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The IRS Intentionally Targeted Innocent Small Business Owners in Order to Steal Millions Via Forfeiture Laws

IRS Asset Forfeiture Theft Small Business Revenue Generation

The Internal Revenue Service used deposit restrictions intended to detect profits from illegal activities to steal from innocent legal business owners.

Earlier this month, a report from the Treasury Department’s Inspector General detailed how the Internal Revenue Service used a restriction on deposits to bilk otherwise law abiding individuals and businesses of millions of dollars using asset forfeiture laws. Those restrictions require that any deposits made to a bank above $10,000 be reported to the IRS. The stated intention of that restriction is to draw attention to profits generated by illegal acts, such as terrorism and the violation of drug prohibitions.

In order to escape that scrutiny, many of those involved in such activities employ what is called “structuring,” which consists of splitting large deposits into multiple smaller deposits that are below that $10,000 threshold. However, many others involved in completely legal activities also do the same thing for various innocent reasons. Those reasons include a lack of awareness of those restrictions, insurance policies that limit coverage of deposits to less than that amount, and simply an effort to avoid extra paperwork (often on the advice of bank employees).

While structuring is illegal under the federal Bank Secrecy Act, according to the Inspector General it is really just a technicality that is intended to allow the initiation of an investigation into whether the deposits in question were derived from illegal activities. Instead, the IRS often used the practice of structuring alone as a justification to seize those deposits, via civil asset forfeiture. They also intentionally targeted small businesses and individuals engaged in legal activities due to the fact that they were less likely to be able to fight the forfeitures and in order to avoid “time consuming” investigations of actual criminals.

Via the Washington Post:

They “were not put in place just so that the Government could enforce the reporting requirements,” as the IG’s report puts it.

But according to the report, that’s exactly what happened at the IRS in recent years. The IRS pursued hundreds of cases from 2012 to 2015 on suspicion of structuring, but with no indications of connections to any criminal activity. Simply depositing cash in sums of less than $10,000 was all that it took to arouse agents’ suspicions, leading to the eventual seizure and forfeiture of millions of dollars in cash from people not otherwise suspected of criminal activity.

The IG took a random sample of 278 IRS forfeiture actions in cases where structuring was the primary basis for seizure. The report found that in 91 percent of those cases, the individuals and business had obtained their money legally.

“Most people impacted by the program did not appear to be criminal enterprises engaged in other alleged illegal activity,” according to a news release from the IG. “Rather, they were legal businesses such as jewelry stores, restaurant owners, gas station owners, scrap metal dealers, and others.”

More troubling, the report found that the pattern of seizures — targeting businesses that had obtained their money legally — was deliberate.

“One of the reasons why legal source cases were pursued was that the Department of Justice had encouraged task forces to engage in ‘quick hits,’ where property was more quickly seized and more quickly resolved through negotiation, rather than pursuing cases with other criminal activity (such as drug trafficking and money laundering), which are more time-consuming,” according to the news release.

In most cases, the report found, agents followed a protocol of “seize first, ask questions later.” Agents only questioned individuals and business owners after they had already seized their money.

In many cases, the property owners provided plausible explanations for their pattern of deposits. But these explanations appeared to have been disregarded or ignored.

“In most instances, we found no evidence that attempted to verify the property owners’ explanations,” according to the report.

It probably shouldn’t be that surprising that the Feds’ official revenue generators at the IRS jumped on an opportunity to go the extra mile and generate even more cash to fund our disfunctional, violent uncle’s war machine. Nor should it be particulary shocking that they avoided the tedious work of investigating actual criminals in favor of preying on innocent people that lack the ability to fight back.

Incidentally, it’s unknown exactly how much money the IRS stole from innocent businessmen, because they don’t voluntarily disclose those figures and refused to honor Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests for that information even after those requesting it said pretty please.

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LVMPD Giving $50k of Taxpayer Money to Man in “Distraction Grenade” Case

In the latest bailout of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department by taxpayers, the LVMPD will be “paying” a $50,000 settlement to a man for injuries he sustained after being hit by a flash-bang grenade, while he was an inmate at the Clark County Detention Center.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal:

The inmate, Rick Kendrick, was injured during a “shake-down due to the threat of inmate violence,” in December, according to a document in the committees agenda.

Officers were trying to throw a “distract grenade” into an unoccupied jail cell, according to the document. But the grenade bounced off a concrete beam and hit Kendrick, who was injured by a piece of the explosive.

The Nevada Corrections Department has a pretty long and extensive history of abuse and medical neglect throughout the state’s prison and jails. So, it’s not exactly shocking that yet another inmate has been injured. Of course, if the person throwing those explosives around was the one picking up the tab for those injuries, they might be a little less “distracted” (you saw what I did there) and truer with their aim.


17 yr. Old Student Killed by Police in Eaton County, Michigan

It has been two weeks since Deven Guilford was on his way home from church, where he was playing basketball with his brothers. It was there that Deven was shot and killed by Eaton County Police Officer Johnathon Frost at a traffic stop on Grand Ledge Hwy in  Mulliken, Michigan. The events took place near Cochran road, where Johnathon Frost pulled over the 17 year old. The reason for the traffic stop has yet to be disclosed, but we know the officer called for back up within minutes, saying shots were fired and adding that he was bleeding as well.

B9316460049Z.1_20150304113513_000_GVBA4H1M2.1-0 The number of times Deven was shot by Officer Frost is still unknown, but he was believed to be shot in the head and chest multiple times. Frost was hospitalized with bleeding from his abdomen, an injury that the Eaton County police are calling “significant” but are not willing to explain, as in what caused the injury. Sgt. Jeremy Brewer has not released an update on Officer Frost, as is protocol, for officer-involved shootings and the department has not said if Deven was armed or not.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Deven was the second person in Eaton County killed by police in less than two weeks and the third in the Lansing area, since early December.

There are a lot of inconsistent factors in this incident including why the department wont release the body/dash cam footage, the reason for pulling him over and why he was removed from his car. You can find the original article regarding these events here. I will provide an update when the Eaton County Police Department decides to release more information. Please call the Eaton County Police Department at (517) 543-3512 and demand that they release the footage.

I’ll keep trying to find more information regarding this story, but if you’re in Michigan, consider connecting with one of these CopBlock.org groups:

Michigan Cop Block Affiliates


click here

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UPDATE: LAPD Cops Shoot Man in Street: “He Reached for My Gun” (Again!)

NOTE: This is an update from an earlier post about a (graphic) video depicting members of the LAPD shooting a homeless man in Los Angeles on March 1, 2015.

Homeless Man Shot and Killed By LA CopsEarlier today, a video taken by bystanders in Los Angeles, was posted online that showed the LAPD fighting with a (reportedly) mentally ill, homeless man. About 22 seconds into the video a tazer can be heard and then, shortly after that, four or five gunshots in rapid succession. The man, who is unidentified officially, but was known by the nickname “Africa” among other homeless people, obviously was dead at that point in what witnesses have stated began either as a result of complaints about him not taking his tent down early enough or an altercation with another homeless person within that tent.

Although there are conflicting interpretations of what exactly the officer who shot him stated and the audio on the video is difficult to make out exactly, the official story (that is still developing) appears to be yet another case of an unarmed man being shot after he “reached for my gun.” If this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s one of the go-to statements cops make whenever they shoot someone, even when there is video of that person clearly not reaching for their gun. Unfortunately, the video that is (currently) available isn’t so clear in this case. However, according to the LA Times, the LAPD, the LAPD’s “Independent” Inspector General, and the District Attorney are currently investigating and we all know how thorough a job they do when they investigate themselves.

This video was posted by Anthony Blackburn’s facebook page about 5 hours ago. It shows atleast 4 police officers trying to arrest a man, you can hear a tazer go off and then gun shots. More details coming soon.

A Fascist State Defined: Police are Given Virtually Unlimited Power

The following was received via an anonymous submission on the Cop Block Submissions page.

Bush-ObamaA study was done to identify symptoms of fascism. This graphic represents the factors that lead to fascism and tyranny. The graphics creator, chose to remain anonymous.

All these things are happening daily here. It is not all in the open all the time, but as time goes by it gets closer and closer to the powers that be not apologizing for the blatant disregard for the will of the people. One only has to view the failed drug war to realize the total disregard for the will of the people. Marijuana would be legal already if they could only figure out how to divvy up the cash cow!

In our current system (which is working just the way it was designed to work, by the way), I think you can see how all of the below conditions apply.

Have you taken a stand against this yet? I know I have! I’m tired of funding the criminal enterprise known as the U.S. Government!

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Prosecutors: Cops Who Shot Unarmed Man Lying in Bed 16 Times Had “No Malice”

A reader named Nick, shared the content below, which was originally published at Reason.com‘s “Hit and Run” blog, via the Cop Block Submissions page.

Dustin Theoharis Police Shooting UnarmedA judge recently ruled the Washington man’s lawsuit could move forward, but prosecutors say they aren’t impressed by the evidence.

Four years ago cops from the King’s County Sheriff’s Office and the state Department of Corrections (DOC) in Washington busted into the home of  Dustin Theoharis and shot the unarmed man 16 times as he lay in bed. Theoharis had at least a dozen surgeries but survived. He sued the county, settling for $3 million, and has also sued the DOC.

Both the county and the department have ruled the shootings justified, despite the lack of a firearm and the fact that the two cops shot a man 16 times as he lay in bed. Earlier this month a judge  ruled Theoharis’ excessive force lawsuit against the DOC could move forward, citing the cops’ questionable testimony (they didn’t provide a statement for weeks after the shooting).

But that’s not enough for county prosecutors…(Read the full story on Reason.com)

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Nine Police Officers Charged with Sexual Molestation of Minors

What is going on here? How can you expect to be trusted when this is what we see from you? Nine cops in eight days charged with sex crimes against minors. From all over. Its not like one place did a raid. These are all separate incidents. How can we put trust in the police when this is what is happening?

The police will then try to put the blame on the people reporting whats going on. Just like the cop in the Eastside traffic stop video. “All you guys see is the bad cops” he says. Because that’s what is happening! We didn’t go out there and make the cops we film do the dumb shit they do! We just happen to capture it on video! And then we get to see how the system supports these “Bad apples” which seem to be more than just a few spoiling the buschel!
Donald PattersonTrever-Blackwell-150x150Samuel-Bryant-150x150Rodney-Eddy-150x150
The website Don’t Comply.com did this report on this story. Even if they are only half right it’s too much!

Aaron-Barnes-150x150  James-Edwards-150x150 Jared-Tomlinson-150x150 Jonathan-Diaz-150x150 Louis-Mercado-150x150