Philladelphia Cop Block Logo2Chris Crepeau recently contacted us, via the Cop Block Submissions page, to let us know about the formation of the latest local affiliate, which is located in the Philadelphia area. He included the following statement for why he felt the need to start Philadelphia Cop Block:

“I would like to undertake growing the Cop Block movement in Philadelphia. I’m located in Bensalem PA, which borders north Philly. I am just a very sick and tired citizen when it comes to the way that the police create cases and crimes, more than they work to serve and protect the public or enforce existing laws and uphold the constitution.

I’m tired of seeing people beaten and killed who are not threats, I’m tired of seeing animals killed who pose no threat, I’m tired of seeing police abuse their authority and operate outside of the reach of the law.

I, as a citizen, demand change!”

Philladelphia Cop Block Founder
Chris Crepeau

We certainly are very happy to have Chris, and others involved in holding police accountable within the Philadelphia area, joining us and would encourage anyone else near there to get in touch with and make connections with him to help themselves and others do so.

In addition, if you live outside Philadelphia you can find the appropriate affiliate in your area by consulting the Cop Block Groups page or, if necessary, Start a Cop Block Group yourself. The more people we have advocating for accountability among police departments, the more likely it is that they will be forced to uphold that basic responsibility.

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  1. This is bad news…why is copblock becoming so popular…this is a threat to officer safety.

    1. No, this is a threat to officer treachery. Since when does filming the police endanger them? And it’s becoming more popular because the internet is making it easier for examples of unaccountability to be shared. The police have always acted this way, but just recently (the last ten or so years) they haven’t been put online for the whole world to see what tyrants they are. This is good news. How wrong can you be? Dang.

      1. You seriously thought this wasn’t the imposter?

        1. The stupid is starting to sound all the same. If he would just do what JC is always whining about and sign in, there wouldn’t be any confusion about his stupidity….just sayin’.

          1. I fear for your offspring if you’re that easily confused.

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        2. You ask this as if there’s much of a difference between real t and impostor t.

  2. Haha, the author dosent mention his accounts of “beatings, shootings, and dog deaths” are all from youtube searches.

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      1. Looks like you learned basic math! good for you.

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