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Norfolk England Police Turn A Blind Eye as Security Guard Assaults Man for Filming in Public

The following post and accompanying videos were shared with the CopBlock Network by Marcus Potter, who has submitted numerous other videos to the CopBlock Network, as well. It was shared via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page. (See “Related Posts” section below for previous videos submitted by Marcus Potter.)

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Date of Incident: December 12, 2015
Officer Involved: PC 1169 Hogan
Department Involved: Norfolk Constabulary
Department Facebook Page: Norfolk Police
Department Twitter Account: @NorfolkPolice
Department Telephone No.:

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On the 12th December 2015, I decided to shoot a funny video featuring some members of Norfolk Constabulary (embedded below) whilst on a privately owned road, namely Wherry Road in Norwich, Norfolk, UK. I was then assaulted by a private security guard after I lawfully refused to desist filming.

Whilst I was on private property, I was still in a public place. The land was not owned by his employer and there were no signs demarcating any prohibition against filming.

Two constables standing close by looked at me whilst this happened and ignored the person as they did not care less. After I threatened to punch the guy and he laughed. PC 1169 Hogan barked an order, namely “stop making a nuisance of yourself.” Hogan then said that “If you’ll be reasonable to me, I’ll be reasonable to you. If you’ll be a freeman on the land, I’ll be a freeman on the land to.”

I then left.

– Marcus D Potter

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Norfolk England Police Assault Then Unlawfully Arrest UK Cameraman For Filming in Public

The following post and accompanying videos were shared with the CopBlock Network by Marcus Potter, who has submitted numerous other videos to the CopBlock Network, as well. It was shared via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page.

Date Of Incident: December 12, 2015
Officers Involved: Police Constables 1169 Hogan, 1537 Gardiner, 1664, 1680 Wilson and 1749 Takeuchi, Custody Detention Officer 5063 Roosa, Custody Sgt. 3060 King
Department Involved: Norfolk Constabulary (Great Yarmouth Police)
Twitter Account: @GYarmouthPolice
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone Number: +441953424242

I was filming police officers on Wherry Road in Norwich when I was assaulted by a doorman because I was too close to his pub. I threatened to punch him and he laughed at me. A police officer who was present – PC 1169 Hogan did not see the funny side and said to me “stop making a nuisance of yourself.” I ignored him knowing that my actions were justified and besides the supposed victim of my alleged crime was in stitches!

I carried on walking and filming officers and then approached PC Hogan to ask where the boundaries were of the private property that the doorman was referring to. Hogan stated that I was on the property and therefore “shouldn’t be filming.” I called his bluff as he was clearly abusing the law on trespass (which is not a criminal offense) to suit himself, to which he replied that I had been told to stop by a security guard who is in fact a representative of the landowner.

Knowing that Hogan was wrong I walked away and carried on filming to which he again said to me, “stop making a nuisance of yourself.” I stepped off the property and said to Hogan, “It’s fine!” to which he replied, “sir, you’ve been told about your conduct, come here please.” I said, “No, you come here please. Am I obliged to stop walking?”

Instead of answering my question, Hogan grabbed hold of me and I asked whether I was under arrest. Hogan said, “I am detaining you” to which I replied, “fuck off please” in the heat of the moment. Hogan continued lecturing me about my filming saying, “you’ve been acting in an anti-social manner” before knocking my camera off and moved it downwards.

He then demanded my name and date of birth under threat of arrest (using the Police Reform Act 2002 which does not give officers the power to demand a person’s date of birth – only name and address). I gave him my name, but refused my date of birth. I was warned that failing to give my date of birth would result in my arrest, to which I replied, “I’ve told you to fuck off, just fuck off. I don’t give a fuck what you say, fuck off.”

Hogan took umbrage to my language and arrested me under Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986, despite my voice being no louder than a normal conversational volume. With the assistance of his colleague, PC 1537 Gardiner, Hogan handcuffed me in the front stack position and placed me on the floor in the prone position. Another officer present – PC 1664, radioed for the prisoner van to take me to custody.

Shortly afterwards, the prisoner van arrived and I was taken into custody (Wymondham Police Investigation Centre) by two other officers; PCs 1680 Wilson and 1749 Takeuchi. My cuffs were removed and replaced by a different set by Wilson (also applied in the front stack position). After some time waiting at the scene (whilst the circumstances were relayed from Hogan to Wilson) and the journey to Wymondham PIC. PC Takeuchi, Wilson and I waited for the availability of a member of custody staff to book me into custody. I was booked in by CDO 5063 Roosa and taken to my cell by himself. My detention was authorized by Custody Sgt 3060 King. After some time spent in my cell, I was further arrested by King for another alleged public order offense (Section 4A Public Order Act 1986). I was released on police bail without conditions, left the PIC and went on my way home.

– Marcus Potter