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Man Illegally Detained and Assaulted For Filming by Nassau County Policeman

Date of Incident: August 28, 2015
Officer Involved: Sgt. Hermonn – Badge#580
Department Involved: Nassau County Police Department – First Pct.

The above video was submitted by a reader by the name of Wil, via the Cop Block submissions page. He states in his description:

“I was simply using my First Amendment right to video record in public, when a police officer approached me demanding I.D. He then he grabbed my arm and threw me onto the hood of a police car. I was cuffed and kept with my face down on the hood for 10-15 minutes before being released. My First and Fourth Amendment rights were violated.

I have more recordings and plan to make a FOIA request for recordings of the cctv cameras in the precinct. Everything happened in front of the police station, cameras should have recorded everything, unless they mysteriously got deleted.”

Pls share!
– Wil

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