Cuyahoga Falls Police Dept patchA reader, named Kathryn Engle, shared the content below, regarding the service several employees of the Cuyohoga Falls, OH Police Dept. provided for her while she is in the process of recovering from cancer surgery and physically disabled from the effects of her illness.

Date of Incident: April 17, 2013
Individuals Involved: Officer Richard Garinger and several other unidentified accomplises
Outfit Involved: Cuyahoga Falls (OH) Police Department
Phone: (330) 928-2181
Fax No.: (330) 971-8332
Email: [email protected]
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Kathryn Engle States:

I’m currently trying to find a good attorney to go to case management and to file a lawsuit for damages and abuse resulting from this incident, in which they broke in while I was sleeping and saw me naked. I’m disabled and had just come home to recoup after cancer surgery on Monday, April 15,2013 and was on walker. To this day, I still walk with cane due to my resulting disability. All officers involved, especially Officer Richard Garinger, knew about my condition beforehand from previous contacts. If you watch the YouTube video, you can get most info. All official reports filed by the officers have errors. Thank goodness, I also have recordings and pics.

In addition, on the YouTube description for this video she states:

“Corrupt Cuyahoga Falls, OH police deny civil rights of disabled, woman recuperating from life altering surgery! Run if you are thinking of moving to Cuyahoga Falls (North of Akron) or even OH. If you knew about the corruption in Summit County, Oh or Cuyahoga Falls, you would not think of moving here!”

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  1. It seems like it was a mental pickup order.

    5:14-cv-01161 (Northern Ohio) if anyone really wants to read the complaint in the lawsuit.

    1. Without proper links your just pulling numbers out of your ass again as usual, if your a real cop, your a fucking joke and hopefully someone puts a bullet thru your skull to put you out of your misery…..

      1. Actually if you copy and paste his reference, it searches right to the case. Although I have my differences with him, his links are typically spot on. Unlike JC. Watch clicking anything he posts. The boy is into some foul shit.

  2. If you look up St Thomas Hospital in Akron, it appears to be an Alcohol Addiction Treatment and/or Mental Disorder Facility. Of course I’m making assumptions, but I have a new neighbor of 2 yrs, that is probably similar to this woman and also needs to be picked up & placed in a treatment facility. My neighbor continually harasses the neighbors and myself with verbal assaults out of nowhere, seriously this woman is nuts. I’m guessing this woman has a similar history and was ordered to be picked up due to her behavior…of course I could be completely wrong. Hope to see follow ups to this.


      It’s a full medical facility, your right about being wrong with your assumptions…Alcohol Addiction Treatment is just ONE of the things they treat there…

      Summa Health System – Akron Hospital System | Learn About Our …@ohiodotcom: Finnish company delivers new birthing option to patients at Summa Akron City Hospital Read More. YouTube Feed. Summa Health System … Summa St. Thomas Hospital; Western Reserve Hospital; Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center;

      1. You & Chuck are both fucking idiots. Directly from their page moron:

        Background and History of Summa St. Thomas Hospital

        Originally operated by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Augustine as a non-denominational hospital, Summa St. Thomas Hospital opened its doors to the Akron community in 1922. St. Thomas Hospital merged with Akron City Hospital to become Summa Health System in 1989.

        St. Thomas Hospital was the first in the country to recognize the medical aspects of alcoholism as a disease and is the founding location of Alcoholics Anonymous. The hospital opened the nation’s first alcoholism treatment ward and continues this longstanding dedication today.

        Continuing the tradition of innovative behavioral health services, Summa St. Thomas Hospital is the headquarters of the Summa Center for Behavioral Health. The center serves residents of Summit, Portage, Medina and Stark counties, and operates specialized programming to treat specific behavioral health concerns including the Center for the Treatment and Study of Traumatic Stress and Ignatia Hall Intensive Outpatient and Opiate Treatment Programs.

        In 2010, Summa Akron City and St. Thomas was awarded nursing’s highest honor — Magnet recognition — by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Only six percent of hospitals in the United States are recognized as Magnet hospitals.

        1. I see your downsyndrom has kicked in since your repeating yourself…The hospital is a FULLY functional hospital with ALL amentities. Dealing with addiction is just ONE of the many things the CURRENT hospital does. Hopefully I didn’t use to big of words for you…

    2. definitelynotperfect Yeah that Is no joke, you are not perfect at all. You make false assumptions about people & situations you have no knowledge about. You provide false facts and stated blatantly that you are making an Assumption. We were all taught what happens when you assume, but I am sure you make enough of an ass out of yourself on the daily.

  3. A welfare check was done and subsequent transport to a mental facility. This occurred almost two years ago. Looking at records, you already filed a lawsuit and now you are looking for a lawyer? Using the word “disabled” only solidifies the reason why you were picked up. I seriously seriously doubt you have any kind of case. Why didn’t you write what your doctors said about your psych exam?

    1. let me guess….you’re one of the cops involved.

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  4. violence and corruption are why the police are now being targeted. and this is exactly why I like to read stories of them being wasted.

  5. So… go lunie….lock out your family (that’d be that burglar)… they take out mental commitment paperwork on you.
    Sounds like it was a good call.

  6. you can tell when a cop gets on here they stick up for each other till the end..

  7. I hope she sue’s their asses off and wins. Maybe two or three million might make the police Dept. sit up and revise their training. Or just hire cops with brains.

  8. Cops are so fucking evil in the US and Canada if they want to kill you even if you’re minding your own business the jury will justify it just because the fucking pig is a cop NEVER REPORT POLICE BRUTALITY TO A POLICE DEPARTMENT!! Because cops will side with other cops the jury will not be on your side no matter how horrible the victims got abused from police brutality, I’m glad that guy in NYC killed those cops yes they weren’t one of the 2 cops who were there when Eric Garner was killed but they are also Cops with the NYPD so that makes them just as involved even when they weren’t there. The Jury will not care if a cop beats you up even if you are a non violent victim,

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