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Dallas Police Officer Caught On Video Granting Badges Extra Rights

The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network by Patrick Roth of CopBlock Oklahoma, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page. (See “related posts” section below for previous submissions from Patrick.)

In this video, Patrick goes down to the Dallas Police Department employee parking area and observes that several vehicles owned by officers don’t have front license plates, including one that doesn’t have one on either the front of back. The reason he states that he is doing so is because he recently got a citation for not having a front license plate and wants to highlight the hypocrisy of the police not enforcing those same laws on the officers working for the department.

As he is walking around filming, a police officer (who Patrick forgot to ask for a name) pulls into the parking lot. Patrick approaches that officer and begins to ask him about why he isn’t enforcing the same law regarding front license plates that was cited for against the cops who own these cars. After a bit of back and forth about the lifesaving importance of flashlights to cops and Patrick’s concerns that he might be assaulted with it, the officer uses the excuse that none of the vehicles in the Dallas Police Department parking lot are moving and therefore aren’t currently breaking the law.

Almost on cue, as the officer is stating that, the engine of the SUV, which has no plates at all, starts up and the Good Cop inside it begins driving out of the parking lot. So, of course the officer Patrick had been speaking to, along with a second officer that had pulled in behind him, went over and ticketed the unregistered SUV now that it was “in motion.” Right?

(SPOILER – Not a chance.)

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Date of Incident: December 28, 2016
Department Involved: Dallas Police Department
Department Facebook Page: Dallas PD
Department Twitter Account: @DallasPD
Department YouTube Channel: Dallas Police Dept.
Department Phone No.: (214) 671-3001

I had a concern about why I got a ticket for not having a front license plate recently and wanted to talk to a Dallas police officer about why he didn’t give vehicles that belong to officers tickets for the same offense that I was ticketed for. While I was in the process of filming him, a vehicle with no front or back license plate pulled out of the police parking lot and drove off in front of him. He did nothing because it was another officer, but if it was a citizen like me or you they would pull us over in a heartbeat and suspect you’ve got a bomb in the back. Even if the cops didn’t have a bomb in the back, it’s still illegal to drive without plates.

– Patrick Roth
CopBlock Oklahoma

On this video, I exposed these criminals for:

  1. Not doing their job
    – and –
  2. Giving cops special treatment, thereby granting them extra rights – Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights

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Drunk Hawaiian Cop Given Ride Home By Good Cops Was In Accident; Can’t Be Prosecuted Now

A link to the article quoted within this post was shared with the CopBlock Network anonymously by a reader, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page.

On February 8th, Sergeant Dennis Stone of the Honolulu Police Department was stopped in his department issued vehicle because his tire was flat and had deteriorated to the point that the rim was sparking. The (unnamed) officer that stopped him quickly determined that Sgt. Stone was drunk. Instead of being arrested and charged with DUI like anyone else that didn’t own a magical uniform and shiny badge would be, that officer gave him a “courtesy ride” home.

Soon after, other officers realized that the tax-payer financed vehicle that Stone had been driving drunk in (shortly after patrolling the streets for people driving while drunk) was damaged and had obviously been in an accident and not just randomly gotten a flat tire. Upon that discovery, a (Keystone Cops style)  frenzy ensued to get Sgt. Stone back to the scene of the crime before any potential victims showed up and exposed how “courteous” they are with their fellow Revenue Collectors.

Although it was eventually found that Stone had actually ran into a curb when he caused the damage to his tax-payer financed vehicle, it is now being reported this Bad Apple likely won’t be able to be prosecuted because of all the policies that the Good Cops didn’t follow when they gave him his “courtesy ride,” instead of arresting him for stuff that they (and he) routinely arrest others for.

And, of course Sgt. Stone has a prior violent crime arrest for beating up his daughter’s boyfriend. Not only did the Good Cops working in the Hawaiian police union get him his job back after that red flag, but he got a promotion shortly afterwards.

Via Hawaii News Now: (Emphasis added)

In a case that raises serious ethical questions, a Honolulu police sergeant was given a “courtesy” ride home by officers who suspected he was driving drunk, Hawaii News Now has learned.

He was subsequently rushed back to the scene, though, after officers discovered he might have been in an accident in his police-subsidized vehicle.

Here’s what happened: Sgt. Dennis Stone was pulled over January 31, just before 2 a.m. He was off-duty, but driving his HPD-subsidized Dodge Charger.

The officer who pulled him over wrote in his report that Stone was driving on Kahekili Highway with a tire that was so flat it was shredded and the rim was sparking.

The officer also wrote that Stone’s breath smelled of alcohol.

A second patrol officer gave Stone the “courtesy” ride to his home, about two miles away.

But just minutes later, the officers discovered the Dodge Charger had damage to the front fender. That’s when the same officer who drove Stone home rushed back to return him to the scene.

Jonathan Burge, a former HPD officer who’s now a criminal defense attorney, said the officers’ actions don’t just raise eyebrows. They could have put a serious investigation in jeopardy.

“At the time that they took him home and there was all this damage, they didn’t know whether or not somebody was hurt,” said Burge, who is not connected to the case. “For all they knew, he plowed into somebody two blocks away. That could have been disastrous.”

When Stone was brought back to the scene, an on-duty sergeant responded and noted that Stone’s breath smelled of alcohol and that his face and eyes were red.

He told Stone that he wanted to do a field sobriety test. Stone refused and was arrested.

Officers followed the marks on the highway from Stone’s tire rim about a half a mile — to the intersection of Kahekili Highway and Keaahala Road. They determined that Stone hit the concrete median there and left the scene.

What makes the episode worse is that law enforcement experts say the current case against Stone probably won’t hold up in court.

“The case itself is very weak,” said Aaron Hunger, a University of Hawaii criminology instructor. “I would doubt criminally the prosecutor’s office would see this as a case that would be winnable. A lot of policies were not followed.”

Stone is on restricted duty while criminal and internal investigations continue.

He is a 24-year veteran of the force, and he’s been in trouble before.

Three years ago, as a corporal, he was charged with assault for beating up his daughter’s boyfriend. He was fired, but got his job back a year later. Four months after that, he got promoted.

Obviously, the Thin Blue Line never goes on vacation, not even in Hawaii.

Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL

N. Las Vegas Police Chief Admitted Covering Up for Mayor in Child Porn Investigation

Child Porn Investigation North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee

Outgoing North Las Vegas Police Chief Joseph Chronister has admitted that child porn on NLV Mayor John Lee’s iPad was not properly investigated and was instead deleted by a detective.

In North Las Vegas, the outgoing police chief, Joseph Chronister, admitted in May that NLV Mayor John Lee received special treatment and that special treatment was based on his position and his ability to affect “certain aspects” of the NLVPD. This special treatment took place during an investigation, which began after the mayor asked police officers working at city hall for assistance in removing child porn from his iPad.

NLVPD Chief Joseph Chronister

Former Chief Joseph Chronister

Mayor Lee claimed that the child porn was on his tablet because “a hacker” sent it to him in an email. However, during the investigation no such email was found and the browser history showed that the iPad had been used to access illegal porn sites that included what appeared to be child porn.

In addition, a week prior to approaching the officer about the iPad, the mayor made what was described as an odd request for help with “debugging a phone” in a voicemail to the Chief. As a result, some have speculated that the hacker sending an email story was just an excuse concocted to hide the true source, possibly amid fear that the incriminating material would eventually be found.

In a statement to the Las Vegas Review Journal shortly after his retirement, Former Chief Chronister stated that the detective assigned to the investigation did an incomplete investigation, didn’t follow up on inconsistent evidence uncovered during that investigation, and later took the mayor’s iPad to an Apple Store to have its memory wiped, before returning it to the mayor.

Via the LVRJ:

North Las Vegas police got the case after the mayor asked the department for help removing what he believed to be child pornography from his personal iPad. A detective helped out but didn’t check any of the mayor’s other electronic devices or press Lee on why his story didn’t make sense in light of evidence found, a police report filed last year shows.

Asked if anyone else would have been treated the same way, the chief said the short answer is no.

“We’re talking about the mayor of North Las Vegas,” Chronister said. “He is a person of authority. He is a person of power. He absolutely has the ability to control certain aspects of our department.”

That includes who the chief of police is.

NLV Mayor John Lee

North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee (right)

The “investigation” lasted all of one day, apparently included no questions about the lack of that email or the presence of the porn sites in Mayor Lee’s browser history, didn’t include any attempt to investigate if other devices under his control also contained such material, and concluded with Detective Mark Hoyt “going above and beyond” to make sure any incriminating evidence was thoroughly wiped out of the iPad’s memory at the Apple Store.

Hoyt’s excuse for not doing a complete investigation was that the apparent children on the porn site were from a different country and therefore he couldn’t determine their age. Chronister, who was in fact later replaced as NLV police chief by Mayor Lee anyway, now says he wishes his department had done more.

Meanwhile, Joseph Dooley, a retired FBI agent who previously ran Connecticut’s computer crimes task force, agrees they should have done more. Among other things, he states (in the same article) that the country where the porn sites originated from should not have kept them from conducting an investigation into what appears to be kiddie porn, that the iPad should have been seized immediately, and that the email story “couldn’t have happened as the mayor described.”

Dooley also classifies Det. Hoyt’s trip to the Apple Store to have the memory wiped as “bizarre.” Instead, they should have consulted the District Attorney‘s Office to determine if there was probable cause to seize other devices and investigate if they contained similar material.

Las Vegas area police departments have been no stranger to sex based crimes lately, including two members of the LVMPD being arrested for child porn. Beyond that, another Metro detective was just given a light sentence after he attacked a prostitute when she tried to raise the price on him, yet another has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman during a domestic violence call, a Clark County Court Marshall groped a woman in court and then had her arrested for reporting it to a judge, and the former head of the Las Vegas Constable’s Office was caught covering up one of his underling’s illegal use of the department’s background check system to find personal information about his favorite adult film stars.

When you have police chiefs openly admitting that they gave special treatment to city officials and that that special treatment was predicated on the fact that “He is a person of authority. He is a person of power. He absolutely has the ability to control certain aspects of our department” that’s the kind of results you end up with. Especially when you pair that with a district attorney who’s literally never seen a police shooting he couldn’t justify. The fact that Former Chief Chronister could come out with an admission like that and not even really cause much of stir actually tells you a lot about “accountability” among the police and public officials in Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas Detective Gets Off With Probation for Attacking Prostitute After Price Dispute

On Thursday (July 2nd), Michael Kitchen, a former detective with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, was sentenced to just three years of probation for assault and attempted robbery against an escort.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal:

A Las Vegas police detective accused in an attack on a prostitute was sentenced Thursday to three years probation.

Michael Kitchen pleaded guilty last month to attempt theft, a gross misdemeanor. That charge would be reduced to misdemeanor battery, should he complete probation.

The original charges against Kitchen — battery with intent to commit sexual assault resulting in substantial bodily harm, battery with intent to commit a crime, robbery, and attempted sexual assault — carried the possibility of life in prison.

While on probation, Kitchen must be employed full-time, complete 10 hours of community service per month, refrain from drugs or alcohol and not possess any weapons.

LVMPD Det Michael Kitchen Court AssaultKitchen, who was on duty and driving an LVMPD vehicle at the time, had met his victim via an online ad and arranged to meet at her house. The pretense for his visit and his original explanation to Metro “investigators” was that he was attempting to get a massage. Even though he made just under $174,000 in 2013, he claimed that getting a massage at a legitimate business would be too expensive.

Ultimately, the dispute between them stemmed from the price that would be paid for her “services.” Det. Kitchen initially paid her $100, but she later told him that that was just for her “time and company” and that it would be another $150 for sex. She testified that he then became “angry and ultimately violent” and attacked her in an effort to get the $100 he had already paid back. The resulting injuries included a concussion and a fractured wrist.

Kitchen is just one among a string of LVMPD officers recently charged with some sort of sex related crime. Metro itself, of course, has a long history of scandals and a very scant history of holding anyone on their payroll accountable for their actions. So, as ridiculous as the light sentence Kitchen received is, it’s not exactly surprising to anyone in the Las Vegas area.

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