A reader, named Wendy Robins, shared the content below, regarding the service several employees of the Hamlin, TX Police Dept. provided to her, via the Cop Block Submissions page.

Hamlin TX Police Dept patchDate of Incident: November 2, 2014
Individuals Involved: Officer Chad Boyett, Chief of Police Bobby Evans, Judge Fenner
Outfit Involved: Hamlin (TX) Police Department
Phone: (325) 576-3633
Address: 351 South Central Avenue Hamlin, TX 79520
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On November 2, 2014, I was walking home from buying some items at the local grocery store. I was approached by Officer Chad Boyett a block and a half away from my home, which I own. Officer Boyett passed me and did a U-turn at the intersection in front of me and then pulled up beside me. I continued walking as he asked me where my auto was. I told him it didn’t matter because I was walking and that I didn’t have time for this, so I was going home.

He got out of his auto and ran around to me, approximately 3 feet from his auto, forcefully gripped my arm and drug me to the front of his auto. He kept asking where my auto was and stated he knew I had been driving without a license. I informed him he can’t do this and to call the Chief of Police, Bobby Evans. He said he didn’t have to call him and that he was writing me citations for driving without a license and expired registration.

I again stated he can’t do that and that I thought he was harassing me and again asked him to call the Chief of Police, Bobby Evans. I stated that I would not sign the citations and he gripped my arm tighter, resulting in bruising, and stated that I was being hostile and that now I’m going to jail and that I could tell it to the judge. He slapped the cuffs on me so tight and fast that my only thought was……I need a witness. I raised my arms in cuffs above my head and yelled at the top of my lungs to the first passing auto I saw.

The man did a U-turn at the opposite end of the block and pulled up across from us and asked what was going on. Officer Boyett told him he had everything under control and that he didn’t need to worry about it. Knowing the man, I asked if he could take my groceries to my home. The officer refused. I simply told the man to inform my husband that I was going to jail for walking without a license. The man later wrote his statement proving there was no other auto at the place where I was arrested, only the police auto. I was taken to the Hamlin Police Department for quiet some time while paperwork, etc., was being done.

I asked for a cigarette before I had to be transported to the jail. I was told by Officer Boyett that if I was quiet he would let me. I was placed in front of the police station in a chair in handcuffs on the main street for public display intentionally. This was humiliating simply because I do not break the law, nor go to jail. Prior to having the painful cuffs moved to the front I had asked many times to turn or loosen them and denied. At this point Officer Boyett asked what was in my pockets. I told him I had a two pack lighter in my back pocket and my credit card in my front pocket, which I attempted to get for him when he slapped my hand back and said he’d get it. I stated as he slid his hand in my pocket that I’m not comfortable with him doing that and he stated I didn’t have a choice. I informed him I could say he touched my hoo hoo.

I was read my rights finally and loaded by Officer Nick(?) for transport to Jones County Jail. The officer dropped off my groceries to my husband and informed him I was going to jail. No one could tell me what my charges were. Upon arriving at Jones County Jail, jokes were made by the jailers and the transporting officer regarding the arresting officer and his tactics. I was booked in after a long wait and instantly asked for someone to take pictures of my arm where it was bruised and the redness from the cuffs many hours later. Later, they complied and stated only the Chief of Police, Bobby Evans, would get the photos. This was on a Sunday, so I had no choice but to stay the night in jail. How humiliating, how unjust, how……..!!!

Still no one could tell me what my charges were, why I was in jail. After lunch the next day, I was called to talk to a judge at the jailers station. The judge only told me I was being charged with driving without a license and expired registration and that my bond was $500 on each charge. After a bondsman got me out and took me back to Hamlin, I discussed things with my husband and walked to the police department for court, which I was told I had up to 10 days to see the judge. I told the judge I was walking and not guilty and agreed that he and the Chief of Police could review the audio and video and agreed that if I wasn’t driving the charges would be dropped and if I was I would pay the fines.

I filed a formal complaint on Nov. 4th and gave them ample time before requesting the status of my complaint. I requested to discuss it with the Chief of Police and denied by stating they sent me a letter and refuse to discuss it until I receive the letter. The letter only discussed the humiliation and excessive force stating they stand by the officer and that he did nothing wrong. I called a meeting with Chief Evans where he stated he knew I was NOT driving and I submitted my request for audio and video. The officer NEVER turned on his lights, so I knew there was no video.

The Judge informed me a few days later at my request for status again that he refused to view the “video” now. I don’t understand that, but I was given a day to appear at a “court” between me and the city attorney, ex crooked mayor, alone. When I entered he asked if I knew what the fines were for my charges. I stated I didn’t care because I’m not paying them. I placed in front of him the paper charging me with driving without a license and placed my license on it then I placed the other paper charging me with expired registration with the title, bill of sale dated Dec. 3, 2014 for the auto he stated I was in and proof of inspection which would have dismissed the charges but I said one thing he didn’t like……I have an attorney…..so nothing was dismissed. My attorney is a civil rights lawyer from Houston and is currently investigating my case. I do worry they can get to him. HELP ME GET JUSTICE

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  1. I suppose this author is a contortionist, since she’s capable of raising her arms above her head while cuffed, before she had her cuffs moved to the front.

    Sounds like a pack of horseshit

    1. thats not what she said, you are the horseshit. Also, the story is second hand thru copblock, errors can be made. I can see clearly you aren’t perfect, sikko.

      1. From the above article: “I raised my arms in cuffs above my head” and two paragraphs later, “Prior to having the painful cuffs moved to the front I had asked many times to turn or loosen them and denied.”

        This is supposedly a first hand account submitted to CopBlock, not the second hand retelling you want to believe it is.

        I’m not perfect, and I didn’t claim to be. You, however, clearly didn’t read the article above.

        1. Do you remember every detail of all the things that ever happened to you? Do you tell every story from memory the same way every time? No? (If you said yes you’re a big fat liar and we all know it) Hum… then you must always be lying… or your a human with a humans brain just like the person who was arrested for walking without a license.

          1. This is a very specific detail. The cuffs are tight enough to leave marks, but she claims she can raise her hands above her head that way, despite being cuffed behind her back.

          2. Every police report is the whole truth, even when written in jargon to justify the whole truth. Even when it’s found to be a lie made from whole cloth (the dancing college student that attacked police horses so he deserved beating).

            Police paradigms are still mired in in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Propensity, confession, all mired in an out-dated belief. In the Buddhist Temple murders in Arizona, the police extracted confessions and every one proved false later. The police ran with them and got their asses handed to them. The police created those false confessions by their methods. But nothing to look at, just move along.

        2. Sikko:
          Wow. Pile driver on that one. Geez. I thought the same thing. Raising my arms that high hurts like hell.

          1. Yeah, I learned about that at the hands of my older brother as a kid.

          2. It’s acctually a control tactic we use on the fighters. Not generally a comfortable thing.

          3. And also the basis of a great many unnecessary force claims.

          4. True. If it’s not necessary.

          5. If it’s not necessary, then the claims have merit, but many of those claims come from just the use of that particular control tactic. It’s the whole if it’s uncomfortable it must be unnecessary way of thinking, kind of like what we see in so much of the CopBlock commentary.

          6. Sikko
            True. According to the thoughts of those like @RAD is that a traffic stop is violent. Of course….he doesn’t beleive in laws but then wants to sue everyone about those laws.
            He’s almost as bad as the joke that is/was @CENTURION. Do you remember when he was out “blocking” and a college kid dotted his eye…..and he ran after the police for protection? Gosh that was great stuff. His buddy recorded it and posted it here….for a very short while before that was taken down. It was awesome.

          7. Come on, bitch, post those links. Fucking lying ass douchebag.

          8. Does it make you feel tough to cuss at me?

            Why don’t you the posts where I brought it up?

          9. You said you would find and post times where I defended child molestation, you foul fucking piece of dog shit. No toughness involved, just a strong indication of how much that shit disgusts me. So post them. Prove you’re not a lying ass little punk bitch. Oh, but wait, you won’t be able to prove it, because YOU ARE a lying little punk ass bitch.

          10. I so love echo chambers. You have t. and t. has you.

          11. Post the links, assclown. Lying douche motherfucking scumbag.

          12. Really an Idiot:
            Why don’t YOU post the ones that I called you out on?
            You’re saying that I brought it up….show the links where I did.

          13. Still looking. Unlike you…..I don’t make things up.
            I’ll find them.

          14. Yet you claimed Singhania said restraining legs would cause suffocation when she said nothing of the sort. So you do make things up.

            BTW, the ER physician you loved agreed with her on the cause of death. He even explained how people can say “I can’t breath” while suffocating, he even gave a phrase for it “insufficient ventilation”. Yet you, like all the rest that can’t incorporate something new into their thinking, parroted the “if he can speak he can breath” well after you praised the ER physician as the truth and Singhania as the incompetent.

            So here’s a truth for you, the ER physician in explict terms explained that the phrase “if he can speak he can breath” is ignorant. Why do you hold it as a truth?

          15. Ray:
            Geez dude. Let it go. You were simply wrong….you bought what you wanted to belief and ignored the truth of it.
            The testimony is what it was. She said what she said. He said what he said. I would think that you would be outraged by the contoursionist stretching that they both went through trying to paint it into something it clearly wasn’t.
            That’s one of the those pesky things about investigations and why they are released immediately. If HER interview/findings had been released right away….it could have affected what HE said. And the same if it was the other way around. It’s why I say the police shouldn’t be releasing videos/statements/info before the interviews and investigation is complete.
            Look at what happened in Ferguson. A lie spread like fire and destroyed a city. The truth was a far different thing after the investigation was completed. Heck….your beloved DOJ even said that Wilson didn’t do anything wrong.

          16. Your original statement was “The expert coroner said the restraining the legs makes people stop breathing. Test it. Sit there and don’t move your lets (sic). See if you pass out. Her science wasn’t science.” That was not what she said.You mischaracterized it to suit your need.

            Singhania actually said this: “Cause of death was anoxic encephalopathy [brain damage or death due to lack of oxygen] due to mechanical chest compression along with blunt cranial and facial injuries [which reduced oxygen to the brain].” What she further said is that restraining the legs would contribute when others are restraining the upper body, and that to a direct question on the restraint of the legs.

            The ER physician, who you used to show Singhania must be incompetent because he found broken ribs in X-rays and she didn’t in autopsy, agreed with her on the cause of death. He did not agree that the police were necessarily responsible, something else you pointed out..

            He did explain that only ignorant morons, so many out there, believe this mantra “if he can speak, he can breath”. He explained it by the phrase “insufficient ventilation”, something we with asthmatic children or breathing problems ourselves know by experience. You can speak while suffocating. You have of course not continued that ignorant mantra since you read the transcript of the ER physician’s statement. You learn from the experience of others, you know it has worth, and that your sole experience is hardly the whole world. Why else would you go to college?

            “I would think that you would be outraged by the contoursionist stretching that they both went through trying to paint it into something it clearly wasn’t.” No, I’m outraged by yours. So now the ER physician was affected by the ME’s report? He can’t be trusted to be his own man? The guy you held in so much esteem that anything he testified to was correct if it contradicted Singhania? He didn’t testify to what he found in the ER room, but modified it by the ME’s report?. So why did he continue to maintain broken ribs?

            This you should say in front of a mirror “Geez dude. Let it go. You were simply wrong….you bought what you wanted to belief (sic) and ignored the truth of it.” It would have truth to it, and you could learn from it.

            This is the police state argument all over again.

          17. You’ll find jack shit, you lying fucking punk ass bitch. And what is it that I made up, anyway? I suppose you have posts to prove that bullshit as well, right? NOPE. All you have is your punk ass bitch claims. Like saying I said The Port Police, when anybody on this site can go back to the Riverside Sheriff post, look up my comment, and see that I said “I was working for a Port police department.”A”, douchebag, not “the”. And you flat out claimed that I said “The”. When anybody can go look it up for themselves and see you’re a lying bitch. That’s what I mean when I say you’re an ignorant little punk ass lying bitch. So go ahead, make your claims of the posts “you’ll find”. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Lying punk ass bitch. You won’t find shit, because it all came out of your ass, like everything you claim. I’m tempted to post my actual name and address to see if you’d dare repeat that foul shit. Claim in a public forum that I defended child molestation. Then you’d see if a REAL slander/defamation lawsuit would be anything like the imaginary ones in your head.

          18. Unless you bend over. OTH, my great-grandmother could lock her hands together behind her back and raise them almost above her head. She could also extend an arm and bend it back to an obscene degree. I have no doubt that some could do better.

            Experience is a bitch. You know Shakespeare wasn’t doing the statistical average when speaking to Horatio. He was however speaking to Horatio assuming all he knew is all that is. It’s the problem with rationality when an individual thinks his experience is all there is.

            To make one point evidence that all is a lie is to put most (I do the usual disclaimer) police reports as all lies.

          19. Ray:
            You are right, experience is a bitch. And your typical lack of experience shows it in vivid colors.
            But as always…..I’ll entertain your stupidity for my own enjoyment.

            So….you think that standing….with you hands cuffed behind your back….that it not only just easy, but not painful…..to raise you hands up over your head lie she describes? And then you add that you grandmother can easily do it.
            Somehow……like @Sikko pointed out……that very painful control tactic which is used by the police…..and results in lots of excessive force complaints…..some how doesn’t hurt?

            Keep thinking the Youre the smartest guy in the room. At least that gives you 1 vote.

      2. Wendy is bat shit crazy shes been trying to start drama with the pd for the longest time now story is bogus there is way more to it.

        1. If you want to use English as a language, please use it well, or maybe well or kind of well. I will wait.

          Moreover, don’t use it with all sorts of fallacious thinking embedded in the attempt. If you want to prove something wrong please make the attempt real with something more than just making the rest of us stupid. You used bogus, show the word you used is justified. Show it.

          “There is way more to it” is easy to claim. Expound on it. You wrote “there is way more to it” so you must know what that “way” is.

          1. Ray:
            Geez. You don’t like what he wrote because he doesn’t have proof. But yet…..you are accepting what she wrote….and what all CBers write….always without proof (or worse yet, you defend the CBers when the proof the do have shows that the police were right.
            Two-faced much?

          2. Can’t quite use that totality argument outside of your profession can you?

            Really? You don’t get the meaning of “bat-shit crazy” as dismissing everything in one easy phrase? Even schizophrenics and paranoics can be right at times.

            “…when the proof the (sic) do have shows that the police were right.” Not only have I pointed out that I may be arguing with how you, or anyone because it’s not all about you, arrived at “proof” while I question the post itself, but that your claims of “without proof” are often unfounded except in your narrow mind.

            I am still amazed that you have a degree in Psychology.

    2. The guy spends his entire time commenting on copblock and copblock type sites….

      Someone is out of work. Don’t worry there’s always mall security for you : )

      1. If you knew anything about Sikko, it would be that Sikko is a female.

        1. ok fine…the girl spends her entire time commenting on copblock and copblock type sites….Someone is out of work. Maybe she can work mall secutiry

          1. Don’t be too upset… She’s dead on every time.

          2. Maybe not every time, gotta keep myself humble

          3. Others keep you humble, but you have to accept that they do.

          4. Other’s can only help. Humility and humbleness are outward expressions of internal thought and opinion.

          5. No one is dead on every time.

          6. Accept you right?

          7. Wrong see the above response to Queef

          8. sikko has an income from her 12 children , running the streets selling other peoples stuff and of course her monthly welfare checks

          9. LOVE IT

          1. seriously?

          2. Well, I get an A for effort by doing at least a tiny bit of independent research. :) And besides… I’m a retired cop (jabs t in the rib) so I get some slack. LOL

          3. Hey, no worries, it’s not like it matters in regards to any point I have to make here.

        2. Damn, I’m shocked. She seemed so male.

      2. My entire time? Nope

        Commenting on CopBlock? Yep

        Commenting on CopBlock type sites? Nope, just this one

        Out of work? Not even close

        1. this must be your full time job , and you seem to be a police sympathizer , or a cop your self , paid to troll

          1. This doesn’t help with people’s confusion about your gender. Are you a tranny who is horrible with make up or a woman who is horrible with make up?
            I’m just being an internet asshole now, aren’t I?

          2. You are, but this was funny.

          3. sikko is a tranny cop along with its buddy t-bag , who come here to troll anti police people and make really stupid comments to any one who opposes their assumed authority

          4. Yeah because most police departments have ‘paid troll’ units

          5. yup

    3. i totally agree Sikko…she totally made up this entire story just for shitz and gigglez. You’re fucking nuts SKIDDO

    4. I’ll be astounded if there’s any complaint, citation or court docket number.

    5. I put my hands behind me, grasped tightly, and then raised them above my head. I bent over to do it.

      Placing all veracity on one detail…

      1. 1. When handcuffed, a person’s hands are placed palms out, not palms toward each other. This is done because it severely limits the mobility of a person’s arms.

        2. In your bent over state, how well do you think that would work for getting someone’s attention?

        3. I’m not “placing all veracity on one detail.” I only commented on one detail, the whole thing sounds like complete horse shit for multiple reasons.

          1. Don’t I know it

  2. This is ridiculous. You have nothing to worry about.

    1. Maybe she needs some support for a ticket she got and just SAYS she’s not driving on CB…Im a little confused…if she didn’t have an i.d.how did he get the Vin number? I guess by a name look up? She says she went to court and just gave them proof of registration to the car he wrote the ticket for…

  3. Ms. Robbins, please post your citation/docket number so this can be verified. Your story is too far fetched to be true.

    1. Her story is bogus im from hamlin and know everyone in that population 2000 amd declining town. Wendy has been trying to start problems with the pd for the longest time now. Honestly the woman is batshit crazy and the cop in the statement is a decent cop.

      1. Or you’re a cop apologist. But we can take your word for it right mike “might as well be anonymous”?

      2. I did a little bit of research on her and it seems she likes to cry wolf a lot and then disappears when she’s called out on it. I agree with you. This story is completely bogus.

      3. Mike Torres…..
        This IS the ONLY problem I have had with any of the police, any where, and I’ve NEVER had a problem with your dad, I think he’s a good cop here. I’m not crazy simply because I am not going to let him continue doing things as he does. ILLEGALLY! If it’s not true why am I going thru this?

        1. just you:
          So…..just to clear the air about this incident:
          1: Was your license revoked at the time you were cited?
          2: Was the registration tag on your car expired?
          3: Were you driving at any point just prior to this incident?

  4. There seems that there may be more to this story than has been revealed so far. It is inconceivable that an officer, any officer, not matter how green or stupid, would think you could arrest a pedestrian for driving without a license while the only thing they were doing was walking down a public street, and have such a charge withstand even minimal scrutiny. If circumstances are different in Hamlin, it looks like the town needs a new police chief for starters….

    1. I have stood in court on bogus bullshit charges in the past that I could disprove in mere seconds. Unfortunately, you have to have permission to present evidence to a judge. They just say, nah, I don’t want to look at it. This shit really happens, as in, in real life.

      1. I’ve been there as well, defending myself against a deputy well-skilled in “testilying”, however, his bogus arrest had at least a modicum of credibility, enough to make his actions seem plausible. My post was that the case in point was so outlandish that it should not have passed first muster, and if it had, in fact, then perhaps there is more to the incident than was contained in the story given…. Yep, strangely you’re not the only one living in real life, ace….

        1. Mike That’s when you say “I believe there is fraud here and I no longer participate” watch what happens LOL you got to actually do it though. I wouldn’t even answer to the name to be honest

          1. Yeah. Do that. That’ll work. Make sure you recrd it and post it here the laughs.

          2. When you are being questioned by a police officer is not the time to assert your rights. In that situation you have to answer and do as you are told. Once in court you can then state your case and if you convince the judge the cop will be reprimanded.

            The fact that he saw you driving, is enough for him to arrest you. You don’t have to be caught doing the act to get arrested for the unlawful act. Otherwise how many criminals would get convicted since most crimes are not committed under the watchful eye of the police force.

            Your disrespect and bs answers got you to where you ended up. you need to grow up and become a useful member of the community

          3. B S this is what gets you in trouble consenting

          4. “unsubscribe”

          5. The reason the conditions exist for cop abuse falls squarely on your shoulders and folks like you. You are ignorant and scared.

          6. Sounds like you are the exact person for a police state, please sir sit still while I rape your wife, while partner questions you. Sorry, but that is exactly when you need to assert your rights is to the right intruding officer who can lie, cheat, and steal their way to a conviction all while being legal….Oh don’t forget they could just cap you in the head for no reason and still walk away…I felt threatened….You don’t have to say shit to an unconstitutional LEO. Police escalate their calls most of the time which is just so they can get that adrenaline thrill.

          7. Bullshit. There is never a time when your rights are suspended. Especially when being questioned by a cop. You still have your rights. That’s why they are inalienable rights…

            Did you not read the part of the story where she produced a valid driver’s license AND valid registration for the car she WASN’T driving at the time? She was walking, but she HAD valid registration AND a valid driver’s license. So even if she HAD been driving, she would have had the credentials to do so…

            “Useful member of the community”, by your definition, meaning “mindless sheep”.

          8. Shaun.
            Ummmm….YOU do realize that she produced them A MONTH LATER right?
            Ever thought that maybe she got her stuff straightened out before court? Nah. You never thought at all.

          9. Do you really think the woman got up and gave the judge a license and registration that were POST-DATED FROM THE INCIDENT?



            If you have a suspended license, YOU CAN’T JUST GO GET A NEW ONE..

            Holy crap..

            It sounds like she had her stuff together from the get-go.

          10. You can’t win with that douchebag. He’ll just keep spewing bullshit no matter what. A punk ass lying little bitch is all that douche is.

          11. So says the liar

          12. Shaun:
            Yes….she certainly could have gotten her stuff fixed in a month. It happens all the time.
            And which part of the “fix it” ticket don’t you get? The concept is…..fix it. As in….after you get the ticket….go get it fixed. Geez dude.

          13. How can you get a fix-it ticket for a suspended/non-existent license or expired registration?

            You can’t. You get fix-it tickets for things THAT YOU CAN FIX. Like a tail lamp bulb or a noisy muffler.

            You don’t get a fix-it ticket for walking down the street with groceries…

          14. Shaun:
            So…..in your mind….a citation for an expired registration is t something that you can “get fixed”? You don’t think that you can simply go to the DMV and register your tag? Last time I renewed mine it took less than 10 minutes.

            Her license is a different issue….that one depends on what it was suspended for. It could have been something as simple as not paying her taxes on her car, for fairs to pay some other citation she received (which makes since as…in the story about….she said it did t matter because she was t paying any fines…so it sounds like a pattern of behavior for her). Heck, where I live they can suspend your license for non payment of child support (never understood that one really. Tough to make the money when you can’t drive to work. But I didn’t do the suspending…just dealt with the suspended.
            It’s still something that can be relatively easily “fixed” if you pay the fines or take care of whatever it that its suspended for. And it’s “fixed”.

            Geez dude. Slow your roll on the dumb. You’re gonna hurt yourself.

          15. Her license wasn’t suspended it was simply out of state where she was no longer living and failed to transfer it over after the given grace period

          16. If her license was suspended couldn’t they just look that up? i don’t think she could erase the big old mr yuck sticker off her record saying she was suspended . Do you?

          17. Expired registration is a fine in Texas, and if you get it fixed in 30 days you can take it to the court clerk and have it dismissed. You can’t be arrested its not a crime, they can take your car if they want to be stupid. Driving with an expired licenselicense is the same. Driving without a license – you can be arrested. But that’s because they don’t know who you are, and they can’t expect you to have a license while walking, so u got to be in a car for that.

          18. Her stuff wasn’t post dated either that’s one main reason she lost her case I can produce the article…Hamlin harold /Wendy Robbins Google it…oh and she hasn’t had her shit together since ummm ever…if she did she wouldn’t be in messes like this one…

          19. it had only expired shortly before she had bot realized in time

          20. She had them a month after the arrest none were valid at that time and yes honey she was walking because she parked and hurried away from the vehicle so she wouldn’t get caught

          21. you’re obviously one of those useless corrupt thugs in uniform- go back to reading Mein Kampf and stop insulting the intelligence of intelligent citizens.

          22. What? When being questioned is exactly when to assert your rights.

          23. they had no charges for walking with out a license they put on paper she was driving without a license and that is a lie and unjustified

    2. cops are ticketing drivers for eating while driving in georgia. cops also broke into a house (alpharetta, GA) and shot a super hot lady 6 times in retaliation for her making public that she was sleeping with a cop while he was on duty. There is no accountability for these thug cops so they can and will do anything they desire which generally involves murdering, plundering, and raping the people.

    3. You think they can get away with shooting people for jaywalking but can’t get away with arresting someone for driving without a license while walking? What crack are you on?

      1. Name one incident where a cop shot someone for just jay-walking.

        1. Austin TX, the thugs in APD beat up a girl for jaywalking without a drivers license. Apparently when APD comes up to a young lady with headphones in and grabs her from behind like any assailant would do surprising the crap out of her, because she did the natural reaction and tried to get away from the unknown assailant, that was resisting arrest and they beat the crap out of her. Chief Acevedo then jokes around saying, at least they didn’t rape her! Ha ha ha, what a funny man. That kind of attitude is a hair’s breadth away from thinking it is OK to shoot someone for jaywalking.

          Of course if one of the thousands of illegals driving around the city in unregistered, uninsured vehicles without a drivers license hits you and drives off, don’t bother calling APD. They will not arrest them. Hit and run is apparently not as dangerous a crime as jaywalking.

    4. You act like the point of the exercise is for the charges to stand. The point of the exercise is to punish someone for not immediately getting on their hands and knees worshiping the Badge of Godhood.

      The charges will not stand in court, but she will still pay thousands in attorney fees to get them dropped. That will teach her to respect his athoritah!

      1. I understand fully what you’re saying Nathan. I’ve been in that exact circumstance when a shit-wipe escalated a traffic stop into a fraudulent “Resisting Arrest W/O Violence”. The charge didn’t stand but it cost me a lot of dollars on an attorney to combat this badge-heavy clown’s attempt to teach me “to respect his athoritah……” But that’s just fine – I’m blessed with a long memory.

  5. Actual Physical Control can be inferred. Btw, this was a horribly written piece.

    1. Yeah. Too bad it wasn’t Shakespeare for your liking.

  6. “But…but…but… she CLEARLY wasn’t following orders! Right??? RIGHT????”

    1. Cop apologist, or someone with half a brain? This skank probably ditched her car when she saw the cops.

      1. Hey congrats you just got the douchebag comment of the day award!

        1. Coming from an idiot like you…that’s a compliment.

      2. That’s what I am wondering. Why does Cop Block not show the original complaint? And if she wasn’t driving how did an expired registration get involved?

      3. Did you learn that word Skank from hearing people talk about yo mama?

      4. this” skank” u speak of is a grandmother of seven her licence expired and she didn’t realize in time also the cop took her home to bring groceries to her disabled husband and her car was in her drive way

  7. Yeeeeaaaah, this smacks of bs in some ways, this almost sounds like she’s been caught driving before with no license. Then again he knew he would get an easy arrest fucking with her.

  8. regardless if people believe this case, there’s plenty of cases just like this where it’s just too outlandish to believe yet it’s real. that being said. there’s probable cause, there’s no evidence, there’s logic to this situation.yet if things happened the ago she says they did, then she rich in a few months.

  9. Brady motion, discovery request, asap. You want to nail him down on what he saw or thought he saw(or didn’t see) or how he concluded what is alleged in the complaint and then impeach him or otherwise call into question his credibility if he is making this story up. This cop probably didn’t just decide to do this this one time, if he did it this time it’s probably going to be something he’s done before so you want to do a brady request and investigate his background. You can use the discovery process to get info for a possible lawsuit later also.

  10. Who, living in Texas calls a “car”, “auto”?

    1. someone trying to sound smarter than they actually are

  11. I’ll simply call it bullshit and be done with it.

  12. Obviously, the judge realizes this cop is an idiot and is too embarrassed to admit fault. I feel sorry for the people ripping on this person who was arrested for walking without a drivers license. Most of the time, people with “little dog syndrome” need to harass and belittle other people to feel better about themselves. I will pray for you and that law enforcement establishment because I, along with many other people on here, feel sorry for you

  13. There are way to many inconsistencies with this story. The hand cuffs you claimed were placed behind you and you raised your arms up. If this story is remotely true, I believe you were driving and were almost caught so you parked your vehicle and walked. That is why you were given the citations. Please post a copy of the citations.

    1. citation #010515
      SO # 16674
      charges: NO DL, Exp Reg 4/12

      1. And this means what? Do you have a pic of the citation?

  14. Pigs do that you know be worried!

    1. OK, one more time. And how about this time in English…

  15. this even though this site doesn’t care about this needs told

    Gray State’ filmmaker and his family found dead in ‘apparent murder-suicide’

    Film depicted the coming of a financial collapse and a dystopian police state.

    Posted on January 19, 2015 by Site Staff in News

    ‘Gray State’ director David Crowley. (Image: GrayState.com)

    APPLE VALLEY, MN — The project leader of the controversial film, “Gray State,” along with his wife and daughter, were found dead in their home in what authorities have labeled an “apparent murder-suicide.”

    The bodies of David Crowley, 29, his wife Komel, 28, and their 5-year-old daughter were discovered lying in their home by a neighbor.

    David and Komel Crowley

    The Crowley family had not been seen since before Christmas, and neighbors assumed that they were on an extended vacation. Neighbor Collin Prochnow said he grew concerned when packages piled up on the couple’s doorstep and he heard a dog barking inside.

    When he looked in the window on the morning of January 18th, 2015, the grim discovery was made. It was reported that the bodies appeared to have been inside for weeks before being discovered. Christmas lights were still illuminated and presents were left unopened under the Christmas tree.

    Mr. Prochnow told KARE-11 News that he “Never heard any yelling, never heard any screaming, a husband and wife fight or anything like that.”

    One neighbor told CBS News that the Crowleys were a “picture perfect family.”

    A statement from the Apple Valley Police Department called it “an apparent murder-suicide.”

    The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office are assisting with the investigation, and told the Daily Mail that they are treating the death as “suspicious.”

    David Crowley was an Iraq War veteran and was known for his work on an original film entitled, “Gray State.” The yet-to-be released film depicts the impending financial collapse of the United States, a declaration of martial law, and a brutal crackdown on civil liberties in the USA. Crowley was the writer and director of the film.

    In collaborations with Police State USA on the project, Crowley described Gray State as a “film about the dystopian horror we face, should we as a nation fail to embrace liberty.”

    According to musician Jordan Page, a friend of David Crowley, “The film was about to start production with a $30 million budget from a major Hollywood studio.”

    In the wake of the deaths, Crowley’s colleagues wrote that “the future of Gray State is uncertain… please understand we are all in complete shock by this having lost a great friend.”

    Below is the “Gray State” concept trailer, which has been viewed nearly one million times.

    Police State USA would like to extend thoughts and prayers to the friends and family of the David and Komel Crowley.

    1. Idiot boy:
      So…..a vet kills his family and himself. Unfortunately it happens all the time.
      The “controversial film”…..AKA….the film no one has ever heard of.

      1. Assboy:
        That’s why I put it here so people who care about liberty and know where the country is headed to can read, and be well armed with knowledge.
        And yes I don’t believe for one second this guy just lost it and killed himslef and his family, I fully believe you and your GOv cronnies had him killed for working a film that would show the American people the truth of where the GOV is truly heading. I believe That his being a Iraq vet let him to know some of the inside stuff that our Gov is doing and that is why he started this film was to warn the public. Or else why would he start something like this, that fully speaks of certain truths that are out there already? I also wonder if there wasn’t or isn’t some footage that the CIA or other Gov officials didn’t or don’t want seen.
        So with that I say this site and others need to help this move get it’s needed funds and finish it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Idiot:
          Oh my.

          So now…..there’s a governmnet conspiracy to kill a guy and his entire family over a movie that no one has ever heard of.

          Wow. You are a thinker for the ages. Yeah boy….you’re brilliant.

          1. It’s even dumber than that, to follow his line of thinking, the guy would have been killed for planning to make a movie, since he hadn’t even begun putting it together, or filming, he’d only just received financial backing for it.

          2. Goodness. The dumb hurts

  16. First big mistake is hiring an attorney. Attorneys all work together in order to maximize the money removed from your pocket and put into theirs: you just gave the bar parasites the green light to rape you. Next item: “he gripped my arm tighter, resulting in bruising, and stated that I was
    being hostile and that now I’m going to jail and that I could tell it to
    the judge.”. When you see this “statute administrator” you should tell it that you were abducted, kidnapped, battered, assaulted, tortured, and raped by the officer in question. Keep it honest and to the point of your specific injury. Under no circumstances should you allow the discussion to focus on any charges the arresting officer presents. Going forward you should consider ceasing all use of the legal name: losethename.com

    1. nole:
      Claim she was raped…but “keep it honest”.
      So to you….lies are honest?

      1. He’s a patriot; you can’t talk sense to him

        1. So it wasn’t just me then? That was really what he was about. Lie….but keep it honest.
          Oh my

          1. LOL no it wasn’t you.

  17. idiots bellow obviously ovelooked this point. This happended Nov 2nd and yet has a bill of sale for a car dated Dec 3rd No no citation needs to be shown here for that would probably show her address and people like T or JC or even Sikko would probably go gang rape here anyhows.
    Of cource she could of boughten a car after she got out of jail just to show something to the judge as most cop lovers on here will more than likely show, but that would be too stupid to pay more money for something than say what the fines would be. Which would cost her far more than it is worth to win in the first place. SO no if indeed she did as others stated and just parked her car and began walking they need to produce this evidence of a car that she alegedly had before the 3rd of DEC. SHe lives only a block and a half away from the store so how does she have time to ditch her car get out and then procede to walk the other short distance before MR bacon stops her? Also hows he know shes driving with a expired licence while walking? Licence plates I dont think would reveal this until they ran your Licence, which he would not have had time to do while she was walking. So even if Bacon lovers bellow would say she already ditched her car and began walking, again dumbasses how could he know before hand wiithout a plate to run and as far as I know that isn’t reveled until Bacon actually sees said Licence. As far as the hands above head goes maybe she only had the one cuff on at that very second and was still able to raise arms over head to flag down the witness.
    So ftw all your stupid statements bellow don’t hold any water if someone actually stops and annalizes your stupid pig loving statements!

    1. I stopped and “annalized” your statements. I feel a little dumber for having done so. “boughten” a car?

    2. Idiot boy:
      Oh my…..dear oh dear…..the dumb is painful.

      So……she puts down the paperwork (Bill of sale) for the car she was accused of driving……let me ask guy……do you think that the officer was psychic and knew she was gonna buy that car a month before she bought it? By your limited thinking….that’s exactly what would have had to of happened.

      As for “plates”
      I can run your “plate” in your driveway and know if it’s registratiin is straight and if your OL is valid. And it’ll show me your picture too.
      So I can have that knowledge before you ever get into your car.
      This sounds like a pretty small town. And with her behavior she is likely well known by the officers there. They all likely know that her shit is messed up. The extremely likely scenario is exactly what @pickle wrote above. The officer saw her driving….and she knew she was seen. So she decide to hoof it home instead. Well the officr recognized her and stopped her. If it were recent enough after having seen her drive….citing her is no problem. The physical arrest is always under more scrutiny…..but from the way she’s telling the story….I’d doubt if it happened like she said.

      1. Notice I had already adressed all those lame excuses you just said No on does that stuff ass boy! No ones going to go buy a car just to get out of a ticket. No one that close would drive then ditch their car just to walk a block and a half away, at least not people in small towns as you state. Most would walk that distance. It states the witness she flagged down knows there was no other car other than the cop car. Your defence of cops is irrehensible especially when people know that corruption is most rampent in small towns to begin with. Small towns especially when new people move in, they’re like some of the most stuck up people you’d want to meet until you move then their friendly. I’ve been through that before in a small town where the people there treated us like shit untill we moved and the cops were most dictorial you’d ever see. Thanks for the info though on the license that’s good to know know. Now those in the liberty movement can take note and get that changed. To that no cop can run someones plate in their driveway or run it on thier own whim like that which if it doesn’t should violate the 4th amendment. I noticed you braught that up too, and if people cme here I’m sure they have heard about the incident in Maryland where the guy was passing through and the fricking cop ran his plate and knew about his concealed weapons permit before even making a stop. The guy didn’t even have his gun on him but cop/pig kept insisting he did. THis needs to be addressed by the people to tell you dictators to keep out of our business until you know for sure something has been done! I don’t know if your aware but the more you spew on here just gives us more ammo to fight you, and gives us more knowledge that we can use to help us win!

        1. Idiot boy:
          Omg….you are like a headache with a keyboard. You are devoid of intelligence.

          First….lets go back to the “plates”
          So, YOU are going to let the people in the LIBERTY MOVEMENTS know and get it changed that the police can no longer look at or see anything that is in plain sight? Wow.

          Moving on into the depths of your dumb.
          So…YOU think it’s unusual for only 1 car to pass by on a residential steet in a small town during a short duration that she described.? Wow.

          And who would drive for only a block and a half to the store?
          I know people that have long driveways that drive to their mailboxes.
          And who would ditch the car?
          And who would but a car to get out of a ticket?
          No one. And that’s the point. Your dumbass said that she did.

          1. Irrehensible .. I’m gonna start using that

          2. Devoid of intelligence? No that would be the little punk ass lying bitch who tells lies, claiming that he’ll supply posts to back them up, and then fails, because he is, after all, a lying punk ass bitch. You must think, because you’re devoid of intelligence, that everybody here fails to see your resemblance to slappy and his wild ass claims. Which, funny enough, are never backed up. Makes you a pond scum punk ass lying bitch just like him. And I admit, you did piss me off with that foul ass shit, but then I considered the source, and I wasn’t mad anymore. Now it will be funny to watch your punk ass lying bitch ass try to keep up the charade. Because I’m sure you’ll find those posts any day now, right? LOLOL.

          3. Wow. So tough. Oh wait…your toughness is like everything else about you —- a lie.

  18. Here’s what PROBABLY happened. Woman lost her license/driving privileges. Drove to the store anyway, saw cops patrolling and decided to walk home. Got stopped by cop who knew her. Threw a fit for being stopped. Got arrested. Got super pissed and caused ALL kinds of crap while in custody.

    Now, being stopped in the first place…tricky here. If the cop saw her drive to the store then she was busted plain and simple. If not, rookie cop overstepped his bounds and assumed she broke the law. He would be wrong for stopping her. But since the quality of writing suggests that she isn’t very intelligent, I’m going to shock the regulars on this site and side with the cops on this one.

    The whole thing about letting her smoke a cigarette but putting her in front of the station to humiliate her is just stupid. I’d be happy to get a smoke break no matter where they “put” me. Maybe she should just quit smoking.

    “I informed him I could say he touched my hoo hoo.” Threatening to lie and putting that in the article blows away ANY credibility this person might have had. I’m all about police accountability and crying foul when a foul has been committed, but this is just stupid.

    1. I completely agree with everything you’ve written here.

    2. pick:
      W O W !!!
      Incredibly spot on sir. Well done.

      The key….as you hit spin is the officers personal knowledge of her driving.
      Of insee you driving and I know that your license is suspended….I can still stop and cite you within a reasonable amount of time after having seen you drive. If say no more than an hour. If it’s longer than that…..of strongly suggest that an fixer get a warrant or a summons/court order of some kind before taking any enforcement action.

      I have to say that I love how she presents her license AND renewed/up to date paperwork about her car….a
      Month after it happened.
      Guess what sweetie…..everybody gets their shit fixed after they get stopped.

      1. My feet are cold. Must be a cold day in Hell. t and I agree on something. lol

        1. picks:
          Unlike what I am usually accused of…..I call them like I see them. If it’s BS….it is. If the police do it wrong…..they did it wrong. If the CBer does it wrong….it’s typical. (Sorry…couldn’t resist)

          1. WOW, you must not be the total d-bag I’ve been accusing you of all this time. (I’ll never say that again, so don’t get used to it) But, you’re right. And I REALLY hate saying that. The more I am on this site, the more I see it used as a way to bitch about cops. Yeah, cops sometimes do heinous things and sometimes people do heinous things. They both lie about it. That’s just human nature. This story sounds way too much like stories I’ve heard from people that are just salty that they got caught and thought they could get some sympathy if they told it the right way. I am from the lawbreaker side of the tracks and do not like cops as a rule, but I’m not here to demonize them. Nor am I here to praise those who are. Actually, I’m not really sure why I come here. Maybe I just like a good argument.
            BTW, I really hate it when people try to use “t” as a way to just rile people up and piss them off. It’s kind of like cheating to win an argument they can’t win. A true sign of low intelligence. If “t” is going to school me, then let it actually be “t”. Otherwise it’s like jerking off. I’d rather have the real thing.

          2. JC on the other hand is a real POS. I can’t stand that ass clown.

          3. picks:
            I HAVE NEVER UNDERSTOOD why so many folks let JC under their skin. It’s seldom that I read anything he writes. It’s kinda like RADs stuff. The first sentence is all you need to know.
            I prefer to converse with those like @yankee fan. While he and I don’t agree on everything….it’s always a good discussion.

          4. If we presume the article is 100 per cent the accurate truth, then what would you think is the optimal strategy from a game theory perspective, in terms of the proper strategy for the defense? What if we presume for the sake of argumentation ethics that this were a predatory act where the police were using intimidation and legal process to concoct a predatory lawsuit in the form of traffic citation? Not asking for advice, just a theory. Given the presumptions I give, how would you defend vs a predatory lawsuit(hypothetical)? I know you know enough of the scriptural laws of man to formulate an answer to this – you obviously know the legal comandments well because you quote scripture like Jesus did.

          5. RAD:
            Given the presumptions you give. Wow. You give….”a predatory lawsuit in the form of a citation”. That is retarded.

            But I’ll play along.
            She should go to trial……and ask.
            ASK how the officer knew her license was suspended.
            ASK how he knew her registration was out.
            ASK when he saw her driving.
            ASK what he saw her driving.
            ASK where he saw her driving.

            She doesn’t need a lawyer. That is generally a huge waste of money for simple traffic infractions.
            She doesn’t any of your nonsense “Brady motions”, or any of the other nonsense crap,you spew.

            Now….because there was a physical arrest…..there is likely a written report of the incident. She can request a copy in court for trial purposes. From the discretion of the event…it won’t be long. She can ask him questions from that report..
            Chances are very good that even in a small town, he won’t have read that report until right before trial….maybe he’ll make a mistake.
            I’d suggest against making the stupid arguments that you normally throw out like asking if he used his turn signal when he turned around or the other nonsense that you guys think shows the officer is a liar.

            Stick to the big facts……and bring cash. Most courthouse don’t accept personal checks.

          6. RAD:
            Anything else????

          7. RAD:
            Are you there?
            Do you need EMS?????

        2. The date and time have been noted.

        1. Frankie:
          Do you mean you got your stuff fixed and te charges were dismissed?

          That is normally what happens.
          Funny thing….that shoots all te “revenue generator” crap right in the butt. No revenue generated by fix it tickets.

    3. Pickle: If we assume you are right, what you allege is that she saw the cop and DID NOT drive. The cop did not observe her driving to the store. She was arrested on his supposition that she had been driving, not on any facts that she was driiving. Its a bad arrest.

      1. “Now, being stopped in the first place…tricky here. If the cop saw her
        drive to the store then she was busted plain and simple. If not, rookie
        cop overstepped his bounds and assumed she broke the law. He would be
        wrong for stopping her.”

        If it weren’t for copy and paste….

      2. Bob:
        What pickle is looking at….and what I would agree is very likely…..is that she drove to,the store and she saw the officer so she ditched the car and decided to walk home and not eisk getting nabbed. I think it’s pretty clear from her story that the officer saw her.

        See here’s the problem. This is her very slanted and bias story. That’s why there is court. The police tell their side and present whatever evidence they have. You can choose to do the same….or remain quiet. But both sides have the opportunity to tell their side. This is just her telling an outlandish story……that you want to beleive.

        1. Fuck off, you foul lying pile of excrement. If you’re posting something, it’s most likely bullshit. Fucking douchebag.

          1. Wow. So tough with all the naughty words.

            BTW…I’m still looking for the posts of you as @certain with @Glenn.
            Unfortunately…..the search functions sucks now.

            I’ll find them though.
            Already found easily wher you were lying a bout first posting here in 2014. Maybe that was just a mistake by you.

            I’ve rolled through a lot of the oldest posts. Looking for somewhere late 2012-2013 area of memory serves. Ill finnd them.

          2. You’re a lying puke stain, douchebag. I never defended that foulness. NEVER. You can claim that sick ass shit as much as you want to, it doesn’t change jack-shit, you lying fucking pile of garbage. And don’t just make your stupid lying claims, back your bullshit up. I have never claimed to have “first posted here in 2014”. I called you a fucking foul-ass liar, and I posted a link to prove it. I called that fucking child molesting shit foul then, and I call it foul now. Motherfucker going to claim I defended shit like that. Fuck you, fucking jackass. You won’t find shit because it never happened, fucking motherfucker.

          3. real liar:
            Whatever guy.
            I posted the links for you in the past and I’ll find them again. I’ve already started finding lots of threads with you and Glenn falling into lockstep.about other topics. I’ll find the ones about the underage sex stuff….and there you’ll be.

            Personally….after finding some those….and knowing your personality from your comments….I think that you were just blindly led by someone who you thought was clever in his comments toward myself and Common Sense. I’ve seen you do the same thing with @ray and @Flakewood. I don’t think you gave it any real thought at all…..just fell into lockstep.

            I’ll find them.

          4. You’re a stupid douchebag liar who won’t find shit, because it doesn’t exist. Fucking lying pike of dogshit. I’m sure you’ll keep claiming that you’re “going to find those posts, any day now”, but you won’t, because just like most of what you spew out, it’s a load of horseshit. LOL, just like slappy, who’s going to post my criminal record “any day now”. LOL. I don’t even know why I let your douchebag lying ass piss me off. Everybody who posts here knows your habit of lying and putting words in peoples mouths. Fucking weak ass lying bitch. So go ahead, punk ass motherfucker, post away. Douchebag fake ass bitch.

          5. certainly a liar:
            I don’t know why it pisses you off either. I didn’t donanything but tell you too stop.
            I’ve stattrdd to find you and Glenn lock stepping in nvber 2012. I’ll find them for you.

            Hmmm….seems like you don’t like the spotlight of accountability
            That’s kinda funny.

          6. No, I don’t like lying motherfuckers who accuse me of supporting foul ass shit. So find the posts, motherfucker. Otherwise we’ll all know for sure you’re a lying puke stain bitch. Lying piece of shit, you’ll never post shit, because I never supported any such foul ass bullshit. Punk ass motherfucking liar.

          7. certain:
            If you don’t like liars…..stop typing

          8. Well come on then, you little punk ass lying bitch, post the back-up for your foul ass lies. But you know what? You won’t, because you’re a punk ass little lying bitch, and I never said that stuff. Weak ass liar. I always knew you were a lying ass punk bitch. LOLOLOLOL. Just like fucking slappy. Make fucked up claims all day, but when it comes to proving any of them your little punk ass lying bitch ass fails. Like most of what you attempt in life, I imagine.

          9. Ha know. I sat and read through a bunch of old posts because the search function sucks after the multiple changes in this site. Lots of those old posts don’t have any comments on them anymore.
            And although I really enjoyed the trip down memory lane…..so many of the old idiots were there….of course to include you and you foul mouth BS.
            But then it occurred to me……why should I be looking for it? I’ve posted them in the past….and still you lied about them. All the conversation about the defamation lawsuits….you swore I was lying because you couldn’t find even when told exactly where they were….AND then you lied because you started writing about the outcome of one of those case…………..and I thought, self, why are you even trying for that liar. So I’m not going to.
            So you keep on lying guy. The truth is the truth…regardless of your denials. I think that your constant brining ing it up is just your guilty mind not being able to let it go.

          10. LOLOLOLOL. Nice try, ass-dropping. You never posted shit. Because I never defended that foul ass shit in my life. And if I did, why would I suddenly change my tune? Lying fuckhead, your bullshit makes no sense. But I really like the “well, I can’t prove it, but I did before, and you know it”. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Weak ass punk bitch that you are, such a statement is very fitting. It’s how you roll. Just like your bullshit about suing somebody. You’re just a punk ass fucking bitch. That’s the only kind of motherfucker who would make foul ass shit like that up about people.

          11. LOL and lie all you’d like. My once been exposed as the liar you are. What’s even sadder is that you know that you can’t make a point about anything because you are so compromised as a liar that all you do is try to divert. Well…it matters not. Youve been exposed several times now. Hate it for ha guy.

          12. So you are a trolling troll then, thanks for the tip.

        2. Exactly, otherwise why wouldn’t she tell the cop where her car was? If she wasn’t driving it, it would be at home, wouldn’t it??
          Her story is total stupidity, had she answered the questions, she wouldn’t have ended up in the situation. when being interrogated, answer the questions or don’t, but don’t assert your rights in the street. the time to do that is in court.

          1. What the heck are you saying? Don’t assert rights in the street??? Are you saying that one should remain silent when being questioned in the street? Or did you really mean to say that one shouldn’t attempt to argue their case in the street?

          2. The Gestapo and the KGB said that too, so I guess it’s right.

          3. MP:
            19 years as a cop has told me that she would have just lied. Unfortunately…..that’s what folks do…..they lie. Why? I don’t know. Then….when presented with fact the contradict their story….they change to a different lie. The truth is usually so much easier and far less likely to end up badly for you.
            The lies get you every time.

          4. unless you’re a useless, filthy cop lying about a drop gun, or the child porn on your hard drive, or any of the other scummy acts cops do every single day. only politicians are worse liars than pigs!

          5. Wow., scathing

          6. This is good advice to give cops about lying on incident reports.

        3. “But both sides have the opportunity to tell their side”
          Yeah right. Thats not true. They ignored her and so did the judge. So much for being able to tell your side of the story.

          1. Frankie:
            Did you miss the part about her “not paying” regardless? The judge….like the DA….like the officer….none have to listen or put up,with her crap. She has the chance to present her side and/or ask questions. If she decides to,act like a fool….like CBers tend to,do…then that’s on her.

    4. I was basically going to comment saying the same thing.

      It angers me how some police officer’s have this notion that they are some how superior to average citizens. While I think your version is logical, I dont think he actually witnessed her driving. If he did, he could have easily just pulled into the grocery store parking lot and waited for her to exit and approached her at that point. He likely knew her, saw her walking into the store from the parking lot (but not actually operating the vehicle). In an effort to catch her driving (because the officers can not make arrests based on assumptions), staked out her car, she saw him and walked. When too much time passed, he left his stakeout, drove down the road and caught up with her. When she became stand-offish, he took it as a disrespect to the god like position he was given. I mean come on, he is a cop, why are you not bowing at his superiority given his appointed thunderbolts in the form of his gun, badge, cuffs, tazer, mase, comm system, ticketbook, cruiser (with flashy lights and loud sirens) and vest (which hides the gut and accentuates the appearance of a large chest quite well).

      If this was the case than the cop was wrong, he never witnessed her driving the vehicle so he technically cannot cite or arrest her for it. It is unethical for a police officer to “fudge” the law because his assumptions are correct. A police officer that illegally arrests a civilian should face termination, at minimum. If there are aggravating circumstances (like the Brown v. NYPD case) they should be criminally charged, similar to a civilian. All states allow citizen arrest. Wonder why they are rare? Take a situation @ a CVS. You walk around the corner and witness a person standing in front of a chap stick display and s/he slips a chap stick into their pocket. You inform the person that you are making a citizens arrest for theft and the cops are called. Later you find out that the patron had chapped lips and was simply applying the Chapstick s/he already owned while shopping for a new tube. You are arrested for false imprisonment, unlawful restraint, kidnapping, or wrongful arrest and also face civil penalties in the lawsuit. Unjust? some would say yes, but the innocent person with chapped lips may have a different opinion. Police officer’s should face the same penalties …. and maybe they should be a little worse since they are trained in the law.

      1. Dom:
        I was really gonna talk you down about most of what you wrote…..but I decided to just focus on a peice of your wrongness.

        Let’s look at your example: the Chapstick capper.
        Why can’t you make a “citizens arrest” for that? Lots of reasons. First…..it’s not your property. Much more importantly…..they haven’t stolen it yet.
        Now…..that may just be your ignorance ther (not meaning that as an insult…..just that you are ignorant to the laws involved) but it’s a BIG deal
        By YOUR logic….if your “citizens arrest” goes to court….and it’s found that you were wrong….you should then go to jail. Is that right?

        1. What about when the cops wrongly arrest someone? Should the cops also go to jail every time? Why or why not? Please enlighten us with your insight, quench our thirst of ignorance.

          1. RAD:
            Ah…the bi-polar responds.

            My first response to Dom was about ignorance. And that ignorance centered on his Chapstick capper and what he was making his “citizens arrest” for. So I’ll ask you the same thing. In his scenario….would he be wrong?

            Second. Define “wrongly arrest”?

          2. RAD ?? Any answer?

          3. RAD: ???? You there??

          4. RAD:
            And RAD disappears like a birch.

          5. Yes they should go to jail every time because if a regular citizen does that its called kidnapping, assault, false imprisonment etc. If the oinkers had some penalties they would do a better job.

    5. Maybe he was stalking her for days she denied him what he really wanted so he threw a fit. God for bid theres never been a crooked cop in world

    6. “Here’s what PROBABLY happened. Woman lost her license/driving privilege”

      She produced a valid driver’s license and valid registration to the judge…

      She had valid driving credentials…

      1. Shaun:
        No….read it again and follow the timeline

  19. sounds like you live in yet another corrupt police city. If you are unwilling to take matters into your own hands, you may have to move. the police will not convict their own.

  20. Who let you have a keyboard in the kitchen.

  21. In my own personal opinion she is a complete idiot!

  22. I strongly believe that corrupt cops , judges and other govt officials should be executed in the streets. I have actually used my jury vote to let a guy go for defending himself from police brutality and if I sat on a jury because someone murdered a cop that abused them … I would let them go too.

  23. This is a case for the Texas Attorney General’s office. Our new Governor who was our former State AG should appoint an investigator to examine all of the facts concerning the behavior of the Hamlin, Tx Police department and the Judge in the case.

  24. Barney Fife (Aka)Chad boyett he will stop anybody he see especially If it’s a vehicle he has never seen before nosey ass i have seen him do a lot of dirty stuff to a lit of people and it’s not cool at all

  25. Could it be that maybe he saw her driving earlier, she ran a stop sign (or something like that) he ran the plate, but before he could pull her over she had turned on a side street and hid. So he had the name and saw her walking a few later. And yes thus is a small town and yes there has been other problems with her so she is well known with law enforcement so they know her. Jmo

    1. NICE TO KNOW certain people keep stating “opinions” that show their ignorance to what’s truth and what’s not. I CAN AND WILL prove EVERYTHING I state. Can you? NO!!! Run my name, hell have the police do it, and NOTE that I do not have a record, my license have never been suspended,I have had no other problems with the HPD or any other PD EVER, I was raised here and know nearly EVERYONE and in the end TRUTH WILL PREVAIL!!!!

  26. Here is what the courts have to say about things like this


    “Evidence that motorist cited for traffic
    violation was incarcerated for 23 minutes during booking process,
    even though he had never been arrested and at all times had
    sufficient cash on hand to post bond pending court disposition of
    citation, was sufficient to support finding that municipality
    employing officer who cited motorist and county board of criminal
    justice, which operated facility in which motorist was incarcerated,
    had unconstitutionally deprived motorist of his right to liberty. 42
    U.S.C.A. Sec. 1983.” Trezevant v. City of Tampa (1984) 741 F.2d
    336, hn. 1

    “Jury verdict of $25,000 in favor of
    motorist who was unconstitutionally deprived of his liberty when
    incarcerated during booking process following citation for traffic
    violation was not excessive in view of evidence of motorist’s back
    pain during period of incarceration and jailor’s refusal to provide
    medical treatment, as well as fact that motorist was clearly entitled
    to compensation for incarceration itself and for mental anguish that
    he had suffered from entire episode.
    42 U.S.C.A. Sec. 1983.” Trezevant v. City of Tampa (1984) 741
    F.2d 336, hn. 5

    1. http://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?case=14121961359716279378&q=Trezevant+v.+City+of+Tampa+%281984%29+741+F.2d+336&hl=en&as_sdt=80000006&as_vis=1

      Trezevant agreed to post his bond at central booking after he declined to sign his citations. It was the process that he challenged, apparently the first time someone had recused to sign a citation.

      Trezevant appealed because his award was eating up by attorney fees from prior attempts to file suit, Tampa/HBCJ appealed the judgement as well. The court ruled that the previous verdict stands and denied both appeals.

      This 30 yr old decision also only holds in the 11th US Circuit, not Texas.

      1. wow how far off can you be? where did you find the financial records of these actors in the law?

        1. You’d be amazed what you can find in a public records. All you have to do is look for it.

          1. CS:
            Easy guy. The truth burns him.

  27. Criminals are never guilty, and have always been “wronged”. Pray tell…what was her license suspended for? Selling Girl Scout cookies??? ROFFL>>>>>

  28. Typical scum bag ,Karma is a bitch though. I can’t believe people are so surprised by this? Cops beat Kelley Thomas to death in plain sight with witnesses and video and they got off. Why does this surprise anyone?

  29. this just doesnt pass the smell test. sorry if this town is truly that corrupt, however too many things just sound fishy. no one least of all me says that there arent problem cops. but in this instance… doubtful.

  30. Lawful Excuse – ‘Fear fueling ego invariably perjures the witness. I cannot perjure myself and subsequently do not want to put you in that position as this is a court of presumption and NOT fact.’ (all civil courts are admiralty/contract courts designed for corporations NOT REAL MAN/WOMAN).

    2nd excuse – ‘Police officers do not know the law so I wasn’t sure in how to comply.’

    Now to twist your mind into reality.

    A bank is put in place to oversee foreclosures and bankruptcies. THEY DO NOT LOAN MONEY just promissory notes loaned to them by a central bank. They buy up your community through monopoly money.

    How does this relate to cops. Cops protect the interest of the central banking system. They were programmed to follow a religion designed to usurp the peoples labor, through invoicing you, to appease the interest of the system that is robbing you. Cops ARE criminals as they are in the extortion racket among many other criminal code violations. Cops DO NOT follow constitution as most every legal code, act or statute is NOT supported by the constitution.

    Cops are a corporate entity working for the sovereign nation called District of Columbia. The CEO is your president and he is put in place to make sure that the corporation he represents is acquiring all the countries assets for the Vatican aka City of London.

    Now if anything I have said here (including stating as fact that Police are criminals), does not make sense to you it is because at this point you are a byproduct of a program that you have never investigated (No different than the Police). You have given tacit consent to be an employee of this corporation arrangement so you have to follow the rules … what to do?

    Understand who you are, get out from being a slave and start arresting (holding dejure courts), police officers the minute they try to force you into contract by using their lights (means ‘state of emergency’) and then asking for ID. Once you give them ID you are agreeing to their criminal (AGAINST CONSTITUTION) contract negotiations. STOP just following and start being a leader.

    Time to become educated and destroy the current mafia-police-force and bring in REAL constitutional peace officers.

    ‘A TRUE patriot puts his country and people first before his government.’ If you understand what has just been said then it is time you become knowledgeable about the police force, money and DC. POLICE ARE THE GOVERNMENT WORKING FOR THE CORPORATION ‘US’ in DC. POLICE ARE NOT PATRIOTIC they are henchman, the Sheriff of Nottingham club where mob rules.

    Grace & Peace be with you all … let’s join together through education and assist me and others in throwing-out the trash called unconstitutional police, government and central banking.

    1. Wait the government is unconstitutional, even though the constitution is a document that created a government? That’s really interesting. Do your hats chafe with all the tin foil lining them?

      1. I think I would worry more with the radiation that is traveling through your brain when using cell phones etc.

        You are correct that a government did create the constitution and you are ASSUMING that the current government is under this constitution.

        In 1867 congress walked out on good ole’ Abe NEVER to formally return as true representatives of the republic. Abe killed, the corporation US took over (no longer the republic under the constitution), and they wrote their own constitution to which you are now under … now move ahead to 1933.

        Roosevelt declared all Americans an Enemy of the State due to the fact that America was in its 3rd bankruptcy and the only way to continue on with business as usual was to demand all citizens to surrender their gold for federal reserve notes (debased currency/debt currency). The central banking system — out of the City of London — was now the puppet master of the Sates of America. The only thing of value to secure this arrangement was the labour of the people so birth certificates were issued (on bond paper) and represented the name given at birth (given and surname) as a corporation (turned into ALL CAPS NAME) which is also defined as a ‘person’ in Black’s law dictionary. A person is a corporation in legal jargon. The constitution, Bill of Rights, all civil law and criminal law represents a person NOT a man or the people but 14th amendment persons.

        You birth certificate, you know your ALL CAPS NAME that you use in commerce, is a contract agreement. This contract pledges your labour to the central bank. You have surrender your rights under the true republic and its constitution to be an employee of the US corporation residing in the sovereign city state of DC that is owned by Vatican/City of London/Queen.

        Now, of course, this is not all that you have been blindly doing, in fact, I’ll bet, you do not have a clue how the money system works yet you use it everyday and slave for it. So I suggest you do some research so not to have tin foil shards on your face.

        Come to me with knowledge not the program [most] everyone else is following … sheeple we call them. Hollywood calls them zombies.

        Your knowledge will help return America back under the constitution and will also rid these parisites called Police from the streets. Once they are gone, peace officers will parole our communities once more.

        PS. You are talking from a trigger response not personal investigation … Good luck and have fun traveling down the rabbit hole.

          1. Its intriguing to see the “sovereign” out in the wild isn’t it.

          2. It’s so primal, so visceral, so very, very terrifyingly, mind numbingly batty.



          4. Nice don’t forget the hyphens.

          5. And I forgot to sign it with a red crayon. That part makes me laugh every time I see it.

  31. Heien v. North Carolina check it out! The Supreme Court ruled “reasonable stupidity” is an excuse for police to VIOLATE the 4th Amendment.

  32. After the false arrest, the first mistake was taking you to jail instead of to a magistrate (aggravated kidnapping). Then later, an ex parte hearing (in your absence) was held where your bond was determined. That’s a due process violation. Call Randy Kelton of Rule of Law Radio in Austin, TX on a Thursday or Friday night and/or Eddie Craig on Monday nights. They help people in Texas file criminal complaints over this kind of stuff all the time.

  33. . “I informed him I could say he touched my hoo hoo.” .. So she admits that she might lie! You don’t say. This lady now has ZERO credibility and I don’t believe a word of her version of the story

  34. These, and most cops, are chicken shit ticket writing cowards.

  35. Police officers are authorized to make arrests for criminal, not civil, matters. That fact alone makes this case one any first-year law student could win. I hope she sues the Hamlin, TX PD into nonexistence.

  36. Really hard to tell what’s going on here. Generally, the longer the story, the more likely it is that it’s author is trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

    If a cop knows you, knows you have a suspended license and sees you driving, he can stop and ticket you for same, even if the next time he sees you, you are on foot.

    If you had a license and valid registration, they why weren’t you driving?

  37. Fucking Hamlin police are gay anyway! They illegally pull over and search vehicles with no respect to the Constitution…I avoid Hamlin and refuse to even spend a dime there..

  38. What the f is going on in Hamilton? I might spend a weekend filming the cops there. This is the 3rd case of police behaving stupid I’ve heard of in Hamilton.

  39. Okay just so y’all know…the dumbass that wrote this all about the Hamlin PD mess in with her is sadly my mother…no she didn’t tell you the whole story and Teresa they seen one jeep she has two that look identical for what reason…probably this one. Anyways she had another hearing and guess what still didn’t go her way so of course she is going to appeal it but she will lose again. The officer in question has given her much leeway…we moved here in 2012 chad stopped her in 2013 a fee times noticing she did not have a valid Texas license he told her to go get one n let her go…she was stopped again…driving…and still didn’t have it…many times after that we would still drive but literally break all traffic laws trying to avoid officer chad…well damn this time didn’t work…he has told her on occasions before the day in question occurred that next time he sees her driving she will go to jail…damn sucks you can’t hide in the small shithole of Hamlin…everyone here knows her and knows she is the definition of ignorance..now she did get her car legal and got her license but did it to attempt to say she had it all along which was never true…this is a woman that drowns herself in a pool of drama when it runs low she will create more…I wish the world could see this person for what she really is rather than judge me for the anger I have for her…

  40. Wow, this sounds very similar to what happened to me last April in Whitehouse, TX, as I walked in my neighborhood. I was arrested for supposedly evading the police because I didn’t stop and talk to an officer that I believed was acting suspicious and no one was around. I felt I was in danger and began to jog, trying to make it to my home where my husband was, and I was taken to the ground, handcuffed and arrested. The officer said he had wanted to tell me that I was walking on the wrong side of the road. I asked him why he didn’t just tell me that! The funny thing was that I had switched to the correct side of the road on my own anyway so that’s not a substantial argument. I was taken to the station and told I was going to jail, but eventually let go because they said they didn’t feel I wouldn’t “do well” in jail. Since then, I have tried to work with the department to implement a policy so that this will never happen to another innocent citizen. They did not put forth any action to implement this policy. What happened to me was just swept under the rug and forgotten about.

  41. Arrested for Walking without a license? Damn!

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