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North Carolina State Trooper Caught on Video Going 100+ MPH Down Wrong Side of Highway

North Carolina State Trooper Reckless Driving

The trooper in the video, who has since been identified as T.J. Williamson, was not only driving on the wrong side of the road, but also reportedly going over one-hundred miles per hour at the time. Typically, the speed limit on rural highways are at least 65 mph. Assuming that the cars driving on that highway are following the legal speed limit, that means Trooper Williamson’s car would be approaching oncoming traffic at 165 mph. (And that’s a pretty conservative estimate.)

Even with his lights and sirens on, someone could have easily not seen him until it was too late at that speed. It’s beyond obvious that Williamson caused much more of a hazard by speeding on the wrong side of the road than any illegal street ever would have.

Via MyFox8.com:

The North Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating a video that shows a trooper going the wrong way on a highway while attempting to stop street racers, WBTV reports. A group of people were blocking traffic to race along U.S. 321 around 4:30 p.m. in Newton Sunday. Troopers said they were creating hazardous conditions for other drivers.

The video, which was shot by Carisa Lynn, has been widely shared on social media. “Just freaked out,” Lynn told WSOC. “It was crazy. It was very dangerous.” Lynn said she believes the trooper put more people at risk by the way he responded to the reported street racing. “Street racing isn’t what you should be doing, but it was more reckless in my opinion of the police officer to be driving the way he was driving, in general, to pull over some people racing,” Lynn said.

As many as 10 BMWs were involved in the street racing bust, WSOC reports. Highway Patrol has impounded five of those vehicles. Multiple people face charges that include prearranged speed racing, careless and reckless driving and impeding traffic.

Once that video became public, Trooper Williamson resigned according to WRAL.com in Raleigh, NC. It’ll probably be at least a couple months before he’s working for some other department.

A North Carolina Highway Patrol trooper has resigned after a video showed him driving the wrong way on a highway as he responded to reports of street racing.

A statement from the patrol on Tuesday said Trooper T.J. Williamson submitted his resignation effective immediately.

Note: This post and the video embedded below were shared with Nevada Cop Block via the NVCopBlock.org submissions page. If you have a personal story, video you took, or link to a story or video you’d like to see posted on the Nevada Cop Block site, send it to us.

More Butt Hurt Reactions From Cops Over Totally Legal One Finger Salute

It seems that officers across the United States still have not read the memo that someone giving you the middle finger is not illegal.  We have yet another story of police officers violating civil rights over the exercise of free speech.  This time it takes place in North Carolina.

This story was shared with NVCopBlock.0rg by Nate, who had the unfortunate experience of being arrested for a simple hand gesture, via the Nevada Cop Block Submissions Page.

Date of Incident: June 24, 2015
Department Involved: North Carolina State Highway Patrol
Individuals Involved: NCSHP Troopers Hundley, Clayton, and several others

I was pulled over in my truck by Trooper Hundley. He demanded my license. Knowing I had committed no infraction, I demanded to know why I had been stopped. (I already knew it was for not having a license plate, but this is not a pull-able offense in NC since our temporary driving certificates are on paper kept within the vehicle.

The trooper tells me it was for not wearing my seatbelt, yet I was wearing it. I argued with him and he went back to his car to write the bogus ticket. Several other troopers showed up, including a sergeant, who refused to verify the dash cam footage showing me wearing a seatbelt. Angry, I took my ticket and went home.

bruisesShortly thereafter, I was out on my motorcycle and stopped to get gas. Coincidentally, all of the troopers from the earlier incident were at the same gas station I was now stopping at. They recognized me and were staring me down as if to intimidate me. I got my gas and left.

As I rode by, one of them waved. I flipped them all off and went about my way. Minutes later, they were flying up behind me and I pulled over. They made me put my hands up and they cuffed me while on my bike, then pulled me off of it. I twisted my ankle in the process and I have bruises on my arm from their fingertips digging in.

They arrested me and took me to jail for “disorderly conduct” for “displaying the middle finger as an utterance of FUCK YOU.” I told them that what they were doing is illegal, since the U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly held that the giving police the finger is protected under the First Amendment. I was taken to the jail and released on an unsecured bond by the magistrate.

I’ll be following up with a lawsuit for false arrest and deprivation of constitutional rights.

The Supreme Court of Appeals, Second Circuit has ruled that giving an officer the middle finger is not against the law in their decision in Swarz v Insogna.  Even though it is perfectly legal to do so, I don’t recommend that people just go out there and flip off the cops.  You have to remember that every action has its consequences whether warranted or not.

I am not condoning or condemning the actions of Nate as he is a free man and is responsible for his own actions, but what I will say is that it is wise to pick your battles and when anger has the better of you, it is best to remember that cooler heads prevail. Always stand up for your rights, but keep cool and don’t argue with the officer. It’s best to remain silent (and always film) when dealing with these armed goons in uniform.

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