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Washington Cop Sentenced to Just One Year of Probation for Sexual Assault After “Out of Control” Argument

Officer Travis Disney of the Wapato Police Department has been sentenced to “time served,” plus one year of probation for sexually assaulting a woman. (According to a different account, that woman was his wife) Disney had attacked the woman after an argument reportedly “got out of control.” He pled guilty to third degree rape after originally being charged with second degree rape and false imprisonment.

That time he supposedly served amounts to the eight and a half months he spent awaiting trial. At best, it’s a technicality. He was released without bail, but forced to wear a electronic monitoring anklet to ensure he didn’t get within 250 feet of his victim’s house. So, that means his “confinement” consisted of essentially having a restraining order filed against him and not being able to go within a short distance of her house.

Via the Yakima Herald:

Yakima County sheriff’s deputies went to the home around 9 a.m. after a 911 call was received. No one was speaking into the phone, but dispatcher reported hearing a man in the background say “Why did you call?” before the call was terminated, according to a probable-cause affidavit.

A followup call by dispatchers went to voice mail, but a short time later a man called dispatchers and told them no one there had called 911, the affidavit said.

Deputies said when they went to the house a woman told them an argument with Disney got “out of control” and that he held her down and sexually assaulted her. During the assault, the woman had scratched and bit Disney, the affidavit said.

Disney was not on duty at the time, but deputies said he used his department-issued laptop computer to see that the 911 call had gone through, and tried to use makeup to cover up his injuries.

Disney was arrested on suspicion of second-degree rape and unlawful imprisonment.

On Monday,  Superior Court Judge David Elofson and prosecutors agreed with members of the county’s pretrial release program that Disney should be released without bail.

So in reality, his only punishment will be one year of probation. However, his attorney,  Ulvar Klein, said that “he’s paying a heavy price,” by not being able to be a cop anymore (even though he has “landed on his feet again” at a new, unspecified job). It’s not clear from the article if he will be able to wear his cape anymore, but presumably now that he officially isn’t allowed to be a Police Hero they will confiscate that from him.

Washington Cop Indicted on Child Porn Charges for Sexting Thirteen Year Old Girl

Oak Harbor (WA) Police Officer John Little was indicted by a federal grand jury early this month on charges of receiving Child porn. Officer Little, a former high school resource officer, used the KIK cell phone messenger app to “sext” with a thirteen year old girl in another state between March and July of this year.

The texts included sexually explicit pictures, videos, and text messages. According to an FBI report, at least one of those explicit texts were sent while he was at work “protecting and serving” Oak Harbor residents. He also apparently was sexting with so many underage girls that he says he couldn’t specifically remember talking to the victim.

Via the Whidbey News-Times:

Little is accused of exchanging sexually explicit images, videos and messages with a 13-year-old girl in another state through a KIK messenger app on a cell phone. The FBI’s report states that he sent her images of his penis and face.

According to text conversations included in the report, Little also allegedly made lewd suggestions to the child regarding objects and urged her to send him photos.

Little told the child that he was “at work” during one of their explicit conversations, the report states. The girl wrote that she was at school in another of their conversations.

The charging documents indicate that the crime occurred “in or about March 2016 and continuing until at least in or about July 2016.”

The FBI report also states that Little may have also been communicating with other children.

During an interview with the FBI, Little allegedly admitted that he “had sexually explicit conversations with individuals he knew or had reason to know were minors,” though he did not specifically recall conversations with the victim.

Special agents from the Bellingham office of the FBI took Little, a 27-year veteran of the Oak Harbor police force, into custody after questioning him and serving a search warrant at his home.

Little was the school resource officer from 1998 to 2004 and filled in on a temporary basis in 2008, according to Oak Harbor police records.

According to Oak Harbor Police Administrator Terry Gallagher, Officer Little was immediately given a paid vacation after he was arrested by FBI agents at the Oak Hill Police Department headquarters. That should give him plenty of free time to sext young teen girls.

Former Chicago Bears Superbowl QB Jim McMahon Urges NFL Allow Medical Marijuana For Players

Jim McMahon Medical Marijuana NFL

Jim McMahon, the Superbowl XX winning quarterback from the 1985 Chicago Bears, a team which is often considered one of the best all-time teams and arguably the best defense in the history of the NFL, has joined the long list of people advocating for the medical use of marijuana.

Currently, McMahon is battling symptoms attributed to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), such as early dementia, severe headaches, memory loss and depression, all of which have been attributed to the effects of multiple concussions and for obvious reasons are especially prevalent among people involved in contact sports.

Even in states in which medical marijuana has already been legalized, the National Football League prohibits its use among players. Anyone testing positive for marijuana use, regardless of local laws (even in Washington and Colorado, which both allow recreational use), are subject to punishments that increase with each instance.

McMahon made his statements advocating for marijuana as an alternative to opiates for pain management while appearing as part of a panel discussion by retired NFL players at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo. The panel was held at Manhattan’s Javits Convention Center.

Via the Sporting News:

The panel, according to the New York Daily News, was moderated by former Giants defensive lineman Leonard Marshall and included former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon, former Broncos tight end Nate Jackson, former Broncos wide receiver Charlie Adams and former Jaguars offensive tackle Eben Britton.

McMahon, who is dealing with early dementia, severe headaches, memory loss and depression — all symptoms associated with too many concussions — believes he would be healthier now if he was allowed to use marijuana instead of pills during his playing career. Marijuana is an effective pain killer and less harmful than opiods, McMahon said.

“Hundreds of thousands of people are dying from [painkillers] and there’s not one case of people dying from the hemp plant,” McMahon said.

Britton added, “Juxtaposing my experiences with pharmaceutical drugs like Vicodin and Percocet, that made me angry and irritable, frustrated, didn’t get rid of any of the pain, made it difficult to sleep, increased my heart rate and made me feel crazy. On the other side of that there’s cannabis that helped me sleep, put me into a healing state of being where I was relieved from stress and anxiety as well as feeling the pain relief.”

Jackson, who appeared on an edition of HBO’s Real Sports that dealt with the same issue, added, “The owners of these teams are, by and large, wealthy men who are older and do not understand that this is a pretty innocuous substance.”

As is also mentioned in the Sporting News article, this offseason the Baltimore Ravens cut Eugene Monroe, a former first round pick who has campaigned publicly for the acceptance of medical marijuana in the NFL. Many people, including Monroe, have attributed that move to his strong advocacy for cannabis use, although the Ravens have denied that is the case.

Jim McMahon Superbowl XX MoonMcMahon, who was known as much for his flamboyant attitude and defiance of arbitrary or silly rules as he was for his play on the field, is no stranger to alternative medical practices or controversy. In one of the more famous photos from the build up to Superbowl XX, he mooned a helicopter while wearing a headband that said “ACUPUNCTURE” on it.

He later explained that he was just showing the media where he had received treatment for an injury he had received in a game the previous week. (The headband derived from an incident earlier in the season where he was fined $5,000 for having an Adidas label on his head band during a game and subsequently wore a headband with “ROZELLE” written on it in reference to the league commissioner, who had fined him.)

Jim McMahon Rozelle HeadbandIt’s silly and contradictory that the NFL approves the use of opiates and all kinds of other horrible pharmaceutical medications for players if they have a prescription (and sometimes without even having one), but prohibits the same medical rights for cannabis patients, even in locations where it can be legally prescribed by a doctor. In fact, it’s not at all unusual for players with lingering injuries to receive shots that numb the affected area in order to play during a game. Stories have even emerged of players receiving such shots in the locker room during a game in which they were injured.

So, it’s clearly not a case of the NFL being opposed to drug use in general or a concern for the safety or health of players. Their refusal to accept that playing in the NFL and improper care for concussions in the past increased the chances of players developing CTE alone is proof of that not being true.

The least they could do is give those players the option of using a safe and non-addictive option to treat the pain is inherent to the game. Being that there are different laws in the different cities which have NFL teams, there’s a small complication in the fact that some players would have access to legal medical marijuana while others wouldn’t because they state they live in still living in the dark ages.

However, in reality, all they would have to do is remove it from the list of drugs which they test for. Legally, they are not under any obligation to test for drugs, whether they are illegal or otherwise. Players certainly make enough money that they could set up residence during the offseason within the states that do allow its use for the next four or five years or so until it’s made legal not just for medical use, but for recreational use as well, nationwide. (That writings on the wall in big letters.)

Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputies Cite “Constitutionalists” as a Justification for MRAP Vehicle

The video above and the description below was shared with the CopBlock Network by “General Gonzo S. Patton,” via the CopBlock.org Submission Page. Along with the video description, he states, “I despise this attitude in these Chickenshit Ticket Writers.”

The video was originally posted by Alex JonesInfowars channel on Youtube back in 2014. It features a conversation between an unidentified “local resident” and two Spokane County Sheriff‘s deputies relating to the necessity of having a MRAP military vehicle and whether a group of children, who the deputies state were being given a ride, are being conditioned to accept the militarization of the police.

The deputies’ response to the questioning of the necessity of surplus military vehicles being passed on to local police departments is somewhat interesting. One of them states, “we’ve got a lot of Constitutionalists and a lot of people that stockpile weapons, lots of ammunition. They have weapons here locally.”

December 17, 2014

Department Involved: Spokane County (WA) Sheriff’s Office
Department Phone Number: (509) 477-4754
Citizen Complaints: Complaint Form (PDF)
Facebook Page: Spokane County Sheriff’s Office on FB
Twitter Account: Spokane Sheriff Office
Youtube Channel: Spokane Sheriff

The link was forwarded to me and is outdated, but serves as a reminder that our Heroes and Chickenshit Ticket Writers look upon those of us who believe in liberty, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution with disdain. I am posting this as someone who taught at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission for nine years and when I graduated from the CJTC, I graduated top in my class, carried a badge and actually believed in the motto: Protect and Serve. This is rogue behavior and part of why I retired.

– General Gonzo S. Patton

Spokane Sgt. Arrested on Sexual Assault Charge Against Female Officer

Sergeant Gordon Ennis of the Spokane Police Department turned himself in on Wednesday after being charged with second degree rape against another Spokane police officer. The victim was passed out drunk at the time at a party hosted by another SPD sergeant.

Via the CBS affiliate in Spokane, KREM2:

Court documents released in November revealed the SPD officer accused of sexual assault may have trimmed his finger nails short on purpose. Documents stated investigators believed Ennis trimmed his fingernails to prevent the collection of DNA evidence. At the time, investigators said Ennis is cooperating and did submit to DNA testing.

Officials said Sergeant Gordon Ennis is accused of sexually assaulting a fellow officer at a party. He was placed on leave on October 26.

The victim described herself as “very intoxicated” to detectives and said she passed out in a guest bedroom after the party. Court documents said she woke up to the suspect touching her inappropriately and told detectives she is positive something happened to her. She said she heard the suspect say he had to go home shortly after she woke up.

Meanwhile, Sgt. Doug Strosahl, who hosted the party at his house, has been suspended after he tampered with evidence in order to cover up for Ennis. In addition, charges have been recommended against Sergeant John Gately for tipping off Sgt. Ennis about the pending investigation and contacting others involved in an effort to cover up for him. If approved by the prosecutor’s office, Gately will be charged with Rendering Criminal Assistance 1st Degree and Obstructing a Law Enforcement Officer.

Between these three sergeants raping and covering up for the rape of a fellow officer and Chief Frank Straub, who recently had to resign for intimidating and threatening coworkers (but is still collecting a $180,000 salary), it sure looks like the Spokane Police Department is quite the place to work and its leadership is stocked full of “Good Cops” keeping everyone safe.

Spokane Police Chief Still Collecting $179K Salary Three Months After Resigning

Former Spokane, Washington Police Chief Frank Straub resigned amid scandal in September, yet three months later he remains on the payroll. In fact Chief Straub, who was accused by coworkers of intimidation, personal attacks, and threats, is currently the highest payed employee in the City of Spokane, in spite of supposedly having quit.

Furthermore, when questioned, city officials have come up with a continually changing explanation of why Straub is still on the payroll and what exactly he’s getting paid $179,484 per year (plus benefits) to do.

Per the local CBS affiliate in Spokane, KREM2:

Spokane Police Chief StraubInitially, city officials said Straub would be working Monday through Friday reporting to city attorney Nancy Isserlis. A press release said, “Mayor David Condon accepted Straub’s resignation today and reassigned him to work on criminal justice initiatives and assist in the transition to the new chief.”

Later, city leaders said Straub was working on an “on call basis” and was assigned to work on a city grant.

KREM 2 News asked the city for evidence of the work Straub had done since being reassigned on Tuesday. We were told he is not working on the city grant and is instead doing law enforcement and criminal justice related work. City officials said Straub is working on research for the police department to help with the transition and keep projects in place after he leaves.

Meanwhile, the Spokane City Council has had to fight tooth and nail to get Mayor David Condon to address the complaints that resulted in Chief Straub’s resignation. They recently had a unanimous vote to send Condon a official letter demanding answers in regards to his inaction in the “investigation” of those accusations. As a result, the mayor announced he would be appointing Michael Hogan, a retired judge, to conduct an inquiry into the matter.

The Olympia Police Did Nothing Wrong for the 100th Time (Repost)

This was submitted from a post at the “media island internationalblog and was written by Bruce Wilkinson. It discusses yet another instance of a police department (Olympia Washington) investigating itself after some of the officers employed by that department have committed violence against the public, as well as the very predictable outcome of that “investigation.” (Links within the post have been added and were not included in the original version.)

If you have a video and/or description of an interaction you have personally had with the police or courts you would like to submit for a possible blog post on CopBlock.org, you can do so at the Cop Block Submissions page.


Olympia, Wa. Dec. 2014

Olympia, Wa. – Dec. 2014

The Olympia Police Department did nothing wrong when it comes to Officer Donald shooting two unarmed black youth according to their internal investigation. This is about the 100th time the OPD investigated itself and surprisingly found nothing wrong.

Several years ago I filed a complaint of OPD excessive force to the OPD and the OPD investigation ended with the same result. I then examined police auditor reports of other OPD complaints. The Police Auditor’s reports back then had one amazing detail, they were all statistically anomalous. A few things were very clear, the Police Auditor agreed 100% of the time with the police, meaning he was just a rubber stamp so I’m glad the fiction of his role is gone. The second was that of the 20 or so official complaints of excessive force, none of them were deemed legitimate.

I want you all to understand that these were official complaints, as in the person went back to the police that allegedly hurt them, filed a complaint, and then went through the investigator’s interview. I have to imagine that only a tiny sliver of people who have faced police brutality actually ever file a complaint, right? I mean maybe 1 in 20, 1 in 50 or more actually stand up and file? So these are very serious people who feel very righteous and of them all, zero of these excessive force complaints were deemed legitimate by OPD investigators. ZERO! This is statistically unlikely.

Right now, the City Council, including Stephen Buxbaum and Nathaniel Jones unfortunately aren’t taking real leadership in adequately dealing with this situation. Four years ago the City Council made one very bad mistake, they selected Police Chief Roberts an outsider who had little credentials. They selected this person for all the wrong reasons and Roberts has abused his position. The City Council immediately chose the route of sitting by his side during all of this rather than sitting across as righteous arbiters of a city needing answers from him. It feels as though Chief Roberts and Steve Hall are running the show and one thing should be clear that these men making $150k+ aren’t supposed to be the rulers.

Chief Roberts was responsible for hiring Officer Donald, now the city is facing suits against it because of this one bad decision and yet the city never has publically (sic) questioned this decision. But that isn’t the only bad decision. Chief Roberts was drawn in through a fearful City Council after the Port Militarization Resistance because, as City Manager Steve Hall said at the time, Roberts had experience from Eugene dealing with anarchists. And it is true, Lieutenant Roberts was in charge of investigations that sent 11 people to jail as terrorists during the green scare. He was a Renaissance man for police and FBI coordination and using fear to stifle a population.

Other than that, Chief Roberts had the amazing duty of Police Chief of Redmond Oregon a 98% white small town that has little of the dynamism of Olympia. And I think the racism charge has been leveled pretty strongly in this case against Officer Donald but Chief Roberts hired him and has flown free of any controversies. To this I can only say is his resume has no color to it unless it is on the conviction side.

Here in Oly he set immediately to work in endearing him to the ODA and then seeking more coordination with the Neighborhood Associations. But why did he do this? Was it to the benefit of Olympia? It seems that he had a mission, over exaggerate the crime problem and then gain more of the purse for the police. He immediately set about doing things like making big announcements around a war on drugs right after marijuana was legalized targeting the heroine “epidemic” a scare term not reflecting objective analysis. His crime reports to the neighborhood associations make the mundane minor offenses that have always happened seem like a crime wave. Today this town is safe. It is extremely safe. It is annoyingly obnoxiously safe. It is scary white people who love malls safe. I know most of you all have never lived in a big city so just take my word for it, you live in a bubble of extreme safety of the likes that really no one should be entitled to feel. You will have to think about that.

And he used classic broken windows policing tactics. He targeted youth and homeless focusing on minor problems to drum up fear. Targeting the scapegoats of the city he focused on attacking homeless, with new rules and more harassment. But what did all this really do for the city? Well I would argue not much good and a whole lot bad. The only real positive has been for Chief Roberts, increasing the size of the police department by getting a tax increase past the voters his second year in office. With the Downtown Ambassador program he also got more boots on the street doing psuedo police work. His bloated office consumes, most people don’t realize, a third of the city budget on police and jails.

The City Council should use the power of the purse to remove the excess from the bloated OPD which will help to incentivize less work on public appearances and more on actual real policing. It might help for them to realize that attempted shoplifting for example is no four alarm fire requiring intensive prowling of the area and multiple patrol assignments. If the OPD has that much police personnel to waste on such an issue than it has too much personnel. The City Council’s job is to thoroughly check and hold accountable Chief Roberts, not be his buddy.

Roberts’ decisions in the type of policing he prefers lead to Scott Yoos’ arrest by four cops that were bullying him because they thought he may have been dumpster diving. It’s a broken windows sort of policing and it makes so little sense outside of NYC where it was developed. This city needs a police department that is better than that and chooses that respecting civil liberties and creating a better society means not going after and making more difficult the lives of the most vulnerable.

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Pasco Police Who Shot Antonio Zambrano-Montes While His Hands Were Up Won’t Be Charged

Pasco Antonio Zambrano-Montes

Antonio Zambrano-Montes

The prosecutor for Franklin County, Washington announced on September 9th that none of the three Pasco Police officers, who shot Antonio Zambrano-Montes as he was surrendering in February of this year, would be charged with a crime. Zambrano-Montes, a Mexican immigrant and farm worker, had initially been throwing rocks at cars and other people, reportedly including the police. He had tried to run away from the police before he was shot. The shooting led to weeks of protests in Pasco and on a lesser scale among Latino immigrants throughout the country.

The shooting was caught on video and pretty clearly showed Zambrano-Montes had stopped and raised his hands above his head when Officers Ryan Flanagan, Adam Wright, and Adrian Alaniz fired the shots that killed him. However, according to Prosecutor Shawn Sant, no criminal charges could be filed because it could not be proved that the officers acted with malice when they shot an unarmed man who no longer represented a threat to them in any way.

Via King5.com:

“Sant said the evidence showed the officers used legal force as they tried to arrest a man who had assaulted them. Sant said he could not meet the high bar for criminal prosecution, which would require a showing that the officers acted with malice.

“Law enforcement officers do not have the option of walking away to dial 911. They are 911,” Sant said.

Sant said there was probable cause that Zambrano-Montes posed a serious threat to others.

“I believe a jury would not find the evidence of malice and the absence of good faith beyond a reasonable doubt in this case. We legally cannot charge police officers with a crime for exercising their discretion for using force in good faith and without malice,” he said.

As Sant read his statement, people in the courtroom called out, protesting his decision.”

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Officer Flanagan is no longer with the Pasco Police Department, having resigned to take some (undisclosed) job within the “local building industry” in June, although it was reported to be unrelated to the case. The other two officers have been on paid leave (AKA paid vacation) since Zambrano-Montes was killed.

Prior to the announcement by Prosecutor Sant, Gov. Jay Inslee sent a letter to the state attorney general requesting a review of the decision, regardless of whether the officers ended up being charged or not. In addition, the U.S. Attorney General’s Office is conducting it’s own investigation. There are also several lawsuits that have been or will soon be filed over the shooting.



Prosecutors: Cops Who Shot Unarmed Man Lying in Bed 16 Times Had “No Malice”

A reader named Nick, shared the content below, which was originally published at Reason.com‘s “Hit and Run” blog, via the Cop Block Submissions page.

Dustin Theoharis Police Shooting UnarmedA judge recently ruled the Washington man’s lawsuit could move forward, but prosecutors say they aren’t impressed by the evidence.

Four years ago cops from the King’s County Sheriff’s Office and the state Department of Corrections (DOC) in Washington busted into the home of  Dustin Theoharis and shot the unarmed man 16 times as he lay in bed. Theoharis had at least a dozen surgeries but survived. He sued the county, settling for $3 million, and has also sued the DOC.

Both the county and the department have ruled the shootings justified, despite the lack of a firearm and the fact that the two cops shot a man 16 times as he lay in bed. Earlier this month a judge  ruled Theoharis’ excessive force lawsuit against the DOC could move forward, citing the cops’ questionable testimony (they didn’t provide a statement for weeks after the shooting).

But that’s not enough for county prosecutors…(Read the full story on Reason.com)

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When Police Go Rogue on Facebook by Ken Armstrong of the Marshall Project

This post was shared with the CopBlock Network by a reader, via the CopBlock.org Submission Page. It was originally published by Ken Armstrong at themarshallproject.org.

Last week, Seattle police apologized for an incident in which a female officer arrested a 69-year-old man walking in the city with a golf club. She said he wielded the club as a weapon. He said it was simply a cane. Police video supported the man’s account.

But it was only after another discovery – made by a Seattle newspaper, The Stranger – that the police department removed the officer from street duty, assigning her to a desk.

The officer is white. The man she arrested with the golf club is black. Last year, the officer posted this on Facebook: “If you believe that blacks are NOT accusing white America for their problems then you are missing the point of the riots in Ferguson and the chronic black racism that far exceeds any white racism in this country. I am tired of black peoples paranoia that white people are out to get them. … I am tired of black people saying poor poor me …”

When Seattle’s police chief read those Facebook comments last week, she said she was “shocked and disappointed.”

Around the country, other chiefs can relate. So can other communities where officers – and sometimes, the police chiefs themselves – have posted Facebook messages that created controversy and sometimes led to suspensions or firings. Such episodes have played out on other social-media sites, of course. And, like the Internet itself, they extend beyond the United States. (In the United Kingdom, more than 150 officers have faced disciplinary action for bad Facebook behavior, including one constable who wrote: “Let’s not be so soft on these [worst expletive imaginable] out there.”)

But looking just at Facebook – and just at police in the United States – here’s a roundup of cases where officers have been accused of crossing a line when going online.

Marlin, Texas: A police sergeant was fired in August 2014 after posting this on Facebook: “The first day of the month! The day I absolutely LOVE going to the grocery store after putting in 120+ hours last month. I love being able to see how the useless lazy turd bags spend the hard earned money my working friends and I provided for them so they can sit of their lazy asses all month and drink the beer I am paying for. I especially love it in the summer so I can admire the thousands of dollars of ink they have adorning their unclean bodies as they smile at me with that mouth full of bling. Makes me want to help them take their groceries and help them load them into that Escalade with $4000 rims. I promise, if I ever snap and go on a killing spree, it will be in a supermarket on the first.” (Elsewhere in Texas, police have created Facebook dustups in Dallas, Emory, and Matagorda County.)

Jonesboro, Ark.: The same month that police sergeant was fired in Texas, the police chief in Jonesboro, Ark., resigned. The chief, on Facebook, called a newspaper reporter a “pro-dope smoking, law license revoked, left wing liberal.” He also called her “smelly,” and wrote: “Dealing with ole Sunshine is like trying to pick up a dog turd by the ‘clean end.’” Jonesboro’s mayor handed the chief a 30-day suspension, but the chief quit before serving it. (And he wasn’t the only police chief to resign last August over a Facebook post. The chief in Chickasha, Okla., did, too. Before that, so did the police chief in Williamston, S.C.)

Bainbridge Island, Wash.: On this island in the Puget Sound, police in 2010 shot and killed a mentally ill man, in a case that prompted a civil rights lawsuit and a $1 million verdict against the city. A week after the shooting, the officer who opened fire received a Facebook message from a Los Angeles cop, who flippantly referred to the shooting as “combat qual.” The Bainbridge officer responded, on Facebook, with: “no sweat here … bad guy should have listened a little better.” (A year later, a different Bainbridge officer was reprimanded for going on Facebook and writing of a crackdown on traffic offenses: “We rained terror on the island and no one was taken alive.”)

Portsmouth, Va.: In 2011, a police officer shot and killed an intoxicated, unarmed cook, a citizen of Kazakhstan who was struck 11 times. Afterward, the officer’s Facebook page – captured by The Virginian-Pilot before disappearing from the web – became the subject of an internal review. Among other postings, he described a photo of a box of handguns as his “box of VENGEANCE!” and wrote: “would be better if i was dirtying them instead of cleaning them!”

Boston, Mass.: Last year, a police officer for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority posted on Facebook: “Farther’s (sic) Day, the most confusing day in Roxbury.” The president of the Boston NAACP told television station WCVB, “It’s a sad commentary on what this gentleman thinks is going on in communities of color.” Afterward, the officer was stripped of his role as a police-academy drill instructor.

Indianapolis, Ind.: Television station WTHR aired an investigative report in 2009 about an Indiana state trooper’s Facebook posts. “I pick up trash for a living,” the trooper wrote. He boasted of drinking heavily and posted a photo in which a fellow police officer pointed a .357 Magnum at the trooper’s head. By matching Facebook’s timestamps with state patrol employment records, the station discovered that the trooper sometimes posted while on duty. The trooper subsequently resigned.

Albuquerque, N.M.: That trooper certainly wasn’t the only police officer to refer to people as garbage. In 2011, an Albuquerque police officer shot a man in the back after a traffic stop, killing him. Soon after, local media reported that the officer listed his job on Facebook as “human waste disposal.” No charges were filed against the officer for the shooting, but he did get a four-day suspension for his Facebook post.

New York City: In 2009, a New York City police officer described his Facebook status as “watching ‘Training Day’ to brush up on proper police procedure.” A few weeks later, that post was used to attack the officer’s credibility when a defendant he had arrested went to trial. (In “Training Day,” there is little, if anything, proper about the corrupt narcotics detective played by Denzel Washington.) Two years later, more than a dozen NYPD officers posted offensive comments about the West Indian Day Parade, leading to eventual discipline.

Monroe, La.: Responding to the protests in Ferguson, Mo., following the grand jury’s decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, a police officer in Monroe, La., went on Facebook and wrote: “Ive got an idea on how to clear the streets in Ferguson Missouri. Lets have a crop duster fly over and drop job applications.” The officer, who was subsequently placed on leave, also wrote: “I’m surprised the beauty salon didn’t have armed guards. That ‘good hair’ is expensive. Thats ghetto gold.” Police elsewhere also made Facebook posts about Ferguson that stirred controversy. That happened, among other places, in Elgin, Ill.;Glendale, Mo.; Portland, Ore.; Kansas City; and Seattle.

Volusia, Fla.: Before Michael Brown’s death, there was the controversy surrounding Trayvon Martin’s. In 2013, on the day George Zimmerman was acquitted in Martin’s death, a Volusia County Beach Safety officer posted on Facebook: “Another thug gone. Pull up your pants and be respectful. Bye bye thug r.i.p.” The following month, the officer was fired.