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Video – Detained by Nevada Police for “Suspiciously” Sitting in a Car

Henderson Nevada Police Detain Couple for Suspiciously Sitting in a Car

A police officer in Henderson, Nevada detained a couple (who were looking for a lost cat) because he deemed them sitting in a car to be a suspicious act.

Note: The video included within this post was shared with Nevada Cop Block via reader submission. If you have videos, stories, upcoming events/protests, or personal interactions with the police (and/or “justice” system) that you would like to share, send them to us and we will do everything we can to bring it to the attention of the world. In addition, you can visit the Nevada Cop Block resources section for information and links to the rights of citizens when dealing with police, during which you should always be filming.

Apparently (based on the conversation in the video), the people shown being detained here were out looking for a lost cat in Henderson, Nevada (a suburb of Las Vegas). This officer from the Henderson Police Department decided that them simply being parked on a public street constituted suspicion of a crime.

When asked on the video what crime it was that he suspected they were committing, his answer (repeatedly) was, “I’m not going to play your game” (presumably that game where he is actually required to state a crime someone is suspected of when they are being detained) and also to claim that asking why you are being detained constitutes “baiting a police officer.”

Outside of the basic questions of whether being in a parked car should by itself be considered a suspicious act worthy of police investigation (spoiler: no), this video is pretty indicative of the state of policing today. On full display is the rude, even hostile behavior common among police officers and the inevitable result of such behavior. The genuine fear and distrust that the people in the video display is well earned and not at all unreasonable these days.

Eventually, the couple were released without being issued any citations. I’m not sure whether they found the cat, but will update this post if I find out any additional info on its status.

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Cop Caught Sleeping in Viral Youtube Video One of Four NJ Officers Arrested in Off-Duty Bar Fight

Belleville NJ Cop Sleeping Patrol Car

A New Jersey cop, who achieved infamy several years ago when he was photographed sleeping in his patrol car, has now been arrested for involvement in a bar fight.

Officer Jesse J. McKeough of the Belleville Police Department became a bit of a Youtube star when he was caught sleeping like a giant steroid infused baby inside his patrol car back in 2013. After photos of his nap break were posted publicly (see video embedded below) by Anthony Telinski and everyone on the planet laughed for hours on end, McKeough was suspended for an undisclosed period of time as a result. Of course, this was no laughing matter to McKeough’s co-workers and the Good Cops at the BPD immediately took action by harassing and retaliating against Telinski.

Three years later, Officer McKeough is back in the news, but for much worse than taking a beauty sleep while wrapped in his Magic Suit. McKeough was arrested along with three other off-duty Belleville police officers after they were involved in a bar fight that started inside the Pourhouse 17 Pub on Ridge Road in North Arlington and spilled out into the parking lot on Oct. 21st. What or who exactly started the fight has yet to be disclosed. The person assaulted by McKeough was hospitalized as a result of injuries sustained in the brawl.

Via NJ.com:

A 26-year-old man allegedly beaten up by an off-duty police officer at a crowded bar two months ago has described a chaotic scene during which he suffered blunt force trauma to his head and internal bleeding.

“Someone got pushed into me. When I went down to the floor I got repeatedly hit – it was mainly shots to the head,” said John Koski, 26, of Lyndhurst.

Koski said he was taken by North Arlington Volunteer Emergency Squad to a local hospital where he was treated for more than three hours.

According to a court summons, Jesse J. McKeough, 28, struck Koski repeatedly with his fist. McKeough, a patrol officer with the Belleville Police Department, is charged with simple assault. McKeough, a police officer for four years, has been suspended without pay.

Three other Belleville police officers are also suspended without pay in connection with the incident: John Clarizio, 32, Marco Zarfino, 24, and Giovanni Casillo, 39.

The four officers were arrested Monday in connection with the fight, which occurred Oct. 21 at Pourhouse 17 on Ridge Road.

Clarizio is charged with simple assault for punching a bar patron with a closed fist, according to a court summons. The officer is also charged with hindering apprehension for falsely telling a Lyndhurst police officer his name was “Anthony Michael Fasano,” the summons states.

Zarfino is charged with simple assault. A court summons states he punched a person in the bar.

Casillo is charged with simple assault for allegedly punching bar patron Vasilios Theofanidis, 39, according to a summons.

Theofanidis, described by authorities as a pool technician, is charged with simple assault for allegedly pushing a person in the bar, a summons states.

John Koski, the man who ended up at the hospital as a result of Officer McKeough’s attack, said that he didn’t even know what started the fight and was attacked unprovoked while sitting at the bar. So, the lesson learned here should probably be that once a bar fight starts you should either join in or hide behind the bar like in all the cowboy movies. Just sitting innocently at the bar leads to a hospital trip.

And cops are much less dangerous when they are passed out in their patrol cars with drool leaking out of their mouths.

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Police Harassment of Handicapped Man in Illinois Over Use of Sidewalks

The above video and the following post was shared with the CopBlock Network by Mitchell Watkins, via the CopBlock.org Submission Page.

The video embedded above and other videos contained on his Youtube channel, as well as this post, show the issues Mitchell has had with police and city officials within the community in which he lives.

Seemingly, based on the content of his videos, the municipalities where he commonly travels have inadequate sidewalks for him to ride his mobility scooter on. Yet, when he rides outside of the designated sidewalk he finds himself being harassed by the local police for doing so.

Obviously, due to the limitations in movement his severe disability causes, this creates a hardship for him and is a source of frustration and anger. Instead of understanding that and attempting to alleviate those problems, those members of law enforcement and other city officials either act dismissive or hostile toward him when he complains.

As one can imagine, this doesn’t sit well with him and that is the reason he keeps a camera attached to his scooter and why he created his YouTube channel. (It is, of course, a good idea to always Film The Police, regardless.)

Date of Incident: July 3, 2016
Department Involved: Alsip Police Department
Department Phone No.: (708) 385-6902

I’m handicapped. I have undergone a double hip replacement, had both knees replaced, and my right ankle is useless. As a result, I ride a three-wheeled mobility cart. Police all over the place that see me always want to pull me off the street or sidewalk and inform me that I’m improperly operating my cart (In the process wasting the battery, which I need to get me places because when the battery dies I can’t walk).

They assume I’m just riding for fun and I’m not “handicapped enough.” After treating me like garbage and then later realizing I’m actually handicapped, they continue to either try to invent a problem and/or flip it on me to where I was illegally using a mobility cart.

Then they try to justify some reason to continue to be rude to me, as I do to them in return for doing that to me. I realize that my temper reaches a high also, but in all honesty I’m tired of getting stopped for no reason so much and then it getting turned around on me as if I’m an asshole.

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Attention people!! The G700 Flashlight is indestructible and the brightest light you have EVER seen. Order yours now at 75% OFF:Click Graphic NOW

If they would stop pulling me over then we would not have an issue. The police start it and then try to make it worse. There are multiple videos of them doing it and playing games on my YouTube channel above. I also go to town meetings where they do the same and try to justify that since I have problems in multiple places it must be me causing them.

In the Alsip video (my first day owning the cart riding at night with head light, but no tail light, which I installed the next day, but I could not make a taillight on the street) three officers try anything they can to create a reason to cite me. Months later, the town I reside in also does it to me when I’m going to get milk.

Afterwards, I tried to file a simple complaint report to stop it from happening again and recorded the following videos of adult cops playing games so they can avoid one of there own from getting what he deserves. As a result of their games, I started to follow and record them. Then they continued to act condescendingly to me by telling me they know people that have lost legs who could still walk and things like that, etc.

The videos explain everything. I have not gotten any charges ever. They have no reason for what they do and my channel explains it all and shows how crooked the towns around me really are. I am now hated by the police forces, fire fighters, and neighbors for riding a mobility scooter. Am I the crazy one here?

– Mitchell Watkins

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Blatant Disregard for Constitutional Rights and Abuse of Authority by Peoria PD

The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network anonymously, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page. It details an interaction a man in Peoria, IL. had with the police there while he was out videotaping and taking photos.

From the dialogue in the video, the person being harassed by members of the Peoria Police Department for something that is completely legal appears to be only visiting the city and apparently lives elsewhere.

Along with the video and the description included below the person submitting it stated:

This needs to be posted and reshared as much as possible to expose the conduct and actions of these Peoria Officers as they are absolutely sickening. This video is a testament to everything that is wrong with the American Police force today, evidence of the blatant disregard to their oath as police officers, and a clear abuse of their color of authority!

Officer Grow (Badge #877) admits the citizen filming and photographing from a public sidewalk has committed no crime, violates the rules of Terry Stop by demanding ID while saying no crime was committed, then threatens to make a false charge of “Disorderly Conduct” against the citizen for simply exercising his right to refuse to ID that’s derived from an illegal order, then 3-4 other officers show up (including a Sgt.) threatening the citizen with additional false charges, supporting and continuing the illegal actions of Officer Grow like a state sanctioned street gang, all refusing to identify themselves.

Officer Grow committing assault and battery on the citizen by grabbing his camera, violating the citizens 1st Amendment right by Prior Restraint, and then the other officers yelling, “we are not afraid of YouTube” when the citizen stated his intentions to post the video online to show their completely inappropriate and illegal behavior that is a huge example of the current atmosphere and attitude within law enforcement agencies around the United States today.

This video needs to be shared as many times and possible and people should be writing in to complain about these officers actions and conduct to every form of civil government in Peoria, IL.

I’ll add one small clarification to what was said in the video itself. In order to detain someone they don’t actually have to have committed a crime. A police officer has to have reasonable suspicion that they have or were about to do so, which allows them to detain them and investigate if that is in fact the case. Even if a cop decides they want to find out why someone might be walking around a police station, that act alone is not a reasonable suspicion to detain someone. It does not give the police the ability to demand, nor does it create a requirement for someone to give that ID to an officer.

It also does not give police the right to order someone off of public property. Nor does simply standing or walking on a sidewalk constitute “disorderly conduct.” Additionally, there is no requirement for people to stay in motion at all times when they are on a sidewalk. The simple fact that someone is standing on a sidewalk does not, in and of itself, obstruct the movement of others. In spite of what cops often (the keep moving thing is a pretty common thing at protests) try to say in order to be guilty of something you have to actually do that thing or at the very least display some intent to do so. The possibility that something might happen isn’t sufficient justification to restrict someone’s rights.

Also, obviously, filming a cop (or anyone else) in public is not a violation of their Fourth Amendment rights. In fact, by assaulting the man that was filming in order to cover his camera, Officer Grow is violating a pretty well documented First Amendment right.

Date of Incident: May 5, 2016
Officers Involved:
Officer Grow (Badge #877), Officer Stratten, and two additional officers that refused to ID themselves.
Department Involved:
Peoria (IL) Police Department
Contact Numbers:
Daytime (309) 494-8318; After Hours (309) 673-4521
Facebook Page:
Peoria Police Department
Twitter Account:
Peoria PD
Email Contacts
Chief Jerry Mitchell: [email protected]
Asst. Chief Lisa Snow: [email protected]
Mayor Jim Ardis: [email protected]
Address: 600 SW Adams Street, Peoria, IL 61602

This citizen is standing on the street using a video camera in public on a public sidewalk, which is not illegal! Then Officer Grow ( badge #877) begins an illegal detention. When asked if the citizen had committed a crime, Grow admits that he hasn’t, which at that point violates the rules of a Terry Stop. Unless a officer has a reasonable articulable suspicion that a person is committing, is about to commit, or has committed a crime, THEY ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO PROVIDE ID TO OFFICERS!

Then when the citizen simply exercises his right not to ID himself, the officer gets visibly upset and says that the citizen is going to be charged with “Disorderly Conduct” for simply exercising his rights AFTER Officer Grow ADMITTED HE WAS COMMITTING NO CRIME!

Then what happens next is another prime example of what’s wrong with the Police system today. You know how people are always saying that not all cops are bad? The other 95% are good cops? Apparently the full 5% were all in this video. None of the other officers called out Officer Grow for his inappropriate conduct, and in fact, went along with his inappropriate behavior by trying to intimidate and threaten the citizen with false charges, simply because the citizen challenged their authority.

Officer Grow then began assaulting the citizen by grabbing the lens of his camera and continuing to threaten the citizen. And all the officers go along with this while being recorded and stating, “We’re not afraid of YouTube.”

Peoria IL Police HarassmentThis is the problem with our police forces today and why people need to stop just constantly excusing the actions of cops like this! If you allow cops like this to constantly intimidate citizens; threaten them with arrest, possible assault, and death, for doing nothing more than simply walking down the street (and remember that the officer started the whole thing by ADMITTING THAT HE COMMITTED NO CRIME), then you’re giving your rights away at every moment and the police know that there will be no accountability held to them.

They even admit they don’t care if they are viewed on YouTube with this behavior! This is the reason that innocent people are getting killed for no reason, we end up with movements like Black Lives Matter, and people that don’t have the resources to defend themselves against bogus charges end up spending years in jail while cops like these go around threatening, imprisonment, and/or killing innocent people with no consequences because they know they can get away with it. No other cops will hold another cop accountable and they eventually are nothing more than a state sanctioned street gang.

All the officers in this video should be IMMEDIATELY FIRED, especially Officer Grow, because it’s only a matter of time before someone ends up being assaulted or killed by these men, if has not already happened. People need to wake up and make sure that cops like this are exposed for the thugs that they are and chased out of any public service that allows them to make life and death decisions.

If you watch this video and are not immediately outraged by these officers conduct and actions, you are complicit in the creation of a system that at any time can choose to ignore your civil rights and potentially deprive you of your life and liberty at any moment. This is exactly the same kind of bullshit that British soldiers did to American colonists and that ended up starting the revolution. This is why the Founding Fathers created a Bill of Rights.

It’s time for people to start realizing that by allowing thugs like this to exist in our police forces, holding them to ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY, and supporting actions like these, will eventually lead to them victimizing you or someone close to you.

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Boulder Colorado Cops Threatened to Arrest Artist for Stacking Rocks

Michael Grab Gravity Glue Boulder Artist

Public Enemy Number 1 in Boulder CO.

In yet another case that requires pointing out that it is not an Onion article, police in Boulder Colorado claimed that stacking rocks in an artistic design constituted “destruction of public property” and threatened an artist with jail if he continued maliciously balancing rocks on top of each other, without regard for the imaginary law.

It’s not really clear if this ridiculousness stemmed from just a fairly common lack of understanding of laws by the police or the seemingly as common confusion about what the terms “public property” and “destruction” actually mean. But, to be fair, this could also just be predicated on their even more common tendency to disregard all those things in an effort to bully someone, seemingly for no good reason at all.

According to Alternet.org:

In a Monday Facebook post, (Michael) Grab explained that a Boulder police officer had informed him that there would be stiff penalties for continuing his art.

“For the past 7 years i (sic) have been creating this art in and around Boulder, Colorado, USA. nearly every day!” he wrote. “[J]ust this weekend, one police officer has decided that balancing rocks in Boulder, Colorado is now illegal, obscurely referencing two city codes [5-4-8 and 5-4-2] about ‘destruction of public property’ in relation to rocks.”

“So now the police have belligerently taken it upon themselves to write tickets and/or arrest ANYONE balancing rocks in Boulder, CO. and specifically threatened to ticket me and/or arrest me if they catch me in the future,” the artist lamented. “[I] encourage as many people as possible (especially locals) to contact the city council here in Boulder and voice your support for this long standing tradition in Boulder. [I]t is something that an overwhelming portion of the community supports.”

The artist, who goes by the name “Gravity Glue,” was fortunately saved from  a life sentence (probably) of hard time and irony breaking rocks in the heat, after people followed his request for a call flood (as we like to call them) and someone in the local government made a phone call to the police department that more than likely involved the words, “Are you fucking kidding me with this?” being uttered at some point.

banner420More than likely, that actually saved the Boulder police a bunch of embarrassment, more than anything else. The law that was cited by the unnamed cop with way too much time on his hands clearly doesn’t apply in the first place. Also, Gravity Glue has become somewhat of a YouTube celebrity after videos of his work have been posted there recently and people realized that it looks kinda cool and pretty impossible to do.

Plus, Rooster Magazine had already begun pointing out that perhaps the Boulder Police Department could better spend their time preventing actual crimes, such as the above average levels of robberies and rapes being committed in their town. There was a whole lot of stupidity and bad publicity just waiting to spring into action with just that one really dumb act.

So, for now, the horrible rock stacking crime spree will continue unabated. In an ideal world the cops in Boulder, Colorado (which by the way seems like the obvious place to stack rocks), would move on to fighting some of those real crimes, rather than harassing eccentric artists that nobody really appears to be bothered by. However, this is not yet that ideal world. Since cops generally have neither the legal duty, nor the inclination to actually do that, they’ve probably already huddled into a big circle to figure out what harmless person they should protect and serve harass next.