Kelly Patterson & Brian Ballentine were kidnapped last night by employees of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) and are now caged at the Clark County Detention Center (702) 671-3900.

If you’d like to also call their kidnappers at LVMPD do it up: (702) 828-3231.

call-flood-demand-release-of-ballentine-and-kelly-nevada-copblockFacebook event: Demand Release of Ballentine and Kelly!

On Aug. 10th 2013 during a Second Saturday action, chalking the police, Sunset members Ballentine and Kelly were arrested and are now being held in CCDC on two counts of graffiti/ defacing property and two counts of conspiracy to commit non felony crime, each.
We are calling for solidarity from our comrades. Their court date is Aug. 13th. Every day until then we are asking that people go to CCDC in solidarity and demand their release. Inform the public of these injustices. Chalk is not graffiti. Chalk is not a crime! Demanding justice for the murders committed by LVMPD is not a crime! Chalk, yell, hold signs, whatever you feel most comfortable with, whenever you get the chance please go show your support. At the very least make an appearance, numbers do count. Write, call fax, demand the release of our comrades! Show our comrades they are not alone. Show LVMPD that these injustices will NOT be tolerated! Please show your support.

Number to call- (702) 671-3900

Address to write-Clark County Detention Center
330 South Casino Center
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Las Vegas Court House Fax Number-(702) 671-3175

To be clear – Patterson and Ballentine caused no victim. This is a free speech issue. The pair had been outside the headquarters of the LVMPD to participate in the monthly chalking done on the sidewalk to bring attention to the double-standards afforded to some predatory individuals who wear LVMPD badges (for example – in the history of the LVMPD not one employee has been found by internal investigations to have been in the wrong when involved in a shooting).

Yesterday when they were placed in handcuffs they had not even chalked.

Instead, an as of yet unknown LVMPD employee(s) told Patterson and Ballentine that they had arrest warrants – both were accused of two counts of “graffiti/defacing property” causing damage between $250-5000 and two counts of “conspiracy.”

Bail is set at 80,000FRNs. A lawyer is abreast of their situation.

Patterson and Ballentine are scheduled to be arraigned on Tue., Aug 13th, 8am in courtroom #5.

If you’re in the area, join them in legaland. If you’re in or out of the area, calls to their captors would be helpful. (702) 671-3900



*note that in the first video below I communicated an incorrect phone number, the best phone number to call is (702) 671-3900. If you have a moment please call to inquire about their status. Communicate to their captors that even if the accusations are true, there’s no victim and thus no crime and thus Patterson and Ballentine should be uncaged.


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  1. Reminds me of the old fable of the rich man who wanted to arrest the poor man for stealing because he was smelling his banquet. the king decided to let the rich man flog the shadow of the poor man.

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