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Case Against Cliven Bundy, Sons Ammon and Ryan, Dismissed Due to Prosecutorial Misconduct

Case Dismissed Against Cliven Bundy Sons Prosecutor Misconduct

Multiple felony charges against Cliven Bundy, his sons; Ammon and Ryan, and Ryan Payne have been dismissed by a federal judge in Las Vegas, due to prosecutorial misconduct.

Earlier today (January 8th, 2017), a federal judge in Las Vegas threw out multiple felony charges against Cliven Bundy, his sons; Ammon and Ryan, and Ryan Payne due to prosecutorial misconduct during and prior to two previous trials, which had previously ended in mistrials (the first as a result of a hung jury).

Note: If you have videos, stories, upcoming events/protests, or personal interactions with the police (and/or “justice” system) that you would like to share, send them to us and we will do everything we can to bring it to the attention of the world. In addition, you can visit the Nevada Cop Block resources section for information and links to the rights of citizens when dealing with police, during which you should always be filming.

U.S. District Court Judge Gloria Navarro dismissed the case with prejudice, meaning that the charges cannot be refiled by prosecutors. The Bundys and Payne were all four facing felony charges of threatening a federal officer, carrying and using a firearm and engaging in conspiracy and potentially decades in prison. Those charges resulted from the “Bunkerville Standoff” against the Bureau of Land Management and other members of federal and local law enforcement back in 2014.

Judge Navarro ruled that the Federal Government had violated disclosure requirements by withholding evidence that could be beneficial to the Bundys’ defense. Under the Brady Rule, prosecutors are required to provide any such information to defendants. As a result Navarro declared that “the court finds that the universal sense of justice has been violated” and therefore a fair trial could not be conducted.

Via the Los Angeles Times:

Despite the mistrial, federal prosecutors argued in a legal brief filed Dec. 29 that they didn’t willfully withhold evidence from the defense and they still planned to press ahead with another trial.

Assistant U.S. Atty. Steven Myhre wrote in his brief that the government shared 1.5 terabytes of information and noted it was “by far, the largest review and disclosure operation in this [U.S. attorney’s office] history.”

Myrhe also argued the government needed to protect some witnesses from leaks that might lead to threats, so it “culled the database with witness protection in mind.”

“Unprecedented database volume and witness concerns aside, the government never let these obstacles stand in the way of diligently working to fulfill its discovery obligations,” he wrote.

But defense lawyers for Payne — Renee Valadares, Brenda Weksler and Ryan Norwood — argued in their Dec. 29 briefing seeking to dismiss the case that government “failed to accept responsibility for any of its failure to disclose evidence” and the withholding of evidence was “flagrant prosecutorial misconduct.”

“The government’s irresponsible and, at times, false proffers to this Court as well as its dismissiveness toward the defense inspires no confidence in the prospect of fairness,” they wrote. “A dismissal is necessary to remedy the constitutional violations, to preserve the integrity of this court’s processes, and to deter future misconduct. Anything short of a dismissal is tantamount to condoning the government’s behavior in this case.”

In October 2016, Ammon and Ryan Bundy, along with five others, were all acquitted by a federal jury of charges relating to the takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.

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Oregon Cop Throws Handcuffed Man Head First Into Concrete Wall on Video; Receives Probation

Oregon Police Officer Brian David Scott Assault Handcuffed Inmate

Jail surveillance video: Milton-Freewater, OR Police Officer Brian David Scott shoves a handcuffed man into a concrete wall causing severe head and back injuries. Later, he was sentenced to probation and a small fine.

Recently released video shows Milton-Freewater, Oregon Police Officer Brian David Scott shove a handcuffed man into a concrete wall in September 2016. That man, Jeffery Allen Fields, suffered multiple severe injuries to his head and several vertebrae in the assault. It’s quite clear on the video that Fields has no way of stopping himself from slamming into the wall with his hands cuffed behind him.

Note: If you have videos, stories, upcoming events/protests, or personal interactions with the police (and/or “justice” system) that you would like to share, send them to us and we will do everything we can to bring it to the attention of the world. In addition, you can visit the Nevada Cop Block resources section for information and links to the rights of citizens when dealing with police, during which you should always be filming.

It appears that the motivation for that attack by Officer Scott is that Fields was being verbally argumentative. However, at no time whatsoever on the video, even afterwards, did he act in any way physically resistant or combative toward either of the officers present. Obviously, there is no justification for Scott’s deliberate attempt to inflict harm on a man who was unable to defend himself.

Staples Head Wound Jeffrey Fields Scott Assault

Jeffrey Fields

In addition, after Fields was injured there is no sense of urgency about getting him any sort of medical attention. Instead, Scott and his partner, Officer Anthony Martinez, just take him into another room and hold paper towels to his head. In fact Officer  Martinez’ reaction, or more properly lack of one, to Officer Scott’s actions is pretty telling. It’s almost like arrestees being abused is a common sight at the Milton-Freewater  Police Department.

Eventually, Fields did make it to the hospital for what has been described as emergency treatment. As can be seen in the photo to the right, that included a head full of staples to close the wounds to his scalp.

In spite of the seriousness of those injuries and the absolutely unjustifiable nature of his attack on Fields, in April of 2017 Officer Scott was allowed to plead down to lesser charges resulting in a sentence of probation, some community service, and a $500 fine.

That’ll show him.

Note: the audio at the beginning of the video (in the exterior of the building) was affected by some sort of interference that causes a lot of static. That clears up once they go inside.

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Oregon Cop Ran Red Light, Hitting a Truck and Pedestrian, Before Crashing into Donut Shop

Cpl. Robert Emerson, of the Bend (OR) Police Department, was apparently in such a rush to get his daily sugar rush that he sped through a red light, smashed into a truck, hit a pedestrian, and then crashed right into the donut shop. According to Bend Chief of Police Jim Porter though, this was just “one mistake within an otherwise exemplary career” for Emerson. So, he seems to have gotten a handle on his cravings.

Yeah, the jokes kinda write themselves on this one (via KATU.com):

“Our investigation found that he was in violation of our vehicle operation policies,” Porter said. “Furthermore, a circuit court judge found that he violated state law. So there’s no doubt that on that day he was in violation of policy and state law, and that he made a mistake. There is absolutely no doubt about that.”

Emerson was cited after the March 5 crash and paid a $260 fine. Emerson collided with a pickup truck, slid across an intersection, hit a pedestrian and smashed into the Dough Nut shop, Oregon State Police said. No shop employees or customers were injured. Both Emerson and the pedestrian were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Emerson had been on duty for about an hour at the time of the crash and was the supervisor of four other on-duty officers. A report of a stolen vehicle that had fled police had come in just before the crash. In a written statement, Emerson told state police that he believed the driver of the stolen vehicle was impaired and he wanted to get in front of the driver to deploy spike strips.

Data from Emerson’s squad car computer show he was traveling 66 mph in a 35 mph zone with lights and sirens on for 1.5 seconds before he T-boned a green 1997 Chevrolet truck.

Porter said Emerson made a mistake, but he was an otherwise exemplary officer with eight citizen commendations and 10 internal commendations over his 13-year career. Porter said this is Emerson’s only violation.

“In his zeal to apprehend suspects he could have been more alert to his situation,” Porter said. “His intent was to try and arrest felons, not to try and better a personal agenda.”

As far as I can tell from media reports, no donuts were reported injured as a result of this unfortunate, out of character, heroic incident the likes of which Cpl. Emerson has never been involved in before or since, nor ever will be. Chief Porter really wants to make sure you understand that.

Update: Mike BlueHair of FTP PDX Arrested During Protests Against Portland Police Contract

Technically, this is a prequel, rather than an update, since he was arrested prior to the protests I wrote about here at the CopBlock Network last night.

The video begins with a voice over during footage of the protests in which Mike states that a third of the people who follow his Youtube channel want to see him get arrested and this will make them happy because he was finally arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct.

In the portion of the video that actually shows the arrest, Mike is heard responding to an unheard statement by asking, “I’m under arrest?” He’s then told to step down from a wall he is standing on, presumably to get a better view for filming the protest, by a group of riot cops. After he discusses wanting to have the SD card from his camera placed into evidence, Mike then asks why he is being arrested. One of the police officers replies, “for being in the street” and then asks, “how many warnings did you have to come out of the street?” At that point, Mike states, “I’d like to invoke my right to remain silent; I’d like to speak to a lawyer, please.”

The video then returns to a voice over in which Mike states that he gives the officers who arrested him credit for being professional and treating him with dignity and respect. However, he also states that he wishes the police would have treated the protesters at City Hall with the same respect and that he is “livid” over the way things were handled by police there.

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Mike BlueHair films the police in and around Portland as part of “Film The Police Portland,” also referred to as “FTP PDX.” In addition, he has traveled to various other parts of the country to film the police. He has a very active Youtube channel, which he has uploaded thousands of videos to.

In fact, it could very easily be questioned whether the police should be ordering him to leave the street (the stated basis for his arrest), based on his years of work as an independent journalist documenting protests and other activities, if he was simply observing and not actively participating at the time. (I happen to know has a press pass, because I made one for him.)

Mike has been featured many times over the years in posts on CopBlock.org. Below are links to posts in which Mike has been involved in or mentioned within.

Riot Cops in Portland Pepper Spray, Arrest Protesters After City Approves New Police Contract

Protestors attending a Portland City Council vote that ended with the approval of a new contract for police were pepper sprayed by cops in riot gear. After the vote, the crowd became vocal in opposition to the contract, which gives police a raise and has been criticized as a  backroom deal between the police union and the city that the citizens of Portland have been given no opportunity for involvement in.

Ten of the protestors were also arrested when the police began forcibly removing everyone from City Hall and during continuing protests on the street outside. (See Videos Below)

Via KPTV.com, the Fox affiliate in Portland:

Officials announced that City Hall would be closed at 12:30 p.m. with all non-employees asked to leave the building. Protesters continued to stand their ground leading to a confrontation with police.

“Clearly they knew it was closed, very clearly they didn’t want to leave and there were people agitating officers inside,” said PPB Sergeant Pete Simpson.

The Portland Police Bureau reported that “projectiles” were thrown at officers and pepper spray was deployed by police.

“There is well documented video of an officer shoving a man after he approaches and charges at an officer, some one throws an object and the officers responded and shut the door,” said Sgt. Pete Simpson.

Protesters were seen pouring milk over their eyes to try and reduce the effects of the pepper spray, while officers in riot gear stood in front of City Hall.

PHOTOS: Police, protesters clash at City Hall

As the afternoon went on, protesters blocked 5th Avenue near City Hall, causing numerous TriMet delays. By 2:20 p.m., police moved in and told the protesters to leave the roadway. The group appeared to initially comply and moved to the sidewalk, however several people were taken into custody.

After police left the scene, numerous protesters again poured into the street and blocked TriMet buses. Officers then returned again to keep the crowd on the sidewalk.

Prior to being forced out, some protesters had put up tents inside the City Hall. Others had put up banners and blocked traffic on 5th Avenue outside the building. Not long after the vote, police began violently pushing them outside and spraying pepper spray into the crowd.


Harassment by Police for Using a Public Park in King City Oregon

The following post and the video included with it were shared with the CopBlock Network by Theodore Pojman, via the CopBlock Submissions Page.

The video shows Officer Hyson of the King City Police Department extorting them for being in a public park, presumably because they are homeless and live in their truck.

According to Officer Hyson, this constitutes “illegal camping” (he eventually decides to extort them for criminal trespassing instead), even though they’ve done nothing except sleep in their truck.

Criminalization of homelessness is not a new thing. Many cities have passed laws that go so far as barring people from voluntarily sharing food with other people in public.

Oregon in particular has passed these “camping” bans which are explicitly intended to target and allow police harassment of homeless people.

Should someone’s economic situation really preclude people from using public spaces when their only “crime” is having nowhere else to go?

Date of Incident: July 1, 2016
Officer Involved: Officer Hyson Badge# 26709, Deputy Fletcher
Department Involved: King City (Oregon) Police Department
Facebook Page: King City – Oregon Police Department
File a Complaint: Online Complaint Form
Department Phone No.: (503) 620-8851

My friends and I were at King City Park at 8 in the morning when we were approached by a rude policeman named Officer Hyson.

He woke me up from a nap and demanded identification from us. I refused to present my license, because I was too tired to look for it, and instead gave verbal identification. He asked me for my social security number which I refused to give.

He seemed offended, called me “junior lawyer” and threatened to cite us for criminal trespass if we weren’t gone in one hour. It was during the park’s open hours. Fifty-five minutes later, after I had finished eating breakfast and was starting the van about to leave, officer friendly pulled up behind me to write me a ticket.

I explained to him that we weren’t committing a crime by being in the park, and that he had no evidence that we were “camping” overnight. He demanded that I present ID, I refused. He demanded that we step out of the vehicle. We refused. He then stuck his hand in the window uncomfortably close to me. I told him to retract his hand from my vehicle/home, he refused at first, but eventually backed off. I asked for his badge number. He said that it would be on the citation.

Around this time, Deputy Fletcher pulled up and talked to Officer Hyson and myself to see what was going on. He chatted with us for a while until officer hyson finished with the citation. Al three of us were cited for criminal trespass 2.

All in all it could have been worse, but I feel like my rights have been disrespected. I was in the public park during daylight hours and yet was cited for trespassing. I believe we were profiled for having Florida plates, being homeless and exercising my right to verbally identify.

I intend to fight the citation in a trial by jury on August 1st, 2016 and none of the three of us can afford to pay the fines. This will likely turn into a warrant if not taken care of. Legal help would be appreciated.

This is not the first time the police have harrassed me for sleeping. Sleeping outside has been criminalized in many places and even where it’s acceptable to sleep, I have been woken up and told to identify myself. I’m tired of this criminal harassment and would Like to see some consequences for these bullies who have nothing better to do than harass the homeless for the crime of existing.

– Theodore Pojman

Video Shows Portland Police Officer Punch Man Strapped to Ambulance Stretcher

The video included within this post was recorded by Mike BlueHair of Film The Police (FTP) Portland and uploaded to his Youtube channel. (If you have a video and/or story you would like to share with the CopBlock Network, you can do so via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page.)

It shows an incident that took place last week (April 2nd), involving an assault on an unidentified man who was already strapped down to a stretcher and immobilized by paramedics. The Portland policeman who committed that assault is identified within the video and the description on Youtube as Officer Honnel.

Prior to that, the video begins with Mike patrolling the streets of Portland and filming the police working there, as he typically does fairly often. Although it isn’t shown in the video, Mike first encounters the man who would later be assaulted by Officer Honnel during the aftermath of a street fight in which he’s been knocked out by another (also unidentified) person. That person is seen being arrested for assault by a group of officers.

For the vast majority of the video, nothing untoward happens. Mike actually leaves and films the police having an unrelated interaction with someone he identifies as a homeless woman and then returns to the original subject once the ambulance arrives. That’s when things start to go wrong.

The man who had been knocked out has been revived, but he’s angry and seems to be confused about why they are taking him to the hospital. In spite of that and some verbal threats by the man, the police don’t have much trouble forcing him onto the stretcher and then strapping him down to it, even though he struggles with them.

Cop-Beats-victim-strapped-to-medical-StretcherAt that point, he’s restrained at four points by those straps and clearly not able to do much in the way of physically resisting. Soon after that, they also place a “spit mask” over his face and then the paramedics inject him with what is described as a “chemical restraint,” which I assume is the fancy name for a sedative.

Apparently (the view of his upper body is blocked by the paramedics and police surrounding him), the man then bit the finger of one of the paramedics. Presumably in response to that, Officer Honnel then walked over to the man restrained on the stretcher and began repeatedly punching him in the face until he was pushed away by paramedics and other officers.

Below is the description included with the video on Youtube by Mike BlueHair:

Last night, we filmed a guy that was knocked out during a street fight. Later, the crime victim snapped out of his daze and struggled with police. The cops and AMR workers put a spit hood over his face and shot him up with drugs! A few moments later, Officer Honnel pounded him about the face and mouth, causing him to bleed from the mouth through the spit hood! You can clearly see in the video an EMT worker trying to block Honnel’s punches. You can also see another officer tug at Honnal’s body armor attempting pull him away from further beating the restrained helpless victim!

film the policeWithin the video, Mike also shows before and after pictures of the assault victim to illustrate the fact that his mouth wasn’t bleeding prior to Honnel’s attack. However, afterwards blood can clearly be seen on his face and on the spit mask covering it.

Obviously, some people will make the ridiculous claim that Officer Honnel is a Good Cop who was forced to beat a restrained and defenseless man because he bit a paramedic. The simple fact though is that it’s not the cops’ job to physically retaliate against someone for those sort of transgressions. While it’s certainly not acceptable to bite someone, once your body is restrained, your ability to inflict such an attack on someone is extremely limited and rather easy to avoid once that intent is recognized.

The obviousness of that lack of any sort of ongoing threat and of just how wrong Honnel’s actions were is shown by the fact that the paramedic who was bitten actually tries to block the punches being thrown by him. In addition, other police officers push him away to stop his attack. Perhaps they realize that Mike is there filming the entire episode and it will soon end up on Youtube or simply understand that the proper way to deal with the situation would be to file charges of assault against the restrained man rather than assaulting him them self. (Not that this is the only time cops have been caught on video beating a man restrained on a stretcher.)

Regardless of which of those is the case, Mike has reported that the Portland International Raceway (where the incident took place) has received fourteen complaints since his video was posted and that they and the Portland Police Department Internal Affairs are reviewing the video. He has promised to share any updates he receives and any such updates will be shared here as well. (I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for Internal Affairs to hold Honnel accountable for his actions, though.)

If you’d like to join those who have already voiced their displeasure with the actions of Officer Honnel, you can also contact the Portland International Raceway and Portland Police Bureau and let them know what you think about his efforts to protect and serve the assault victim.

Portland Police Bureau Complaints:


Portland International Raceway Contacts:

Wisconsin Cop Allowed to Resign And Avoid Stalking Charges on Trial for Murdering Two Women

In August 2001, an internal investigation of former Milwaukee area cop Steven Zelich found he was stalking women while on duty and using his position as a police officer to gain access to their personal information. Instead of prosecuting him for those transgressions, Zelich was allowed to resign from the police department. In addition to enabling him to avoid any sort of punishment, that also prevented the evidence of his stalking from being included on background checks. Therefore, he was still able to qualify for private security officer’s license.

Predictably (for everyone except those Good Cops at his former police department), this week Zelich began trial on the first of two murder charges in separate incidents involving women. Zelich is accused of and freely admits that he killed the women then stored their bodies in suitcases at his house, eventually dumping them on the side of the highway after their bodies began to smell. According to Zelich, the women’s deaths were accidental, as the result of a game they were playing in which he choked them during sex.

Via Yahoo News:


Steven Zelich, 54, is charged with first-degree intentional homicide and hiding a corpse in the August 2012 death of 19-year-old Jenny Gamez, of Cottage Grove, Oregon. He is also charged with murder in the killing of 37-year-old Laura Simonson the following year, but she died in Minnesota, so the charges were filed there. That case is on hold pending the conclusion of the Wisconsin proceedings, which will take place in Kenosha County, about 40 miles south of Milwaukee, and which begins Monday with jury selection. At the trial over Gamez’s death, the judge has allowed prosecutors to tell jurors about Simonson’s death.


According to court records and testimony, Zelich met Gamez online and invited her to Wisconsin. He picked her up at the Milwaukee airport and they drove to a Kenosha hotel, where they spent several days. Zelich told investigators they played a sexual game in which he would choke Gamez. On the last day, he lost control and choked Gamez until she died, according to the criminal complaint.

Zelich told investigators that he put Gamez in her suitcase and took it to his West Allis apartment and stashed her body in his refrigerator.

Simonson, of Farmington, Minnesota, died in similar circumstances in November 2013. According to court documents, Zelich said he met her online and killed her while playing the same choking game at a Rochester, Minnesota, hotel. He drove home to Wisconsin with her body and later put both bodies in suitcases in his car’s trunk. When they began to smell, he dumped them on the roadside, where highway workers mowing grass found them in June 2014.

Zelich’s attorney, Jonathan Smith, declined to discuss his trial strategy, saying the arguments were best left to the courtroom. He also wouldn’t say whether Zelich would testify.

“It’s been maintained that this was a non-intentional act,” he said.


Prosecutors plan to argue that Zelich intended to kill the women. They will allege that he searched for victims whose disappearances would not be unusual, helped them prepare to disappear with little suspicion, killed them in ways that would be difficult to investigate and then felt compelled to keep their bodies.

Deputy District Attorney Mike Graveley said the prosecution will assert that Zelich’s police experience helped him plan and execute the crimes and then only make a “strategic, selective confession” in which he only divulged what he needed to in order to confirm what he believed investigators already knew. He said Zelich targeted the women in similar manners and tried to cover up their deaths similarly, which shows it was intentional.

He expects the judge to allow jurors to decide on lesser charges of negligence. The punishment for conviction on a first-degree intentional homicide charge is life in prison…


In Minnesota, Zelich is charged with first-degree murder, intentional murder in the second degree and unintentional murder in the second degree while committing a felony offense.

He also faces two hiding-a-corpse felonies in Walworth County, Wisconsin, where the bodies were found. A status conference for that case is scheduled for Feb. 12.

In case you somehow can’t connect those huge dots, a known stalker was not only protected from prosecution for his acts, but even given the opportunity to seek another position of control over others by concealing his predatory nature. Also, according to prosecutors, his experience as a cop enabled him to carry out the murders he is currently charged with and the knowledge to avoid implicating himself once their bodies were discovered. It would have been crazy if those Heroes had actually protected the public and done their job ten years before these women were killed when they already knew what a Bad Apple he was instead of covering up for him.

The Olympia Police Did Nothing Wrong for the 100th Time (Repost)

This was submitted from a post at the “media island internationalblog and was written by Bruce Wilkinson. It discusses yet another instance of a police department (Olympia Washington) investigating itself after some of the officers employed by that department have committed violence against the public, as well as the very predictable outcome of that “investigation.” (Links within the post have been added and were not included in the original version.)

If you have a video and/or description of an interaction you have personally had with the police or courts you would like to submit for a possible blog post on CopBlock.org, you can do so at the Cop Block Submissions page.


Olympia, Wa. Dec. 2014

Olympia, Wa. – Dec. 2014

The Olympia Police Department did nothing wrong when it comes to Officer Donald shooting two unarmed black youth according to their internal investigation. This is about the 100th time the OPD investigated itself and surprisingly found nothing wrong.

Several years ago I filed a complaint of OPD excessive force to the OPD and the OPD investigation ended with the same result. I then examined police auditor reports of other OPD complaints. The Police Auditor’s reports back then had one amazing detail, they were all statistically anomalous. A few things were very clear, the Police Auditor agreed 100% of the time with the police, meaning he was just a rubber stamp so I’m glad the fiction of his role is gone. The second was that of the 20 or so official complaints of excessive force, none of them were deemed legitimate.

I want you all to understand that these were official complaints, as in the person went back to the police that allegedly hurt them, filed a complaint, and then went through the investigator’s interview. I have to imagine that only a tiny sliver of people who have faced police brutality actually ever file a complaint, right? I mean maybe 1 in 20, 1 in 50 or more actually stand up and file? So these are very serious people who feel very righteous and of them all, zero of these excessive force complaints were deemed legitimate by OPD investigators. ZERO! This is statistically unlikely.

Right now, the City Council, including Stephen Buxbaum and Nathaniel Jones unfortunately aren’t taking real leadership in adequately dealing with this situation. Four years ago the City Council made one very bad mistake, they selected Police Chief Roberts an outsider who had little credentials. They selected this person for all the wrong reasons and Roberts has abused his position. The City Council immediately chose the route of sitting by his side during all of this rather than sitting across as righteous arbiters of a city needing answers from him. It feels as though Chief Roberts and Steve Hall are running the show and one thing should be clear that these men making $150k+ aren’t supposed to be the rulers.

Chief Roberts was responsible for hiring Officer Donald, now the city is facing suits against it because of this one bad decision and yet the city never has publically (sic) questioned this decision. But that isn’t the only bad decision. Chief Roberts was drawn in through a fearful City Council after the Port Militarization Resistance because, as City Manager Steve Hall said at the time, Roberts had experience from Eugene dealing with anarchists. And it is true, Lieutenant Roberts was in charge of investigations that sent 11 people to jail as terrorists during the green scare. He was a Renaissance man for police and FBI coordination and using fear to stifle a population.

Other than that, Chief Roberts had the amazing duty of Police Chief of Redmond Oregon a 98% white small town that has little of the dynamism of Olympia. And I think the racism charge has been leveled pretty strongly in this case against Officer Donald but Chief Roberts hired him and has flown free of any controversies. To this I can only say is his resume has no color to it unless it is on the conviction side.

Here in Oly he set immediately to work in endearing him to the ODA and then seeking more coordination with the Neighborhood Associations. But why did he do this? Was it to the benefit of Olympia? It seems that he had a mission, over exaggerate the crime problem and then gain more of the purse for the police. He immediately set about doing things like making big announcements around a war on drugs right after marijuana was legalized targeting the heroine “epidemic” a scare term not reflecting objective analysis. His crime reports to the neighborhood associations make the mundane minor offenses that have always happened seem like a crime wave. Today this town is safe. It is extremely safe. It is annoyingly obnoxiously safe. It is scary white people who love malls safe. I know most of you all have never lived in a big city so just take my word for it, you live in a bubble of extreme safety of the likes that really no one should be entitled to feel. You will have to think about that.

And he used classic broken windows policing tactics. He targeted youth and homeless focusing on minor problems to drum up fear. Targeting the scapegoats of the city he focused on attacking homeless, with new rules and more harassment. But what did all this really do for the city? Well I would argue not much good and a whole lot bad. The only real positive has been for Chief Roberts, increasing the size of the police department by getting a tax increase past the voters his second year in office. With the Downtown Ambassador program he also got more boots on the street doing psuedo police work. His bloated office consumes, most people don’t realize, a third of the city budget on police and jails.

The City Council should use the power of the purse to remove the excess from the bloated OPD which will help to incentivize less work on public appearances and more on actual real policing. It might help for them to realize that attempted shoplifting for example is no four alarm fire requiring intensive prowling of the area and multiple patrol assignments. If the OPD has that much police personnel to waste on such an issue than it has too much personnel. The City Council’s job is to thoroughly check and hold accountable Chief Roberts, not be his buddy.

Roberts’ decisions in the type of policing he prefers lead to Scott Yoos’ arrest by four cops that were bullying him because they thought he may have been dumpster diving. It’s a broken windows sort of policing and it makes so little sense outside of NYC where it was developed. This city needs a police department that is better than that and chooses that respecting civil liberties and creating a better society means not going after and making more difficult the lives of the most vulnerable.

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Portland Police Assault And Falsely Arrest Film The Police Portland (FTP PDX) Videographers

This post and the video below was shared with the Copblock Network by Mike Bluehair, a cofounder of Film The Police (FTP) Portland, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page.

Date of Incident: November 29, 2014
Individuals Involved: Unknown employees of Portland police
Department involved: Portland Police Department
Department Phone No.: 503-823-3333

During a Ferguson rally on November 29, 2014 two reporters from Film The Police (FTP) Portland were targeted and falsely arrested by Portland police. They were both charged with disorderly conduct! Both reporters were held for more than two hours bound by zip ties that were biting into their wrists. Videographer Robert “Bob” West was transported from jail to a local Hospital.

Shortly before his arrest Bob was injured by a flash bang grenade thrown dangerously close to his feet. A few days later the DA announced that all charges would be dropped against the ten people that were arrested that night. It’s the opinion of FTP Portland that Bob was targeted because of his work as a police accountability activist.

Oregon-Based Police Accountability Groups




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