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North Carolina State Trooper Caught on Video Going 100+ MPH Down Wrong Side of Highway

North Carolina State Trooper Reckless Driving

The trooper in the video, who has since been identified as T.J. Williamson, was not only driving on the wrong side of the road, but also reportedly going over one-hundred miles per hour at the time. Typically, the speed limit on rural highways are at least 65 mph. Assuming that the cars driving on that highway are following the legal speed limit, that means Trooper Williamson’s car would be approaching oncoming traffic at 165 mph. (And that’s a pretty conservative estimate.)

Even with his lights and sirens on, someone could have easily not seen him until it was too late at that speed. It’s beyond obvious that Williamson caused much more of a hazard by speeding on the wrong side of the road than any illegal street ever would have.

Via MyFox8.com:

The North Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating a video that shows a trooper going the wrong way on a highway while attempting to stop street racers, WBTV reports. A group of people were blocking traffic to race along U.S. 321 around 4:30 p.m. in Newton Sunday. Troopers said they were creating hazardous conditions for other drivers.

The video, which was shot by Carisa Lynn, has been widely shared on social media. “Just freaked out,” Lynn told WSOC. “It was crazy. It was very dangerous.” Lynn said she believes the trooper put more people at risk by the way he responded to the reported street racing. “Street racing isn’t what you should be doing, but it was more reckless in my opinion of the police officer to be driving the way he was driving, in general, to pull over some people racing,” Lynn said.

As many as 10 BMWs were involved in the street racing bust, WSOC reports. Highway Patrol has impounded five of those vehicles. Multiple people face charges that include prearranged speed racing, careless and reckless driving and impeding traffic.

Once that video became public, Trooper Williamson resigned according to WRAL.com in Raleigh, NC. It’ll probably be at least a couple months before he’s working for some other department.

A North Carolina Highway Patrol trooper has resigned after a video showed him driving the wrong way on a highway as he responded to reports of street racing.

A statement from the patrol on Tuesday said Trooper T.J. Williamson submitted his resignation effective immediately.

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Speeding Undercover Davie Florida Police Almost Ran Over Dog

The following post was submitted by “Ryan C,” via the CopBlock.org Submissions page.

Ryan states:

“Davie (FL) Police are the worst police in the country. They behave like 13 or 12 year old kids, but they fight and injure like grown men.”


Police Kill Dogs9/28/2015

My brother was just returning home from the store with my dog, in his car. When he opened the door to get out, my dog, Reese, jumped out of his hands, and then chased after a duck (It’s a given that the dog should have been on a leash and shouldn’t chase a duck. However, the cop was in the wrong, too.) At the same time, an undercover police officer came SPEEDING down the RESIDENTIAL street. He was going at least 35 or 40 mph in a 25 mph zone.

All Davie Police Oathbreakers do this. Any time I ever see a marked Davie Police cruiser it’s speeding with no lights, no sirens. A dark black car with some white. I’ve been almost struck coming around the corner dozens of time. I always yell ‘slow down!!’

He’s speeding and heading straight for my dog. My brother ran out, “STOP, STOP, STOP, MY DOG, MY DOG!!” If he had not put himself in the way, my dog would have been struck and killed. And the policeman would have never slowed down before or after. My brother was inches from the right headlight. And my dog was underneath the left one. She was so close, that just one of her claws got smashed. Just one little claw. The miracle was real. If it was one split second later, she would have lost her leg, or her life.

My brother started dramatically pleading. “Why were you speeding, why were you speeding? My dog, my dog.” At that time, the officer got out and my brother saw his badge and gun. My brother then asked for his badge number, which he refused to give. So my brother called 911 because he’s refusing, and we’ve had a similar situation with dogs getting ran over and getting away.

dwc banner-http://www.copblock.org/support/copblock-network/He then gave my brother his badge number. He said it four or five times, but my brother was in so much shock that he didn’t hear it. When he heard it he hung up, and started to type it into a text message. Since he is dyslexic, he asked one more time. At that point the officer said, “screw this we’re calling Davie Animal Control, she should have been on a leash and I bet you don’t have papers. We’re gonna take your dog.”

At this point my brother started recording (which I haven’t uploaded yet) and said, “because you were speeding you almost killed my dog.” The officer responded “It’s just a dog. If a dog dies, a dog dies. You should have had it on the leash.” My brother then asked, “So you don’t care about dogs?” To which the officer responded, “No. It’s just a dog.” My brother pleads and asks if they could just part ways, but he said, “No, you started it. We’re taking the dog.”

About ten or so minutes later, ANOTHER UNMARKED police car with a plain clothes sergeant, who had no visible badge, inside arrived. This man is my hero. He talked to us. He understood his officers are the lowest scum on earth and said, “Hey, they probably were speeding. We’re not gonna take your dog, we can all just go our separate ways.”

– Ryan C

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