My Beef With Cops...A reader, who uses the pseudonym “That Guy T” on YouTube, shared the video content below, via the Cop Block Submissions page: “A video I made explaining my problems with modern Law Enforcement

(*WARNING – Violent Content Included* Skip to 2:45 if you want to avoid the video examples of police brutality.)”

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  1. things will not change until the justice system decides to actually punish pigs that get out of hand.

    1. So what who cares….we like the system just fine how it is…it is you whiners who have a problem.

      1. You have to make more spelling errors if you want to impersonate t.

      2. your attitude will change if you ever run into a cop in a bad mood and takes it out on you

      3. Yep when it’s U in that head lock till u stop breathing or six-seven guys sitting on UR back till u stop breathing then I bet ur change ur tune then but it will be to late
        Those cold blooded killers
        Gangs in blue
        Mean like a junk yard dog
        Racist pigs
        Back stabbers

  2. A lot of “No victim, no crime” whining. Look, kid, if you want to change the laws, whining on YouTube ain’t gonna effect change. Work to change the laws and maybe “No victim, no crime” will have some teeth.

    1. Change what laws— holy shit man; When cops murder civilians they are Murderers- what the fuck kind of laws need to be changed for cold bloodied murder. Youtube actually educates many idiots who had no clue about certain things in society. He’s not whining- he’s trying raise awareness…. now , you on the other hand…. you are whining to a kid who cares.

      1. Why are you whining about a little murder…after all we do for you…day in…day out…to keep you safe…you should be grateful…your welcome.

  3. Them cops need to die, Capital punishment for ALL of them.

    1. No victim, no crime, remember? That’s what you whine about when you don’t want to be held accountable for a “victimless act”, right?

      1. So, the murder on film of 3 unarmed people to you is a victimless crime? Fuck off and die you moron.

  4. If you think about it unless Erick stole the pack of cigaretts the taxes were paid when the pack was purchased. The State already hid its money. They just murdered him for nothing.

    1. It’s the principle that is important…not the taxers…always obey us…thugs sometimes need to be taught a lesson in obedience. If you disobey us…you won’t like what happens.

  5. More whiny copblockers. It’s always amusing to listen to some streetsheep copblocker state the reasons they think is wrong with everything. Too funny.

    1. for a person who wants to come to this site to monitor felons and criminals, you sure do draw a lot of attention with your idiotic statements.

      1. Who says I’m monitoring felons and criminals? Those are your words copblock streetsheep troll.

          1. Word.

  6. Good video. Black guys sees beyond the BS and delivers many compelling arguments why cops literally get away with murder.

    1. This is why we give our brothers in blue a little extra cash when this happens….DeLeos buddies in blue gave him half a million dollars as a little thank you gift for his “service” …the system rewards its own.

  7. Very thought out argument…I only have one issue that being with your Eric Garner argument…the thing is he did pay the tax on the cigarettes when he brought the pack…the law your referring to is a law that should say “establishments” that sell cigarettes cannot sell singles/loosies because they buy the cartoons at base price… But still good arguments…

  8. It’s so cute to see my imposter here…long before I commented at all.

    I really couldn’t care less about this guys opinion. That’s what it is…his opinion.

    But………I really do have to say…….I like his name. I wonder if it’s a shout out to me?
    Eat that 31 !!!! You don’t see and “that guy 31 Bravo” posters.

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