This is a repost of an article originally published on the South East Alabama Cop Block website, which discusses some of the improprieties and possible misconduct by members of the Barbour County “justice” system. This involves the case of Will Dickerson, a former University of Alabama football player, who has been accused of murdering a man named Willie Pugh during a robbery.

Included in those who are alleged to have acted inappropriately and possibly even engaged in an outright framing of Dickerson, are the District attorney prosecuting the case, Ben Reeves, as well as Jeff Compton, a former cop now practicing as a defense attorney, who previously represented Dickerson. It was received via the Cop Block Submissions page.

Full story at here, here and updated here.

willWill Dickerson (pictured left), former University of Alabama football player and personal friend of this author, has been in the Barbour County jail awaiting trial for murder since January of 2012. However, new information has come to light that may indicate his previous attorney Jeff Compton (pictured below), who is a former police officer, conspired with other unnamed police and government officials to hide evidence from Dickerson that would have long ago cleared him of all charges.

In the above linked article, reporter, Jon Carroll, states “In confidence, members of the court system and law enforcement who feel justice is not being served have confirmed this and been willing to share multiple examples of the evidence.” indicating a large cover up. This alleged conspiracy also represents an obvious unwillingness on the part of court officials and police to uphold their oaths and bring the alleged conspirators to justice in any official capacity. Possibly indicating yet another case of the government showing preferential treatment to it’s own.

Dickerson’s trial is scheduled for February 2nd of this year. South East Alabama Cop Block will be present at the trial as much as possible in order to report any events allowed by the court for public dissemination.

UPDATE: According to Jon Carroll on, the trial has been moved up to April and will be held in Russell County. After numerous complaints against Barbour County District Attorney Ben Reeves he has been summoned to the State Attorney General’s office. Mr. Carroll also quotes a “A long term law enforcement official we trust deeply” as saying:

“the district attorney is being pressured by Barbour county’s largest narcotics network to not identify the actual individuals who robbed and murdered Willie Pugh. Blood DNA of those individuals who actually murdered Pugh are in his possession. The State of Alabama has tested this evidence and confirmed it is not Pugh or Dickersons.” 

Mr. Carroll also posted this video:

This knowledge, if true, proves that local police and other officials who have taken oaths as public servants are either complicit in the cover up or at the very least are failing to arrest Mr. Reeves and Mr. Compton even though they KNOW they are breaking the law.

Remember, bad cops are bad. “Good” cops who look the other way or fail to enforce the law on their co-workers are WORSE!

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  1. oh no, a pig caught doing something wrong? no that can’t happen, pigs are good people.

    1. Where is that fucker Slappy? I already know what he’s fucking going to say.

      1. the worst part is, I think he believes the shit he types.

      2. He’s out at the sheep farm this morning. I can hear them from here, saying, “Get B-a-a-a-a-a-c-c-k-k-k.” That’s how I know it’s him. Probably making another video to post.

  2. Hey slappy I know what you are going to say so save it you prick.

  3. Oh my.

    So I read the linked blog story.
    The author of the blog states that he is “just an uneducated cowman”. I agree.

    His lawyer SHOULD have filed that motion….as part of the discovery process..
    Now….can the client/defendant be pissed that he didn’t know that his attorney filed what is a required motion for him…without telling him about filing it? Sure…I guess.

    Author guy…….
    Why would they be framing this guy?

    1. Why has anybody ever framed anybody, moron? Everything you say is either a lie or stupid. Or a stupid lie. Like claiming shit anybody can go back for themselves and see is complete bullshit.

      1. liar guy:
        Wow. You truly are just sheep.

        Try to think it through.
        This guy is presented as clean as fresh fallen snow. And the authorities supposedly have the evidence on who really did it. And supposedly there are murders all the time in this 1000 person town (eventually that will die out. Get it…die out?)

        So….YOU as the sheep your are….just trot along and buy it.

        To you…the idea that the police, prosecutor AND his defense attorney are willing and wanting to screw this guy for nothing. …… …… ….. While having the DNA to get the “real killer” off the street. ….. ….. ….. ….. …… And that makes sense to you. Wow.

        Now…..go hit the links CS posted.
        Then suck my balls dumb ass

        1. You know what, douchebag? I’m tempted to post my full name and address, and then have you publicly repeat that I supported child molestation. Show you how an actual defamation lawsuit works. And as far as your less than credible analysis of my comment, I wasn’t addressing this specific case. I was responding to your stupid as a rock question of why somebody would get framed. Because cops are capable of doing so, is why. You going to say that it never happens that way? Do you know for a fact that that isn’t the case here? No, douchebag shitpile, you don’t. As usual, you don’t know shit. But you just keep flapping those fishlips none the less. Stupid pond slime motherfucker. It takes a pretty foul ass punk bitch to accuse somebody of shit like that. And you never have answered the question of why and when I changed my tune. You know, if I stood so firmly behind it and all. Now I’m suddenly calling it out as the foul shit it is. LOLOL. You’re a stupid lying punk ass bitch, would be one answer.

          1. liar guy:
            I know you weren’t really responding to my comment. You never stay on topic.
            But I used the opportunity of yet another of your mindless comments to further illustrate just how db you are.

            As for name and the rest.
            You’re a big boy….you do whatever you’d like. When/if you make another comment about supporting adults having sex with younger kids….I’ll point it out again.
            But as your dumb butt hasn’t figured out yet…..the ONLY one bringing it up….is YOU

    2. I am not commenting on this story as I don’t know what’s the truth because it is posted here but why is the thought that someone was out to frame him or get him so far fetched? There was a yahoo story posted tonight about a black fella who did 26 yrs for a crime he didn’t commit. The lead investigating officer intentionally withheld evidence that would have shot the case, that they and everyone wanted solved, to hell. The victim or main witness, I forget which, identified 7 others first and 2 DNA tests showed inconclusive and a match to someone else. 26 years because someone who swore an oath did not do his/her job properly…on purpose just to get a body count!

      P.S. That cities council was set to approve the 2.6? mil he settled for with a federal court overseeing the process to ensure he is paid.

      1. YF:
        There’s a difference between a case where there’s is: new evidence, a new look at the old evidence, trial errors…..and and instance of police wanton misconduct and/or prosecutorial misconduct.

        I recently spoke with one of the lead investigators in a similar situation as your yahoo story. We were at a conference and I knew him from “back in the day” and we spoke about the case he worked on.
        Now that case was….overturned…when some commission looked at the case some 20 years later and decided that there wasn’t enough evidence to convict. Since he was intimately involved….I asked about it. He openly scoffed at the idea that the defendant WASNT the guy. He went into how some panel is throwing out what a jury did and how wrong it was for them to “Monday morning quarterback” the jury.
        Again….in that case there wasn’t any misconduct alleged…..just the idea that there wasn’t enough evidence. CSI effect on those that should know better.
        And the state still paid that guy too.

        But this story is different to me. Again….what is the motive? If the police have the DNA for the “real killer”….why not arrest that guy? The accused here apparently has lots of other pending legal issues.

        1. Pea-t-Brain, you really are stupid. Are you seriously unable to think of any reason why cops and prosecutors would be quite happy with the wrong guy? Do you honestly believe that your single anecdote is meaningful in any way?

          1. cork:
            So you have nothing to offer.


          2. I demonstrated that you’re completely clueless. I’m just surprised that you would so readily admit it.

        2. This story is different, I would agree, but the case I referenced, the chap was innocent. Any one can have an opinion bu8t the issue becomes credibility. The lead cop admitted they did not turn over evidence that would have cast serious doubt on the case. Namely, 2 different DNA tests and the victim identifying 7 others. But the focal point of the case I referenced, the cop admitted there was a rush to finish the case and evidence they were required to turn over, they failed to. That is misconduct or whatever you wasn’t to call it.

          As to the “Monday morning QB”. 75% of the men released due to project innocence, are there due to witness mis-identification. The were, by all accounts, arrested rightfully, and convicted based on the evidence available. Now, we know in 300 plus cases, it was bad evidence or the new technology has cleared them. The most important thing is to make sure the right people go to jail. It should be hard to convict someone and it is perfectly valid to 2nd guess all day to make sure the correct ones are in the klink. I mean, how many cases can be affected if misconduct is involved?? It may be possible that most of what they did was good but if in just 1 case they planted evidence and lied, then everything they touched over a period of time is scrutinized and rightfully so.

          But, to your example. I will not agree nor disagree. It depends on the circumstances. If evidence new has been found or new technology has been invented that can make sure, why should we not make sure? I only ask as we see it happening all the time right now. No misconduct is alleged but the new technology is uncovering facts that were not available back 25 yrs ago and if there is a chance an innocent man went to prison, that needs to made whole.

        3. Not to pile on but here is another story. 30 years for a crime he didn’t commit. 40 hour interrogation where, according to Common Sense the average length of the police interrogation is 2.5 hours. The wreaks of the, “we need to get a man who seems to have diminished mental capacity to confess as we have nothing”, type of case. These are so similar to many of the project innocence cases.

          Call it what you will but to me, it is a simple case of the cops zeroing in on 1 man and they were not going to stop until he confessed, and he did.

          30 years, t, because cops targeted a man and interrogated him until he broke down. All to get the guy no matter what. This is inexcusable!

          1. YF:
            Ummmm….did you miss the part about the DNA evidence just excluding him last August?

            Yes….I whole heartedly agree that is a horrible story.

            But it was 30 YEARS AGO. Lots of things have changed
            Like the DNA evidence.
            Like now….we record ALL felony interviews and are required by state law to video and audio record all homicide invests.
            Things evolve.
            Duals used to be an acceptable way of settling disagreements
            Selling humans into slavery…used to be ok.

            I know lots of old cops from the 60’s and 70’s. Many had nicknames like “the stick”. Then…people F’d upped…some cop whipped his ass and it was over Few folks got arrested. And you could leave you does unlocked.
            Now it’s….don’t dare touch anyone and everyone gets arrested for everything. And you sure better lock your doors.

            What changed? I have my opinions

            I read somewhere recently (it may have been under a thread on this site) where someone was trying to link a report about a huge number of rape kits never being processed.
            On the surface….that’s sounds horrible. But the last time I asked one of our sex
            Crime investigators (thank goodness I never got stuck with that detail) they were still in the high 90%s of cases being false complaints. And those cases are falling out through traditional investigations….without the need to ever have the kits processed.
            Just a couple of years ago I had to have some old kits destroyed that had never been processed. They had been collected years before but the cases fell apart before the kits were needed to be analyzed.
            But from the outside without any knowledge….boy that looks bad doesn’t it?

            My point is that…as I had to painfully point out to @Ray (who still doesn’t get it) that things evolve. Technology, law, pyscological inderstanding. Things evolve with time.

            Look at privacy.
            I’ve gone on record here that “body cams” aren’t going to be what those who are screaming for them think they are.
            The constant recording of everything you say, or do, or where you are, even if you aren’t involved in a crime, or if your inside your home (where the FFs knew was where you have the most privacy)….all of that disappeArs. And it’s not the GOVERNMNET forcing it on anyone. It’s people blindly asking for it.
            Freedom being lost at their own request.

            And look at the issues with DRONES. It’s not the government. It’s your neighbor.

            LPRs? How can anyone bitch if it’s viwed in public? That’s the current standard.

            Privacy concerns will be at the absolute forefront in the next few years. It’s the new battlefield. And it’s not from the government. It’s private industry. But the problem is….if it’s good for them…it’s good for the government too.

          2. Not to disagree with your points but did you miss the part about the cop that withheld evidence that would have resulted in Reasonable doubt? 10-20 OR 30 years, doesn’t matter. Even though most cases are no fault of the/system, about 25% are. In the case I mentioned, sure new DNA but had the cop done it right FROM THE START, then he would not have needed to be cleared 30 yrs later and that’s the main issue I have. Go read some of the cases and you will see what I mean.
            As to the technology, it is not all driven in the manner you speak. The plate scanners, if its in public, deal with it No privacy. Same with you filming me. But That is not the main issue. I mentioned a case that was decided by the 10th that ruled in favour of the cops by outlining the mitigating factors. They gave a perfect description of PC. It doesn’t require absolute proof, just a fair probability. Lower than Preponderance and higher than a reasonable based suspicion. But, they flat out stated they had a huge issue with the warrantless use of the hand held radar. They stated with new technology, comes new ways to get bad guys but it also creates issues with the same police using it to violate my constitutional protections. That’s the cops.
            Stingray. I have not read anything good about it. The F.B.I. is on record saying in public we should have no privacy. Sorry but my devices are private. How in the hell can you (I DONT MEAN YOU SPECIFICALLY) even argue in favour of that nonsense. A cop somewhere tapping into my e-mails, medical records, finances or business dealings. All the things you would require a warrant for. I told you there was a case in Baltimore in which a Detective with the BPD flat out refused to answer questions about the technology that was used to track a bad guy. He told the judge he signed a non-disclosure agreement when asked what was used to track him. The case was dismissed in order to preserve the technology that cops used with no oversight. That, sir, is the most dangerous aspect of policing in relation to the people. That’s the cops, not my neighbor. So far, what have the courts said about policing in relation to peoples houses. The Thermal imaging case? Kyllo V U.S. I believe! Florida V Jardines! A mans house is his house. Aside from drones and everyone filming, these are tools being used by Leo’s that need to be addressed by the courts and controlled

          3. CONT.
            As to body cams. I am indifferent but the mood is cops should wear them. There are many states pushing legislation to force that. But, you are right, it is freedom lost by the people screaming for it But look at Boston and that hunt. How many doors were kicked in by cops? For your safety, we need to come into your house and search without a warrant and when you go out, show your hands and make no sudden movements. Ya, that’s real freedom right there huh? And what did the people do? Cheer cops on. Most of the commentary on policeone and many other police sites found those actions to be way out of line and many expressed downright discontentment about the police doing that to free people in a free country AND made comparisons to the police during hurricane Katrina where cops were the only ones allowed to be armed.

            I agree with your points as I understand them and what you mean but there are many things going on now, being done by law enforcement that, if not regulated, can have a huge impact on civil liberties!

  4. Pigs love to abuse legal names and the dupes which claim legal names.

    1. So, JC-the-Idiot thinks that it’s ok to withhold evidence in a case against someone that isn’t a saint. I wonder if that’s why JC was fired from his cop job and forced to become a parole officer.

      1. I already posted the link to support my statements. You haven’t. By the way, I chose to become a probations officer. You obviously don’t understand how the system works dumbass.

        1. You didn’t post anything that supports withholding evidence, Idiot. And who actually chooses to be a parole officer???? Were your career options seriously that limited???

          1. IS that all you have to say? You are too fucking stupid to understand what I do for a living so you bash me for being a probations officer. Before you start bashing, learn what the job is about first. You just made yourself look like a fucking idiot.

          2. JC, I’m sorry that life has worked out the way it has for you. I’m sure that you had higher aspirations, but there’s nothing that forces you to admit this on the internet. Btw, I have quite a bit more to say. I’m just getting started.

          3. Again, you look like an idiot. You are a sore loser who acts like a little kid.

          4. I’m not the loser. You’re the one that was forced into a life of being a parole officer. Your comments on here make it quite obvious that you’re bitter about the way your life turned out for you. I feel bad for you, but I’m not going to let you write stupid, incorrect comments on here without properly challenging you.

          5. I’m not the loser. I’m not the one that’s been forced to be a probation officer for the rest of my life. That’s you.

          6. You are a loser and an idiot. To actually think someone would be “forced” into being a probations officer is just hilarious. I assure you I make more money per year than you ever could. Guess what, the money I make is from tax payers. You pay my salary. You truly are a little child who’s only real job requirement is to say, “You want fries with that”. LOLOLOLO

          7. LOL! You’re trying to claim that you’re working as a parole officer for the money? Dude, that’s hysterical. Your salary expectations are obviously a few orders of magnitude below mine. Again, I’m sorry that your life turned out the way it did.

          8. I love being a parole officer. Since you don’t realize that and you are just trying to be a drama queen, you rants mean nothing.

          9. It’s sad that you love being a parole officer. I’m wondering how awful your life must have previously been to make you love being a parole officer now.

  5. Sounds like they are afraid those other guys will get arrested and then to make their sentences shorter start ratting out govt. and business officials who helped in the drug trade.

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