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Huntington Beach CA Police Try To Find Any Reason To Cite Man Because He “Has a Chip On His Shoulder”

The video and description within this post was shared with the CopBlock Network by Steve, who preferred not to give his last name. It was shared via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page.

In this video, Steve states he has just returned from a short shopping trip within a local Walmart and is “greeted” by a group of police officers, including a Orange County animal control officer. They state that they were called by a witness who was concerned for the safety of his dog that had been left in the car. (Toward the end of the video, the animal control officer admits that he had already determined, based on the outside temperature, that the dog was not actually in danger.)

From there, they keep demanding ID from Steve, who refuses to do so, maintaining that he hasn’t committed a crime. The Animal control officer contends that he is investigating whether the dog is registered, although at one point he admits that he is only doing that because he feels that Steve “has a chip on his shoulder.”

One of the other cops also states that Steve doesn’t actually have a Fifth Amendment right to remain silent unless they “have Mirandized” him, which is a pretty blatantly  inaccurate interpretation of constitutional rights. If I didn’t know just how often cops don’t actually know the law and the Constitution, I would think he was just playing stupid in a bad attempt at fooling Steve into answering their questions.

Eventually they do give up on trying to get Steve to give them his ID. However, prior to leaving one of the Huntington Beach officers states that Steve’s windows are tinted to dark and that they should wait to see if he drives the car so they can issue a retaliatory citation for that “crime.”

Finally, after huddling up briefly and looking back to make sure Steve isn’t close enough to overhear their diabolical plans (which probably consists of mailing a citation for the dog license to the address his car is registered at), they slink off to find someone else to harass.

Date of Incident: September 8, 2016
Officers Involved: Officer Jackson – Badge No. 2098, Officer Roberts – Badge No. 2137, Deputy McCartney – Badge No. 21
Departments Involved: Huntington Beach (CA) Police Department, Orange County Sheriff’s Department (Animal Control)
Department Phone No.: HBPD – (714) 960-8811 OCSD – (714) 935-6848

The man in the video had stopped at a Walmart in Huntington Beach, California. The car was parked in the shade with a sun visor on the front windshield. Outside, the temperature was only 75° and the back windows were rolled down three inches, since there was a dog in the backseat. The man was only in Walmart for about 15 minutes.

When he came back to the car, there were three squad cars with six police officers and one sheriff from animal control outside. One of the officers had stated that they received an unverified complaint over the phone from some concerned citizen that an animal was being endangered and that they were there to investigate.

I learned a lot from this video including the fact that police believe that you only have a right to free speech if and when they give you permission. The reality of it is that the police have absolutely no jurisdiction unless you give it to them, and if you do they now have a license to kill you if they want.

There was no citation given and there was no arrest because the man refused to show his ID; yes your name will be used against you to cite you, to arrest you, to imprison you, hold you for ransom, and maybe even kill you.

The first question you answer you have given them jurisdiction, so don’t answer their questions. You be the one to ask all the questions and do not answer theirs.

– Steve

Los Angeles Cop Who Beat Girlfriend and Set Her Hair on Fire to Serve just Six Months in Jail (Update)

As CopBlock Network Contributor described in a post last year, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy Alejandro Flores viciously attacked his now ex-girlfriend. In what has been characterized as the culmination of a pattern of abuse, Flores beat his girlfriend (who only wants to be identified as “Maria” due to fear of further attacks), used a gas stove to set her hair on fire, and then threatened her with his gun to force her to stay at the house after the assault.

All of that and numerous previous assaults took place in front of their two year old son. She was only able to escape by sneaking out of the house and confiding in relatives after he left to go Protect and Serve the County of Los Angeles as part of the LASD. The incredibly serious issue that precipitated Flores’ sadistic actions involved a dispute over a pacifier (presumably intended for the child, not Deputy Flores).

Flores was charged with nine felonies, including three felony counts of domestic battery with corporal injury, two felony counts of assault with a force likely to produce great bodily injury and a felony count each of aggravated assault, criminal threats, dissuading a witness, and false imprisonment. As a result, he faced a maximum of up to 14 years in prison. The prosecutor offered him a plea deal which would have required him to serve five years in prison.

However, the judge had a different idea of how deep a Policeman’s Discount Deputy Flores deserved. He not only gave out just a one year sentence for the savage, almost deadly beating(s) “Maria” had been subjected to in front of her child, he even went so far as to disregard the prosecutors requests to make Flores serve his time in a state prison, where he would be required to do the entire year. Instead, Judge Rodger Robbins sentenced him to county jail, where he’ll be released to look for another woman to abuse and possibly kill in just six months.

The victim in the case for obvious reasons not happy about the judges actions and rightfully states that he is getting off easy because he had one of those Magic Suits that renders people impervious to real consequences for their actions, no matter how illegal, immoral, or violent they might be, at the time of the attack.

Via ABC7.com (in Orange County, CA):

The 34-year-old (Flores) stood emotionless as he listened to his son’s mother speak about the violence.

“He pushed me against the stove yelling, ‘Is this what you want?’ At that point, he turned on the gas burner, setting the my hair on fire,” said the victim, who did not want to be identified.

As she read her victim-impact statement, she urged the judge to issue a stiffer sentence.

“Alejandro chose a career in law enforcement to protect and serve. Apparently, that doesn’t cross to his personal life and the sentence confirms it,” she told the courtroom.

The victim said there had been violence before, all of which occurred in front of their young son…

In her victim impact statement, the victim also urged the judge to consider what message the sentence sends to other victims of domestic violence.

“Knowing what it finally took for me to finally stand up for myself and my son, with a one-year sentence it is almost like I’m being victimized again, now too by the system I trusted to protect me and my son,” she said.

Yet another Hero In Blue held to a higher standard. It’s almost as if Deputy Flores already knew the fix was in when he turned down that five year plea deal offered by the prosecutors.

Videos of Local Coverage

LAPD Cop Convicted of Exposing Himself to 12 Year Old Girl And Multiple Women

On Tuesday (Dec. 1st), LAPD Officer Ryan Eric Galliher was found guilty of multiple sex crimes involving exposing himself and propositioning a 12 year old after approaching her and exposing himself in the Bolsa Chica wetlands, located within Orange County, CA. Galliher was arrested in October of 2014 after at least a half dozen women reported a man exposing himself and publicly masturbating.

The two incidents involving the 12 year old girl happened in February and then again in March of 2014. At the time of his arrest, Huntington Beach police detectives observed him walk out of the wetlands, pull his pants down, and begin masturbating.

Via the LA Times:

Jurors found Ryan Eric Galliher, 33, of Huntington Beach guilty of a felony count of attempted lewd act upon a child under 14 years old, a felony count of contacting a minor with the intent to commit a lewd act, six misdemeanor counts of indecent exposure and a misdemeanor count of engaging in lewd conduct, according to the Orange County district attorney’s office.

LAPD Officer Lewd Acts MinorGalliher faces up to four years in prison, prosecutors said. He must also register as a lifetime sex offender. Galliher is scheduled to be sentenced Dec. 18… (NOTE: The OC Weekly states he is facing 8 years.)

His victims included women between 18 to 80 years old, prosecutors said.

The youngest victim was 12. Prosecutors said Galliher approached her on Feb. 27, 2014, in the ecological preserve, exposed himself and asked her to touch his penis. The following month, he approached the girl again near Bolsa Chica Street and exposed himself to her, prosecutors said.

In one instance, Galliher stood naked near a path in the wetlands, wearing only tennis shoes, prosecutors said.

Somehow, as of Wednesday, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck hadn’t gotten around to firing Galliher yet, even though his arrest came over a year prior to his conviction that, based on the evidence, shouldn’t have been a surprise. In addition, Officer Galliher has been “assigned to home” since his arrest, which is a fancy way of saying he received the typical paid vacation that most cops are given once they are accused of crimes.