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Oklahoma Governor: Police Not Complying With Executive Order to Audit Untested Rape Kits

Backlog Untested Rape Kits Police Refusing to Comply Audit Order

The massive backlog of untested rape kits sitting in evidence rooms across the country totals anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousands in number.

Last week, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin stated that only about half of the police departments in the state were complying with an executive order she issued in April instructing them to perform an audit of all untested rape kits. To be clear, the order wasn’t to complete the testing of the thousands that are sitting in evidence rooms throughout the state. In fact, it wasn’t even actually to begin testing them. It was simply to perform an inventory and determine just how many of them there are.

For many of those departments, though, the deadline of December 31, 2017 has come and gone. A lieutenant at the El Reno Police Department who states that they did do the audit but it somehow slipped his mind to send the information in. Meanwhile, according to “News9.com” Sgt. Jillian Phippen of the Tulsa Police Department maintains that they just don’t have the personnel or money to do it.

“For us, to do that, to comply with this unfunded mandate, it’s just a lot of money,” said Sgt. Phippen. “We’re already putting my sex crimes detectives back into the field to work patrol positions, so it’s not like we just have extra individuals that can stop what they’re doing and then complete this audit.”

It’s kinda obvious where the priorities of police department are when  one representative states that he “just forgot” to provide the information and the other says that their department has their rape investigators out generating revenue by writing tickets, instead of solving sex crimes.

For her part, Governor Fallin, who has now given them until Feb. 15th to comply, doesn’t seem terribly worried about the fact that thousands of rapists are walking the streets and potentially victimizing other women, when they could have been caught long ago. She “isn’t happy with the lack of cooperation she is getting from law enforcement.” However, she seems to be willing to afford them the benefit of the doubt that they (eventually) will.

“That’s not enough.” Governor Fallin said. “We need to do better and I think everybody’s certainly willing to step up and do it but we need to finish the job.”

Rape survivors, such as Danielle Tudor, aren’t quite so patient, though:

Tudor says that’s not acceptable.

“What is says to me as a rape survivor and unfortunately what it says to future sexual assault victims is, ‘Is it worth it to report it? Is it worth it to have that rape kit done because I have no guarantee that my evidence will even be used in my case.'”

News9.com – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |

A National Issue and a Question of Priorities

It’s a valid concern for victims of rape and other crimes involving sexual assault and it’s not just limited to Oklahoma, either. A 2015 story by USA Today estimated at least 70,000 untested rape kits existed nationwide, based on data obtained through a massive campaign of open records requests. A year earlier, in 2014, the Daily Beast published their own estimate of 400,000 kits that have failed to be tested since the mid 80’s when DNA testing began to be widely used.

Note: If you have videos, stories, upcoming events/protests, or personal interactions with the police (and/or “justice” system) that you would like to share, send them to us and we will do everything we can to bring it to the attention of the world. In addition, you can visit the Nevada Cop Block resources section for information and links to the rights of citizens when dealing with police, during which you should always be filming.

Police Need to Take Rape Seriously

Police Don’t

While it’s a handy excuse to ignore things the police don’t really want to be bothered with the “lack of funding” doesn’t really hold up to scrutiny. Early last week, I posted about former LVMPD Police Officer Arthur Lee Sewall Jr.,who was (finally charged with rape and murder twenty years after the crime was committed.

In spite of the fact investigators suspected Sewall literally from day one of their investigation in 1997, the victim’s rape kit wasn’t processed until 2017. Prosecutors supposedly couldn’t find the money to process a rape kit in a case where they already had a suspect, that suspect had a previous history of sex crimes, and they already had access to his DNA profile.

Meanwhile, the LVMPD and the City of Las Vegas managed to scrape together over a half billion dollars between them to build a new police headquarters and city hall. Just for good measure the nearby suburb of North Las Vegas also built new fancy building for their police department and city government.

Just as outrageous is the story Joey Lankowski posted here at NVCopBlock.org yesterday. Within it, he detailed how it was recently exposed that Henderson (another Vegas suburb) Police Chief Patrick Moers and his second in command, Deputy Police Chief Bobby Long, were forced to resign as the result of a sexual harassment scandal.

As part of what was originally characterized as a “voluntary separation,” Moers and Long received about $400,000 for accrued vacation hours and benefits. I have very little doubt that that money alone would have funded testing for quite a few of the 4,000+ untested rape kits within Southern Nevada. If not, then the $750 million in public funds the Clark County Commission voted to give the Raiders for a new stadium certainly would.

Are There Other, Worse, Reasons for the Lack of Urgency?

Of course, the reason that there wasn’t a more immediate uproar about Chief Moers’ and Deputy Chief Long’s large payoffs was because the Henderson City Government kept the true reason for their resignations under wraps for months until an anonymous source tipped off the local newspaper.

Similarly, Officer Sewall spent the vast majority of those twenty years violating his probation terms without suffering any significant repercussions. Nor did anyone in a position to do so make much of an effort to get the one rape kit that could confirm what they already suspected was true processed. It’s almost like the respective prosecutors, city governments, and police departments were just not that interested in pursuing the case, if they could avoid it. Almost exactly like that.

(Not to mention the mayor of North Las Vegas, for whom the former NLV police chief admitted having covered up the presence of child porn on his computer and the current number two man in charge at the LVMPD, who once had to resign after he asked a woman to expose herself in exchange for not being arrested.)

It’s no secret that some police have used their position and the vulnerabilities of women they often interact with to pressure or physically force them into performing sex acts. In fact, just three years ago, right there in Oklahoma City, Officer Daniel Holtzclaw was convicted of raping 13 women and had preyed upon numerous more during his time as a police officer.

Experts say that DNA evidence is as high as 99% accurate and has led to the identification of over 1,200 serial rapists in Detroit and Cleveland alone after concerted efforts were made to test the backlogs there. It would seem that Oklahoma, Nevada, and everywhere else would want to do the same, thereby bringing justice to past victims and preventing future ones.

Unless they’re afraid that a certain occupation might pop up a little too often once those tests are conducted…

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Fresno CA Taxpayers Forced to Pay $2.2 Million Settlement to Family of Man Executed by Police

The family of a man who was shot as he climbed a fence then executed by a Fresno police officer  has received a settlement of $2.2 million. In June of 2012, Jaime Reyes Jr. was shot by Officer Juan Avila while attempting to escape arrest by climbing over a fence near a school. After falling from that fence, Reyes was then shot in the back an additional three times by Avila as he lay wounded and defenseless on the ground.

The fact that the fence Reyes was climbing was at an elementary school and that police later found a gun in his pocket were used as justifications for the murder. However, information released as a result of the law suit indicated that the gun was not only unloaded, but also was inside a plastic bag. Therefore, in spite of police claims that Reyes represented an “imminent threat,” there’s no way he threatened them with it or even could have done so at the time he was shot. One of the officers at the scene also stated in a deposition that there was a pause between the time Avila shot Reyes the first time and the subsequent three shots.

Supposedly, along with the settlement that taxpayers will be forced to finance, the Fresno Police Department will be explaining to the cops working there what the word imminent actually means and making other “minor changes” within their use of force policies. That includes teaching cops to assess whether someone needs to be shot in the back while they are already lying on the ground unable to move.

In addition, homicide detectives and Internal Affairs officers will be strongly encouraged not to ignore witnesses who provide information that doesn’t fit the predetermined narrative. For instance, in this case a woman who witnessed Officer Avila murder Reyes stated that she “saw an execution,” but officers with internal affairs were reported (by me) to have responded by putting their fingers in their ears and yelling, “I can’t hear you” until she gave up and left the area.

Via the Fresno Bee:

With the settlement comes major changes for the Fresno Police Department, said Oakland attorneys Michael Haddad and Julia Sherwin, who represented the parents of Jaime Reyes Jr., 28, who was shot while climbing a fence at Aynesworth Elementary School in southeast Fresno in the afternoon of June 6, 2012.

Haddad said Tuesday that if the lawsuit had gone to trial, the evidence would have shown that Officer Juan Avila shot Reyes near the top of the fence. Once Reyes toppled to the ground, Avila shot him three more times in the back as he lay wounded, face down on the ground, Haddad said…

Fresno police Chief Jerry Dyer acknowledged that the city has agreed to review policies and recommend any appropriate minor changes. The city, Dyer said, “has always felt that this tragic shooting was legally justified and settlement should not be viewed as an indication that this view has changed.”

According to Dyer, Reyes was a gang member under the influence of methamphetamine who fled from officers while carrying a stolen handgun into a schoolyard occupied by children. “However, circumstances unrelated to the actual incident have dictated that it would be economically sound for the city to settle this matter before incurring the costs of trial,” he said.

Documents provided by the Fresno Police Department say the fatal shooting of Reyes was justified. Avila no longer works as a Fresno police officer.

Haddad disagreed with Dyer’s assessment of facts. He said Reyes never pointed a gun at the officers nor threatened them. After he was fatally shot, officers found a gun in Reyes’ shorts pocket, but the firearm was unloaded and wrapped in a plastic bag.

City officials agreed to the settlement on Nov. 18 in U.S. District Court in Fresno. As part of the settlement, Haddad said the Fresno Police Department has agreed to change its use-of-force policy. Before, officers could shoot a suspect if he posed an imminent threat. “Fresno police have a unique interpretation of what ‘imminent threat’ means,” Haddad said. To police, it means a pending threat or a threat in the near future, Haddad said.

The settlement mandates that Fresno police are only allowed to shoot a suspect if the suspect poses an “immediate threat,” or a threat at this very moment, Haddad said.

Sergeants and patrol officers also will be trained to “assess every shot,” Haddad said. This way, an officer doesn’t fire extra bullets when the situation doesn’t warrant it, Haddad said, noting that Reyes was incapacitated with the first shot, therefore he didn’t need to be shot three more times in the back.

In addition, the settlement requires additional training for homicide detectives and the police Internal Affairs officers. The training will require them to consider statements by witnesses that contradict statements by officers at the scene. In the Reyes shooting, a female witness said she “saw an execution,” Haddad said. But homicide detectives and Internal Affairs officers disregarded her statement, Haddad said.

“We’re hopeful that these policy changes could prevent some future shootings by police,” he said.

Minor policy changes that reiterate what cops and the cops that “investigate” them should already be doing is likely to do that.

Update: Alameda County Sheriff’s Deputies Caught Beating Man on Video Have Been Fired

It was announced today that two deputies, who were caught on video beating a man then celebrating and taunting him afterwards, have officially been fired. They also “forgot” to turn their body cameras on during the beating, although one of them accidentally started his during the assault. That footage has not been released yet.

Prior to being fired, they were placed on paid vacation after an investigation began. Alameda County Sheriff’s Deputies Luis Santamaria and Paul Weiber were both charged with assault with a deadly weapon and battery in May of this year, after surveillance video from a nearby business became public.

CopBlock Network Contributor Asa Jay wrote about the video when it was originally released in November of last year.

According to the East Bay Times:

The outrage over the beating that resulted after the video went viral led to criminal charges for Weiber and Santamaria, as well as changes to the Sheriff’s Office’s body camera policies.

Petrov, 29, was beaten with metal batons more than 40 times after deputies chased him in a stolen car from Castro Valley to San Francisco, according to prosecutors.

Authorities said Petrov drove 100 mph while leading deputies on a 40-mile pursuit in a stolen Mercedes. He was wanted on multiple felony warrants.

The deputies were seen chasing Petrov, tackling him and beating him repeatedly on his shoulders, back and possibly his head. The video shows at least 30 blows between the two deputies, some after the suspect attempted to crawl into a fetal position. Petrov stopped running seconds into the video.

The deputies are also facing a civil rights lawsuit that was filed on Petrov’s behalf in August by the Oakland law firm Haddad & Sherwin that says the deputies “brutally beat him without legal cause or purpose.”

The lawsuit says that deputies high-fived and took trophy photos of the broken and bleeding Petrov as he cried for help after the beating. Petrov was not charged related to the beating incident, but was awaiting federal prosecution for an unrelated guns and methamphetamine trafficking case as of August this year.

In addition, as I reported in March, another Alameda County Sheriff’s Deputy was caught trying to bribe a homeless couple that witnessed the attack by offering them jewelry and cash he had stolen from Petrov. He also reportedly gave them a bag of meth and pack of cigarettes. That deputy, Sgt. Shawn Osborne, was fired in July, as a result of the bribery attempt.

Former Police Officer of the Year in Farmington Hills Michigan Heading to Prison for Child Porn

The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network by a reader using the pseudonym “The Poor & Unknown,” via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page.

The submission details the sentencing of Farmington Hills Police Officer Mathew Parsons for charges related to child porn. In addition, Parsons was convicted of setting up a hidden camera within a bathroom to secretly record nude videos of an unnamed adult victim. He agreed to a plea deal and, as can be seen in the video, was later sentenced to between one and seven years in prison (guess which end of that scale he will end up on).

Prior to receiving his customary paid vacation after a tip led to him being found with child porn, Officer Parsons was a twenty year veteran of the Farmington Hills Police Department. According to Police Chief Chuck Nebus, Parsons was “an officer in good standing who over the decades had received awards and commendations as well as a few complaints.”  While the nature of the complaints was not disclosed, Parsons was in fact named Officer of the Year in 2000.

The CRIMINAL’s are at it again (Via DetroitNews.com):

A longtime Farmington Hills police officer who lost his job over child pornography charges has pleaded guilty to downloading the material, the Michigan Attorney General’s Office announced.

Mathew-ParsonsMatthew Parsons pleaded guilty Wednesday in Oakland County Circuit Court to three felony charges: possession of child sexually abusive material; using a computer to commit a crime; and recording an unclothed person, authorities said in a statement.

As a part of his plea, Parsons is required to register as a sex offender for 15 years and cannot work as a law enforcement officer in Michigan, according to the Attorney General’s Office.

Parsons, 48, resigned from the Farmington Hills Police Department on June 15. (Just how do they let people like this resign with full pension and insurance etc? This is criminal!!)

He was arraigned in May at 51st District Court in Waterford Township on multiple charges stemming from the investigation, which began after a tip from the Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette’s office learned someone, identified as Parsons, had been downloading child sexually abusive material. A probe revealed Parsons had downloaded at least 10 videos with the explicit imagery and “surreptitiously filmed an adult in the nude,” state officials said.

Update (Via WXYZ.com):

Matthew Charles Parsons, 48, of Waterford pleaded guilty to multiple charges related to downloading child pornography in July. He resigned from the police department and will be placed on the sex offender registry for 15 years.

He is facing up to 7 years in prison.

Farmington Hills Police Chief Chuck Nebus says investigators from the Michigan Attorney General’s office and Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force showed up to the station on May 25 with search warrants.

The focus of the search was Officer Parsons, a 20-year veteran of the department.

“It was shocking that it was one of our own,” says Chief Nebus.

– The Poor & Unknown

Please contact the Farmington Hills PD and let them know how you feel about Officer PARSONS the Molester of CHILD PORN:

Officer Involved: Officer Mathew Parsons
Department Involved: Farmington Hills (MI) Police Department
Department Contact Page: Contact Us
Department Phone No.: (248) 474-6181

Four More Bay Area Cops Fired in Oakland Teen Sex Scandal; Five Others Officially Slapped on Wrist

The Richmond Police Department has announced that they will fire four officers after an investigation found “documented misconduct” between those officers and the teen prostitute who went by the name of Celeste Guap. Five other officers received official reprimands for their involvement with her. The RPD has not specified what their actual “involvement” consisted of, although it’s not terribly hard to connect those dots.

This latest round of firings raises the number of Bay Area police officers officially implicated in the scandal to 28 total, including seven that are facing various charges and eight that have been fired. Within the space of nine days three Oakland police chiefs also were forced to resign or were fired as a result of the scandal.

Via the Los Angeles Times:

The Oakland Police Department and other Bay Area law enforcement agencies came under intense scrutiny in June after 19-year-old Jasmine Abuslin came forward earlier this year and said that she had sex with multiple officers, some while she was underage.

In addition to the firings in Richmond, four Oakland police officers were fired and seven others suspended without pay in September.

The allegations led Bay Area prosecutors to file multiple criminal charges against five different officers from other agencies, including three from the Oakland Police Department. Some of the charges included lewd conduct, engaging in prostitution, providing a minor with alcohol, failing to report child abuse and felony oral copulation with a minor.

One Oakland police officer, Brian Bunton, was charged with obstruction of justice; authorities accused him of leaking information about planned prostitution raids to the teenager in exchange for sex.

Richmond Mayor Tom Butt said in an email that he cannot disclose what type of misconduct led to termination of the four officers, but Sunday’s disciplinary actions were harsher than what the city originally announced last month when the investigation concluded. At that point, the city had planned to fire only one officer.

“The appropriate corrective actions are being taken to ensure that we do our part in Richmond to address the rash of improper conduct seen in police departments across the Bay Area,” Butt said in a statement.

More than likely, it will be several months before all these officers are hired at a different police department in another area of the country. So, no doubt they have learned their lesson and the “appropriate corrective actions” have indeed been taken.

For Third Time in Nine Days An Oakland Police Chief Has Resigned Amid Sex and Corruption Scandals

For the third time in just over a week, a police chief has either resigned or been fired in Oakland. On Friday, Oakland Police Assistant Chief Paul Figueroa, who had been appointed as acting chief just two days earlier, became the latest to step down.

The immediate reason for the firings/resignations is a scandal involving an underage prostitute that numerous members of the Oakland Police Department had sex with and tipped off about details of undercover stings, which was uncovered when one of the officers involved committed suicide and mentioned it in the note he left. (See “related posts” section below for previous coverage of this case on the CopBlock Network.)

Within the past week, it’s been reported that the investigation into that case has spread beyond just the Oakland police. According to the Las Vegas Sun, the Richmond Police Department has also started a review of their own officers’ potential involvement with Celeste Guap, who says she began working as a prostitute at the age of twelve.

“A second police department in the San Francisco Bay Area has launched an internal investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by its officers.

The Richmond and Oakland departments are investigating after an 18-year-old woman said she had sexual relations with two dozen current and former officers in five cities during her stint as a sex worker. She told the East Bay Times recently that she was underage during encounters with three of the officers.

Richmond Assistant Police Chief Bisa French said Tuesday that the department opened an internal affairs inquiry last week after receiving information from Oakland police.

French said several ranking officers are being investigated for criminal contact with the woman or policy violations but she could not confirm the exact number of officers.”

The Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department also announced they had placed one of their deputies on leave as a result of an investigation into the sex scandal. So far, five Oakland cops have been suspended as a result and the San Francisco police Department has acknowledged that they are investigating at least two of their own officers.

Oakland Police Department ProtestOakland and other bay area police departments have faced serious allegations of misconduct and police brutality for years. The latest uptick in the current scandals also involve reports of racist text messages being sent amongst OPD police while on duty. The contents of those texts haven’t been revealed yet, but reportedly involve African American officers. Previously, San Francisco police officers were revealed to have sent similar messages to each other.

During the press conference (see video embedded below) where Assistant Chief Figueroa’s removal was announced, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf compared the conduct of the Oakland Police Department to a frat house and stated that it would not tolerate the misconduct and lack of accountability that has become commonplace within it.

City Administrator Sabrina Landreth has now been placed in charge in order to send a clear message about “how serious we are of not tolerating misconduct, unethical behavior,” and according to Mayor Schaaf, “root out what is clearly a toxic and macho culture.”

Also on Friday, activists held a demonstration in front of the Oakland Police headquarters. As part of that demonstration, participants scaled the flag poles at the entrance and erected a banner between them stating “OPD is guilty of human trafficking and statutory rape.”

Protesters also stated that the Oakland Police Department is rotten to the core, called for federal oversight of the department, and demanded change throughout the department. (See video embedded below.)

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California Deputies Caught Beating Man on Video Tried to Bribe Homeless Witness (Update)

Two Alameda County sheriff’s deputies, who were caught on surveillance video beating a suspect, tried to cover up their crime by bribing a homeless man that had witnessed the beating in a San Francisco alley.

Included in the bribe offered to the witnesses were a large gold medallion, cash, and cigarettes. All of those item actually belonged to their victim, Stanislav Petrov, which of course means they also stole from him in the process of committing the assault and subsequent bribery.

According to his attorney, Petrov suffered broken bones in both hands and severe bruising to the head and body during the video-taped attack, which included repeated baton strikes by the deputies. Currently, Deputies Luis Santamaria and Paul Wieber are on paid vacation while their co-workers at the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department “investigate” them and have been since the incident took place last year.

Not surprisingly, San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón has not yet decided whether he will charge the deputies (don’t hold your breath), in spite of the beating having been caught on video (embedded below) for the world to see.

Via the New York Daily News:

A San Francisco car chase suspect who was beaten by police is suing, and his lawyers say an officer tried to silence potential witnesses by bribing them with the man’s property.

Stanislav Petrov led authorities on a 44-mile pursuit around the Bay Area in a mid-November that ultimately ended with a foot chase in a Mission District alley.

Jerome Allen says he was bribed by deputies not to say anything about the beating.

Jerome Allen says he was bribed by deputies not to say anything about the beating.

It was what happened in the moments after police finally caught up to Petrov and his stolen car during the incident that shocked observers.

Surveillance footage released by the San Francisco Public Defender shows the 29-year-old run into a backstreet before two officers tackled him and began pummeling him with their nightsticks.

“This was probably the worst law enforcement beating on video that we’ve seen since Rodney King,” attorney Michael Haddad told the Mercury News.

The deputies involved, Luis Santamaria and Paul Wieber, said in their reports that they feared for their lives and Petrov had reached towards his waistband, though the suspect had left his gun in his car.

But Petrov’s family is now suing the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and Haddad is alleging that officers on the scene tried to cover up their brutality.

He said that an officer took Petrov’s gold cross chain, as well as money, and gave them to a homeless man and woman who were camped nearby.

Jerome Allen told KTVU that at first he thought he was being set up when officers approached him and asked him if he “liked the show.”

“Don’t spend it all in one spot,” another officer reportedly said. Allen claimed he ended up selling the elaborate “Turkish gold” jewelry for $1,500.

Incidentally, both cops “forgot” to turn their body cameras on before the beating. It was, however, recorded by one of the officers’ body cams because it got turned on accidentally while they were in the process of pounding on him with their night sticks. That, of course, means their is also a decent chance the bribery attempt was also caught on video, since he possibly wouldn’t have known that it was recorded.

Report: Broken Disciplinary System Preventing Oakland Police From Firing “Bad Apples”

Seemingly, the Oakland Police Department has decided to start cleaning up its image a little by firing cops involved in high profile cases of police misconduct. However, according to a recently released report, a combination of a “broken disciplinary system” and their own lax history of enforcement against all those Bad Apples that gave them such a toxic image in the first place are preventing them from doing so.

The report by San Francisco attorney Edward Swanson uses two recent examples to detail how officers fired for misconduct are able to have those firings overturned in arbitration. Those reversals are due to bias on the part of the arbitrators involved and/or comparisons to previous lack of punishment received by officers implicated in similar instances of abuse/misconduct.

Essentially, they are circumventing new disciplinary process by taking advantage of the previous (intentionally) toothless nature of its predecessor. That along with the inherent bias of the arbitration system itself, incomplete training methods and (intentionally) inadequate investigations by internal affairs has made it virtually impossible for legitimate levels of discipline to be imposed on Oakland police officers.

Via KTVU.com:

In the first case, the department tried to fire an officer “who allegedly engaged in inappropriate activity with a prostitute.” The arbitrator determined that the alleged victim was “not credible,” Swanson wrote, adding that the arbitrator “appears to have applied an incorrect legal standard, requiring a level of proof higher than by a preponderance of the evidence.”

In the second case, the department sought to kick out an officer accused of using excessive force. But there were problems with the internal-affairs investigation, largely resulting from OPD decisions that were made “without the benefit” of city attorneys, Swanson wrote.

In his new report, Swanson said overall, the department “needs to consider thoroughly whether supervisors, and not just officers, should be disciplined when something goes wrong.”

The attorney also noted, “OPD’s discipline decisions remain vulnerable to attack at arbitration when OPD cannot prove that officers have been trained on the conduct that is the subject of the discipline. This can be improved with better tracking of which officers have been trained and of the content of that training.”

Swanson also warned that the disciplinary decisions could be successfully challenged if it’s determined that the department “did not adequately consider punishment in similar prior cases before imposing discipline on a given officer.”

Saint Rob Oakland Police CorruptionTwo previous cases, which prompted U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson to order the report, included the firing of Officer Robert Roche who threw a tear gas canister at a group of people attempting to help Iraq War veteran and activist Scott Olsen after he had been shot in the head by a bean bag round during an Occupy Oakland protest. That injury caused Olsen to suffer permanent brain damage.

Ofc. Roche was later reinstated by an arbitrator and Sergeant Rachael Sloten, who had “investigated” Roche for OPD’s internal affairs, subsequently changed her Facebook profile to a picture entitled “Saint Rob,” which depicted his face photoshopped onto a religious image and stated “well deserved victory” within the image.

The other case involved that of Officer Hector Jimenez, who had been fired for murdering an unarmed man by shooting him in the back. He too was ordered reinstated during arbitration.

Whether the Oakland Police Department legitimately wants to clean up its act or it’s just yet another empty dog and pony show, it’s rather obvious from this report that their previous lack of any sort of realistic disciplinary process along with current biases and incompetence within that process won’t even allow them to do even something as inadequate as fire cops proven to be corrupt and malicious.

Basically, those Bad Apples are continuing to benefit from the sins of the past and the system won’t allow Good Cops to do a damn thing about it, even if they do genuinely want to.