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Public Schools, Social Engineering, and the Prison Pipeline on “Radical Anarchist Revolution” Radio Nov. 9th

Tonight at 7pm PST (10pm EST), you should tune in to hear the “Radical Anarchist Revolution,” from Las Vegas. (Click on that link to find it.) This is a new internet radio show that I am doing with Tasha Heath of Southern Nevada Watchdogs.

Although tonight represents just our second show together, Tasha and I have worked together in the real world quite a lot in the past couple years, primarily on local issues and often in relation to Nevada Cop Block, in and around the Las Vegas area. She’s pretty well known in Las Vegas and for good reason.

Tasha is a very dependable and principled activist and beyond that she’s just an awesome and very ethical person. She also is very knowledgeable in a lot of different areas and always willing to learn about things she isn’t familiar with. Plus, she’s tough; they don’t call her the Tiny Terminator for nothing.

So, I’m very happy to have the opportunity to work with her on the show and even in the limited number of shows we’ve done thus far, I personally think that we make a good combination.

In tonight’s show we will be discussing the public school system including the history of compulsory schooling in the United States, the issues with that; why many of those issues stem from the real priorities of public schooling, and how that has lead to the dumbing down of U.S. citizens, as well as what has come to be called the “school-to-prison pipeline.”

In terms of the history behind the school system we will be discussing some of the work John Taylor Gatto, a former award winning school teacher who eventually came out against public schools and compulsory schooling. He’s written pretty extensively since about the roots and influences behind the school system and the true intentions of those involved in setting up the system. As he illustrates quite well in his books and essays, schools were not actually set up with education in mind, but actually in order to create docile and compliant factory workers. The promise of a free education was really just the sales pitch used to get the general public to accept that.

Tasha in her proper place

Tasha in her proper place

Another reference we’ll discuss is “Lies My Teacher Told Me,” a book by James Loewen. This book discusses the ways that government prevents schools from teaching children controversial subjects, especially those that show the government in a bad light and/or would encourage children to challenge the government. The basis of that book is the way in which a sanitized presentation of subjects makes school incredibly boring and eliminates a lot of the things that should create interest in learning for children.

One of the examples discussed was Helen Keller, who had a pretty long history of activism relating to anti-war protests, labor issues, women’s rights, and issues of poverty. However instead of that rich and inspirational history alongside the many controversial aspects of her life and beliefs, most students only know of her as the blind, deaf, and mute girl who learned how to read.

In addition to that, we discussed the ways in which that the social engineering aspects of public schools have led to a dumbing down of the country’s citizens and how that is more often than not very intentional. From the beginning, where industrialists (Carnegie and Rockefeller for example) exerted their influence and funded the schools to ensure they would have that influence, schools have limited the opportunities that students have to learn things that would allow them to better their working conditions. In the early years, quite literally based the curriculum options to things that would translate to factory work. That includes exchanging the iconic one room school houses where children were able to learn at their own pace, whether that was slower or faster than other children their age. Instead they were segregated by age and into the hierarchical grade structures and only allowed to learn what was prescribed for their specific age group. The obvious effect of that is to eliminate independent thinking and condition children to think in terms of arbitrary rank structures.

FNB Group Pic

The hosts of “Radical Anarchist Revolution” caught in the act after illegally sharing food with hungry people.

More recently, and what is really an extension of that sort of social engineering via schools involves the drugging of children with pharmaceutical products, such as Ritalin and other drugs used to “treat” ADHD type conditions that way too many children are being diagnosed with currently. Part of the discussion around that will involve the profit motives from drug companies looking for new customers, as well as the fact that many of the things leading to a diagnosis for these conditions involve what is really just typical childhood behavior. In fact, it’s oftentimes the most active and ambitious children that are receiving these diagnoses and sometimes for the simply reason that they are bored and unchallenged by the school system.

And finally, we’ll be discussing children being abused by school employees and/or police assigned to schools. Also how has created what has come to be called the “school-to-prison-pipeline.” We be discussing the alarming number of teachers (five in the past three months) arrested recently for sexual offenses and the lack of accountability that contributes to that. Within the context of that, we will be discussing a recent case I covered here on CopBlock.org last month of a school cop that drove drunk, caused an accident by running a red light, assaulted the person he hit, and then pulled a gun on bystanders that tried to intervene. Incidentally, several years ago that same officer, Sgt. Anthony Russo, shot a 13 year old kid with down syndrome that was doing nothing except walking down the road with a BB gun. As can be expected in Las Vegas, he was never held accountable for that act.

Listen to the show. Don't make me come over there.

Listen to the show. Don’t make me come over there.

In addition, the increase in police involvement within schools, often for things that really amount to just typical childhood behaviour or even minor instances of misbehavior will be discussed. As part of that we’ll be referencing “Stupid Reasons Police Have Arrested Kids For In School” a post on CopBlock.org by Steven Thomas that details 20 different examples of really benign and innocent things that schools have had children arrested for, such as having a plastic knife, not asking permission to go to the bathroom, or even farting in class

You should tune in tonight for the show and listen to the full discussion of these important issues and more on the “Radical Anarchist Revolution” From Las Vegas with Tasha Heath and Kelly Patterson (click the link). You don’t want to be the only that doesn’t know what everyone else is talking about at the water cooler on Tuesday morning! The show is being broadcast on the “Non-Partisan Liberty For All” network, which is produced by Dave Bourne. I’ve been on his own show somewhat often in the past and he’s now in the process of expanding from a stand-alone show to a full network. The show Tasha and I are doing is actually the first new show to be featured on the network.

Below you can hear the archive of the debut show that we did a couple weeks ago, which includes a little bit of an intro about who we are and what sort of things we’ve been involved in around Vegas. The show will be airing every two weeks on Monday evenings 7pm PST/10pm EST.

RAR(rrrrr)!!! (It’s a thing. Get ahead of the trendy people and start saying it now.)

Oppose the Return of the More Cops Tax to Las Vegas: Tuesday Sept. 1st

lvmpd_badge1Last year, former Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie’s continuous attempts at a “More Cops Tax” failed to pass in the County Commission, after dozens upon dozens of citizens commented in person against the proposed tax hike, and hundreds of signatures against it were submitted to the commission. Shortly after, Gillespie announced his decision to not run for re-election, and recently, the big pusher on the commission during the last attempt, Tom Collins, resigned. Even current Sheriff Joe Lombardo and the Police Protective Union were against the More Cops Tax. Well, now it’s back, as a proposal to increase the county sales tax rate by .05 percent.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the local scale of the police brutality issue, we are not spared and have still not seen ONE Metro cop arrested or jailed for any murder, no more than one ever fired. Just a couple weeks ago, this hit really close to home for me when a friend of a friend, Abel Correa, was killed by Metro police, apparently for holding a screwdriver a few feet away from them in a closet he was cornered in. The body cam footage shows how their statement that he “lunged at them” was another exaggeration and surely their latest tally in forever getting away with murder. Another man was killed just this weekend.

More Cops Tax Form

If you’re unable to attend the county commissioners’ meeting in person you can still use this online form to make sure your voice is heard. Click the image above to go here: http://www.snwatchdog.org/more-cops-tax-form/

We have not seen some drastic rise in crime and even though Sheriff Gillespie last year took the dramatic reactionary gesture of stopping police from responding to fender-benders, they still show up in 4s and 6s to detain pedestrians and arrest people for traffic violations. And of course, no need to even mention the overt intimidation tactics used by Metro on opponents of the tax as a whole following last year’s commission battle… but you can look back through my 2014 blog if you’d like a taste.

There are many reasons to oppose the tax, and following are some clips of last year’s dissenting comments, then recent quotes from people opposing the new incarnation as well. You can submit your comments using this form if you can’t make it to the public hearing tomorrow, Tuesday September 1st, 2015, in the Commission Chambers the Clark County Government Center (500 S. Grand Central Parkway) at 10am. Let’s make it another filled-room record number turnout!

(Facebook event page)

More Cops Tax 1 Highlights:

Reasons people are against the current More Cops Tax:

“Because my household is taxed 39% of our income, then we are taxed on sales, then taxed when we leave money to our children! That’s triple taxation and under our constitution, there’s to be no double taxation! Thirdly, we have enough law enforcement in this city.” -Rachel Kline

“The People have not been shown a forensic audit that was requested as far back as 2013. We need to be able to assess if there have been any significant changes made to reel in this huge budget that has had much waste in the past. The liability insurance alone has gone up so high, so we need to see if there has been any special training implemented to change that direction. The forensic audit would help Sheriff Lombardo as well as he also could see where the weak areas are. The forensic audit is a win, win.” -Liberty Shirl

“Las Vegas has a higher per capita ratio of cops to citizens than Chicago or LA. We have enough cops. Their time is being grossly mismanaged. Money is being wasted at an alarming rate. Metro has an undercover fleet that would make NY jealous and is unnecessary. SWAT units that could be its own army. It’s insane. The spending is out of control. We don’t need more cops or more taxes. We need responsible representatives, not millionaire cops and legislators.

(Also) how much money is spent on payouts against metro for unlawful actions….and administrative leave pay. That needs to end before more tax money is taken from citizens.” -Karen Steelmon

Sheriff Gillespie 2.0, Sheriff Lombardo“More $ for police means they will continue the militarization against private citizens, with military assault vehicles, weapons, and attitudes. The people are not the enemy. Fix the system that allows discriminatory practices, like Driving While Black, Shoot to Kill, MMJ patients are Criminals.” -Diane Kuroda

“More Cops Tax is fiscally irresponsible money management. In a quick survey on the average police pay around the country, we find police in Nevada are the highest paid police force, and Clark County being the highest paid in the state. I found that in Arizona, our neighbor to the south, the average starting pay for a police officer is roughly $15,000 a year less than the average starting pay in the entire state of Nevada, and an additional $15,000 more if compared to just Clark County.Our neighbor to the north, Utah, has an average starting pay for police at $56,000 a year, give or take a few hundred dollars. This is roughly $34,000 a year less than the officers in Clark County. The difference in pay is the average starting pay for a teacher in Clark County.

In California, the average pay for a police officer starting out is roughly $59,000 a year. The average pay for a police officer at LVMPD is $89,000 a year. Roughly $30,000 more a year than a state that has 3 of the largest cities in the Nation. Again, the difference in pay is the average starting pay for a teacher in Clark County.

Las Vegas is ranked 29th in in the nation for city size and population, but has a police force ranked 7th largest in the entire country! Our police force is ranked #1 for highest paid police force in the United States. We should not have one of the largest police forces, with the highest pay in the entire United States with a population of tax payers not even making the top ten! It’s greed. It’s misappropriation of funds. It’s malfeasance! It’s falsely thinking the job of a police officer is more important than the job of a teacher! With our school system ranking 50th in the Nation, our administration has the gall to ask AGAIN for an increase of pay for police, but ignores the obvious shortfall in education. We are sick of it!

We have shortages in every industry BUT police. It’s about time we stop giving all our funds and tax dollars to fund an over paid police force, and start funding for our future by hiring teachers, do something about the homeless population besides brutalize them with the use of police force. Do something about the water shortage. Do something about the energy shortage, but seriously, stop trying to increase the police force, their pay or their benefits.

Every police officer hired is directly responsible for lacking one teacher. That’s big because we have a severe lack of teachers and education funding.

They are over paid, underworked, overly aggressive and over privileged! I urge our elected officials to stand with the people who elected them and vote no again on the New Cops Tax until education is fixed!” -Becca Martin

Las Vegas Review-Journal Editorial against the More Cops Tax:

“But this scaled-back, countywide sales tax increase to boost police budgets isn’t worthy of approval because it has the same flaw as its predecessors: It burdens taxpayers to bail out fiscally unsustainable local governments that have no interest in making hard decisions and prioritizing their spending.

… We already have the best-paid local government workforce in America (including Metro officers), and that comes at a cost. And don’t get us started on the city of Henderson, which just increased recreation fees, provided its police with a 2.5 percent raise that will cost about $1.2 million per year going forward and has too many institutional problems to list here. Henderson doesn’t need more police or more tax money, yet it’s about to get both.

Police funding is not a crisis in Southern Nevada. The money is there. The More Cops tax means more of the same for every local government in the county. We can’t afford that.”

The new tax hike is just as needless as it was in 2013-14, so here is a compilation of links and videos prepared for last year’s fight as well:

Videos and articles to get you ready for the “More Cops Tax” hearing

Here was a compilation of police brutality prepared just before the last tax hike attempt and another created this year:

More related links:

Clark County Budget:

Special thanks to:

Southern Nevada Watchdogs

click banner above to connect with a CopBlock Group near you

click banner above to connect with a CopBlock Group near you

Game Over for Insert Coins’ and Their Abusive Bouncers (Update)

Game Over Insert CoinsApparently, Downtown Las Vegas bar-hoppers aren’t quite as quick to back abusive bouncers as Chris LaPorte, the owner of Insert Coins, was after a video (embedded below) of a man being beaten out front of his Fremont Street bar became public. Citing “a rapidly changing DTLV business environment” and the tough economy, it was announced July 9th that the previous night would be the last one for Insert Coins.

That was later revised to characterize it as a temporary closing, but don’t hold your breath waiting to play shitty, broken video games and buy overpriced drinks after paying an inflated cover charge in Las Vegas again. What closes in Vegas stays closed.

Insert Coins Protest2As was reported here at CopBlock.org as well as other places, such as PhotographyIsNotACrime.com, on February 12th there was an incident involving bouncers from several “Fremont East” bars. Bouncers from Insert Coin(s) initiated a confrontation by demanding a man move from the public sidewalk in front of their location, even though they had no actual authority to do so. When that man refused three of those bouncers knocked him to the ground and punched and choked him for a full minute after he was already down.

banner-storeWhile that was going on a passerby began recording it with his cellphone. Another bouncer from the Vanguard, which is located next door tried to prevent him from filming the beating. Finally, yet another bouncer from the Griffin crossed the street, grabbed his phone, smashed it on the ground, and then assaulted him, also.

Insert Coins Protest6Even though you can very clearly see the bouncers assaulting the man and not stopping even after he’s down on the ground and defenseless in the video, LaPorte refused to acknowledge they were wrong and even stated that he watched surveillance video of the altercation and that he “backs my guys.” He maintained that stance even after the Griffin actually did the right thing and fired the bouncer that broke the witness’ phone. Instead, LaPorte comically implored everyone to “get the whole story before believing what you see.”

Not surprisingly, some people in the community weren’t so willing to close their eyes during that video and blindly back Chris’ guys. A series of protests organized primarily by Nevada Cop Block and Southern Nevada Watchdogs, a local grassroots organization based in Las Vegas, followed over the next few weeks. Since it was claimed that the “transgression” of the man who was beaten was dancing on the sidewalk in front of their bar, one of the biggest and most publicized of the many held was dubbed the “Dance, Dance Revolution.”  That and others, including numerous impromptu protests involved the use of chalk messages and showing potential customers the video as they approached the entrance to Insert Coins to draw attention to the bouncers’ actions.

Hmmm…”financial challenges this year that [Insert Coins] cannot sustain”.

If they were more specific, they would say that their security guard brutally beat a homeless man for no reason and the public stopped going there (after weeks of protests).

Facebook post by Stephen Stubbs on Thursday, July 9, 2015

Insert Coins We Can DanceThe economy is still kinda crappy in Vegas and the bloom is just about completely off the Zappos rose in “the #DTLV.” So, I don’t really doubt those factors also played a part in Insert Coins getting unplugged. But you know what doesn’t help that when you’re a customer service based business? A giant PR disaster that’s so badly handled it turns into a month long public denouncement of your business. Even an eleventh hour attempt to donate to a group that gives food to local homeless people wasn’t enough to make that stink go away.

Insert Coins ChalkedI’m sure those bouncers were glad Chris LaPorte backs “his guys,” even when they violently attack people on video after one of them started a fight with that person (for no good reason). The rest of the former Insert Coins employees might not be so glad that they are all out looking for a job (during that crappy Vegas economy) because of the actions of three individuals, who were pretty clearly wrong regardless of what angle you watch them beat and choke a guy laying on the ground for over a full minute from.

It’s also a bit of an example of what might happen in response to all the police brutality and lack of any accountability at all, if a government mandated monopoly on police services didn’t remove any options people have for law enforcement and protection outside of the one committing all those beatings and murders then covering up for it.

**Disclaimer** This example of a very successful result to a chalk protest was not intentionally timed to promote the annual “Chalk the Police State” Day protests scheduled for July 18th. The fact that the closing of Insert Coins was announced the same day as the post for Chalk the Police State Day 2015 was published is pure coincidence (or was it).**

Nevada Medical Marijuana Patient Freed by Jury Nullification

After nearly three years of legal limbo, Steven Ficano, a 65 year old medical marijuana patient, was finally set free by an act of jury nullification last month. On May 29, Ficano was found not guilty of two felony counts for possessing too much marijuana. He faced over ten years in prison if he had been convicted.

The case against Ficano, a long time local business man with no criminal history and a registered medical marijuana patient, revolved around the amount of marijuana in his possession at one time and prosecutors’ contention that this indicated he was selling it.

National Jury Rights Day is September 5th. Don't forget to fully inform the potential jurors in your community.

National Jury Rights Day is September 5th.

At the time of his arrest, Ficano was in possession of 68 plants and 24 pounds of finished marijuana. Nevada medical marijuana laws limit patients to 12 plants and 2.6 ounces of finished marijuana, but Ficano had a waiver from a doctor stating that he could possess more than that limit. Those limits are also based on a three month growth period and Ficano stated that he only harvested the plants in his possession once a year.

Defense attorneys maintained that the aspect of the rules regarding how much could be possessed were ambiguous, hadn’t been explained properly to Ficano, and that the lack of proper dispensaries are what led him to feel the need to store large quantities of cannabis. They also presented three of his neighbors, including a former policeman, as witnesses that testified they did not believe Ficano would ever sell marijuana.

Prosecutors attempted to use the large amount of marijuana in his possession, and the discovery of a digital scale, more than $51,000 in cash, and 26 guns, as well as the lack of “a single pot baked-good located in his home,” during the raid, as proof he was intending to sell it. However, the guns were antique lever-action rifles, collectible pistol sets, and historic muskets.


In addition, the money was Ficano’s life savings that he had removed from the bank during the recession, some of the marijuana had developed mold from having been stored so long, and most of the plants were either male plants or ones that had not matured enough to produce buds. Pretty much none of that was indicative of a drug sales operation.

Within an hour, jurors, some of whom cried along with Ficano after the verdict was read, voted to acquit him of all charges. Later, several jurors stated that their decision was based on sympathy for Ficano’s medical conditions, which included arthritis, scoliosis, and pain from a recent car accident, and not the “letter of the law.”

Via the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) website (by way of Southern Nevada Watchdogs):

Outside the courtroom, jurors said they focused on the doctor’s waiver, and said they didn’t think the document clearly defined how much pot Ficano could have at his home.

The waiver allowed him to possess 29 plants and 2 to 4 pounds of finished marijuana per three-month growing cycle. But Ficano said he only harvested marijuana once a year and assumed that he would be allowed to have up to 84 plants and 16 pounds of finished medicine.

Another juror, Donna Florence, said that after reaching the verdict she thought of her mother, who died of cancer about two years ago.

“If I could have gotten something for her that would have spared her that pain, I would have done anything,” she said. “And I think this guy was just in similar pain and trying to help himself.”

Click Here For Information On Your Rights as a Juror

Click Here For Information On Your Rights as a Juror

So it’s pretty clear, even if they didn’t actually realize that they were doing it, that the jurors used jury nullification (AKA their conscience) to protect a good person from a very bad law. Although this is still a rarity and the courts actively work to hide this right from jurors, it’s great that people are becoming aware of this important option for those that sit on juries. This is especially important in cases like this where senseless and counterproductive prohibitions are used as a weapon against people who are clearly not a threat to society or the communities in which they live.

The War on (Some) Drugs is a source of more theft, violence, and other abuses (on both sides of the law) than any drug it purports to fight with very little success at actually preventing drug use along the way. People serving on a jury can and should separate true criminals from someone simply seeking relief from a chronic illness or medical condition. Especially, when that relief comes from something that has consistently been proven to be not just harmless, but actually beneficial in many ways. Fortunately, this jury had enough compassion and moral strength to do the right thing this time.

“Jury Rights Day” 2014 in Las Vegas, courtesy of Southern Nevada Watchdogs:

Happy Birthday to Us! Nevada Cop Block Just Turned Three Years Old

Nevada Cop Block Birthday Cake

The original version of this photo (and the cake in it) is courtesy of Greater Cleveland Cop Block.

June 4th is what I would consider to be the three year anniversary of the founding of Nevada Cop Block, back in 2012. Technically, NVCopBlock.org launched a few weeks earlier on May 25th, when I posted a “Help Wanted” request asking if anybody was interested in getting involved with the website. There were a few other posts within the next few days, but that consisted of police-related reposts from my personal blog, EYEAM4ANARCHY, which I just dumped on the page as filler until I got some actual content ready to post. There had also been some offline actions in the real world, mostly in response to events CopBlock.org had organized and fairly sporadically.

The Motorhome Diaries in Las Vegas

The Motorhome Diaries in Las Vegas circa 2009

However, it was on June 4, 2012 that Pete Eyre formally welcomed us into the Cop Block family (or “Cop Block Network” as we like to call it now) and we were “officially” a local Cop Block affiliate. Prior to that, I had already met Pete and Ademo Freeman during their Las Vegas stop with the Motor Home Diaries (along with Jason Talley) in 2009 and later when they were doing an extended version of that known as Liberty on Tour in 2010 (when I was involved in one of Cop Block’s first call floods), as well as when I went to Porcfest in 2011.

I considered them friends and had a lot of respect for the things they were doing, so I generally did what I could from afar to support whatever projects they were involved in. As a result, I was tangentially involved with Cop Block from somewhat early on, although I hadn’t officially written anything for the site. (I did post a fairly boring video to YouTube using the name “Las Vegas Cop Block,” which was intended more to recruit other people than to impress anyone.) Basically, I had been trying to create a Las Vegas based Cop Block affiliate and doing some filming around town for some time, but that lack of interest from others had kept me from formally announcing one.

Then on December 12, 2011, a friend of mine from high school, Stanley Gibson, was murdered by Jesus Arevalo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department as he sat in his car, unarmed and in no way posing a threat to anyone. That, along with the typical cover-up that soon followed, complete with the smearing of Stanley by those within the LVMPD, was the proverbial final straw and I decided that I would start a Nevada Cop Block affiliate even if I had to do it all by myself. Fortunately, that turned out to not be the case and the formation of a local Cop Block chapter actually attracted others. While, even to this day, I do the vast majority of the writing for this site, NVCopBlock has a fairly good sized group of members and associated groups within Las Vegas that support and contribute to the actions we do around town. In fact, within the past year Reno Cop Block has even joined the ranks of Cop Block affiliates.

banner-square storeOver the past three years, Nevada Cop Block has been one of the most active affiliates partly because Las Vegas area police keep right on killing people and refusing to hold any of their officers accountable, no matter how outrageous the circumstances. We’ve held protests and vigils for the many victims of those murders, including Stanley Gibson, Erik Scott, Trevon Cole, D’Andre Berghardt Jr., Michael Nida, Danielle Willard, Mike Brown, Oscar Grant, Freddie Gray, Antonio Zambrano-Montes and many others, including a dog named Bubba. Most of those have involved using chalk to write messages and tributes on the sidewalks around the places where the protests were held, something that we originally adapted from the national Cop Block, but that soon become “our thing.

And much like what happened in Manchester earlier, in August of 2013 five of our own members (myself included) were arrested on ridiculous graffiti and “conspiracy to commit” graffiti charges. Fortunately, the charges themselves, as well as the monstrously inflated clean up cost of $1550 to wash chalk off a sidewalk, that was used to justify those charges, made it glaringly obvious that our arrests were nothing but an attempt to intimidate us and retaliate against us for the attention we were bringing to Metro’s lack of accountability and affinity for murder. The charges were soon dropped amid a pretty large uproar and the actual effect of those arrests was to bring even more attention to the many, many problems within the LVMPD and other Las Vegas area police departments and their wasteful budgets.

All in all, I think it’s fair to say that NVCopBlock has had a good amount of success and positive influence within Las Vegas and even outside of Nevada, during various trips around the country. Although there were many other groups involved the attention that we helped bring to Metro’s crimes and wasteful spending no doubt played some part in former Sheriff Doug Gillespi deciding not to run for re-election and the subsequent defeat of his attempt to raise the sales tax in Clark County (which is largely comprised of Las Vegas and the surrounding area), in order to fund even more cops to harass, beat, and kill people, without any fear of consequences.

There are several ways you can support Nevada Cop Block in our efforts to hold police accountable.

There are several ways you can support Nevada Cop Block.

We’ve had a lot of small victories in these three years and a few big ones. We’ve also made a lot of great connections within the community both local and national. On a personal level, I’m now officially an editor for CopBlock.org and over the past few months the members of the “Cop Block Network” that Ademo has assembled have begun taking the national Cop Block site to a new level that looks to only be headed forward. As a result, I’m actually getting ready to put that “Help Wanted” sign back out there, so I can hopefully find someone to take over some of the day to day activity on NVCopBlock.org.

However, we still very much have our work cut out for us here. The LVMPD has still yet to ever, in the entire 40+ year history of their existence, hold a single police officer accountable for shooting someone, regardless of how suspicious the circumstances are and even when the person being shot was unarmed and completely innocent. That’s not a track record to be proud of, nor is it being a very good “partner with the community.” The police in and around Las Vegas like to talk about how much they are changing, but the results just don’t bear that out. Nevada Cop Block won’t be going away anytime soon. As long as the LVMPD keeps going out of their way to sweep their crimes under the rug, we’ll be there to pull that curtain back.

Liberty BannerHere are some selected highlights from the first three years of NVCopBlock:

(Click the Headline to Go To the Original Post)

June 4, 2012: Pete Eyre Welcomes Nevada Cop Block

Pete Nevada Cop Block ShirtThe debut of Cop Block in Nevada:

The LVMPD, along with other Las Vegas area police departments, has a long and sordid history of beating, killing, and otherwise abusing local residents. Beyond the complete lack of accountability for these actions, the aftermath is often economically costly for the community that they terrorize.


Las Vegas: Beware of Gang Activity in Your Neighborhood!

This gang has been very active in downtown Las Vegas recently.

This gang has been very active in downtown Las Vegas recently.

NVCopBlock.org’s first original post:

Most gang members have identifying characteristics unique to their specific clique or gang. Many gang members are proud of their gang and freely admit their membership. Their personal belongings frequently boast the gang’s logo and the member’s gang name. Gangs generally share common characteristics such as the wearing of distinct clothing. However, some individuals on the fringe of gang involvement are reluctant to identify themselves as gang members.

They are usually armed, often unpredictable, travel in overwhelming numbers, and are not above attacking or even killing innocent people that are unlucky enough to be confronted by them. So, interacting with them individually can be very dangerous. If possible, make sure others are present and ALWAYS carry a camera to document any improprieties and ensure a neutral “witness.”



Sheriff Claims Open Carry is Illegal in Reno

Reno_Open_Carry_ShirtWe don’t actually limit ourselves to Las Vegas:

We bantered back-n-forth a bit and then, when we were about to leave, he said ” If I really wanted to be an ass, I could cite you for open carrying in Reno, because the Reno city ordinance overrides the state law about open carrying in the state of Nevada.” He then went on to tell us we should look it up and probably not open carry anymore and kept saying ”he was pretty sure it overrides the state ordinance.”

When he said that it came off VERY threatening and I wanted to start an argument right then and there, but that probably wouldn’t of been the best idea…

After Henderson Police Beat Man in Diabetic Shock, NV Residents Pay for It

Henderson Police BrutalityA prime example of the lack of accountability in Las Vegas-area police departments:

Once the video surfaced, the people in the community were understandably outraged by the obviously unnecessary nature of the beating inflicted on a visibly restrained man. Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson saw it differently, though. In his initial review of the case, he came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t be “in the community’s best interest” to punish Sgt. Seekatz (who has a history of complaints being filed against him predating this case) or any of the other officers because two years had passed since the incident happened.

Not surprisingly, that assessment was met with outrage by the community…

Official Cop Block Press Passes

CopBlockPressPassesWhether they like it or not Cop Block is part of the press:

Over the years, Cop Block has expanded from a small “DIY” style project into a fully functioning independent media outlet with a prominent national online presence and over two-hundred (and counting) satellite organizations located in cities throughout the United States and even beyond those imaginary borders. The establishment of official Cop Block press passes represents the next step in that evolution in which we serve notice to the world that we won’t be marginalized or overlooked, but are asserting ourselves as a legitimate member of the media.

Plus, they look really cool! (BTW, we now have Nevada Cop Block T-shirts, also.)

Las Vegas Metro Police: Chalk Washes Off, But Injustice Never Will

Chalk Washes Off, Injustice Never WillThis was the beginning of the path that eventually led to five of our members being arrested for writing with chalk:

In an obvious and ridiculous attempt to intimidate them into ending their efforts to bring attention to the history of abuses, corruption, and outright murders by Las Vegas area police and a total lack of accountability for such by those that oversee local police departments, three members of the Sunset Activist Collective were given citations for “graffiti” based on writing with washable sidewalk chalk. (See below for video of the incident.)

J.R. Dazo, Kelly W. Patterson, and Ballentine, who have since been dubbed the “Sunset 3” were participating in Nevada Cop Block‘s monthly anti-police brutality protest and vigil known as “Second Saturdays” in front of the LVMPD’s headquarters…

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: The LVMPD’s Killer Reputation

Las Vegas Metro Lack of AccountabilityAt the end of this post I tried to warn the LVMPD that it was even in their best interest to hold cops accountable for their crimes. Ironically enough, they arrested me and four other members of NVCopBlock later that day:

Throughout their history, the LVMPD has consistently rated among the highest statistically nationwide (even when compared against cities with much higher populations) in times they have shot at people while on duty and in the level of fatalities resulting from those shootings. Stanley Gibson was just one of the latest names in the laundry list of the victims of Las Vegas police that includes Erik Scott (whose murderers were later given an award for bravery while gunning down someone from behind and then unloading their guns on him as he lay already dying on the ground), Trevon Cole, Orlando Barlow, Tanner Chamberlain, Deshira Selimaj, and Henry Rowe, among the 150+ shootings just since 1990.

Yet not one singular time in the close to forty year history of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has a Las Vegas area police officer ever been charged for shooting someone, regardless of whether the person shot was unarmed or even completely innocent of having committed any actual crime.

LVMPD Employees Kidnap/Cage Kelly Patterson & Brian Ballentine for Victimless Action

Arrested for drawing with Chalk

Arrested for drawing with Chalk

And this would be the post about us getting arrested for telling the LVMPD they should hold murderers accountable (although two of us were arrested initially, eventually charges were filed against five members of Nevada Cop Block):

Kelly Patterson & Brian Ballentine were kidnapped last night by employees of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) and are now caged at the Clark County Detention Center…

To be clear – Patterson and Ballentine caused no victim. This is a free speech issue. The pair had been outside the headquarters of the LVMPD to participate in the monthly chalking done on the sidewalk to bring attention to the double-standards afforded to some predatory individuals who wear LVMPD badges (for example – in the history of the LVMPD not one employee has been found by internal investigations to have been in the wrong when involved in a shooting).

No “More Cops” for the LVMPD. They Aren’t Needed and They Aren’t Wanted.

Metro displaying just how shorthanded they are on Fremont Street. (Notice the massive, unruly crowd being held back behind them.)Soon after being released we joined with other local groups to fight the “More Cops Tax,” which, as the name implies, was a proposal to raise the sales tax, in order to hire even more cops, in spite of all the wasteful ways they spend the money they already get. It was eventually defeated.


A Video Compilation of Las Vegas Police Brutality

Not once, in the entire 40 year history of the LVMPD, has a cop EVER been charged for killing someone, Even when that person was unarmed and or completely innocent.The LVMPD Gone Wild (which is actually kinda their default state):

The video at the bottom of this post, consisting of a compilation of various videos showing past instances of police brutality by members of the LVMPD, was submitted by Jason Nellis and uploaded to his YouTube channel in order to encourage Las Vegas residents to attend a January 21, 2014 Clark County Commission meeting, in which a vote will be held regarding Sheriff Doug Gillespie’s and Commissioner Tom Collins’ continued attempts to force through an increase in the county sales tax to hire even more cops.

Did Las Vegas Police Retaliate Against Nevada Cop Block for Local Activism?

Las Vegas Metro RetaliationA Week of Oddly-Timed “Coincidences”

Two months ago, on March 5th, I was struck by a hit and run driver while walking in downtown Las Vegas. Anybody that’s familiar with Las Vegas traffic knows that in itself isn’t exactly an unusual event. However, a string of incredibly oddly timed and interconnected events surrounding my own incident, including another local activist being hit by a car the previous day, have made many within the local activist community wonder if there wasn’t more to it than just a random car “accident.” In fact, some have even classified it as an assassination attempt by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Personally, I’m putting this out there because I feel that it’s important that people know about it and that there be a public record of it.

LV Constable John Bonaventura Ordered Cover-Up of Illegal Data Searches

John Bonaventura, the Most Corrupt Man in Las Vegas

John Bonaventura, the Most Corrupt Man in Las Vegas

Yeah, the corruption runs deep in Las Vegas:

With the amount of corruption that takes place on a regular basis within Las Vegas area governments, it can be hard to stand out. However, (soon to be former) Las Vegas Constable John Bonaventura and his deputy constables have actually managed to distinguish themselves among the roll call of corrupt officials in Clark County politics and even among the notoriously unaccountable members of Las Vegas law enforcement.

Bonaventura‘s latest scandal involves his cover up of the improper and illegal use of the Lexis Nexis “Accurint” database service to look up personal information on porn actresses by Deputy Chief Dean Lauer.

LVMPD Beat a Man for “Not Moving Fast Enough”

Members of the LVMPD beat a man in downtown Las Vegas because he supposedly didn't walk fast enough.

Members of the LVMPD beat a man in downtown Las Vegas because he supposedly didn’t walk fast enough.

This was later ruled within their policy. (It’s OK though, because they promised not to do it anymore):

Officer Glowinski apparently wasn’t happy with the pace at which a man, named Dominic Generino (possibly spelled differently), was moving and decided to arrest him.

What happened next is that all of the other Metro police in the immediate vicinity dove on and began beating Generino. In particular, one of them, identified as Officer Kolkoski, begins jabbing his nightstick into Generino’s body (the descriptions indicate he is hitting him in the legs, but it’s not real clear exactly where he’s being hit on the video because of the number of cops involved) with such enthusiasm that he looses his balance. The fact Kolkoski knocked himself down and appears to almost injure himself by hitting his head against a nearby table doesn’t seem to diminish that enthusiasm very much, as he subsequently has to be pushed away by another (as of yet unidentified) officer, in order to prevent him from resuming his attack with the nightstick.

Convictions of Sister Megan Rice, and the “Y-12 Three” Overturned

Sister Meghan RiceThe “pacifist terrorists,” who shut down the country’s nuclear weapons storage site were freed:

On May 8th, an appeals court overturned the convictions of Sister Megan Rice, Greg Boertje-Obed and Michael Walli, members of the “Transform Now Plowshares” movement, on sabotage crimes relating to their acts of civil disobedience against nuclear war and in favor of peace. They also ordered that they be re-sentenced for a lesser crime of “injuring government property,” which was upheld. (They were in fact released with time served.)

Las Vegas Metro Cop Joins the Growing List of Police Pedophiles/Rapists

Patrick Taylor Facing Child Porn Charges

Patrick Taylor Facing Child Porn Charges

It’s getting to the point where it’s hard to even keep up with:

On Wednesday (May 27, 2015), Patrick Taylor turned himself in on charges involving child pornography, stemming from a March 19th raid on his house after investigations by the LVMPD’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and Internal Affairs Bureau. According to Metro, he is being charged with a single count of possession of child pornography and two counts of distribution of child pornography. In spite of the seriousness of those charges, he has been released without bail after his initial court appearance at the Regional Injustice Center in Las Vegas, which took place Wednesday morning. The only conditions being that he promise not to contact his victim or to access the internet or social media.

Anybody that has been paying attention in recent times undoubtedly has noticed that one of the many crimes on the rise within the ranks of police officers are sex crimes. It’s getting rare when even a week goes by that CopBlock.org isn’t posting a story about a cop being caught using their position to rape or in some other way sexually exploit someone. In fact, this isn’t even the only time in recent history that a Las Vegas cop has been caught.


Las Vegas, NV Police (and Security/BLM) Brutality Video Compilation #2 (Update)

0This is an update (sequel?) to a previous police brutality compilation video that Jason Nellis submitted to CopBlock.org (by way of Nevada Cop Block) about a year ago. This version is almost twice as long (because the hits just keep coming) and also includes some incidents involving Las Vegas area security, as well as local actions by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), who are employed by the Federal Government.

In the description to the video, on YouTube, Jason writes (links added):

(This is) A 2nd video compiling clips of excessive force and sometimes killing by law enforcement and security in and around Las Vegas. Mostly Metro (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department) but also multiple abuses by hotel security guards, especially on Fremont Street downtown, and by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) outside of the city.


Last year I made the first part (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgg3C…) in “preparation” for the More Cops Tax vote at the County Commission, which was defeated. That was attempted to be brought back in the past couple months by the new Sheriff (former Sheriff Doug Gillespie announced he wouldn’t run for reelection after the loss), but now it appears indefinitely detained. We need to keep an eye out for that to be brought back though and I’ll update this as we get word.


And over the past year such huge national attention has been brought to police brutality and people in general are recording the police more than ever, consistently, and law enforcement agencies across the country are taking notice, and some are even taking responsible steps in the right direction. We keep this up and they’ll remember we the people are who they have to answer to. The problem is still rampant and out here there appears to be a growing problem in our recently revitalized and hyped-up yet gentrified Fremont East district of the Downtown corridor; awareness and pressure are the keys right now against tyranny, and social media is the primary avenue.


A recent Facebook (page) to keep track of all the officer-involved shootings in Nevada (why not make a page for your state?): http://facebook.com/ShotByPoliceNV/


Keep updated on police abuses and keeping police and the local government accountable at:

and more, website submissions welcome. Remain vigilant.


Clip sources (all from the past two years):
Police using excesive force on defenseless african american girl (Aug 19, 2013): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EZc0…


Police put man in chokehold (April 6, 2014): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1Vn9…


Security from Insert Coins (Fremont Street, Las Vegas) Attack a Man Dancing on the Sidewalk (Feb. 12, 2015): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rkb53…


Cop Sexually Assaults Woman Then Arrests Her & Judge Turns Her Back (July 3, 2013): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtRxZ…


Las Vegas Police assaulting rapper for NO REASON (March 31, 2014): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SBD3…


I-Team: Man claims police overreacted, used ‘choke hold’ – 8 News Now (Jan. 29, 2015): http://www.8newsnow.com/ story/ 27977459/ i-team-man-claims-police-overreacted-use­d-choke-hold


Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Beat a Man Because He Didn’t Move Fast Enough (Aug. 8, 2014): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qfs3Y…


Protesters Fight Police Security On Fremont Street (Dec. 17, 2014- I was there to see the arrests afterward, happened to be on a movie shoot right there): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ntUE…


Last moments of man killed by police at Red Rock (Feb. 14, 2014… just before we held a Constitutional protest): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qArk6…


Ranch Riot!! Bundy Ranch Protesters Tasered by Federal Agents and Attacked by K9’s (Apr. 9, 2014): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhJ6H…

Watch the video below:

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Report From “Justice for Africa” Protest at LAPD HQ (Update with Video)

LAPD Shooting Africa**Note** This is another update to previous posts on CopBlock.org (here, here, here, here, and here) featuring photos and video from the “Justice for Africa” protests in Los Angeles over the killing of yet another unarmed person: This update includes additional video, as well as commentary from Jason Nellis, who blogs at “The World as Seen by Jazoof” and has also been involved with Nevada Cop Block and other Las Vegas area groups. Jason, a native of Los Angeles, who now lives in Las Vegas, was present during the initial protests at the LAPD HQ, after the very public murder of a man initially known only as “Africa,” who has since been identified as Charley Keunang.

Once again, if you personally have any video, photos, or experiences to share from the protests (or any previous incidents with the LAPD) you can share them via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page. In addition, included at the bottom of this post is a list of California-area Cop Block groups that you could connect with if you want to promote police accountability in your area and help protect your neighbors from police violence.

“Justice for Africa March to LAPD (with videos)”

UPDATE: “Africa’s” name is Charley Keunang.
More videos may be added…

On March 1st, 2015 in downtown Los Angeles, a homeless Skid Row resident, who went by the name “Africa,” was attacked and shot to death by police, and it was all caught on video that went viral almost instantly, enraging the nation once again. As usual, I shared and ranted about it, but this time it had the uncommon element of propelling me to go out there (not that easy for me, but at least just in the next state over, and LA is my hometown – last time a video called for me to come was Bundy Ranch), and when I heard there was going to be a protest on the morning of Tuesday March 3rd, I took the bus out there Monday night just before midnight.

As soon as I got to Grand Central Station at 6:20am, I sat down and overheard people near me playing the video on repeat, loudly. Others commented on it and this brought to the forefront how real and big this had gotten so quickly. I told them about the protest and they said they would try to go.

I got to the protest site at 6th and San Pedro about 7:45 (AM), and at least 50 people surrounded the memorial where he had been killed in front of a tree. It quickly grew to over 200 people, and the energy maintained by songs, speeches, chants, and drums was very palpable. We began marching up San Pedro around 8:30.

We turned on a street towards the LAPD Headquarters and at I believe Temple, a line of bicycle cops awaited us. After a few moments of being surrounded (mostly by press), they dispersed and took off on their bikes to let us through. Instead of continuing straight up the hill, we turned and marched behind them, onward to LAPD HQ.

When we arrived at the behemoth LAPD Headquarters around 9, there had to be well over 300 people in the open area. The energy was kicked up even more with powerful speeches breaking out everywhere, chalking, a die-in, song and dance, chants, and so on. Police taped up the side entrance we came in and another set of stairs next to it, but the front facing City Hall behind us remained open. Some protesters went in to give comments at the Police Commission meeting, but cameras weren’t allowed to go in.

Around 10:45-11 I had to recharge my phone and tablet. When I came back, after about 30 minutes, most of the protestors were gone. I got a couple videos of young people angrily speaking to the cops and then found out their friend, and well-known activist and Anti-Media writer Lissa Bissa (Twitter: @pentagonista also seen in videos I shot) was arrested when trying to walk into the hearing, without being given a reason. I interviewed her friends, two girls and a guy (the girl speaking being Evelyn Vanessa Aparicio Chavez). I asked the cops on camera, as well, and they would give no answers. She wasn’t even taking any pictures or video or holding a phone the times that I saw her before that. (Update: Anti-Media article on Alissa’s arrest can be found here: http://t.co/EJIzoEi6OB)

My battery ran out again, and I charged from maybe 11:45-12ish, and returned to only the male friend, Amari Shakur (aside from Adam Kokesh and his assistant), who informed me the two other female friends had been arrested as well. The one who talked to me in the prior interview, Evelyn, was attacked by five cops. I started an interview with him (Shakur), but got cut off after 16 seconds. He pointed out and shouted at the cops who took her down as they left the building, holding old-looking riot gear. I barely got a picture as they exited the premises. So, yes, I missed THREE arrests. Fortunately, Adam Kokesh (Twitter: @AdamKokesh) got the footage and I imagine it should be up soon. (Note: Adam’s video of those arrests can be seen here.)

I also asked Captain Graham, the one cop who seemed to have slight conversational ability, why she was arrested, and he said for trespassing, even though I pointed out and he confirmed that the Police Commission held a public meeting. This video also cut out halfway through my questioning.

After that I charged again, returned around 1pm when the rest were leaving the LAPD HQ, to walk over to the city jail and find out where their friends were. On the way off the premises, one protester started speaking about their friend just getting beat up and some production guy tried to grab or push the girl who was speaking. It conflated quickly and the guy backed away and said he was calling the cops (started video then), and they moved the camera away, but then moved it back to record the girl yelling. It dissipated as quickly as it heated up and the group continued on to the Los Angeles Detention Center.

We went into the jail visiting lobby and P.M. Beers and Cassandra Fairbanks (Twitter: @CassandraRules and @PMBeers) asked the cop for info on Lissa, and he eventually said she was being booked there and gave the code of her offense- said she must’ve asked the cop to fight her- to which Cassandra replied there is no way that happened, she was right there. I got some of this on video and then they told me cameras weren’t allowed. So, I put it down and got the second part on audio. I believe they then got the info of the second girl, while I once again had to recharge.

On the way back around 1:30-2, as we headed out, a protester told another rehearsing mainstream media reporter about the 5 cops beating up a young girl, and he just kept a very smug smile on his face and repeatedly said “thanks for your opinion” and such, very snarky and fake.

I returned later that day around 9pm, told there’d be more protesting, but it may have been too late and all I saw was lots more chalking (Las Vegas’ Sunset Activist Collective member Ballentine paid a visit that I didn’t even expect), and barricades just brought out by police since the protest. I suppose in preparation for following days. There is another bigger march planned for Saturday March 7th, which I will likely make, but I encourage everyone to go who can.

Facebook Gallery for photos (The photos are also available, on previous CopBlock.org posts, here and here):


Add Jason on Facebook at http://facebook.com/jason.nellis.3 or follow him on Twitter @jazoof and read his blog to keep up on updates, as well as future activism in and around Las Vegas (or possibly LA).

Additional Resources:

CopBlock Groups Page: Connect with others in your area or start a group/chapter.
Know Your Rights Page: Get tips, tactics and knowledge to help yourself during a police interaction.
CopBlock Network: Support the great folks who make CopBlock.org possible by contributing $1/month to our efforts.

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Dance, Dance Revolution Protest at Insert Coins Las Vegas – Feb. 26, 2015 (Update)

Insert Coins Condones Violent BouncersThe following press release is being issued by Nevada Cop Block, Southern Nevada Watchdogs, and the Sunset Activist Collective in regards to an event being held in response to a Feb. 12, 2015 incident, in which a man was beaten by security guards employed by Insert Coins on the public sidewalk in front of their business on Fremont Street, in Las Vegas. The egregious nature of that incident, as well as the continued refusal to address the actions

Insert Coins Protest

You Can’t Wash Away the Truth

of their security staff by the management of Insert Coins, has and will continue to prompt actions to bring attention to this incident for as long as is necessary.

You can view the original story about Insert Coins’ overly aggressive and violent bouncers and the condoning of that behavior by Insert Coins owner ,Chris Laporte, here and you can watch the video of them beating a man while he is already lying on the ground defenseless here. The Facebook invite page for this event can be found here. Join us and bring your dancing shoes.
Dance Dance Revolution at Insert Coins

It’s the Real Dance, Dance Revolution!

8:30 PM Thursday, February 26th
On the public sidewalk in front of Insert Coin(s) – Located at 512 E. Fremont St.

This is no game, but we know how to have fun with a serious matter. Since word spread about the homeless man getting beat up outside Insert Coin(s) by security (full story and link to video are included below), word of a potential dance protest has also spread and this Thursday, Insert Coin(s) is holding a weekly “futurefunk” show where the flyer states “Dancers Welcome.” Dancing is surely being encouraged. So it is time. Bring your dance moves, no need to be a good dancer or even have any experience. We can dance if we want to, on the public sidewalk outside their property, without having to fear that their bouncers will beat us.

Our goals are for Insert Coin(s) to:
1) Terminate those responsible for brutality perpetrated on a member of the community.
2) Formal apology to the brutalized party
3) Drop the charges against the brutalized party
4) Formal retraction of defamation against the injuries party for wrongful, unsubstantiated accusations of misconduct.

As well as for the general public including the downtown community:
5) To be able to walk, dance, stand or sit on public sidewalks without fear of retribution, retaliation or brutality.


Recently, an unidentified (at this point) man was beaten and then choked while he was already on the ground by security guards working for Insert Coins outside the bar on the public sidewalk. Although it doesn’t show what happened immediately before on the public video, it’s been reported that the security guard involved in the beating was the instigator, based on the surveillance tape.

Regardless of whatever might have happened beforehand, beating and choking someone after they are already on the ground and rendered defenseless by three bouncers is wrong and it is pretty clear that that is what is happening in the video. Further, a fourth bouncer attempted to prevent a witness from recording the assault. later a fifth bouncer, who actually works for the Griffin (across the street), took that witnesses phone away from him, broke it, and assaulted him as well, in order to keep it from being recorded.

Finally, an officer from the LVMPD, who was responding to the call, refused to talk to the witness, view the video he told him he had, or in any way try to discern what had happened. Instead he told that witness to “get the [email protected]!! out of here!” and arrested the person that had been beaten.

YouTube Description from attorney Stephen Stubbs:
“On the evening of February 12, 2015, A man (who appeared to be homeless and/or under the influence of drugs/alcohol) was dancing on the sidewalk in front of Insert Coins on Fremont Street.

Security guards were yelling at him to leave and the dancing man ignored them (continued dancing). When the Security guards taunted the dancing man to attack them, my client (who does not wish to come forward with his identity) took out his phone and started recording.

A security guard attacked the dancing man, beat him up and continued to choke and beat him even after he was lying motionless on the ground. A plain closed security guard tried to obstruct my client from videotaping the incident and even physically pushed him away.

A security guard from the Griffin on Fremont then crossed the street, attacked my client, grabbed his phone and smashed it on the ground (destroying it).