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CopBlock Founder Ademo Freeman Preparing to Challenge Drug War in Court Jan. 11th During Marijuana Arrest Trial

Marijuana Possession Trial Ademo Freeman Adam Mueller

“When I go to trial I’m not asking to not be punished. I’m asking not to be punished anymore. I’ve done nearly 50 days in jail. I’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, lost a year’s worth of time and have basically been on probation for a year” – Ademo Freeman

The following video and post was originally published at CopBlock.org by Asa J under the title, “CopBlock Founder Ademo Freeman To Square Off In Court Against Drug War.” Obviously, it refers to Ademo’s arrest last year in Ohio on charges of possession of the scary, dangerous “drug” marijuana, that most people could not care less about at this point. More specifically, it relates to the trial for those charges that begins next week, on January 11th.

Barring some sort of eleventh hour plea deal with a sentence of time served (he has stated he would not agree to any deal that requires additional jail/prison time), Ademo will be facing up to six years in prison and fines of $20,000 if he is found guilty. More than likely, his freedom hinges on someone in the jury exercising their “Jury Nullificationrights and ruling based on the morality of the War on (Some) Drugs and the prosecution of victimless crimes, rather than the letter of the law.

Note: If you have videos, stories, upcoming events/protests, or personal interactions with the police (and/or “justice” system) that you would like to share, send them to us and we will do everything we can to bring it to the attention of the world. In addition, you can visit the Nevada Cop Block resources section for information and links to the rights of citizens when dealing with police, during which you should always be filming.

CopBlock Founder Ademo Freeman To Square Off In Court Against Drug War

Next week, CopBlock co-founder Ademo Freeman will square off against those wishing to send him to prison for peacefully traveling with medical marijuana in a state that also recognizes legal medicinal use of the plant.

You heard that right. Due to the lack of legal framework surrounding medical use of cannabis in Ohio (even though the state passed medical cannabis in 2016), Ademo faces up to six years in prison and fines of $20,000 when he stands trail on January 11 for possession of his medicine.

As such, Ohio law stipulates that the Board of Pharmacy attempt to negotiate and enter into reciprocity agreements with other medical marijuana states before allowing use of their medicine. Before entering into an agreement with another state, the Board must determine that the state meet certain criteria.

First, the eligibility requirements imposed by the other state in order to obtain a registry identification card have to be substantially comparable to Ohio’s requirements. Second, the other state must also recognize patient or caregiver registration and identification cards issued in Ohio. Ohio has no such agreement with Colorado, the state Ademo obtained his medical cannabis card in, nor any other state for that matter. In fact, the politicians of Ohio have dragged their feet for two years on this issue depriving who knows how many from receiving medical cannabis and killing countless others.

Ademo is no stranger to the criminal justice system. Shortly after founding CopBlock with activist and friend Pete Eyre in 2010 the two were part of a group of activists arrested for recording public officials at the Franklin County, Massachusetts jail.

The following year Ademo was arrested for wiretapping and faced 21 years in prison after video surfaced from West High School in Manchester, New Hampshire showing a student being roughly pushed down onto a cafeteria table by police detective Darren Murphy.

Ademo recorded telephone conversations he had with a Manchester police captain, the West High principal and her assistant in attempt to bring attention to the incident. He represented himself in court and was sentenced to 90 days in jail and three years of probation. Those convictions were later thrown out by the New Hampshire Supreme Court however.

CopBlock is a decentralized organization made up of a diverse group of individuals united by their shared belief that “badges don’t grant extra rights,” CopBlock.org states. In this pursuit CopBlockers routinely draw attention to police brutality and corruption and are known for their controversial and sometimes intense encounters with police. Naturally, shining a light on the domestic enforcement arm of government attracts unwanted attention. In February, Ademo was arrested and charged with possession and trafficking marijuana and possession of hash oil in Warren County, Ohio.

According to WCPO, 24 pounds of marijuana and 26 vials of hash oil were found in Ademo’s car after he was pulled over by Ohio State Troopers for a missing license plate light. He was arraigned on a $75,000 bond.

From behind bars Ademo routinely spoke out about police accountability issues and problems with the criminal justice system. He was released from jail in March following a major bond reduction having refused a plea deal to serve one year in prison.

Ademo has long been a crusader against the drug war, an issue that routinely garners attention on the pages of CopBlock.org. An advocate of self-ownership and an opponent of victimless crime laws, it was in fact a 2004 marijuana conviction that ultimately led Ademo to co-found CopBlock.

Now, almost 14 years later, Ademo continues to stand up for his individual right to decide for himself what to put in his own body. Next Thursday he will stand trial in Warren County having refused another plea offer this week that would have resulted in a 36 month prison sentence suspended for 6 months in jail and three years probation.

In a live Facebook video on Friday Ademo explained why.

“I’m a medical marijuana patient, ” he said. “I held a valid medical marijuana card until December 17 of last year. Everything I was in possession of that day was my medicine.”

Having lived in Colorado for a short while Ademo decided to return to Ohio temporarily after his plans to make a permanent move to the state didn’t work out. Ademo and his spouse (at the time) had decided not to move his partner’s children so far from their biological father (who came back into his young childrens life) and instead set up a forever home in Michigan (another medical MJ state) after the kids finished school. The only problem was, Ademo never made it back. He was caged by state troopers in the Warren County jail for simply stepping over a line into an occupied territory that seriously needs to clarify its laws regarding the legal use of medicinal cannabis.

“While they say ‘trafficking,’ I had everything I owned in my car,” Ademo said. “There was no drug bust. There were no informants. This wasn’t done at a DUI [checkpoint], I didn’t sell weed to an undercover cop. That’s not my intention. I use weed for medical purposes and I merely had six months worth of medicine with me.”

Ademo has asked people to please call assistant prosecutor Chris Delnicki at the telephone number 513-695-1325 to voice their support. He has also asked friends to send character letters stating that jail isn’t the proper punishment for his so-called “crimes” to Delnicki and/or Judge Robert Peeler at the address: 520 Justice Drive Lebanon, Ohio 45036.

“I don’t believe that my actions deserve 36 months in prison,” Ademo said. “When I go to trial I’m not asking to not be punished. I’m asking not to be punished anymore. I’ve done nearly 50 days in jail. I’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, lost a year’s worth of time and have basically been on probation for a year. I believe that that’s enough for someone with a medical marijuana card.”

To hear more of Ademo’s thoughts on the case listen below:

Original Facebook Live Video:

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Dover New Hampshire Police Keep Felony DUI by Influential Business Executive Out of News

The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network anonymously, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page. Within the post, the submitter maintains that the executive of a power plant located in Ossippee, NH severally injured a member of his family while driving drunk. Furthermore, the person submitting this post states that, due to influence from his position and the accompanying wealth, as well as family connections within the Dover Police Department, the accident and subsequent trial has not been covered at all by the media.

June 2016

This is a news tip about a white New Hampshire power plant manager charged with felony DUI that never made it on the news because it was covered up. Robert Lussier has undergone over seven months of a felony DUI trial and not so much as his arrest has been reported by the news. This is a cover up at its finest. Roberts sentencing will be in February, you should give him the air time he deserves.

On the evening of June 24th, Lussier, of Dover, NH, was working at the Pine Tree Power Plant in Ossippee NH. The plant is owned by:

ENGIE North America
1990 Post Oak Boulevard, Suite 1900
Houston, Texas 77056-3831
Tel: 713.636.0000
[email protected]

Robert left the power plant and went straight to a local Ossippee bar with one of his employees and began drinking heavily. Robert, after drinking himself into a stupor, climbed in his vehicle and began driving home to Dover.

As Robert got on route 16, he hit the side of a pickup truck head on and bounced off He then drove straight head on into an old man driving his vehicle. Robert severed this mans legs and has forever altered this mans life. Yet it was never reported on the news. Robert’s vehicle was also totaled.

This is where is gets interesting. All you have to do is follow the trail of the cover up. The first police officer on scene was the son of one of Robert’s employees. This felony DUI crash, in which Robert was 100% at fault and removed a family member’s legs, was never reported by any news outlet. Robert’s blood alcohol content was three times the legal limit.

We’ve since found out that Robert’s father is also a retired state policeman who leveraged his time in uniform to make sure this accident stayed off the news. It worked. Robert successfully avoided his license suspension hearing because the associated officer was pressured not to show in court. After removing my family member’s legs and having a BAC three times the legal limit, Robert is still driving the roads of NH.

Sigh, must be nice to be a rich, white executive with a state police father.

Roberts sentencing is coming up in February. It’s not too late for you in the news industry to cover this story with the attention it deserves. I’d suggest digging into why this arrest is not on any police log, the Ossippee police love publishing photos and detailing the criminal actions of those who are not rich, white executives with state trooper fathers.

Some other interesting things to investigate:

Discovery had shined a light upon the fact that Robert is an avid gun enthusiast and we’ve found out he has an extensive arsenal of weapons. Robert cannot be trusted to drive his vehicle home at the end of a work day without a blood alcohol content of three times the legal limit, let alone to own an arsenal of guns. However, he’s still in possession of this firearm arsenal.

Robert has a NH license to carry permit. If he were not the son of a state policeman, this would have been revoked immediately. So not only is this irresponsible human being still behind the wheel of a vehicle after removing a my family members legs, he carries conceal firearms too.

The discovery process has produced yet another interesting paper trail you could investigate regarding his resident New Hampshire concealed carry permit. Investigate when he received his NH resident concealed carry permit and when he moved to Dover, NH.

Prior to moving to Dover, Robert lived his entire life in Massachusetts. By following the paper trail, you’ll notice that the Ossippee police chief gave Robert a NH resident concealed carry permit six months to a year before he actually moved to New Hampshire. Robert was given a NH resident concealed carry permit by the Ossippee police while he was still a Massachusetts resident, the paper trail will show this. That is completely illegal.

In the discovery process, we also found out that Robert has had some interesting run-ins with the law in Massachusetts, but his state police daddy covered things up yet again. Two years ago, Robert had a dog and that dog apparently bit someone. So Robert did what any responsible pet owner would do, he took the dog outside and shot it in the head; then buried it in a shallow grave. The Boston, Massachusetts police were not amused about Robert’s execution of the dog and he was under investigation after lying about the whereabouts of the dog. Once again, Robert’s state police daddy stepped in and the cover up began.

As you can see, Robert is troubled. However, he always manages to stay off of the news because of his father’s state police connection. I hope you can change this and give this story the attention it deserves. My family member is missing leg’s while Robert’s life has been unaffected.

Please help me and my family.

R.I.P. Sean Gruber – Yet Another Victim of the LVMPD

The post below is an unfinished essay that Sean Gruber had written at some point shortly before his death from a self-inflicted gun shot wound on August 1st. It’s extremely disheartening that he made that decision and I personally very much wish he hadn’t. However, I think if you read the statement he had written below some of the reasons why he did so are explained pretty clearly there.

Sean was a former resident of Las Vegas and well known and widely respected among “liberty activists” within Southern Nevada. He also was known locally and outside of Nevada for co-hosting liberty-based radio shows, as well as contributing writing to several websites. That included CopBlock.org and his posts that he either submitted or wrote directly for the CopBlock Network are included at the bottom of this post, within the “related posts” section.

A memorial is being held for Sean in Las Vegas on Wednesday, August 10th. Information on that can be found at the Facebook event page for it, which is located here.

I also considered Sean a personal friend after having met him almost exactly three years ago. The first time I met him was somewhat limited to an appearance I did on, the “Round Table Group,”one of the radio shows he was co-hosting. Even though we never really had the opportunity to get together as much as I would have liked to in person, over time I came to consider Sean a true and valuable friend, who was always very friendly and very supportive toward anything I was involved with. In fact, Sean was actually one of the very few people that I can’t recall ever having a real argument with.

In spite of his generally friendly demeanor, Sean was a very passionate and dedicated person and one of the things he was most passionate about was liberty and fighting against the tyranny that has been encroaching upon this country. Sometimes that passion manifested itself in very uncensored statements about those that were responsible for such tyranny. And as evidenced in his writing below, over the past several years Sean got to know well just how tyrannical the LVMPD could be.

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Attention people!! The G700 Flashlight is indestructible and the brightest light you have EVER seen. Order yours now at 75% OFF:Click Graphic NOW

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has a well deserved and long standing reputation as vindictive bullies toward anyone that dares to criticize them. They don’t just actively work to prevent accountability for cops, they target anybody who questions that favorable treatment. In Sean’s case, they not only targeted him to the point that he decided to leave town, but they even continued targeting him from afar after that.

In June of 2014, shortly after two cops were murdered here in Las Vegas, Sean pointed out in a Facebook post that the violent behavior and lack of accountability of cops had probably played some role in the motivation behind the shootings. As a result, someone reported him to Metro’s “Fusion Center.” In spite of the fact that they readily admitted what he had said was not a threat and was covered by free speech protections, the LVMPD still began actively harassing him and even his family afterwards.

A similar Facebook post, in August of 2014, by a family member resulted in that family member being fired from their job after the police put pressure on the casino where he worked, since they couldn’t do anything legally (because of that First Amendment thing again). Soon after that, Sean and his entire family moved to new Hampshire in an attempt to get away from the harassment by the Las Vegas police and find a more liberty minded location.

It wasn’t too long after that, when Sean applied for a concealed weapons permit in New Hampshire, that he discovered the LVMPD had placed him on a list of “dangerous people.” This was in spite of the fact he had never been arrested or even charged with a crime of any sort. Sean in fact hadn’t even so much as been questioned by the police with the exception of the ones who responded to him making a Facebook post former Sheriff Gillespie didn’t like.

This arbitrary designation by “the criminal gang that calls themselves the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department,” as Sean (correctly) put it, prevented him from exercising his gun rights without basing it on any actual criminal behavior or violent actions. More so than that, what it did was show that even after he moved to the other side of the country they weren’t going to let him be. He also became concerned that the police would target his family in the process of their vendetta against him, even possibly involving violence against them should they find some excuse to raid his house.

While nobody from the Las Vegas Metro Police physically pulled the trigger that day, the reality is that they might as well have. I have no doubt that their vindictiveness and unwillingness to let it go, even after he had left their designated gang territory, to the point that he felt his presence had put people around him in danger played a large part in the very unfortunate decision he made. As far as I’m concerned, the LVMPD has blood on their hands as surely as if they had shot him themselves.

 Below is Sean Gruber’s Final Post:

At some point, or at some time, I’m pretty sure I said, “All Cops Deserve To Die.” I’m not taking that back. Even if I could, I probably wouldn’t.

Policemen are gang members. I’m not sure all of them realize this. But I’m not responsible when it comes to explaining the reality of the world to fools – hooligans, criminals, and modern day Redcoats. It’s simply not my job – and if it were – I’m not getting paid enough.

I moved across the entire country (Las Vegas, NV to Newport, New Hampshire) because I knew I had pissed off the criminal gang that calls themselves the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. I’ve been trying to de-escalate this shit for a while now. (I will admit a few times I got drunk and said what was actually on my mind – that usually consisting of pointing out that criminals – even if they have cool uniforms and pistol belts – are still criminals and deserve to be treated as such.

However, I’ve never done a thing. The one time I was contacted by LVMPD, a detective, I believe by the name of Gnu stated (and I’m paraphrasing here), “We have looked at your Facebook posts and all we see is First Amendment stuff, but we were just directed by Sheriff Doug Gillespie, to contact everyone that might have anything to do with Jerad and Amanda Miller.”

He was fairly nice to me – I suspect that is because I had legal counsel there, but I’m no Nostradamus. I do know this much – Metro are a bunch of lying, criminal, murderous, shit heads that didn’t get even one-one-hundredth of the percent of shit that should have been brought down upon them on that day.

Does that make you lying group of criminals uncomfortable? Do you even know the history of your own department? I don’t give a hot fuck and I don’t suspect that you do either. Now it has come to my attention that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has decided to unilaterally declare me as a “Dangerous Person”.

Now, I’ve been in this game for over half of my 35 years on this planet and I’ve never heard of this before. Since when did my calling Metro a bunch of sister fucking assholes constitute a crime? Hell, if the truth is a crime – I’m out of business.

The truth about me isn’t very nice for the “powers that be.” I’m very boring. I’m a thirty five year old man. I live on odd jobs and my family’s charity. I have no criminal record. I’ve never been arrested. I’ve never been convicted of a crime. I’ve never even been charged with a crime. I do own some guns – and I do have some self-respect and if I’m pushed too far I’ll shoot at those – that pushed – even if they have a badge. But I’m essentially not a “dangerous person.”

Fuck, If I’m dangerous and you aren’t…you might want to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself a question about where your allegiances lie and if you are a man or simply, a Brit. Are you “dangerous” if someone shits on you? Lies about your friends? Tries to kill some of them and tries to take some of the others’ kids? How indoctrinated are you?

Did LVMPD not realize I was going to get pissed off and write something? The answer is that that they don’t care. Because all of the ruckus in the world I could cause won’t mean shit in comparison to how easily they made my life harder…and this is the reason cops deserve bullets. From the rooftops. Pipe Bombs in their tailpipes.

You asshole’s push me and I’ll say what I mean. I hate you. You made me hate you. I didn’t like cops when I moved to Las Vegas – I left with a paranoid hatred of which I can barely describe. Go shoot Erik Scott eleven more times. Go cap another thirteen year old boy – who was already handcuffed – and talk to me about your heroic tendencies. I’m fresh the fuck out of giving a fuck.

I’m still not threatening you. You fucker’s aren’t worth the blood I’d have to spill. But I wish cancer upon you all.

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A New Hampshire City is Placed on “Lockdown”

The following post was originally published at the blog, “The Art Of Not Being Governed” under the title, “City on Lockdown.”

Within the post, Winter Trabex discusses the response by the police and government in Manchester, New Hampshire to an incident last month in which two police officers were shot. That response consisted of “locking down” the entire city, via a “shelter in place” order, and subjecting the residents of Manchester to restrictions on their rights and the threat of heavily armed police within their neighborhoods. It also discusses the larger issues surrounding such situations and the dangers created by them.

“City on Lockdown”

By Winter Trabex

The city of Manchester, New Hampshire is divided in half by the Merrimack River. There are two sides: the west side, and the east side. On May 13th, at around 2:30 in the morning, two officers of the Manchester Police Department were shot on the city’s west side. This is the city’s residential district. The suspect fled on foot. A “shelter in place” order was handed down. Helicopters flew over the city. Police officers searched through cars, trash cans, and yards as they desperately sought the suspect with any and all means available. The city was on lockdown.

One officer was shot in the face and the chest; he had to be rushed to an emergency medical care facility. The other officer was shot in the leg. An accurate description of the suspect was provided, which lead to his capture at around 5 AM. By 10 AM, almost five hours later, the lockdown order was rescinded. Everything returned to normal- except for the fact that what people had been through as a result of police activity in the area.

Carla Gericke Free State ProjectThe following month, on June 7th, individuals from the Free State Project organized a rally outside Manchester’s city hall on Elm Street. Signs such as “We are not your pets” and “Don’t lock me down bro” were displayed to people who passed by in their cars. Around sixty people joined the rally. While the folks who were against police officers overstepping their bounds attended, those who supported the police with regards to the “shelter in place” order chose not to attend. They remained at home, preferring to express their opinions in facebook discussion groups.

At 7 PM, the mayor and fourteen of the city’s aldermen received testimony from the public. Anyone was invited to speak. The first speaker was a boy scout who wanted to memorialize previous boy scout troops who volunteered in historical wars. The next person was a father who spoke about how the lockdowns of several schools due to a possible active shooter situation made him feel that they police were doing their job protecting his son. He feels so strongly about his child, yet- for whatever reason- he hasn’t yet considered pulling that child out of public school even after such dangerous situations have unfolded.

The remaining speakers all came from the Free State Project. A woman talked about how she couldn’t take her dogs out for their morning walk. She said that while this was not a big deal, she was concerned that her right of free movement was being restricted even after the police had apprehended their suspect.

Carla Gericke, the former president of the Free State Project, spoke at length for the need for transparency. Earlier that morning, she had met with the Manchester chief of police, Nick Willard. Mr. Willard claimed that the lockdown orders were voluntary and that people could leave at any time. Further testimony revealed that this was false. People were threatened at gunpoint. Photographs were taken of officers holding their weapons with their fingers on the trigger, ready to fire. It was suggested that a class action lawsuit might be forthcoming on behalf of the residents of Manchester who were adversely affected- even physically injured- during the events of May 13th.

In a prepared statement given at the rally, Gericke’s remarks included the following:

Regarding the lockdown of Friday the 13th of May, Chief Willard stated publicly that: “’We were definitely infringing on their life and we understand how difficult that is.”

As residents of the city, we ask that a full public inquiry be held into the legality of the shelter in place order and the actions of the police on the streets of Manchester where people’s 4th amendment rights were violated.

We ask that a public report be issued from the AG’s office, which shall include the following information:

What law enforcement agencies were involved?

What federal agencies were involved, under what authority?

What calibre of firearms were discharged at each of the two sites, and how many shot were fired?

What calibre of firearms caused the officers non-lethal injuries?

What this cost, and who is paying for it.

A full explanation of the delay between the time the suspect was in custody–which was BEFORE the MPD letter was issued–and when the lockdown was lifted more than 5 hours later.

The AGs office should also issue a written memorandum to be distributed to all NH police departments that any lockdowns and shelter-in-place recommendations are VOLUNTARY and that residents will not be treated as criminals if they go about their lives, and that such language will always be included when a shelter-in-place recommendation is made.

Thus far, it is unclear what- if any- action will be taken regarding this issue. By any legal definition, the police have overstepped their authority just as they have overstepped their authority in cities across America, and in various other parts of the world. Those who defend the actions of police officers take a “the ends justify the means” approach, assuming that any escalation of force and any violation of rights is appropriate when dealing with someone who has broken the law.

The question then becomes: what happens when a police officer breaks the law? Is any escalation of force and any violation of rights appropriate to deal with such a person? Thus far, the answer appears to be no. Police officers who go beyond what they are legally allowed to do often receive no sanction or punishment for their actions. There have even been police officers who have murdered citizens outright with little or no repercussions coming against them.

This is what caused the riots in Los Angeles in 1992. Police officers who were recorded on video beating a black man were found not guilty in a court of law. They were demonstrably guilty of having broken the law, yet the law was unable to speak for the victim of the crime. History suggests that once police officers take a certain power upon themselves, there is very little short of direct action by the citizens themselves that can stop them from doing whatever they want at any time they want.

Photos of the June 7th rally can be viewed on the Manchvegas Alerts facebook page.

With all of this mind- and perhaps more that I myself am unaware of- members of the FSP gathered to voice their opinions and let everyone know what was happening. In fact, the events of May 13th are just one part of a larger picture of police escalating their tactics and using ever greater force against its populace. As is usually the case, children are mentioned whenever something bad happens. It appears that children are such a precious commodity that people are willing to give up their own freedoms and right in exchange for keeping their kids safe. It is unclear exactly how a frightened police officer with a gun and a penchant for breaking the rules in critical moments is supposed to produce this result. There is a mountain of evidence- both from America and from various tyrannical countries throughout history- that suggests even children are not safe from being put to the sword when the government loses control of its own agents.

Who Watches The WatchmenA recent example of this occurred when a police officer in Georgia threw a flash bang grenade in a baby’s crib. Supporters of the Manchester police department do not believe that it can happen here. They believe that such force as is being used for the public good. They believe that innocent victims are never caught in the crossfire, or that training programs are sufficient to instruct officers on what they need to do, and what they are allowed to do. This does not appear to be the case.

As the enforcers of the law, and members of the government themselves, police officers are the ultimate authority. The law is often whatever they say it is. Following orders are more important than following one’s own conscience. Under such conditions, it is easy to excuse an abuse of power and authority as necessary because someone ordered it to be so. If no one followed orders from their superiors, it is believed, then a police department would cease to function entirely.

In 1996, James Dorn wrote an essay regarding the rise of government and the decline of morality. His claim was that an ever-increasing government produced the result of more and more moral decline. Whether this claim is true or not remains to be seen. It is difficult to judge today’s society against societies of the past because we do not live in the past. We only know what is moral today. We do things that future historians will no doubt find objectionable, just as our ancestors did things that we find objectionable.

The salient point that Dorn makes is that the state undermines the incentive for moral conduct. For example: anyone who wants to go on government assistance may do so, provided they can prove why their need is so great. Obtaining government money is a race to the bottom. The more wretched and hopeless someone is, the more money they are given. Thus, the incentive to receive government assistance is different from that which exists to receive money that is earned through a paycheck. In order to be paid by a business owner, or a customer with discretionary income, one must provide sufficient value that the owner or the customer will be willing to part with their money. This makes business a race to the top where the best provider of goods and services receives the most money.

This distortion of morality takes place in police departments, as it does in every sphere of government activity. Rather than trying to protect and serve everyone equally, police tend to disproportionately protect and serve well-to-do white people. Poor people- especially poor black people- are often the targets for disciplinary action. Centuries of court cases have shown that when a black man with little to no resources goes on trial, that man will end up in jail. The purpose of police departments is to get as many fines and convictions as possible. They prefer to have statistics on their side, rather than anecdotal evidence of how they helped individual people in individual situations. This too is a result of morality being subject to change.

Unfortunately, it appears that police departments- including the one in Manchester, New Hampshire- are becoming more and more frightened as time passes. They see danger where none exists. They believe that they put their lives on the line every day, even while those same statistics that they like so much suggests that there is no such thing as a war on the police. If police officers understood that as people become enlightened, they become more peaceful. An enlightened person understands that violent aggression and coercion are not good substitutes for persuasion and awareness. The truncheon does not inform; it merely terrifies.

While I remain doubtful that any disciplinary action or corrective procedures will be implemented as a result of the events on May 13th in Manchester, I find myself hopeful that some people were willing to take a stand and say that this is not all right, that two wrongs do not make a right, that the ends do not justify the means. Saying otherwise- allowing the state to have carte blanche on anything they believe is appropriate- soon leads to tyranny, martial law, censorship, and all the horrors that come with an oppressive, abusive police force.

If you enjoyed this article, you can follow more of Winter on Liberty.me and check out Winter’s new book How to Write Fiction: Wrangling With the Written Word. Please consider sending a BTC tip to Winter at: 1ACwZKrUPbZ5XWB3jEuTAsi8SrgeZftbxx

In their “About Us” section the writers at the Art of Not Being Governed describes their philosophy and “mission” as such:

We support the Non-Aggression Principle, Self-Ownership and Voluntary Associations. Our mission is to make the moral argument against the evils of government and to make the practical argument on the failures of government, especially in what it claims the exclusive right to do. Finally, our mission is to assist the government on its path toward self-destruction by educating people on opting out of the State through the non-violent, revolutionary means of Agorism and Crypto-Anarchy.

The Manchester New Hampshire Police Department Condones Theft

This post and the accompanying videos were originally published by at the website of NH Regional CopBlock under the title “Manchester PD is Full of Thieves.” If you are in the New Hampshire area or just want to see what the folks out there are up to, you can connect with them via their Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter stream, or Google Plus profile. And, of course, you can also contact them at their website.

If you are already part of the CopBlock Network and have something you’d like to share, you can use the CopBlock.org submission page to send us content you created personally or that was created by your own local group. However, if you don’t have a local group in your area already, you can get tips on how to start a group within our resource section. In addition, if you want to get started Cop Blocking, you can find tips and advice for filming the police there also. Obviously, you should always make sure you know your rights and have a good camera (or five) on hand first.

Manchester PD is Full of Thieves

When visiting Manchester, NH to investigate a phone stolen by police, we ran into some undercover cops who refused to identify and threatened us with arrest, and had an officer refuse to take a complaint, JP Freeman sent Manchester PD a legal notice to quit all illegal and harassing activities. Because of this, Captain Tessier, Assistant Police Chief of Manchester PD, contacted NH Regional in order to have a meeting and take down the complaints that Lt. Useless (aka Lt. Mucci) refused to take.

With Capt. Tessier talking to JP and I both together and separately, the meeting took over an hour. The complaints were taken, however, a bigger issue emerged. Capt. Tessier, along with many other officers on the city force believes it is OK to take a person’s phone when they record a police interaction for evidence. This is a clear fourth amendment violation and we will be pressing the issue with the county attorney in order to make sure this mindset does not remain.

Below is the video introduction to the meeting, a video recording of most of it, and an audio recording of the last 30 minutes.

Embedded below you’ll see the receipts for the complaints we put on Lt. Mucci (Useless) and the four undercover cops. Officers Battistelli, Karoul, Horn and Joyal.

Manchester PD Civilian Complaint

Manchester Police Civilian Complaint

Jails and the “Justice” System Punish the Poor For Being Poor

This post was written by and originally published at the Center For a Stateless Society (C4SS) under the title “Prisons Don’t Bail Out the Poor.” Posts and other content can be submitted to the CopBlock Network via the CopBlock.org Submission Page. (Note: This has been posted in its original form and no edits to the original text were made. Some links were added within the text.)

This post relates to the exploitation of the poor and vulnerable members of society by law enforcement and the court system. Oftentimes, people of lower economic classes and especially minorities within that demographic end up in jail and/or prison simply because they don’t have the means to defend themselves from allegations made against them. This also makes it that much more likely innocent people will accept plea deals just to avoid serving more jail time while awaiting trial and/or to avoid the risk of more severe punishment should they lose.

A significant percentage of those “crimes” they are prosecuted for are victimless crimes in the first place and many are actually predicated on conditions created by poverty. In addition, minor crimes of that nature often lead to more harsh punishments for future transgressions by creating a long criminal record that is used to justify tougher sentences, even though that record consists of things more affluent people would never be arrested or prosecuted for. In many cases, building a criminal record based on such minor offenses is an intentional strategy used by law enforcement against the poor for that very reason.

Previous posts by Nick Ford that have been shared on CopBlock.org can be found here, here, here, and here. If you appreciate the things Nick has written, you can support him directly here.

Prisons Don’t Bail Out the Poor

The New York Times recently reported that on March 13th, Jeffery Pendleton was found dead in his jail cell. Pendleton was a homeless man who lived in New Hampshire and had been arrested on March 8th for outstanding fines and possession of small amounts of marijuana. His set bail of $100 was prohibitively costly for him and he was left to languish in his cell until trial, over a month later.

According to New Hampshire’s state experts, there were no sign of foul play.

Pendleton’s family disagrees, saying on a GoFundMe campaign that aims to bring Pendleton’s body home: “His body has been viewed by a second source and we have found that we were lied to by the medical examiner in New Hampshire as well as the jail. … The second report completed in Arkansas states there are clear indications that Jeffery was harmed prior to his death and likely that harmed caused his death.”

Pendleton’s death, whether a freak accident or something more, reflects a disturbing trend of individuals, particularly lower-income and people of color, dying in jail cells. Another high-profile victim, a black woman named Sandra Bland, died after only three days in jail in 2013. Her death was ruled a suicide but her family, like Pendleton’s, disagreed.

Prison Profits Poor PeopleIn practice, jails tend to work as places where lower-income people must be processed and held until they can be processed again. As Gilles Bissonnette, a director for the American Civil Liberties Union of New Hampshire said of Pendleton’s case, “at that point, he would have effectively served his sentence before he ever had an opportunity to contest the charge — an outcome that only a poor person would be confronted with.”

The issue of prohibitively high bail is serious enough that the Department of Justice (DoJ) released an official statement around the time of Pendleton’s death. Such statements don’t have the force of law, but they can influence shifts in policy by making the federal government’s position clear on a given issue.

At one point the statement says “[b]ail that is set without regard to defendants’ financial capacity can result in the incarceration of individuals not because they pose a threat to public safety or a flight risk, but rather because they cannot afford the assigned bail amount.”

As such, jails are often used as pre-detention centers that skirt around Constitutional requirements of “fair and equal treatment” under the law. If poor people are regularly locked up and have bail set without regard to their ability to pay then equality under the law seems like an unlikely outcome.

But even if we tried to make bail set partly on the basis of financial stability and well-being, this would not be enough. Whether it comes to police and civil forfeiture, the criminal justice system and plea deals, or the prison industrial complex, the state’s profit motive leads them to seek monopoly profits to the disadvantage of the accused and convicted.

As the New York Times notes, this report by the DoJ, “…echoes the conclusions of the Justice Department’s investigation of the Police Department and court in Ferguson, Mo. Investigators there concluded that the court was a moneymaking venture, not an independent branch of government.”

But “independence” is a meaningless term when the government has created and reinforced perverse incentives that treat individuals as a stream of revenue. Fixing that isn’t going to be accomplished by sending letters to courts and politely asking them to change. In fact, the way to affect change isn’t to ask nicely for the government to play by its own rules. We’ve been doing that for too long to no avail.

It’s time we made up our own rules and played by them ourselves in peaceful and creative ways. This means building alternative forms of dealing with crime that don’t rely on punishment being the focus of rehabilitation. It also means not treating money as the sole way that people can help atone for their offenses.

But of course, Pendleton didn’t do anything wrong.

Well, besides being poor.

“Behind the Scenes” at Cop Block

This post was originally published by at the website of NH Regional CopBlock under the title “The Reality of CopBlock.” If you are in the New Hampshire area or just want to see what the folks out there are up to, you can connect with them via their Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter stream, or Google Plus profile. And, of course, you can also contact them at their website.

If you are already part of the CopBlock Network and have something you’d like to share, you can use the CopBlock.org submission page to send us content you created personally or that was created by your own local group. However, if you don’t have a local group in your area already, you can get tips on how to start a group within our resource section. In addition, if you want to get started Cop Blocking, you can find tips and advice for filming the police there also. Obviously, you should always make sure you know your rights and have a good camera (or five) on hand first.

The Reality of CopBlock

What you see online here and on CopBlock related sites doesn’t tell the whole story. Most of what we record, the vast majority, never gets published. Not because we’ve got something to hide. But because to a larger audience, it’s not interesting. Casual conversations with officers and passersby aren’t good material.

FILMPOLICEPart of copblocking is going out and looking for trouble. Not looking to get into trouble, but finding people having issues with police. The reality is, these things are hard to find. With the best police scanner and a lot of cruising around hotspots, we just can’t find it all. We went home an hour before the studios of FreeTalkLive were raided. We failed to be there. If we missed an event like that, how much else have we missed?

No tool in the world; scanners, Waze, Cell 411, police reports, etc., can get rid of the fact that at the end of the day, our searching is just guesswork. But that doesn’t mean nothing is happening when we don’t have something interesting to record. In Jaffrey, the police refuse to talk to us or sit anywhere near us for fear of incrimination. With presence alone we can stop them from trolling hotspots. People coming out of bars would otherwise be tailgated with bright lights in their mirrors until they “swerve a bit” only to be harassed about “how much they had to drink tonight.”

Sure, cops have a job to do. But like copblockers, the public doesn’t see, nor understand what they’re day to day is really like. Profiling innocents, writing victimless tickets for revenue, harassing and bullying the public into incrimination. This is normal for them, and it’s never something they’re willing to do on camera. As much as they try to justify what they do, cops do have a conscience. The job tears good people apart. And when they’re doing wrong, they know they’re doing wrong. That’s why they hide from cameras and the public, it’s why they’re attitudes flip like a switch when someone with a camera arrives.

Filming CopsThe violent YouTube videos you see of police beating up innocent people and shooting their dogs aren’t just examples of “bad apples.” It’s standard training out of control and caught on camera. That attitude, the us vs. them, combat mentality is what they’re trained for.

It doesn’t really matter what your perception of CopBlock is. A troll or someone who simply misunderstands isn’t bothersome or just isn’t worth the time. Words on the internet don’t hold a candle to the reality we see very clearly in the real world. We can’t capture it all, and can’t capture it often. But then again, we’re not here for your entertainment. We’re here to help innocents caught in the crossfire of bad policing; as often as we can.

Stamford Connecticut Police Open GoFundMe Campaign to Buy a Bearcat

In Stamford they’re a little jealous of the other Connecticut cities that have the latest fancy new military vehicles. According to the Stamford Police Foundation their city is the fourth largest in Connecticut and all three of the larger cities each have two BearCats. However, for some reason Stamford hasn’t been able to acquire even one of the paramilitary assault vehicles via the typical taxpayer funded methods.

So now the Stamford Police Department, by way of the Stamford Police Foundation, wants to appeal to a nation of Cop Suckers to buy them that $200,000 death machine. Stamford is one of the safest cities in the country (and the safest city in Connecticut “by a wide margin,” according to FBI statistics) with a consistent decline in crime rates over the past several decades. In fact in all of 2013 they had one single murder take place in Stamford. (That might be a hint as to why they haven’t been able to convince Uncle Sucker to buy them that Militarized Police Tank yet.)

In spite of that actual reality, the Stamford police states that a BearCat is a vital tool it needs to combat the imaginary increase in the frequency and severity of critical incidents that they are pretending is happening. Like other tiny, low population cities with minuscule crime rates (such as Keene, New Hampshire) it’s obviously pretty essential that they get one of these “rescue vehicles” that they can stand on to pull kitties out of trees.

Militarized PoliceAnd to be fair, it’s embarrassing for them to show up to one of those joint department training thingies all dressed up like John Wayne heading to a beach on Iwo Jima, but driving a regular old patrol car. It just doesn’t give the full effect that today’s militarized police forces are looking to project to the communities they have committed to terrorizing and oppressing. Rumors (that I started) have even claimed that they have been forced to have Chief Fontneau drop them off a block away and walk to avoid being laughed at by all the other Stormtroopers with their fancy armored clown cars.

Unfortunately, they’ve only raised around $24,000 in the two months since they started their online bake sale and 20k of that actually was funneled into the donations through the Stamford Police Foundation itself. So they’re actually pretty lacking in people willing to fund their own oppression. That’s a damn shame.

Of course, they’ve got that $600,000 grant they received last year to buy body cameras, which they haven’t actually done, burning a hole in their pocket. So there’s always hope that they can drum up some more petty cash off the backs of taxpayers for stuff they don’t actually need. (Obviously they’ll get much more use out of a BearCat than they will body cameras, though.)

Then there’s always the Road Pirate option for revenue generation, too. Hope springs eternal.

Arrested For NO Reason While Delivering Pizza in Salem, NH

The following post was sent in by Joshua Mello, via the CopBlock.org submissions page.

Date of Incident: November 29, 2015
Officer Involved: Officer M. McCarthy
Department Involved: Salem (NH) Police Department
Department Phone Number: (603) 893-1911

Hey everyone,

My name is Joshua Mello and I work and deliver for a large pizza chain in the town of Salem, New Hampshire. On November 29, 2015 at approximately 4:30 pm, I was arrested for “reckless operation” of a motor vehicle. Officer McCarthy claimed I was “going fast” (but not on radar), and also swerving in and out of traffic without a turn signal.

This is what actually happened…

While I was delivering a pizza down Rte. 28 in Salem, NH, a car in front of me slammed their brakes and I had no choice but to cut over to the other lane. I never passed 40 mph in a 35 mph zone. I then saw blue lights behind me and pulled over.

12391170_593219724160645_4696513325611611582_nThe officer jumped out of his vehicle and began to approach my car very aggressively. He then opened my door and grabbed my arm with force. He stated I was under arrest. I asked why, because I had no clue why I was being arrested. He told me for reckless driving. I was dumbfounded. I asked him to define reckless driving for me so I could understand why I was being arrested…This is what he said “when you operate a vehicle recklessly…” Like really?!? He also noted I was going way “too fast.”

The story gets better…

While he continues to be aggressive with me, he puts me into the cop car. I ask him what about the pizzas, he tells me “too bad your car is getting towed.” He drove me not even a 1/4 mile to the police station, books me, and says start walking. No bail, no nothing. I started walking and called my boss to come get me. Luckily, my company likes me and they all know how corrupt Salem, NH police are.

I got my car back from the tow yard ($230 later) and continued driving pizzas around, not even 20 minutes later. So corrupt!

The point of this story is to show the power cops have. He was very aggressive and was clearly trying to instigate me to maybe assault him or resist him, which I didn’t. He could have used some discretion on the situation and let me go, but he didn’t. I did nothing wrong, I was working, and the whole incident could have cost me my job and reputation.

I am contemplating suing them for defamation of character and wrongful arrest. I am surprised I have not seen more stories on Cop Block about Salem, NH police. They are very crooked. I’ve witnessed some other questionable things as well since driving around 40 hours a week for 2 years in this town…

– Joshua Mello

A Second New Hampshire Police Chief in Trouble – This Time For Rape

Note: This post was submitted by Ian Freeman, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page. It was originally posted by Ian at FreeKeene.com under the title, “Another NH Police Chief in Trouble – This Time For Rape.”

Canterbury Police Chief John Laroche

Canterbury Police Chief John Laroche

If there are only a few bad apples in policing, how do they rise to the top of the ranks? The last case of a corrupt NH police chief reported on the Free Keene blog, less than one year ago, involved New London, NH’s then-chief threatening college girls into stripping so he could photograph them nude in the police department basement.

Now, in the case of Canterbury, NH Police Chief John Laroche, he’s accused of multiple cases of sexual assault (rape) against a teenage girl. To be clear, the girl was of the age of consent, however Laroche was in a position of authority over her, as he was in charge of the Police Explorers program, where teenagers explore whether they would like a career in law enforcement. Apparently, it’s also not uncommon for them to explore their sexuality with the officers.

Laroche was arrested in August, according to this press release from the NH Attorney General. He’s now been indicted on multiple counts, according to NH1.

– Ian Freeman

Please attribute to Free Keene, thanks!