posts? ( complete thought is 200+ word describing a thought) Can you explain? This is indicative of a careless low IQ persons gas lighting topics thinking they know anything of relevance or value.

            Move out of your moms house and go to college, spend the rest of your life gaining and sharing knowledge and wisdom to make the world a better place, look to be of service to your family and your community. Go to work in the state department in a foreign country and empty garbage cans, you will learn more in one day there…than you did your whole life up until now.

            Snarky meaningless sayings and insults wont be your only language, you will actually have something important to say… trust me ..Peace corps is also a great option!

          7. ( re post for those that dont read and comprehend) In the case of Watts v. United States (1969), the United States Supreme Court ruled that mere political hyperbole must be distinguished from true threats. At aDuBois Club public rally on the Washington Monument grounds, a member of the assembled group suggested that the young people present should get more education before expressing their views. The defendant, an 18-year-old, replied:

            They always holler at us to get an education. And now I have already received my draft classification as 1-A and I have got to report for my physical this Monday coming. I am not going. If they ever make me carry a rifle the first man I want to get in my sights is L. B. J.

          8. Remember, disregarding this particular post, it has to do with fear. If a cop can articulate a fear, that’s all they need in their minds eye, to justify any militarized use of force. Go read the 4th US Circuits ruling in Bellotte V Edwards.

          9. Civil liberties are not protected by law enforcement and judges, it actually is infringed upon by low IQ LEO-POPO-PIGs, These agencies are drunk with power thuggery shops. Case in point…

            – Police in Watertown, Connecticut, (population 22,514) recently acquired a mine-resistant, ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicle (sticker price: $733,000), designed to protect soldiers from roadside bombs, for $2,800. There has never been a landmine reported in Watertown, Connecticut.

            Police in small towns in Michigan and Indiana have used the 1033 Program to acquire “MRAP armored troop carriers, night-vision rifle scopes, camouflage fatigues, Humvees and dozens of M16 automatic rifles,” the South Bend Tribune reported.

            And police in Bloomington, Georgia, (population: 2,713) acquired four grenade launchers through the program, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

            Given the proliferation of military weapons and military training among America’s police departments, the use of military force and military tactics is not surprising. When your only tool is a hammer, after all, every problem looks like a nail.

            These action however justified in lilttle yankee minds just means there is a loss for the appreciation on history that tells us the evil we will fight is from within NOT ISIS… I am afraid you missed the whole point of the article, it said the court was ashamed to have to decide the PIGS in gestapo gear were a complete “USE OF RIDICULOUS FORCE” even if the supreme court once said if someone in battle gear w/ automatic weapons is afraid of a barber with scissors … go back to smoking your bong or beating you children…

            I think you are a “Darwin Candidate” mall security guard?

          10. what ever happened to being a boyscout and wanting to service your community verses shoot it ?

          11. You missed my whole point! I agreed with you.

            My guess is you are an out of work fat tub who sits around being angry all the time and the only real recourse you have is to offer insults!

            Why don’t you learn who comments on here and their positions before you speak, loser. Go back to living in your mommies basement hiding in the closet believing the cops are out to get you!

          12. I already have! and no I dont’ i’ve always championed against tyranny and police brutality!

          13. 156:
            What “vendetta” to disarm people? Have you lost your mind? Gun purchases are at an all time high. I think the stats are something like 5 guns per citizen in this country. You are listening to way to much Alex Jones.
            And the “open carriers” being confronted. Have you been on earth long? Well….here on this earth and in this nation….we have LOTS and LOTS of gun crime. And due to that crime…..when normal,citizens see people out strolling through their neighborhood loaded for bear….they tend to be concerned for their own safety as well,as for the safety of kids and loved ones. So they call. Video after video on line showing goofs that intentional and openly discuss dressing and acting the way they do hoping to get call in and force a police contact.
            We see open carry folks all the time. I, and all the officers I know, and anyone smart….notice and watch those people. Open carry is only for the attention and intimidation factor. But since there is little to no records on those folks….no training, no vetting, nothing….their intentions are unknown for the most part. People are foolish if they don’t watch them and be prepared to act if they need to against those goofs.
            And the idiots with the long guns? Heck….I’d be ok if you pulled your pistol and readied for battle every time you see one. Long guns, by design, are offense in nature. They provide little self defense good at all. With that in mind….if someone has one….they are taking an offensive stance.


            You started out with the old “how do we know”. if his parents weren’t lying. Well…the huge arsenal of weapons he had and the fact that he started shooting at the police over a simple arrest warrant. Ya know….looking at just that… sounds like his folks were spot on and the police made the right call to use the gear they did.

          14. His father was in the middle of screwing Dustin out of a lot of money. In the week leading up to June 1, Dustin had only spoken to his father on the phone. There was no violent altercation between them. His father called the cops as a way of getting back at Dustin. And by the way, Dustin’s sister and his mom both know he never tried to kill anyone. So it’s not ‘his family.’ It’s his father.

    2. @patriot156:disqus Have you been on the support page for Dustin? You should go on there, the admins would be glad to hear your input.

      1. I don’t have a Face book account but I did check the page over and do wish him luck!
        Most the ones saying he’s a scum bag are more likely trolls! The others asking honest questions are for the most part brainwashed into thinking the Gov has the right to regulate everything!
        I for one would support ending drivers licence requirements especially with Real ID coming.
        Having one doesn’t make a better driver, and only allows the state to keep tabs on you.
        Much like requiring one to have a concealed weapon permit the second amendment should be enough and is our permit none other needed.
        I do beleive they targeted him for his anti tryanny speach and are using the expired licence as an excuse. I’d like to know is there any evividence other than what the cops say about him firing at them first?
        I watched that video of the cops shooting thatone guy what was he holding a ice pick? looked like they didn’t give him anytme to comply whatsoever! Fricking get shot because of something that can be percieved as a weapon kind of shows how pussyed they are. Kind of like that kid that got killed recently because he answered the door holding a fricking Wii contrler of all things OMFG cops are out of control and something needs done.
        But again I hate FB and ended my account years ago. Glad now with all the Gov colaberators they’ve become!

        1. The cops never recorded a single thing that day, not even Dustin’s conversation with the negotiator was recorded. That alone would have been enough to clear his name. They record traffic stops but not a tactical deployment? They came prepared for war and yet brought nothing to record it with? Mighty convenient for them.

  7. upon dong some of my own research from links above the yourtube one is taken down! 1984!!!

    1. news means nothing because there is no more investigative reporting or real police work done … they are all posers…with fake names so they can hide their little egos .. in shadows ..

  8. This is complete B$ – we need to start shooting back and killing these illegal thugs.

    There is nothing legal about a justice system – they are all corrupt –

    The local news is paid for by judiciary BS and illegal cops, there is no news in the truth and no truth in the news, read the articles they never get two sides to any story, they only take the information given by the police – these a$$hole – need to be taken out !

      1. your a planted cop – Common sense only cops like stories without objectivity and the view from two sides. When police falsely affidavits – they loos immunity against civil prosecution. the quote i saw today was brilliant – “The day is coming when our only choice will be to fight an armed battle for our rights. When the courts start violating our rights and violating constitutional protections the choice is taken away from us and made by their actions. ” – why don’t you use your real name ? you have nothing to hide I’m sure. :-)

        1. (1) Never, in more than 3500 comments, have I said I was a cop. I like my anonymity, mostly because it bugs the shit out of people here.

          (2) Do you think the police shot their own armed vehicle multiple times? Watch the interview. Its quite clear the direction of where the rounds came from.

          1. CS:
            Really? He wrote all that….and you missed hie line about “without objectivity” and “the view from two,sides”? Did you look at his links? Talk about no objectivity. “Hi pot…this is the kettle….”

          2. You should really change your screen name. You’ve proven yourself a scumbag punk liar to everybody who comes here. Everybody. And yet you keep insisting that I supported child molesting. Makes you seem a bit unstable. Because nobody else ever saw me support that foul shit, nor did anybody else ever see your “posts” where you proved I said it. Because none of it ever happened. You’re just a lying punk ass bitch. Proven.

          3. Well….that you consider me a “scumbag”….I’ll wear that as an honor.
            Again…post a lie. Shiw a link.
            I fear not as I know they don’t exist.
            I have a very light electronic footprint. I really only regularly comment on this site. (Occasionally on some others….but I enjoy/laugh at this on this site the most There a special type of goofy on this site that makes me smile.

            As for you…I don’t get it. Occasionally you show a momment of real clarity…..but then it’s back to your obsessions with @JC….for whatever reason (I’ve never seen anyone else mention any video that you say he posted)
            As for your obession with me….so hoping to see me lie about somethin….don’t pin your hopes on it.
            YOU kept backing Glenn and his adults and kids sex thing.
            Hen of course there was the whole you couldn’t find the police defamation cases. There have been others as well.

            So try staying on topic. But I’m betting you can’t.

  9. Dustin is committing legal name fraud as are all the cops involved.

    1. Yawn, still trying huh?

      1. You look at his stuff? LOL. Makes some kind of connection between writing in cursive and being cursed. You know, because the letters c-u-r-s-e are close to c-u-r-s-i-v-e. Not really sure where he went with it, I stopped looking after that.

        1. I did, I really can’t understand how people can fall for it.

          1. Can’t understand how people fall for it? Two words: Jim Jones

          2. Touché

  10. Umm, he was armed. I saw a gun. I was scared.

  11. This is an example of why CopBlock needs to review every case it comes across for accuracy and authenticity. Too much of this story was missing. Nothing was there suggesting that the detained individual was unarmed, and there was a possibility that he may have instigated the matter by being belligerent and uncooperative. I don’t know because the story didn’t address this.

    Yes, police have been abusing their authority, but no one’s going to believe it if the one the loudest voices against such abuse come across like wild-eyed conspiracy theorists.

    In the future, CopBlock needs to check out such claims first and add any details that were not provided in the original posting. As it is, it just looks like CopBlock willl believe any claims showing how cops are “out of control.” That image will only interfere with the intended purpose of the program.

    1. It’s kinda like if you don’t already understand there’s probably no hope for you. Uncooperative or not it’s okay to shatter a man’s eye socket as a representative of the government? Just keep in mind we shatter a man’s eye socket, even in mutual combat if it wasn’t cut n dry self defense you are doing at least 5-10 in Prison. I bet the cop who shattered his face didn’t even consider that. It’s not the justice system it’s the JUST US system.

      1. EH:
        It’s also not ok to,start shooting at the police just because you don’t want to be arrested and held accountable for your crimes. See how that didn’t work for you?

    2. Good thought, but it will never happen. Each hit, Pete gets a nickel.

    3. He did have guns, but he didn’t try to kill anyone.

  12. To all the doubters/haters I hope a cop “fears for his safety” and decides to defend himself all over your ignorant ass because we don’t need you making everything worse by being a voter and part of the gene pool. Furthermore I hope they seize your assets so you can tell your family that you deserve it and it’s your fault they got nothing, just like every other victim of police brutality “deserved” it. You people are why we can’t have nice things and it’s cus you watched someone steal yours and mine and they looked you dead in the eyes and said they didn’t steal shit and you go oooo shiny badges don’t lie while they laugh at you.

  13. This is exactly why I don’t believe in the official report. on this guy

    The officers now face charges of Aggravated Assault, Simple Assault, Criminal Conspiracy, Recklessly Endangering Another Person, Tampering with Public Records or Information, False Reports to Law Enforcement Authorities, Obstructing Administration of Law, and Official Oppression. read it your self

    1. “Info wars”
      ‘Nuf said.
      The fact that you get your information from Alex Jones explains everything about you.


        try this or any oter news site


        Officers lied in report, now face multiple charges

        They lied, they lied they lied Cops mother fuckinglied bend on over fucking bitch cops fucking lies take your dick in your ass like the little bitch you are they friking lied

        more than one site

        viril on Youtube or CNN on news had it this morniing COPS FRICKING LIE AND FALSE REPORTS DICK SMACK FUCK OFF!!!!

  14. Can any Police reading this tell me why Police badges are pentagrams, hexagrams, and 7 pointed faery stars? Do you idiots know what these symbols are, or you dont give a fuck?
    I cant take a human serious who puts EVIL logos on their uniforms and no fucking clue what they are. But I guess most cops and goat blood drinking, child molesting, luciferian pieces of shit…RUN BY THE JESUITS

  15. Why you delete my comment, we not allowed to expose WHY cops are evil…is this site run by police shills?

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