A reader, named M. Skyy, shared the content below, regarding the service two employees of the Arlington, TX Police Dept. provided for him and his employees. As well as the impact that the revenue generation initiated by these road pirates had on his business and the low income customers he performs an actual service for, via the Cop Block Submissions page. Unfortunately, the Arlington police haven’t been offended by people asking for accountability enough to do everyone in that city a favor and refuse to “protect and serve them” yet. So “crime” in that city remains high.

A Road Pirate Doing What Road Pirates Do.
A Road Pirate Doing What Road Pirates Do.

Date of Incidents: January 11 and January 13, 2015
Individuals Involved: Officers N. Bishop (Badge# 2510) and D. Hinson (Badge# 2503).
Outfit Involved: Arlington (TX) Police Department
Phone: (817) 459-6464
Facebook Page: Arlington, TX Police Dept.
Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/ArlingtonPD
YouTube Account:http://www.youtube.com/user/arlingtonpolicemedia
Area Cop Block Affiliate: There are numerous Cop Block groups (see bottom of post for list of known Texas affiliates) within Texas, including North Texas Cop Block within the Arlington area. In addition, if you live outside Texas you can find the appropriate affiliate in your area by consulting the Cop Block Groups page.

We have a single truck tow business with a valid Texas License for towing. Normally we do not make more than $1,500 per month doing this job, as we cater to more low income people who are stranded. On January 11, 2015, the make tow truck driver was pulled over for reasons unknown and written $1,115 in combined tickets. He got citations for:

1) No tail lights or turn signals for towed vehicle – There WERE lights and proper legal signals on the towed vehicle
2) Failure to use tow strap – For Texas Law, “if the tow truck is equipped, the tow truck must use wheel straps”. We have an ’85 Chevy wheel lift tow truck, which IS NOT equipped with these wheel straps nor can we find any law that says we must add them on the truck.
3) Safety Chain Violation – We had safety chains visually attached to the car being towed
4) Display Cancel Texas Plates – Driver showed officer his new valid plates which were in the window, just not changed out yet since we just got them.

*This tow truck driver was only trying to do his job and makes less than $60 per day in most cases. Then these Arlington PD Cops come around and bother someone NOT causing any issues to the general public, and WAS following laws to the best of his ability. Why aren’t APD actually going out and preventing and solving REAL crimes?? Why are they now picking on and singling out this hard working Hispanic Citizen just trying to make a small living?? We are well aware of the Texas Dept of Transportation Law re: Tow Trucks and have everything on the truck equipped.

On Day #2, January 13, 2015, ANOTHER officer gave him yet another ticket, this time for:

1) Failure to provide tail lights or turn signals on towed car – AGAIN!
We DO have these lights affixed to the towed vehicle and they are in view. We have video but are saving it for the prosecutor or the trial, which ever it is we have to do.

This is WRONG for APD to be treating people this way! In fact, officer #2 got hostile with the tow driver when he did not stop right away, and was looking for a safe place to pull over. The officer acted like he was a criminal, pointing his finger in his face and asking the tow driver if he wanted to go to jail for evading arrest – He did not evade arrest! How fast is he going to try to evade driving a heavy ass tow truck and another car behind him. Come on!

Seriously, APD, you all need to be brought IN CHECK! You are not making the citizens of this town like you or trust you any more! You’re digging yourself a hole and think you can do anything and get away with it. The entire PD needs to be re-worked and new people hired with a more strict Chief. I’ve lived here 15 years and never encountered so much BS in my life! We will fight this all the way! And you’ll never see a dime from me. Go fight some REAL crime, not give innocent, hard working ppl traffic tickets!

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  1. the fucking pigs are like this across the United States. War is coming to find them, they just aren’t smart enough to realize it yet.

      1. observations are threats now? Your stupidity knows no bounds.

        1. You are so ignorant you don’t even realize the threats you make. You make threats. Simple as that. Each time you make a threat, I fill out a report just like I would on anyone who threatens to kill or harm the police. You and that dink Ben Dover are the one’s who are primarily the ones who make threats.

          1. this isn’t even a threat. I hope that all cops that have violated people’s rights are taken to the nearest bridge and skinned alive, and hung from said bridge. I hope their body parts are taken slowly and strewn about with zero regard that this was a human previously.

          2. all that is is opinion you dumb fuck. But go ahead and file the reports, there never even going to talk to me. They don’t waste their time on people who are flexing their 1st Amendment rights knowingly. They’re afraid to, because they don’t want it to go to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has already ruled on these statements.

          3. You have no clue as too what you are talking about. I don’t need your permission to file reports. I don’t even have to tell you. The only way you can express yourself is in a threatening manner. That makes you a stupid person. You say, “there never even going to talk to me”. “They” don’t have to talk too you. If they do, then they do. We will have to see.

          4. it just eats you alive that people have freedom of speech doesn’t it? What’s even more amusing, is the fact that you cannot intimidate and threaten me off this site. You’re just going to have to get used to it.

          5. I’m not intimidating or threatening off this site. I could care less what you do. It’s only when you threaten that draws attention to yourself. The rest of your rant, what ever helps you sleep at night.

          6. the irony of your hypocrisy is lost on you.

          7. the only reason you would tell a person that you filed a report is to intimidate that person. its a childish intimidation tactic, “I’m going to tell on you, and you’re going to get in trouble”. only one of two things is possible here:

            1. You’re too stupid to realize it is an intimidation tactic.
            2. or you’re being purposefully dishonest.

            which is it?

          8. Wrong again. I let you know because when the FBI, HS, or any other agency comes knocking, you will know who too blame and you will know I am not kidding.

          9. and this exemplifies intimidation. “See what a big man I am and what I have done to you for expressing opinions that are in conflict of mine.”

          10. What ever helps you sleep at night.

          11. the cry of the defeated

          12. you’re quite the trolling cunt arent you JC?

          13. Yes, you truly are.

          14. You don’t file reports, slaps. Period. So we won’t see shit. Lying ass fuckstick.

          15. I believe you believe that.

          16. We have been through this too many times to remember. The intent of your statement was a threat.

            You said, ” I hope that all cops that have violated people’s rights are taken to the nearest bridge and skinned alive, and hung from said bridge. I hope their body parts are taken slowly and strewn about with zero regard that this was a human previously”. That is a threat. If you don’t like it, tough. You said you deal with it.

          17. glad to see you haven’t figured out the definition of threats yet. Your ignorance never ceases to amaze me. I won’t even call it ignorance, ignorance can be remedied. I think you’re just plain stupid, actually lacking of a functional organ inside your skull. and you prove it over and over. What a dumbshit.

          18. Again, you said it, you will deal with it.

          19. So where’s the part where he threatens to do any of this stuff, stupid ass? You’re fucking deranged, slaps. I keep telling you to get help before you harm yourself or some innocent farm animal. Sick bestiality video posting fuck.

          20. Hows the weather in Las Vegas? Have you been home to Fayetteville NC lately? I’m going to recheck your criminal record to see if you have added to it.

          21. check mine fuckface. please.

          22. here’s another shining example intellectual dishonesty. You will purposely misquote then take out of context statements to try and prove your point. The above statement is missing the first very important words “this isn’t even a threat” thereby setting up a statement of example.
            only dishonest people have to lie to support their side.

          23. You don’t fill out shit, lying motherfucker.

          24. Fill out a report on me. I’m so scared.

  2. it’s all revenue and quotas man. TX is supposed ot be a liberty loving state but guess not. I hear more abuse from that state that any other. Probably too man it’s cuss your mexican and with all this immigration stuff it ain’t gona get any better. Gl is all I got for now hope you keep us updated about the video helps you or not.

  3. Well, follow the laws and you wont get ticketed.

  4. Hmmm.
    Quite a tale.
    I love the part about the “we cater to low income people who are stranded”. Gotta play up the sympathy part. That is a standard CBer story move. Should have added something in there about being a vet.

    Wow. Lots of tickets.
    Ticketed for no lights…when there were lights. Hmmm. That’s is bad
    Same about the safety chain.
    And the new tag in the window? Oh my.
    And a required tow strap?!? the horror.

    I’d bet if you look up the requirements of your license…..it talks all about those straps. And I’m sure that there is a statute number of on the citation for that law you can’t find.

    It’s really interesting that a proclaimed CB didn’t have a trusty camera with which to record this incident and show that the police were dishonest. Hmmm

    Oh BTW……how do you know if someone is “low income” when they call for a tow? And how do you advertise that you “cater to low income people who are stranded”?

  5. In my state wrecker drivers are audited bi-annually. Their trucks are inspected as are their licensing. If you operate a wrecker, your company is put on a rotation with the dispatch center, so basically the police gives those companies work, and thus, they have to meet certain standards for safety and licensing.

    If you are on your own job and don’t want to be on the rotation, then you are still required to operate under the traffic code (shocker I know) so if your driver ate some tickets, contest them in traffic court.

  6. Are you serious? The “tow truck” has to have all the appropriate working safety devices. The truck has to have the proper permits and it has to be kept in a “Safe” working order. The author said there was no idea as to why the driver was given this ticket but goes on to state what the violations were. Rather than taking responsibility to keep the truck in safe order, the author throws in the racist card. That is beyond pathetic. The ticket said nothing about race.




    1. Are you serious? He also stated clearly that there was zero basis for the frivolous tickets, as they WERE in fact in compliance. But I guess you aren’t aware of the realities that cops play favorites with and are paid protection money by the large tow operators to develop monopolies on who drags away your vehicle. It’s clear they’re harassing him to run him out of business there for the gain of their big operation buddies.

      1. You may believe everything written on copblock but I don’t. Post a link that proves the police are being paid protection money by tow truck operators. The laws are very specific regarding tow truck operators and their equipment. Apparently the operator didn’t keep their truck up to code now they have a big fine to pay. It’s the same for semi drivers, and other large vehicle operators.

        1. You just may be a fucking moron. I knew this shit well before there was ever a cop block. There aren’t “links” to such things, moron, but anyone who is in any way close to such workings knows that it’s true. Let’s just say I’ll put money any day of the week on knowing more about this relationship between law enforcement and tow operators than you, and in fact having professional experience with it. But, go back to sleep. You’re apparently the kind of retard who thinks guilt is evidenced by receiving a citation…as if cops aren’t capable of fabricating those or using it as a means to intimidate people like road mafia for their buddies.

          1. If you go around making accusations without evidence you are no better than the police themselves.

          2. Don’t talk to me of evidence, you cop apologist scum, as if you’re some ally to police accountability. The proof is in the experience, and you’re a retard.

          3. Namecalling is definitely not helping your argument at all. If you do a quick google search, I bet you can find nice, effective ways to get your point across. Shit, if you have had any high school experience at all, you probably wrote about 6 or 7 persuasive papers in English. Maybe even several persuasive speeches in speech/debate. This sentence “The proof is in the experience, and youre a retard.” doesnt quite flow. A sentence generally follows one flow, this one clearly jumps from one to the other. Here is a proper way to structure that sentence. You must be ignorant. I have experience and I can tell you point A, B and C. Then again, you must provide more than just that for credibility. Unfortunately, you are on your own for that.

          4. Shut the fuck up. How do you like that? It’s working quite well for my argument. Those who have worked in either industry know the shit happens in many places, and morons like you two nitwits who are cop apologists will dismiss anything to the contrary…because you’re cop suckers. PERIOD. I don’t give the first fucking shit if you two pussies are convinced. Fucktards, like you, won’t be.

          5. I am going to use you as an example. Folks who are reading this, free lesson in debate and general formations of arguments. You see how Mick, when applied pressure in the middle of a discussion (or controlled argument, if you will), breaks down under the pressure of a well applied argument? This is a fine example of how not to form the argument. Instead of contributing to the discussion at hand, he literally breaks down to the lowest form of debate. You can see, especially after this post, that he loses all credibility that he may have had. The argument is lost and there is no saving it. Anyone who wants to contribute, why dont you take his last post and structure that to better form his argument. Extra credit if done correctly.

          6. You made the statements and I asked you to back them up. You can’t so you were just talking off the top of your head. Why would you put money on what you said when you can’t prove it? Since i asked you too prove it and you can’t, you go for name calling and insults. The last act of a desperate man. Again, prove your statements with a real link.

          7. You’re a moron. Period. I don’t need to back that up, save pointing to your other posts suffices to prove you a cop sucking piece of shit. Fuck off.

          8. No, the moron is you. You made statements and posted them as facts without any real data to back them up. In retaliation, you start with the name calling and rants which shows you never had anything to back up your statements.

      2. Well guess what, I am a senior in art design. I bet you probably would believe that in a different context. Easily believable, but not true. Quit drinking the internet Kool-Aid and listen up. If what he says is true, a quick video immediately after the interaction would prove his case. Fact of the matter is, he is slightly out of compliance and angry he has to pay all this money in fines. His stupid ass fault. If I am speeding and get a ticket for speeding, its my fault. Instead of complaining to people on the internet for a shoulder to cry on or a dick to suck on, I take responsibility and take care of it.

        1. Well, guess what cop sucker? IDGAF about your art design. See, that experience is irrelevant. To fucktards like you who are cop apologists, you explain away even video. I have zero fucks to give what you believe, moron. The one drinking Kool Aid is YOU. I have experience in this area and it is COMMON. Now, go fuck yourself.

    2. We’ll see when/if the video is released. Claiming that there are lights when there actually aren’t is pretty blatant and could easily backfire on the tow driver. As such, I’m inclined to believe that there were lights, but maybe something obstructed one/both of them causing the officer to claim they straight up didn’t exist. I doubt older commercial vehicles are grandfathered past new safety regulations so he may be SOL on the tow strap issue.

      1. The author is pissed his little tow truck got caught running without the proper lights and equipment it was supposed to have. Now the author is bellyaching and blaming the police for his/her own ignorance.

      2. RBB:
        What video is gonna be released ?
        And what CBer doesn’t have a camera ready?

        1. The author claims to have video of the second encounter but isn’t releasing it yet because he intends to take this to court. I’m holding off on choosing a side until that video is released, if ever.

          1. You believe what you’d like. How would releasing the video here hurt his case?

          2. It would cause the video is of his drunk friends at Applebees, not of some traffic stop.

          3. I don’t know and don’t really care one way or the other. This guy could be a total shitbag running a sketchy towing operation. It’s also totally possible the police were harassing him for no reason and piling on trumped up tickets. Arguing about it right now seems about as useful as arguing about religion in YouTube comments. Just wait until the video gets released. If it doesn’t, I’m just going to pretend this tow driver’s story never got posted.

            “you believe what you’d like”? I specifically said I was holding off on picking a side, as should all the copblockers and all the copblock trolls (you and JC, for the most part)

          4. RBB:
            My point was/is…..this author claims to be a CBer…..if so…..why not post the video now? If he has it…it should show exactly what he is saying. Why not post it up? It would lend credence to his claims and it wouldn’t harm anything in the future.

            His NOT posting it here certainly leads to doubt that he has it. And if he lied about that….he’s lying about it all.

          5. Meh, who knows what sort of legal advice he’s getting (if any). If he does post it then cool, add it to the pile of ridiculous police misconduct. If not then we’ve got another cry baby wanting to get out of paying tickets. I’m not picking a side until the video situation is sorted out.

          6. RBB:
            True enough.
            I’m betting though that like so many other CBer stories…..we’ll never hear anything else of this.

  7. “I’d bet if you look up the requirements of your license…..it talks all
    about those straps. And I’m sure that there is a statute number of
    on the citation for that law you can’t find.” Another one gets private corporate policy/statute confused with law. All commercial vehicle codes require one’s consent by way of signature(on the license) in order for one to be subject to those codes. Having a driver license grants the benefit and burden of commercial driving. No legal fiction will grant a nameless man a driver license. losethename.com and quit converting your rights into statutory privileges. A man must consent to be under driving related codes in order for that man to be subject to those codes.

    1. g0fuckyourselfnobodygivesashit.com

      1. Another deepthroatcocksucker police fucktard……

    2. Whoay……let’s all break out the Title 4 flag.


    1. That was my first thought.

  9. Large tow operators are themselves pirates, and they attempt to secure monopolies in a given area by getting contracts with local law enforcement road pirates, or by paying them off to make sure Pirate Towing Company A is always called when someone has their vehicle impounded. Pirate Towing Company A then offers bribes and encourages cops to intimidate other tow operators in such ways.

  10. So? Fight it in court. If it’s wrong you don’t have to pay. If you are in violation, then pay the fine and fix your shit

  11. Wonder how big of a kickback big tow companies are giving dipshit cops to hassle other competing tow drivers…knuckle dragging cops are so easily swede into doing illegal crap so easily. It’s the IQ requirement that SCOTUS ok’ed for knuckle dragging cops to be hired by that is causing the issues…99% of them have the same IQ as a amoeba in comparative intelligence or lower…I guess they could be compared to being dumber then dirt but that would insult the dirt…

    HISD officer charged in towing scheme

  12. Well next time, don’t be Hispanic.

  13. You have not yet paid your tribute, to be allowed to operate in their jurisdiction.

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