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Body Cam Video: Alabama Mother Unlawfully Arrested After Saying “F The Police”

Arrested by Alabama Cop For Saying Fuck The Police

Body camera video (embedded below) shows a mother and domestic violence victim in Alabama being arrested for saying, “Fuck The Police,” even though it is a legal exercise of free speech that is protected under the First Amendment.

**Scroll down to about the halfway point for the video**
Note: The video and description included within this post was shared with Nevada Cop Block via reader submission. If you have videos, stories, upcoming events/protests, or personal interactions with the police (and/or “justice” system) that you would like to share, send them to us and we will do everything we can to bring it to the attention of the world. In addition, you can visit the Nevada Cop Block resources section for information and links to the rights of citizens when dealing with police, during which you should always be filming.

Date of Incident: Ongoing
Officer Involved: Cpl. (now Sgt.) Youngblood
Department Involved: Millbrook Alabama Police
Chief of Police: P.K. Johnson – (334) 285-5603
Assistant Chief: Johnny Montgomery – (334) 285-5603
Facebook: City of Millbrook on FB

The video submitted for this post is fairly self explanatory and even predictable: two cops from a tiny Alabama town show up presumably to mediate a dispute over childcare issues between a husband and wife. One of the cops begins to feel his authoritah isn’t being properly respected, so he decides to escalate the situation into a confrontation. The mother, who also says she is a domestic violence victim, gets frustrated and decides to legally exercise her freedom of speech by yelling “Fuck The Police.” Cpl. Youngblood responds by making an unlawful arrest based on speech that clearly (and according to the Supreme Court) is protected by the First Amendment.

Beyond that singular incident, Nicole, who submitted the post, details the many abusive acts she says her husband has carried out against her and her children. She also discusses the numerous ways in which he has used his influence with the police, courts, and CPS workers to cover up those abuses and further victimize her.


I’m in need of help. When this video (embedded below) took place, I was devastated. The police took no actions. Then my 17 yr. old son was handcuffed and beaten by the police of Millbrook, Alabama while non combative for being a hot head. One officer involved in the act spoke up and told what happened. I was incarcerated at the time and watched as four officers beat my son.

After that horrific incident, my son and I were subjected to judicial abuse. This was so bad that, when my son’s charges were dropped, the juvenile judge made threats to our lives. All of this stems from domestic violence within our living situation, for which I was denied help in Alabama by police countless times. Also the nearest local domestic violence center is “Family Sunshine Center” in Montgomery, Alabama. So, I was forced to stay and deal with it, as the Millbrook police suggested after arriving at my home previously.

I took my arrest to trial, however,  because I was making the case a Black Lives Matter issue, the lawyer I paid refused to represent me in court, quitting with only two days remaining before court. So, I was forced to represent myself at trail with no jury, in which I lost when I told the judge he misunderstood the facts. After spending six months on bail bond hold, I could not escape the escalating abuse.

Horrible, unspeakable things were escalating and the children and I were falling into despair. I was isolated and didnot have a way out. So, I continued to deal with it until my husband came home angry and drew back his fist to hurt our three year old.

I cried out, “Don’t you hit her!” Instead of a punch to the belly, he violently threw her four feet across the room. I rushed to her. Thankfully, she was unharmed and had landed in a U shape on her bum. This was a blessing of the fact she could do cartwheels from age two and now, at age four, has mastered a one handed cartwheel, as well as other flips and jumps. If not for her god given talents, she would have ended up in serious condition.

Afraid to call the Millbrook police, for good reason, I called the Montgomery police, who advised me to call the state troopers. Once I had called the state troopers, I was nicely told by the officer that I was crazy and that the Millbrook police are not out to get me. That they will help you. Cpl. Youngblood, who is the policeman seen arresting me in the video, answered the phone.

I said, “No thank you, I do not need help.” The state trooper then asked if Youngblood would be coming out. He replied, “No, I will send some others. I replied, “Still, no thank you.” After several hours had passed, there was a knock on the door. It was the Millbrook police. I looked out the window and said, “No thank you, go away.”

Instead, they broke into my front door. I screamed and ran, asking them to leave. They refused to go and did not say even one word the whole time. Confused, I tried to calm myself down and speak to the officers. So I sat in the living room on a wing-backed chair. One of the officers moved so close to me that the ring on his belt hung in my face. He also wore a very menacing look on his face.

Then, I turned my face towards the door, scared of what they were going to do to me. I saw Cpl. Youngblood walking into the door and I became even more afraid. At this time, I saw my cell phone sitting nearby and picked it up to record their actions. The close officer backed off a bit and they all stood silently with their hands folded as I cried and begged Cpl. Youngblood to leave. (I still have that video.)

See the video below for the rest of what happened…

After that was over, I knew I needed to get out of there before one of us ended a life. So I called my local home town news station, who gave me the number of the domestic violence shelter. So I called and spoke to a wonderful counselor, who got busy to help me stay alive.

She advised me to call the local child protective services, so I did. She also advised me to tell the truth, so I did. John Holmes, who answered the call, listened to my plea for help. Then he advised me that he would not be coming out to make a report and that I would be held responsible for any abuse found, also.

Devastated that my family was once again in grave danger, I again turned to the Willow Domestic Violence Center in New York. The counselor was shocked at the news of what had happened, but she also had bad news for me again. There was no D.V. shelter for me to go to and they refused to help me escape with five kids.

My husband had returned with the police and gotten the car keys. So I could not leave, being in a very country place. There was no way out and he could kill us at any time. No one would help. The Willow Domestic Violence Shelter counselor said that I must get a police report, at least.

Together, we called the police, the mayor, and a host of other city officials in Millbrook, Alabama. Finally, they sent officers out to take the report without Youngblood. However, when they came to do the report, the male officer put words in my mouth. Afraid to dispute it, I held my tongue. I also have video of this event.

Once I had confirmation that the report was written, the captain of the police department stated that that was all they would do for me and that no investigation or arrest would be made. I was then advised by the New York domestic violence shelter that they could not find any help in the state of Alabama for my family.

If I had a way to get to my hometown of N.Y., they said they could help. With nowhere to go and our lives in danger, my oldest son called a friend. We made plans for him to come back in the AM to make two trips to Montgomery, Alabama to board a Greyhound to New York and that is what we did. There was a rainbow on the day that we left.

Confused, sad, and bewildered with five kids and only 600 dollars, I went to a DV shelter. He went to court and filed for a divorce. I was never made aware of this and he won by default all things and custody of our children. He came to their school in NY and removed them. When the domestic violence shelter found out, moves were made to protect the children. Also, a Child Protective Services investigation was done and he was indicted on all claims.

Court procedures to protect the children were started in New York. The children were assigned a legal guardian, who also agreed that there had been neglect and abuse by their father. I thought we were safe, but due to UCJA laws, the case was moved back to Alabama with safety precautions for the children to return. The children were given a legal guardian and I was to contact her and also the local Child Protective Services, so I did.

When speaking to the legal guardian, she informed me that she was only put on the case to satisfy the court in NY. Also, she said that she had been told by Judge Sibley Reynolds to go speak to my husband and to make a written statement, which she had already written. I then called Child Protective Services, as ordered, and they proceeded to tell me that they have not gotten the judges orders and will not open the case to investigate that Steuben, NY had already investigated. In addition, they said it is up to the Millbrook police to file criminal charges and they will in no way protect our children.

Husband Abuse Alabama Wife Police Courts CorruptionSo, afraid of what was going on, I called the Millbrook police and spoke to Capt. Fields, who told me he was not going to protect me or the kids. He also made a remark that he knows exactly who I am; I’m the woman who doesn’t know how to talk to police. He then proceeded to tell me that I can’t make him do it and NY can’t make him do it. I found out later that the New York police and CPS made a request for prosecution that was also denied by the Millbrook police.

Terrified, with no lawyer to take my case, I called Elmore County court and asked about my case. I was informed that there was not a new case of custody modifications in front of a special master as my court documents said. However, some movement was made on a contempt of court charge in the original default divorce. Knowing now that I was not safe to return, I started to read all the divorce documents.

I noticed my maiden name is wrong, the marriage date is wrong, and I found out that the divorce is not fully dissolved due to us being married in India under the Hindu Marriage Act and because I was not present for any of the divorce proceedings. I can have the case heard in a fair forum. I noticed in court that they use having ties to India against me and put a hold on my passport blocking me from help and assets.

I am in hiding, in fear for my life, afraid of being hurt by police or my abusive husband. Several domestic violence shelters, CPS workers, police, and judges in Steuben County have tried to protect my children and I. They can do nothing more than to personally tell me to hide.

The officials in Alabama won’t listen. He has, with the help of an Alabama court had the two indications of abuse sealed and expunged leaving me having to hide in fear, in order to protect myself and my children. I have looked high and low for help. I have proof of all this. Does anyone out there have any ideas? (This account is really just the basic story lines.)

Thank you,

– Nicole

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Buffalo, NY Mother Who Was Arrested; Had Children Taken Away for Homeschooling to Stand Trial

Home School Mom Kiarre Harris Buffalo Arrest

Kiarre Harris says she has been harassed and falsely charged with “educational neglect” by the City of Buffalo after she decided to home school her children.

Note: The video and description included within this post were shared with Nevada Cop Block via reader submission. If you have videos, stories, upcoming events/protests, or personal interactions with the police (and/or “justice” system) that you would like to share, send them to us and we will do everything we can to bring it to the attention of the world. In addition, you can visit the Nevada Cop Block resources section for information and links to the rights of citizens when dealing with police, during which you should always be filming.

The following post was submitted by Matthew Albert, a lawyer who is representing Kiarre Harris. As Albert details within the post, Harris is a mother from Buffalo, NY who was not happy with the quality of education being provided by the public school system. As a result, she decided to home school her children.

According to Albert, this has resulted in Harris having her children removed by the Buffalo Child Protective Services. Although her children have since been returned, charges of “educational neglect” were also filed against her. Harris is due to begin trial on that charge today, Monday, December 11, 2017.

Albert and Harris maintain that the removal of her children and subsequent arrest are acts of harassment against Harris for her decision to home school her children and also to intimidate other parents who might also be considering such a move. You can support Harris by donating toward her legal fees by clicking this link: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/Kiarre

This is one of the more incredible cases I have ever encountered. An educated, strong, and family oriented black woman, Kiarre Harris, realized she could teach her children far better than the dismal City of Buffalo School System. Many in the community also realized that their children had a good chance of receiving a better education with Kiarre and an extensive home schooling network composed of other like minded and educated parents.

With a large number of children and parents ready to embark on this bold and organic homeschooling movement, the City of Buffalo knew they had to do SOMETHING. However, providing a better quality of education for their students is something they had proven incapable of throughout the decades.

Kiarre Harris’ original Facebook video

Using their expansive network to incorporate CPS, the police, and the legal system to snatch up children…that they can do. And that is what they did. Harris’ children were taken from her. She was arrested. The progressive and innovative homeschooling experiment came to a screeching halt as a result of the brutal and powerful push-back from government bureaucracy.

Eventually, Ms. Harris retained me. Literally, through blood, sweat, and tears, including a near riot initiated by police at Family Court, we got Ms. Harris’ criminal charges dismissed so that her criminal record is still unblemished. We also got her children back and they resumed their home schooling. The family is once again whole and complete, the children thriving in their mother’s care. Still, the County wants its hooks in Ms. Harris…and refuses to let go. They will not let go of the CPS neglect petition, which again threatens this family’s well being. Trial starts Monday. In family court, one is not entitled to a jury of their peers.

Ms. Harris’ and her family’s fate hangs in the balance of one judge’s decision. In a country that often ignores drug addicted and deadbeat mothers and their children until it’s too late…empowered homeschooling mothers are at risk of losing their babies

– Matthew Albert

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Update: NYPD Cop Who Got Drunk, Broke Into a Woman’s House, and Repeatedly Assaulted Her Given Probation

Almost exactly a year ago, I posted on the CopBlock Network about Officer Eugene Donnelly of the NYPD. As I reported then, within hours of having received an award for bravery at a June 2014 ceremony (pictured above) presided over by both Mayor De Blasio and former NYPD Commission Bill Bratton, Donnelly went out with a group of fellow officers to celebrate. That victory party culminated in him passing out drunk at a friend’s apartment in the Bronx.

However, that was not the end of the festivities for Officer Donnelly. Sometime during the night, he forced his way into an apartment within the same building, threw the woman who lived there to the ground while yelling about children and guns, and then hit her at least twenty times in the head, because he (apparently) thought she worked for Child Protective Services. After some unspecified amount of time, he then realized he had done some crazy shit and ran out of the apartment in nothing but a pair of black boxers. (See video embedded below.) Before that though, he reportedly added insult to injury by drinking milk out of his victim’s refrigerator – straight from the carton, no less.

He later tried to claim that all of this happened because he was sleep walking.

Via the New York Post:

Eugene Donnelly, who gave the snoozy defense in court last week, is wearing only a pair of black boxers as he tries to flee a Bronx building where, moments earlier, he allegedly pummeled the total stranger.

Donnelly first enters the frame in the lobby at 5:43 a.m. and runs out to the street. He then tries to get back inside but is locked out and leaves again. When a cop car passes by, he goes back to the vestibule where he frantically rings buzzers.

Seconds before the damning footage, his alleged victim is seen running through the lobby in her bathrobe as she desperately tries to get away.

A day earlier, Donnelly had been given a Combat Cross by Police Commissioner Bill Bratton for ­arresting a gunman who fired at him in 2012.

Sources said he spent the night drinking before crashing at a fellow cop’s place in the victim’s building.

The 32-year-old woman, who asked not to be identified, shared details of the 2014 nightmare for the first time with The Post.

She said she was in bed when Donnelly kicked in her door wearing nothing but the shorts.

She ran toward the door, screaming, “Help!”

“He came rushing toward me and punched me in the face, hard enough to knock me to the floor,” she recalled.

“It was so sudden.”

He then got on top of her and continued hitting her, she said. “I was lying on the ground and he . . kept punching me, really fast, nonstop, pummeling me.

“He was screaming, ‘Shut the f–k up, you ACS bitch! I know there are kids in here! I know there are guns!’

“I had no idea what he was talking about . . . I thought I was going to die,” she said.

At one point, the fearful woman dialed 911, but was afraid to speak because he was still in the apartment.

When she heard him walk into her kitchen, she put on a bathrobe, ran out of her apartment and knocked on neighbors’ doors for help.

To sweeten the deal a little bit, Officer Donnelly also is facing a DWI charge from May of 2016. In that incident, Donnelly had to be pried out of his own car after it collided with three parked cars and flipped on its side. (See second video embedded below.) He was reportedly, according to witnesses, going 65 to 70 miles per hour on a city street prior to the collision.

These charges would probably tell you that Officer Donnelly has some serious issues with self control and either one of them would probably indicate that he’s a danger to the public when he inevitably loses control. So this is a guy you’d think should more than likely not be working as a cop and should even be given some sort of harsh punishment to discourage him from this type of behavior in the future.

Or not. Instead Donnelly will be sentenced to three years of probation as part of a plea deal and “could” be fired from the NYPD if he is convicted on the DWI charges, which have yet to go to trial. That’ll keep him on the straight and narrow.

Officer Radel of the Norfolk (NY) Police Department Commits Auto Theft Against a Resident

The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network by Denise Davis, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page. Davis submission describes an incident in which Officer Radel of the Norfolk (NY) Police Department had her truck towed away and impounded, in spite of it being legally parked on her property. For those not wearing a Magic Uniform, that is generally known as auto theft.

If you have a video, personal story involving police misconduct and/or abuse, or commentary about a law enforcement related news story, we would be happy to have you submit it. You can find some advice on how to get your submission published on the CopBlock Network within this post.

Date of Incident: September 23, 2016
Officer Involved: Officer Radel – Badge #54
Department Involved: Norfolk (NY) Police Department
Department Phone No.: (315) 384-4200
Department Fax No.: (315) 384-3505

Click the banner to submit content to CopBlock.org

Click the banner to submit content to CopBlock.org

On Sept. 23 2016, Officer Radel showed up at my house to tow my truck, a 1987 Nissan Hardbody from my driveway. Originally, the complaint stated that it was unlicensed and unregistered. When confronted with the fact that it was and had been insured, licensed, and registered, then she tried to claim it was “dismantled.” Not a criminal offense, but a code violation. However, the truck was not dismantled, although it still needs brakes done and a small amount of body and vinyl work to complete a restoration. It was NOT on blocks and an engine change over was complete, including hoses and belts!

I went to court every week the following October, as no tickets had been filed with the court and the police department at that time couldn’t find any tickets. The tickets were given to me September 25th, two days after the truck was towed, and had whiteout all over them and were dated 2015! After several court dates culminating in today, March 8th 2017, it has been stated the truck was illegally towed. The town attorney had once again not showed for court, but had asked the ADA to stand in.

He originally offered a contemplation of dismissal. When I refused, he threatened me with 15 days in jail and $150 in fines and additionally that I would be fined for every day the truck remained on the property. I had to point out that the truck had been removed just two days prior to getting the tickets! I then asked for the definition of dismantled, as the police or code enforcement officer had taken pictures earlier the same day of the towing. (Pictures taken on my lot without me having been there. I was working when they had came and until court hadn’t known they had been there.) Those pictures clearly showed it was whole and not even on blocks.

A date for jury trial was set for May 22nd, at which time the ADA left, only to storm back in and try to have the case dismissed outright as admittedly they had no right to have taken the truck to begin with. The judge is waiting at this point to accept dismissal, as my attorney told him (Judge Grubee) that I was unwilling to let it go unless my truck is returned. But at this point it looks like it will just be dismissed, with them being allowed to keep my truck.Even after all parties (except the police) admitting they had no right to steal the truck to begin with.

By dismissing the case, it will turn it into a civil case that no attorney wants to touch because their fees would be more than the truck is valued at. (The Kelly Blue Book value for it in this area is $3,441.) So, it’s looking like they are being allowed to steal from me with no repercussions.

– Denise Davis

Incidentally, behind the courthouse is a Suburban cop car with an inspection sticker that expired in August 2015 which hasn’t been moved in months. Two houses behind that is the house of the judge’s daughter where a truck belonging to the judge is parked off the road with no plates, etc.

False Imprisonment: Its Increasing Frequency and the Huge Cost It Imposes on Society

The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network anonymously by a reader, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page.

If you have a video, personal story involving police misconduct and/or abuse, or commentary about a law enforcement related news story, we would be happy to have you submit it. You can find some advice on how to get your submission published on the CopBlock Network within this post.

Police Abuses on the Rise

It’s no secret that police brutality and misconduct has been on the rise recently with cases in the news like Eric Garner who was suffocated in a choke hold by police and killed for illegally selling cigarettes. Similarly, a 12-year-old boy Tamir Rice was shot and killed after playing with a toy gun in the park. The level of uneasiness between police officers and citizens has hit an all-time high and we see this unrest play out in society. Police brutality is not the only form of police misconduct- false arrest of citizens can be an excruciating experience that sends innocent people to prison for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

For example, Chicago’s taxpayers have had to pay over $120 million for the racial torture committed by one police commander, Jon Burge. Part of the disconnect between officers and citizens is the unfairness in power and how that power is used. To add on to this, police are offered different treatment when it comes to false arrests or misconduct. Although Burge oversaw the torture of over 118 black men – which would typically lead to decades in prison – he was released in three-and-a-half years and sent to a halfway house. All the men he tortured remain behind bars.

Police officers were granted a Qualified Immunity Doctrine by the Supreme Court which essentially states that police officers are innocent of harm towards their suspects in most cases due to their risky and honorable line of work. The best intentions are seen to be associated with most police officers, but has that been the case recently?

Typically, false arrest from police officers falls into the police misconduct category, which can also encompass police brutality and wrongful death. According to the University of Michigan Law School’s National Registry of Exonerations report, 75% of homicide exonerations involved police misconduct. One widely publicized example of a wrongful arrest was James Bain, who was convicted of kidnapping and rape at the age of 18. He served 35 years for a vicious crime he did not commit. Although DNA evidence was tested and presented prior, he was refused further DNA testing from the courts until his fifth try in 2006. Although misidentification from eyewitnesses account for 75% of all convictions that are overturned by DNA evidence, Bain was wrongfully arrested and incarcerated by police.

Click the banner to submit content to CopBlock.org

Click the banner to submit content to CopBlock.org

How Does False Imprisonment Affect the Public?

Some people may think that the police arrest people who they think are guilty of a crime, and if they are wrongfully arrested, they are quickly released and go about their happy lives. That is far from the truth in most cases where the arrest was outright wrong and unlawful. Many people who are falsely arrested fight back and sue the police officer who wronged them and because of this, the public is responsible for paying that fee.

Amount of Money City Taxpayers Have Paid for Police Misconduct:

  • Chicago: $521 million from 2004-2014
  • Cleveland: $8.2 million between 2004-2014
  • Denver: $12 million since 2011
  • Dallas: $6.6 million between 2011-2014
  • Los Angeles: $101 million between 2002-2011

For example, Robert Graham was arrested for disorderly conduct by a police officer who was stuck in traffic behind him. Due to the gridlock traffic in New York City, Graham was also stuck in traffic and unable to move. The police officers wrongfully arrested Graham due to the circumstances of the situation. Graham’s wrongfully arrested cases was one of the ones that contributed to New York taxpayers paying $18 million to pay back people who were wrongfully arrested by officers.

According to Jon Norinsberg, a false imprisonment attorney, New York city police may only legally arrest citizens if:

  1. The police have an arrest warrant.
  2. The police have probable cause that you committed a crime.
  3. You are interfering with a police investigation or arrest.
  4. The police believe you are a criminal attempting to flee a crime scene.

Why are Police Officers Getting Away with False Imprisonment?

The number of innocent people behind bars is the highest number it has ever been historically, so it is only natural to question the source – the police. Why has it become okay to so quickly convict people and rarely face punishment as a police officer for wrongfully arresting someone? The issue gets stickier when videos of police officers using excessive force and even killing citizens when they appeared to pose no threat. Are there consequences for that? Rarely.

Unfortunately, false arrests happen and can be scary to argue your case in front of a judge – especially because police are most often shielded by the Qualified Immunity Doctrine exercised by the Supreme Court. This is a protective order that is designed to protect police officers from facing punishments from their mistakes or unlawful actions. In theory, this Qualified Immunity Doctrine was originally designed to shield officers who are properly bringing justice to criminals and who handle situations appropriately – if someone is upset for getting arrested if they deserve it, well this doctrine will protect the police from this potential complaint or lawsuit. Since videos have been released of police officers using unnecessary excessive force on unarmed people, citizens are growing scared that officers are abusing this immunity from the Supreme Court to get away with their unjust behavior. This is where a disconnect lies between police officers and citizens.

Where is the Accountability From the Police?

Why is it that as a society we only started paying attention to police misconduct and false arrests when Netflix featured programs like Making a Murderer?

Police officers are designed to keep our communities safe. While most cops are heroes and upstanding citizens who work hard to protect our safety, those who entered the police force to unlawfully assert power over others and take advantage of their badge are getting more press in recent news. Although it’s an unfortunate circumstance, it is important to stay educated on what is happening in society to better educate yourself and to hopefully make a positive change.

State Department Preventing U.S. Citizen From Returning to the United States by Withholding Passport

The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network by Daniel Bruno, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page.

If you have a video, personal story involving police misconduct and/or abuse, or commentary about a law enforcement related news story, we would be happy to have you submit it. You can find some advice on how to get your submission published on the CopBlock Network within this post.

Within the post, Bruno describes a situation he says he is involved with, in which the US State Department has refused to renew his passport therby preventing him from returning to the United States. According to Bruno, that is despite him being a natural born citizen (from New York) and him having a valid birth certificate to show that.

I have so much to say that I don’t know where to begin. So much has happened that it can be surreal and overwhelming to talk about and to hear about it, too. I have been through much more than most Americans can imagine. I guess I will start by saying that I was born in Manhattan. In fact, in Donald Trump’s neighborhood (although he is originally from Queens).

I have a birth certificate identical to his (you can find his online).

I’m in a bitter dispute with the State Dept. over my right to a passport. They say Americans have no such right, what we have is a possible entitlement (their words), which I interpret to mean a privilege, like a driver’s license.

In May of 2014, I walked into the US Embassy in Buenos Aires with my perfectly valid US passport that was due to expire in six months. I filled out the renewal forms, paid the fees, was interviewed and dismissed by Vice Consul Creaghe. I never had a US passport again because they would not renew it.

There is, of course, much more to this story, including recent developments since Jan. 20, but the bottom line is that according to them, Americans have no right to a passport, no right to a nationality document and no right to return to the US…and I know this is illegal.

BTW, let me mention that I’m not wanted for a crime, back taxes, child support, etc. Just yesterday, I had another meeting/argument inside the embassy, and I told Holly Wilkerson I will force them to change their attitude towards Americans if it’s the last thing I do. I have told them in person that I can not imagine that Russia, China, Iran, or Cuba would have so much contempt for their own citizens.

Click the banner to submit content to CopBlock.org

Click the banner to submit content to CopBlock.org

So, we have the State Dept. refusing to accept the very passports it has issued to me in the past, as well as my authenticated New York birth certificate, for the purpose of renewing my passport. Yesterday, Holly Wilkerson, a woman at the embassy who has earned my scorn, confirmed this.

To me, this means that in theory, the State Department, accountable to no one but itself, is now deciding, at random and at will, who is an American.

I think Americans need to know.

I am actively seeking constitutional and civil rights lawyers who want to help me defend the rights of all of us.

– Daniel Bruno, editor, www.hpub.org

I am available to help CopBlock and Ademo.

New York Police Captain States that Date Rape is “Not a Trend that We’re Too Worried About”

During an online interview, an NYPD captain stated that the department isn’t too concerned about date rapes and instead concentrates on “true stranger rapes.” Captain Peter Rose, who is the commander of New York’s 94th Precinct (not the baseball guy) located in Greenpoint, was responding to questions about a 62 percent increase in sexual attacks within the area and a low rate of arrests having been made in those attacks at the time. His answer that “It’s not a trend that we’re too worried about because out of 13 [sex attacks], only two were true stranger rapes,” hasn’t exactly gone over well, either publicly or professionally.

Via the New York Post:

Rose admitted to DNA Info that he gives priority to catching the perverts who randomly rape strangers, not those who attack dates or other acquaintances.

“Some of them were Tinder, some of them were hookup sites, some of them were actually coworker — it’s not a trend that we’re too worried about because out of 13 [sex attacks], only two were true stranger rapes,” he told the news website.

“If there’s a true stranger rape — a random guy picks up a stranger off the street — those are the troubling ones,” he blathered.

“That person has, like no moral standards,” he said.

At a meeting of the precinct’s community council on Wednesday night, Rose stuck his foot further down his throat.

“They’re not total abomination rapes where strangers are being dragged off the street,” he said of Greenpoint’s hike in acquaintance rapes, DNAinfo reported.

Mayor de Blasio’s office came down on the police boss.

“Rape is rape,” stressed spokesman Eric Phillips, while the NYPD rushed to clarify that all sex assaults are taken seriously by the police.

“Every report of rape is thoroughly investigated by specially trained detectives in the NYPD’s Special Victims Unit,” NYPD spokesman Stephen Davis said, referring to the remarks by Capt. Peter Rose, commander of Greenpoint’s 94th Precinct.

“All complaints of rape and other types of sexual crimes are taken seriously whether they are committed by domestic partners, acquaintances, or strangers,” Davis said.

Still, Rose does not face disciplinary action, a police official told The Post — “due to the fact that these comments may have been mistated and misinterpreted.” The official asked not to be identified by name.

Public Advocate Letitia James joined Friday in condemning Rose’s remarks, saying in a statement that she was “extremely disturbed and concerned by comments suggesting that stranger rapes are ‘the troubling ones.’

“Too often, victims of rape and sexual crimes do not come forward because of fear that their claims won’t be taken seriously, and these comments perpetuate those concerns,” she said.

The women’s rights group UltraViolet called for Rose’s firing, saying his remarks were “deeply disturbing coming from a police captain.”

While I’m hardly surprised that he isn’t going to be punished in any way whatsoever outside of some politicians making angry comments, I’m not quite sure how you “misinterpret” a guy, who’s in charge of an entire city precinct where rapes have dramatically increased and arrests have are relatively rare, stating that “we aren’t too worried about” the majority of those rapes. In fact, that seems like it might be an explanation for those two factors. Maybe you need a different guy in there who is a little more troubled by it.

Rikers Island Guard On Trial For Beating Inmate Admits Writing False Report, But Denies Lying

Rikers Island Correction Officer Michael Dorsainvil admitted in court that the statement he submitted regarding the beating of an inmate contains false information. However, he denies that that constitutes lying. Officer Dorsainvil was convicted, along with Officers Christopher Huggins and Mark Anglin, on assault charges for the beating of inmate Carl Williams. They were also convicted of charges for filing the false report that somehow they didn’t lie while not telling the truth in.

Via the New York Daily News:

He wrote an official account riddled with false statements — but he did not lie, a city correction officer testified Tuesday.

Officer Michael Dorsainvil, on trial for beating Rikers Island inmate Carl Williams and falsely claiming that the detainee had tried to hang himself, said on the stand that he was “ashamed” of signing a statement saying a suicidal Williams pulled out a string from a bag and climbed on a bench before the attack.

But those phony claims — debunked with security footage — were not lies, Dorsainvil, 40, testified.

“There was no bag, right?” asked Assistant District Attorney Pishoy Yacoub in a heated exchange during cross-examination in Bronx Supreme Court. “Right,” the officer replied.

“And it’s clear that there was no string, right?” the prosecutor went on.

“Right,” Dorsainvil said.

“So that was a lie, right?” Yacoub said.

“No,” the officer answered.

Dorsainvil and Officers Christopher Huggins, 34, and Mark Anglin, 41, face up to 15 years in prison on attempted gang assault charges for the encounter at the city jail.

The March 2013 episode escalated after Dorsainvil confiscated a bag of Williams’ food and ordered him, alone, into an intake area that doubles as a search pen, officials said.

Williams, 23, started hurling insults from inside the pen, the officer testified Tuesday. At one point, the inmate’s tone changed and he threatened to hang himself, the officer said.

“I’m a hang up. And if you come in here, I’m a cut you up,” Dorsainvil quoted him as saying. Williams emerged from the search pen with his shirt covered in blood. He needed nine stitches to repair wounds to his mouth, officials said.

Later, on his official “use of force” report, the officer wrote Williams had pulled a “string-like object” out of a bag and gotten up on a bench.

But after video surfaced that showed, among other things, Dorsainvil taking away Williams’ bag before entering the pen, the officers were indicted.

Dorsainvil, under cross examination, maintained that he did not know his sworn statement was false – despite being the officer who had tossed the bag in the garbage. “I didn’t know it was false until after I saw the video,” he testified.

“I’m ashamed I even submitted it,” he said.

Dorsainvil also claimed on his official report that Williams threw “wild, violent punches” at him — though he had no bruises on his face and only got treatment for a sprained ankle.

Not a Happy Meal: Drunk, Impatient U.S. Marshal Pulled Gun on McDonald’s Cashier and Customers

Deputy U.S. Marshal Charles Brown had the drunken munchies and just couldn’t be bothered to wait in line like some sort of mortal. So the off-duty Hero began yelling and complaining at a Brooklyn McDonald’s about how long it was taking for him to get his Un-Happy Meal. When that didn’t speed things up sufficiently, Brown pulled out his gun; first pointing it at the cashier, then at customers in the line behind him who had voiced supported for the cashier.  That apparently did the trick and soon after Deputy Marshal Brown paid for his food (because stealing is wrong) and was on his drunken way.

Meanwhile, other employees within the Mickey-D’s were in the process of calling 911 during his quick draw demo. Not long after, Brown was caught a few blocks away by NYPD officers with his loaded service pistol in his waistband and arrested on “a slew of charges, including menacing, harassment and violating firearm license regulations.”

The reactions to all this were apparently somewhat mixed. As would be expected, cashier Joanna Diaz was shook up a bit and, according to unnamed co-workers, didn’t show up the next day for her scheduled shift. Meanwhile, a customer named Heather Polamis and who is described as a “shocked receptionist” is rethinking her dining options and is quoted as saying, ““You can’t go anywhere today without something happening.”

However, another customer seems to be a little more accepting of Deputy Marshal Brown’s dinner rush, because she’s read a lot of Fake News stories about how stressful and dangerous having to wait for your food like everyone else can be for Good Cops. “Margaret Johnson, said she suspected that the munchie-motivated man simply ‘snapped.’ – ‘[U.S. Marshals] are under a lot of pressure,’ the 74-year-old said. ‘They’re under a lot of stress. They risk their lives every day.'”

Note: There seems to be two slightly different versions of this story being reported. Via the Daily Mail:

Another report by NBC New York, however, states that Brown is accused of getting into an argument with a 25-year-old male employee.

Brown then left and came back with a black gun, threatening the employee from outside, police said according to the network.

In the second version, Brown also left the store without any food. Regardless, Deputy Marshal Brown will reportedly need to find a new midnight snack destination now. A Brooklyn Criminal Court judge issued an order of protection against him on behalf of the McDonald’s and the cashier during his initial court appearance. He was, of course, released without bail, though.

P.S. – Yes, you did read that correctly. The U.S. Marshal’s name is in fact Charlie Brown, which makes this clown on clown violence. (You saw what I did there.)

Police Heroes in New York Rescue “Frozen Woman” That Was Really Just a CPR Mannequin

Police in Hudson, New York sprang into action after they received reports that an elderly woman had frozen to death in a car parked on a city street. When she failed to move or respond in any way to their efforts to make contact with her, a “quick-acting” officer broke out one of the back windows and opened the door. At that point, they realized that they were actually taking part in an elaborate and unintentional version of the “mannequin challenge.”

In reality, their “victim” was just a CPR dummy that was designed to look extremely lifelike (for some bizarre reason) and its owner was none too happy about them breaking his window when he eventually arrived.

Via Fox6Now.com:

The Times Union of Albany reports (http://bit.ly/2hELLPL ) that a caller told police there was an elderly woman “frozen to death” in a parked car.

Officers rushed to the scene and found what appeared to be a woman sitting in a car’s front passenger seat wearing an oxygen mask.

A sergeant busted a rear window, opened the door and discovered that the woman was a realistic mannequin.

The car owner arrived and said he uses the dummy for his job selling medical training aids.

The Hudson police chief, who described the owner as “quite vocal and vulgar” toward the quick-acting sergeant, also issued this warning in a press release:

“It is my understanding that the owner was incredulous that we took action in this matter,” Chief L. Edward Moore said. “He apparently was quite vocal and vulgar to my Sergeant. Just to clear the record, all citizens of Hudson should be put on notice that if you park your locked vehicle on the street on a sub-zero night with a life size realistic mannequin seated in it… we will break your window. I commend everyone who responded with the intentions to help an elderly woman.”

Investigators from the department also for some reason felt it necessary to announce that no charges would be filed against the owner for the non-crime of leaving a really creepy old lady doll in his car overnight and freaking people the fuck out.

To be fair, as you can see by the photo, the mannequin is pretty real looking and most old people do die if the temperature drops below 70 degrees (or rises above 90). So, I don’t blame the cops for making a genuine effort to help an elderly person. In fact, I’d rather have them break someone’s window in an attempt to save someone instead of just piling parking tickets on a car with a dead man inside it for four days or shooting a 73 year old man nine times because they thought his crucifix was a gun.