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Cleveland Cop Who Previously Shot Unarmed Man, Allowed To Attend Rehab Instead Of Jail After Drug Arrest

A member of the Cleveland Police Gang Unit, who was involved in a 2015 shooting of an unarmed man that the department initially lied about, was later himself busted for drugs. However, instead of going to jail, he’s been given a deal that will allow him to go to rehab instead of having his guilty plea count as a conviction.

In the shooting, for which a lawsuit is set to go to trial soon, Detective Jon Periandri claimed that the man he shot during a drug bust, Joevon Dawson, had gotten out of a car with a gun in his hand. The other five Good Cops at the scene backed up his story and one of them also moved a bullet casing to support the claim. Even Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams got in on the act, making a statement to the press at the scene that Dawson was armed when he was shot.

However, information later released as part of the lawsuit indicated that the only gun recovered at the scene had been stored within the center console area on the inside of the vehicle. Investigators from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office Bureau of Criminal Investigation concluded that the gun could not have been used by Dawson.

Meanwhile, even as he was in the process of arresting and shooting people for drug crimes he was simultaneously buying drugs by the handful. In fact, evidence showed that he literally ordered drugs while on duty as part of the narcotics squad. Incidentally, his taste for prescription pain killers and heroin were uncovered after a drug bust that included the Brooklyn, Ohio Law Director and the son of the mayor of Parma, Ohio.

Via Cleveland.com:

Periandri would soon face criminal investigation for another incident that happened in the weeks before and after the shooting.

In October 2015, as investigators continued probing the Dawson shooting, local and federal authorities raided the Seven Hills home of Alfonso Yunis, a suspected drug dealer.

Police found Yunis counting and crushing pills at his house along with then-Brooklyn law director Scott Clausen and attorney Brian Byrne, son of Parma Mayor Mike Byrne.

All three were arrested. A subsequent tip from a confidential police informant and a search of Yunis’ cellphone turned up hundreds of text messages with a number that was later traced to Periandri, according to court records.

The messages appeared to be “criminal in nature” and showed Periandri, a detective in charge of investigating and arresting drug dealers, repeatedly requesting to buy prescription painkillers and heroin off of Yunis, and even agreeing to act as a middleman for some drug deals, according to a search warrant affidavit obtained by cleveland.com in December 2015.

Dawson’s attorney entered the affidavit as evidence in the federal lawsuit on Thursday.

Messages seized from May 23, 2015 showed that Periandri ordered drugs while he working during protests in Cleveland that followed the acquittal of Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo on manslaughter charges in the 2012 killing of an unarmed couple. He also used a shorthand for what the affidavit describes as a racial slur to describe the protesters.

Cleveland police’s internal affairs unit launched an investigation and, that same month, obtained a warrant to collect a hair sample from Periandri and have it tested for drugs.

But before they could execute the warrant, Periandri took a medical leave of absence and checked himself into a drug rehabilitation center in California, internal investigators wrote in the affidavit.

The deal

A May 13, 2016 email between from Cleveland police commander Brian Heffernan to Williams, the head of internal affairs Lt. Monroe Goins and another Cleveland police officer indicated that Periandri was in talks with Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Jim Gutierrez.

The two agreed that Periandri would be charged by information and plead guilty to a felony drug possession charge at a June 7 court hearing. He would receive treatment in lieu of conviction, the email says.

Periandri would then serve a year’s probation, and the charge would be dropped from his record if he successfully completed treatment. In exchange, Periandri agreed to give up his certification to be a police officer.

But that court hearing never happened.

Prosecutors did not charge Periandri until Thursday, more than eight months after the original offer, according to court records. And the information was not delivered to the clerk’s office until about 1:30 p.m. Monday, after reporters began asking the prosecutor’s office about Periandri’s case.

The information, signed by Gutierrez, Periandri and Periandri’s attorney, Robert Dixon, is stamped Jan. 19. A note stuck on the outside of Periandri’s file says the information was “back-dated” to Jan. 19.

Kathleen Caffrey, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office, said on Monday that Periandri had been charged by information and pleaded guilty in June.

After a reporter asked for a copy of the information and more information about the court hearing on Tuesday, she called to say that she had misinterpreted a conversation with Gutierrez and that no June agreement was reached.

Periandri was allowed to retire from the department for medical reasons on Aug. 9, 2016, Williams said.

Also, when reporters began asking about the drug “conviction” as a result of discovery information from the lawsuit, a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office explained that the records of it had never been entered into the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court’s public docket due to an “IT issue.” #SeemsLegit

Washington Cop Indicted on Child Porn Charges for Sexting Thirteen Year Old Girl

Oak Harbor (WA) Police Officer John Little was indicted by a federal grand jury early this month on charges of receiving Child porn. Officer Little, a former high school resource officer, used the KIK cell phone messenger app to “sext” with a thirteen year old girl in another state between March and July of this year.

The texts included sexually explicit pictures, videos, and text messages. According to an FBI report, at least one of those explicit texts were sent while he was at work “protecting and serving” Oak Harbor residents. He also apparently was sexting with so many underage girls that he says he couldn’t specifically remember talking to the victim.

Via the Whidbey News-Times:

Little is accused of exchanging sexually explicit images, videos and messages with a 13-year-old girl in another state through a KIK messenger app on a cell phone. The FBI’s report states that he sent her images of his penis and face.

According to text conversations included in the report, Little also allegedly made lewd suggestions to the child regarding objects and urged her to send him photos.

Little told the child that he was “at work” during one of their explicit conversations, the report states. The girl wrote that she was at school in another of their conversations.

The charging documents indicate that the crime occurred “in or about March 2016 and continuing until at least in or about July 2016.”

The FBI report also states that Little may have also been communicating with other children.

During an interview with the FBI, Little allegedly admitted that he “had sexually explicit conversations with individuals he knew or had reason to know were minors,” though he did not specifically recall conversations with the victim.

Special agents from the Bellingham office of the FBI took Little, a 27-year veteran of the Oak Harbor police force, into custody after questioning him and serving a search warrant at his home.

Little was the school resource officer from 1998 to 2004 and filled in on a temporary basis in 2008, according to Oak Harbor police records.

According to Oak Harbor Police Administrator Terry Gallagher, Officer Little was immediately given a paid vacation after he was arrested by FBI agents at the Oak Hill Police Department headquarters. That should give him plenty of free time to sext young teen girls.

Pittsburgh Probation Officer Coerced Women Into Sending Nude Photos and Having Sex

Information and links used for the following post were shared with the CopBlock Network anonymously, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page.

Matthew Joseph Mullen, a probation officer for Allegheny County, PA, which encompasses the Pittsburgh area, has been accused of using his position to coerce women that had been placed under his supervision to send him nude photographs of themselves and also of forcing them to perform sex acts on him.

So far, three women have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment during the time that they were on probation. He’s also been accused of attempting to get some of the women to purchase drugs for him.

As a result, he faces several charges, including one count of sexual assault, two counts of bribery in official and political matters, one count of intimidation of witnesses or victims, one count of obstructing administration of law, three counts of official oppression and one count of harassment..

Via WTAE.com in Pittsburgh:

The victims are only referenced as Jane Doe #1, #2 and #3 in the criminal complaint.

Jane Doe #1 told police she met Mullen in December 2014 at an ARD hearing at the Allegheny County Courthouse. She said he contacted her from his personal cellphone and instructed her to contact him at that number. She alleged that Mullen sent her a text message saying that if she sent him a photo of her breasts she “would not have to worry about anything.”

She complied and sent a photo of her “bare breasts” according to the criminal complaint.

Investigator (sic) said Mullen then sent a text-messaged photo of his penis to the victim.

Jane Doe #1 also told investigators that Mullen asked if he could buy Percocet pain pills from her but never followed through.

Jane Doe #2 stated that Mullen also gave her his personal cellphone and that he began to text message her from that number a few days after meeting her. The two met at the courthouse when she was there for a scheduled ARD hearing in April 2015.

She told investigators Mullen offered to buy her different gifts, including shoes, via text message. She said she responded to the text messages because she did not want to get into trouble with her probation officer and was scared that she would be sent to jail if she did not respond.

She also told investigators that Mullen asked her to be his friend on the social media app Instagram. She said she told Mullen it was inappropriate to be texting her because he is married and that he asked her why it mattered that he is married.

Jane Doe #2 alleged that Mullen arranged a meeting with her at the Walgreen’s parking lot in Wilkinsburg and told her she could skip DUI classes if she paid him $250.

Jane Doe #3 stated that she was assigned a female probation officer at her first ARD hearing but that one hour after leaving she received a text message from Mullen informing her that he was not going to be her probation officer.

She said that she and Mullen exchanged text messages back and forth from that point on and that the conversation eventually became sexual in nature.

She told investigators that Mullen came to her residence and she performed oral sex on him. She stated that Mullen informed her that it would “get you in trouble if she told anyone.”

Jane Doe #3 said while she was under Mullen’s supervision she performed oral sex on him approximately four to five times. She said Mullen took her to a bar once and bought her drinks and then took her to Blush Nightclub downtown, where they watched nude dancers. She said after leaving Blush Mullen went to her house and she performed oral sex on him.

She told investigators the only reason she performed oral sex on Mullen was because she was “afraid to go to jail” and that she “only did it out of fear.”

She said that one time Mullen gave her $75 for her to get her hair done.

Jane Doe #3 also said Mullen contacted her in April or May and said Sheriff’s Office investigators were contacting people who he supervised and asking them questions about his conduct with them.

She said he warned her and threatened her to not say anything to investigators.

Noblesville Indiana Police Department Lieutenant’s Drunken Adventures

The following post was shared with Nevada Cop Block anonymously, via the NVCopBlock.org Submissions Page. This post discusses claims about the behavior of a Lieutenant with the Noblesville Police Department and concerns that they have regarding that behavior.

Personally, on a basic level I don’t particularly care if Lt. Trump (or anyone else) gets black-out drunk every night of the week and twice on Sundays (or some other random day). It certainly wouldn’t be the healthiest choice of lifestyles and would probably lead to a lot of embarrassment for them in their private lives. However, so long as they weren’t harming anyone else, that’s something I don’t need to be involved in. I don’t really care about the “higher standards” for cops or how well they are representing the department’s image.

The real issue is the hypocrisy if the claims are true. There’s very little doubt that someone who is a lieutenant has arrested people for drinking related offenses, such as DUI’s, being drunk in public, etc. and in all likelihood still does on a fairly regular basis. So, when they are running around doing those same things that they arrest others for, they shouldn’t have the option of pulling out their Shiny Badge and slurring the names of a couple other cops to get them off the hook.

(Note: The submission below has been posted in its original form and no edits to the original text were made, except for spelling, typos, grammar and that things of that sort. Some links also may have been added within the text and images have been added. Otherwise, it is being posted as received.)

Officer Involved: Lt. Shannon Trump
Department Involved: Noblesville (IN) Police Department
Facebook Profile: Noblesville Police Department
Twitter Account: @NoblesvillePD
Department Phone No.: (317) 776-6340
Department Address: 135 S. 9th St. Noblesville, IN.

Flashing Her Shiny Badge And Droppin’ Names

We have become aware of concerning issues of integrity with a supervisor employed with the Noblesville Police Department. Lieutenant Shannon Trump with the Noblesville Police Department maintains the attitude that she is above the law and because she has a badge, the laws that she has sworn to uphold do not apply to her. As you can see in the pictures, Lieutenant Trump is highly intoxicated and passed out in the lawn area of Klipsch Music Center.

banner420Prior to these photos being taken, Lieutenant Trump was approached by security in the parking lot outside of Klipsch Music Center. During this time, security observed Lt. Trump as she was consuming alcoholic beverages in the parking lot and appeared to be in a highly intoxicated state. The security supervisor informed Lieutenant Trump that alcoholic beverages were available for purchase inside of the music center, but for her safety and that of the other patrons that were there to enjoy the concert, consumption of alcoholic beverages in the parking lot was prohibited.

Lieutenant Trump was instructed by security to discard her open container due to the fact that tailgating and the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the outside grounds of the music center was strictly prohibited. Rather than complying with the orders given by security, Lt. Trump became unruly and belligerent. It was during this time that lieutenant Trump displayed her badge and identified herself as an officer with the Noblesville Police Department. She began “name dropping”, identifying additional officers that she believed were working part-time security at this particular venue.

She stated that she was a supervisor with the Noblesville Police Department and that these officers did not have the authority to tell her what to do. When Lt. Trump failed to comply with the instructions given by the security supervisor, he radio’d for additional security officers, as well as law enforcement, to respond to the area for assistance. It was at that time that friends who had accompanied Lt. Trump to the venue stepped in and prevented the matter from escalating any further. The incident was deescalated when Lieutenant Trumps friends suggested that she comply and encouraged her to relocate to the main gates to enjoy the concert as planned.

After entering the main gates, Lieutenant Trump purchased additional alcoholic beverages and continued to consume them at an accelerated rate. At the time that these photographs were taken of Lieutenant Trump, the actual concert that she had purchased tickets for hadn’t even begun. Lieutenant Trump had attracted so much negative attention to herself while in this intoxicated state that the patrons around her began to express concern. She was unable to stand on her own and appeared to have slipped in and out of consciousness while laying on the lawn area outside of the Klipsch

As the concerns of patrons grew for the safety and welfare of Lieutenant Trump, reports were made to security. It was around this time that security officers then re-approached Lieutenant Trump and her significant other who is tending to her at that time. Noting that she was extremely intoxicated, Lt Trumps safety became the priority of the security personnel. Those who had accompanied Lieutenant Trump were ordered by security and law enforcement to remove her from the premises due the fact that she was in a public place in a state of intoxication. Lieutenant Trump’s speech was slurred to the point to where she could not be understood and she was physically unable to walk by herself as she was removed from the property. She was incoherent and her inebriated state and had to be assisted by others due to the fact that her balance was so unsteady.

This is not how a law-enforcement officer should act or represent themselves in a public setting regardless as to whether they are off duty or not. Lieutenant Trump’s behavior was not only embarrassing, but extremely inappropriate and unprofessional towards not only her, but to her own department. Lt Trump failed to realize that law-enforcement officers are held to a higher standard and not only have a responsibility to uphold the laws, but to abide by them as well. While Lt. Trump is an adult who can legally consume alcoholic beverages, she failed to realize that she represents a law-enforcement agency both on and off duty. Lt Trump’s behavior was irresponsible and reckless, as well as extremely unprofessional.

Not Her First Drunken Rodeo

We have confirmed statements from a reliable source that this is not the first time that Lieutenant Trump has become a liability and a danger to herself and others due to her consumption of alcoholic beverages. Our source has informed us that they have knowledge and have witnessed her operating her police vehicle after consuming alcoholic beverages and also while being in an intoxicated state. Another reliable source has provided us with text messages from Lt. Trump stating that she was “still drunk from the night before.” These messages were sent while Lt Trump was assigned to a law enforcement detail where she was responsible for the safety of the participants/spectators at this event and had a responsibility towards the supervision of additional officers who had been assigned this same detail.

It is clear that Lieutenant Trump has the attitude that she is above the law and that the same laws she has sworn to uphold, don’t apply to her. Lt. Trump has during her career made a number of arrests on the subjects who were intoxicated in a public place and has also made arrests for driving under the influence. Yet, when Lt Trump had violated these same laws, she has flashed her badge, dropped a few names and assumed that just because she’s a police officer, her badge will provide her with extra rights. You would think that law enforcement agencies, and their officers would have learned from the mistakes made from the David Bisard accident. This officer, who had been operating his police vehicle while intoxicated caused and accident that claimed the life of Eric Wells and seriously injured Kurt Weekly and Mary Mills. Clearly, that’s the least of Noblesville PD Lieutenant Shannon Trump’s concerns, that is, so long as she has her badge to hide behind.

We have also obtained additional information and documents confirming that Lieutenant Trump committed fraud during the process of applying for the FBI national Academy. Lieutenant Trump during the application portion of the process was to submit medical/physical information that was to be signed and authorized by a certified medical professional. Lt Trump forged the name of an acquaintance who she knew was not certified to confirm this information to be true or accurate. Adding to this particular case, Lt Trump committed not only a felony, but a federal offense in order to be accepted into the FBI national Academy. This is not how our law enforcement officers are to act or behave. Lt Trump has represented her department in the most unprofessional and embarrassing ways possible. She has not only embarrassed her own department, but she has violated state, as well as federal laws.

This is not a role model that we want for our children, nor is she someone that we would want to respond in the case that we have an emergency that would require police assistance. We could care less what these officers do when they are off duty and it is their right if they choose to consume alcoholic beverages. It becomes an issue for the public though when these law enforcement officers assume that it is their right to endanger the safety of others or expect special treatment when they flash their badges. It is this type of abuse that shows the double standard between the average citizen and a police officer. These law-enforcement officers need to be held accountable for their actions and the crimes that they commit and are not entitled to special treatment for the crimes that they commit.

Two Victims of Police Harassment & Abuse Run For Sheriff in Florida To Expose Corruption

The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network by James McLynas, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page. The post discusses the candidacy for sheriff in Pinellas County that McLynas and Greg Pound and the reasons why they decided to run for that office. As you can see within the post, McLynas maintains that both he and Pound have been victims of police abuse by current Pinellas County Sheriff Robert Gualtieri and/or his deputies.

Note: other than editing for spelling/punctuation errors and minor formatting changes to accommodate this site, this post is being published as it was received.

James McLynas has a web page on Facebook outlining some of what he has been through and other issues with the Pinellas County Sheriff.

June 24, 2016
Pinellas County Sheriff Robert Gualtieri – [email protected]

In Pinellas County Florida near Tampa, there is an interesting election race brewing for sheriff. Current Pinellas County Sheriff Robert Gualtieri is being challenged by two fathers named James McLynas and Greg Pound. You may already know Sheriff Gualtieri from recent national news coverage where he claimed his deputies tried to save three black teen girls after his deputies chased them into a pond. However, video and audio showed the deputies standing around casually discussing listening to the girls scream and drown and doing nothing.

Neither McLynas nor Pound have a law enforcement background, aspired to enter politics, or just decided one day they wanted to be sheriff. Both men claim that Sheriff Gualtieri and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office are corrupt and have abused their power and authority to falsely attack, harass and arrest both men for filing complaints about dirty cops and demanding that the Sheriff take action to discipline the rogue deputies.

Both men are also claiming that the Pinellas County Child Protective Investigation Unit, which is also a branch of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, had filed multiple false CPI reports against them, fabricated evidence and kidnapped their children from them using these lies and false reports as punishment for speaking out about the Sheriff’s corruption, dirty practices and filing complaints against abusive deputies. Two of the senior officers McLynas complained about were terminated after the department initially protected the officers because McLynas refused to back down from the complaints.

In the Pound case, the Pinellas CPI removed Greg Pound’s four children from his home after a relative’s dog bit one of the children. Even though the relative was only there for a short visit and the dog was put down, CPI refused to return the children and continued to attack Mr. Pound. The more he complained, the more they attacked until ultimately they permanently removed his children from him and his wife’s custody and gave his children out to be adopted.

They then moved to ban Pound from ever again having contact with his own children or he would go to jail. Greg Pound was never permitted to see his children again. Mr. Pound was then arrested again by the Pinellas Sheriff’s department for “stalking” because he would stand at the side of the road where his children’s school bus would pass and hold up a large sign that said he loved them.

Mr. Pound is deeply religious and a devout Christian and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s characterized this as a mental defect.

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After his four kids were taken from him permanently, Pound and his wife had another child, but the Pinellas Sheriff came to take that child away too, even though there was never any allegation of abuse. Mrs. Pound fled with the child and the Sheriff arrested Greg Pound for refusing to tell where they fled to even though he repeatedly told them that he did not know where they were. He spent weeks in jail for that. To this day, years later, even though Greg Pound still loves his wife and child, he has not had contact with them to prevent them from being arrested and having the child taken from the mother.

Mr. Pound ran for Sheriff in 2012 in protest, and during that election process they arrested Mr. Pound for “trespassing” at an election event he was invited to attend after refusing to allow him into the venue. Whenever Mr. Pound was permitted to speak, he would detail the corruption of the Sheriff, and the Sheriff was not going to allow him to do that. In another incident, the Sheriff “Baker Acted” Mr. Pound, which is a process where they take you to a psych ward and hold you for three days for being a danger to himself or others. It appears the only one he was a danger to was Sheriff Robert Gualtieri and his career. Mr. Pound regularly protests in front of the Pinellas County courthouse in a little area that they passed a law just to keep him in.

In Mr. McLynas’ case, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s started attacking and falsely arresting Mr. McLynas and trying to take his child from him because his ex-wife started dating multiple officers from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s office to enlist their support in the custody case. Laura McLynas had James McLynas falsely arrested for Domestic Violence claiming he had scratched and pushed her. After four months of being kicked out of his own home, not being able to see his children and being prosecuted for the domestic assault, Laura McLynas admitted that she had made the whole thing up, admitted she hit Mr. McLynas multiple times and lied to have him arrested to gain the upper hand in the custody case. Sheriff Gualtieri refused to prosecute her for the domestic violence or the false report.

You would think it might have stopped there, but not when Pinellas County deputies were being offered sex for police favors. All in all there were over 150 false police reports, 22 false child protective investigations and four false arrests of Mr. McLynas over the next four years. His ex-wife used Domestic Violence Injunctions to block his rights to see his daughter and to take over his new home, where he lived alone having moved away after the first false arrest. She would then use his forced absence from his home to burglarize and vandalize the home making it unlivable. She also stole multiple cars and a boat, and smashed a vintage 1960 Alfa Romeo sports car with a sledgehammer and stole all of his tools he used to earn a living. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office refused to investigate or prosecute these crimes, despite multiple witnesses to the crimes, including the police who helped her.

Pinellas Sheriff’s Deputy Paul Martin, one of the deputies “dating” Laura McLynas, filed false charges against McLynas, stalked him and threatened him. Text messages from Martin proved that he had contacted the judge in the McLynas custody case to get the judge to also attack McLynas. In those documented text messages, Pinellas County Deputy Paul Martin texted Mrs. McLynas and stated:

Deputy Paul Martin 5-2-2012 -“Wish I could fix things for you”

Deputy Paul Martin 5-16-2012 – “Time for him to get fucked with for a change. Delete this text. I made some calls. Nothing will go anywhere. He can make all the complaints he wants. File all the motions he wants. From this point forward he will be ignored and nothing will go anywhere. Fuck him.”

Again Sheriff Gualtieri refused to take action.

The Pinellas County CPI repeatedly filed false reports and refused to make any harmful allegations against the wife for her abusive conduct. Mr. McLynas was falsely accused by CPI of beating his wife and kids and abusing them even during periods of time when he had no contact. When that didn’t work, CPI falsely accused him of sexually abusing his daughter, when even the mother denied that would have ever occurred. Laura McLynas then had the 60lb, 4’ tall 10yo daughter of the couple arrested in handcuffs by the PCSO and taken to jail for supposedly assaulting her. The mother then Baker Acted the child with the help of PCSO. If they couldn’t get the father, James McLynas to break, maybe they could do so my attacking his innocent daughter.

McLynas claims that PCSO tries to get you to lose your temper so they can claim you are a threat and shoot you. What better way to anger someone than to kidnap their children.

banner govJames McLynas was more fortunate than Greg Pound. He kept meticulous records, took videos of every encounter and was able to get the crooked judge thrown off of his case. After the father demanded a guardian ad-litem and a court ordered Psychological Evaluation the court’s investigation proved that none of the 150 false police reports, 22 CPI reports and 7 DVI’s were true and were all lies to assist the wife in gaining an upper hand in the custody case. The court ordered that the Pinellas Sheriff’s CPI turn over a full library of all CPI reports in the McLynas case to be provided to the Guardian Ad-Litem and he court appointed PHD Psychologist to revue. The Pinellas Sheriff’s office then tampered with the reports and redacted anything in the reports that was favorable to the father, and added numerous entries that were favorable to the mother. However, these reports did not match the copies that James McLynas had obtained at the time each one as filed. CPI was busted and the judge refused to allow them to testify. Complaints were filed, but Sheriff Gualtieri took no action.

A final hearing was set for October 31, 2013 and a month before the hearing McLynas informed Sheriff Gualtieri directly that he was going to run for Sheriff to expose his abuse and corruption. But the Sheriff wasn’t done quite yet.

On the day before the custody hearing, Sheriff Gualtieri filed five fraudulent and false felony charges against James McLynas, and then illegally used a Stingray tracking device without a warrant to ensure he would be found and arrested so he could not attend his custody hearing. October 31, 2013 was also the same day they fired Deputy Paul Martin and the arrests were payback. The Sheriff also lied in discovery and document requests that the illegal Stingray use even took place and claimed no such documents existed, but they were later uncovered and obtained.

During the final custody hearing, the court heard evidence from the guardian ad-litem and court appointed psychological evaluator. They testified that ALL of the police reports were false and that the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office lied, falsified reports and CPI tampered with the evidence. The judge agreed and also stated that that the father’s arrest the day before the hearing “was no coincidence”. The court ruled in the McLynas custody case that the mother was deeply psychologically disturbed and was a “homicide threat” to the couple’s daughter. Laura McLynas, the insane “homicide threat to the daughter” was the same parent that the Pinellas County Sheriff tried so hard to help get custody. There was no documentation of the danger Laura McLynas posed in any of the CPI reports.

James McLynas was awarded 100% custody of his daughter while he was incarcerated and the two have been together, happy and safe for the last three years. This was the first time in the history of the Florida courts that a man was awarded 100% custody while in jail. The false criminal charges against James McLynas were also dropped.

However, McLynas decided that he could not stand by and allow the corruption of Sheriff Gualtieri, his deputies and the Child Protective Investigations Unit to continue. True to his promise to Sheriff Gualtieri, James McLynas entered the next election in 2016. James McLynas and Greg Pound are now officially qualified candidates for Sheriff of Pinellas County and both have almost the exact same horrific story of lies, false charges and abuse to tell about the incumbent Sheriff Gualtieri and his department. What are the odds of that happening…unless it was really happening? They say that if you keep kicking dogs, one of them is bound to bite back. Well it seems Sheriff Gualtieri kicked two dogs too many and now he has to face the consequences.

James McLynas

Update: Details Released in Latest Incident Involving James Burt, LVMPD’s Serial Woman Abuser

In January, I posted about the arrest of James Burt, an officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, who was arrested for beating, choking, and kidnapping his girlfriend. Officer Burt had, of course, previously been allowed by the Good Cops at the LVMPD to walk away without any sort of meaningful repercussions after being arrested for beating his now ex-wife in a very similar, if not identical, attack four years prior. (For some reason the community service that he was ordered to do as his only “punishment” that time didn’t teach him a lesson.)

In February, details in his latest abusive tirade were made public, including the fact that he threatened to kill her as he was choking her and dragging her through the house. The other details do nothing but make Officer Burt sound even more psychotic than your average violent maniac. Apparently, it escalated from a text message argument, to a long list of “discussion topics” and finally to an uncomfortable attempt to avoid talking to the crazy guy in the other room before the violence started in earnest.

Via the Las Vegas Review Journal:

A Metropolitan Police Department officer told his live-in girlfriend, “You’re going to die,” as he dragged her by the neck across their living room floor and slammed her onto a couch, she testified in court Friday.

The 41-year-old James “Jimmy” Burt, a 10-year veteran of the force, faces four felony charges: one count of first-degree kidnapping, two counts of domestic battery by strangulation and one count of coercion with force or threat of force.

Kelly Ryan testified during a preliminary hearing that she arrived home at 7:45 p.m. Jan. 11, in the midst of a text message quarrel with Burt, who confronted her the moment she stepped through the door.

He held a pad of paper that contained two pages of “topics” in their relationship he wanted to discuss.

She walked into the kitchen, where she started to clean dishes and tried to stay quiet.

“You’re shutting me out,” she said he told her. “We need to talk about this.”

Suddenly, he approached her at the sink, stood face-to-face and yelled, “Get the f–k out,” Ryan said as she described the start of a two-hour struggle in their southwest valley home.

She grabbed her cell phone and car keys and walked to her car. He had thrown her shoes across the garage. As she slipped into the driver’s seat, he yanked the door open, pulled the garage door opener from the visor and hurled it against a wall.

The 6-foot, 230-pound Burt pulled his 5-foot-1-inch, 125-pound girlfriend out of her car, wrapped his right arm around her neck and left arm around her body, dragged her inside and said, “I wasn’t going anywhere,” she testified through tears.

He wrapped his hand over her mouth. She said she had trouble breathing.

“Be quiet,” she said he told her. “Be quiet. Shh. People are going to hear you. Stop crying. Stop crying.”

She heard a crack and thought he had broken her jaw. She escaped his grasp, tried to run back to the garage, and “he threw me on the other couch,” she said.

He put his hand over her mouth again, and yanked her body off the floor, with an arm still around her neck. She said her vision began to blur.

“At this time, he said — I don’t have the exact words — ‘You’re going to die right here’ or, ‘We’re going together right now,'” she testified. “And he’s covering my mouth, and I’m thinking I’m going to die.”

Then the inevitable abusers’ phony laments began (obviously not for the first time):

Eventually, she said, Burt started to calm down and pleaded with her, “telling me he needs help.”

She convinced him to let her go, and she made her way to a hospital, where she was questioned by police.

There had been other attacks, too, she said, that she did not report to authorities “out of embarrassment… and I thought he wouldn’t do it again.”

Whether the healthy dose of community service Burt is likely to receive for this violent, abusive episode before he is reinstated to the Las Vegas police will deter him from beating the next person he temporarily hides his true nature from remains to be seen. However, since the spouses and family of police officers are as much as four times as likely to be abused by them vs. the general population, this isn’t the last time “…and I thought he wouldn’t do it again” will be uttered in reference to Officer James Burt.

Original Report on LVMPD Officer James Burt’s Arrest for Domestic Abuse:

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