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Colorado Police Planned to Sell 80-Year Old Crime Victim’s Car Instead of Returning It To Her

Colorado Springs Police Car Auction Senior Citizen Victim

When 80 year old Mary Antrim’s stolen car was used in a robbery, Colorado Springs police told her it was on hold as evidence, then tried to auction it off without notifying her.

Back in June, Mary Antrim’s car, a Ford Crown Victoria, was stolen in Pueblo, Colorado. A few days later, it was recovered about 45 miles away by police in Colorado Springs after the unnamed person(s) who stole it used it in an aggravated robbery.

However, instead of returning her car once they recovered it, Colorado Springs police informed Antrim that it was being held as evidence. Then Antrim says they stopped answering her calls. The next time she heard anything her car, it had been scheduled to be auctioned off.

Via KOAA.com:

“They (police) told me it was involved in a robbery and that it was being held for evidence and that’s all I was told,” Mary said.

That information was give to Mary on June 5—more than a month ago!

“I’ve called them (police) every week to find out where the car is at and what’s going on with the car,” Mary said. “No one has called me back.”

Fast fast forward to July 10—Mary logs onto her computer and discovers her car is set to be auctioned off in September.

“I was dumbfounded,” she said. “I thought how in the world can the car go from being on hold for evidence and now it’s on hand and being ready to go to auction. I couldn’t believe that…”

“I need my car for my doctors appointments that I have to go to,” Mary said. “That’s my transportation and I’m 80 years old and I’d like to have my car back so I can do what I have to do.”

At that point, Antrim contacted one of those consumer investigation teams for a local news station. When KOAA News 5, the local NBC affiliate, called on her behalf they were told that the car was up for auction because she owed $178 for impound fees.

The problem with that answer, though, is that the Colorado Springs Police Department policy states that crime victims whose cars are impounded are not supposed to be charged storage fees. Another issue is that neither Antrim, nor her husband Clyde, were ever informed that the car had been released from the hold that had been placed on it as evidence.

In fact, the CSPD was even caught a lie regarding the latter requirement. When question, the department initially claimed that they had sent a letter to the Antrims on July 7th stated that the car had been released and giving them until September 11th to claim it before it would be auctioned.

However, the letter that was sent out was postmarked July 11th. By some odd coincidence, that just happened to be the same day that the TV station first contacted the Colorado Springs police about Antrim’s car.

Fortunately for Antrim, in the end, once the media was involved the police waived all of the impound fees (that she should have never been charged in the first place). The next day, her car was released and she was able to go down and reclaim it with being extorted out of any money first.

Meanwhile, the Colorado Springs Police Department hasn’t apologized or even offered an explanation for their “mistake.” Reportedly, they stated that they are “looking into it,” though. And we all know how thorough those internal investigations tend to be. I’m sure they’ll get right to the bottom of this whole thing.

KOAA.com | Continuous News | Colorado Springs and Pueblo

Update: South Carolina Police Chief Declares Clowns Illegal, Vows to Arrest Any Sighted; Threat Spreads to North Carolina, Ohio

Last week, I reported on the dangerous, laser wielding clowns that have pretty much done nothing but (reportedly) stand around wooded areas flashing wads of cash in South Carolina. Since then, there have been several developments and the clowns seem to be both multiplying in number and spreading to other areas. Among those developments are one in which a clown may have actually threatened a child and one in which a (possibly innocent) clown was threatened with a machete.

In South Carolina, Greenville Police Chief Ken Miller held a press conference declaring that they are taking this “very seriously” and that anyone spotted dressed as a clown would be arrested based on a law which makes it illegal to wear masks. This clown prohibition was justified by additional recent scary clown sightings that have occurred since the original reports. Since such mask bans are rarely enforced, Chief Miller’s clown ban does bring up some legal questions of selective enforcement and profiling by law enforcement.

Via TheState.com:

“It’s illegal. It’s dangerous. It’s inappropriate, and it’s creating community concern so it needs to stop,” MIller said.

Police have responded to four clown-related calls since Monday, two of which occurred at Shemwood Crossing Apartments. Another was reported on Deoyley Avenue in the Pleasant Valley community Tuesday afternoon.

In the most recent sighting Wednesday night, officers responded to Park Haywood Apartments on Congaree Road after a woman reported seeing a middle-aged white man in clown-like facial makeup and red hair standing outside the laundromat. The woman told police the clown stared at her as she walked out but didn’t speak to or follow her.

The Sheriff’s Office has received two documented reports of clowns appearing in Greenville County on Aug. 19 and Aug. 29, said Master Deputy Ryan Flood.

In addition, Police Chief Lance Crowe of the Travelers Rest Police Department reported that they had two more reported clown sightings at an apartment complex. One sighting was claimed to have happened at a building number which turned out to not actually exist once officers investigated. The other creepy clown was supposedly seen in an area outside the same apartment complex. However, when officers responded several people standing outside at that location claimed to not have seen any clowns that day.

Greenville Police Chief Ken Miller announces that clowns will be arrested on sight

Greenville Police Chief Ken Miller announces that clowns will be arrested on sight.

It’s unclear at this point if police suspect the clowns of having some sort of magical powers that would enable them to make entire buildings disappear, render themselves temporarily invisible, or wipe out the memories of witnesses through some sort of hypnosis. I also haven’t been able to get local police to comment on whether they suspect some of the people they encountered standing outside may in reality be clowns disguising themselves as regular people in order to throw them off. At this point, it’s unclear if Chief Crowe will be instituting his own clown ban as a result of these sightings.

Chief Miller is not at this time sure if this is a case of the same clowns being sighted multiple times or if they have worked out some sort of schedule in which different clowns rotate in and out. Also according to Miller, the one thing that all of the clown sightings have shared is that none of the clowns have made any attempt to communicate with anyone, outside of some potential signals with their lasers. Instead, they just stand in an area where they can be seen from a distance and “watch the reaction of individuals.”

However, a reported clown sighting in Ohio last week is the first known sighting involving some sort of documented claim of a physical attack by the clowns. A kid on his way to school was allegedly chased by a knife wielding clown and only escaped after throwing a rock at his masked assailant. Although, there’s an obvious connection in timing to the South Carolina incidents, there has also been some speculation that this may be a rogue clown, who plays by his own rules.

Via the New York Daily News:

Either a creepy clown has broken from the pack — or there’s a brand new one.

A 14-year-old Columbus, Ohio boy on his way to school Tuesday morning was chased by a black-clad man wielding a knife and wearing a clown mask, NBC News reported.

The petrified boy was able to get away from the freak by hurling a rock at him and running to a bus stop, police said, noting that officers were canvassing the area Thursday afternoon.

The boy got to school and immediately reported the incident to his teachers but no arrests had been made as of Friday morning.

Denise Alex-Bouzounis, a spokeswoman for the Columbus Police Department stated that they are too are taking this clown menace very seriously. (Once again, there was no immediate announcement of a clown ban similar to Greenville’s, however.)

Meanwhile, in North Carolina a man reportedly turned the tables on the clowns, chasing one back into the woods with a machete after yet another sighting near an apartment complex in Greensboro.

Via the New York Daily News:

A witness told police that a person wearing a scary clown mask, red curly wig, yellow dotted shirt, blue clown pants and clown shoes exited the woods by an apartment complex around 10 a.m. Tuesday.

Another witness chased down the clown with a machete, but was unable to catch up to it before it disappeared into the woods.

Officers searched the area but couldn’t find anyone matching the clown’s description, Greensboro Police told the Daily News, and suspect this might be a copycat effort after similar reports over the past week.

A clown was seen in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on Monday trying to lure children into the forest with treats.

Most of the clowns seem to follow a somewhat familiar pattern of living in the woods and appearing in or around apartment complexes. The woods would seemingly be a logical place for them to hide out and the apartment complexes offer access to lots of people. In addition, these clowns do seem to be rather more agile than typical clowns since several reports have included descriptions of them outrunning witnesses that have attempted to pursue them, which is difficult to do in oversized, floppy shoes.

Full Waco Twin Peaks Biker Shooting Videos; Witness Statement Made Public

More video has been made public from the shootings that took place at the Waco Twin Peaks biker meeting in May of last year. The new video was provided by Las Vegas attorney Stephen Stubbs via his YouTube channel.

Although he hasn’t provided his exact source for the video, they do consist of (previously released) surveillance video from two different cameras inside the restaurant, as well as new footage from the dash cam of one of the responding officers and from a Texas Department of Public Safety surveillance camera that was apparently placed on a pole in the parking lot.

In addition to the new video, audio of a witness statement from an unnamed person who is described as a “completely independent witness” and as the only person interviewed by police whose statement was recorded was released. The video above (and embedded first below) consists of a combination of the four different videos (also embedded individually below) with that audio superimposed over them.

None of the surveillance videos have audio from the actual shooting. In addition to the witness audio, descriptive captions have been added to the video consisting of the merged footage. Also included in the videos below is a report from a local NBC News station in Texas featuring an interview with Stephen Stubbs in which he discusses these new videos.

In related news, over the past weekend Paul Looney, a Houston lawyer representing two of the hundreds of bikers arrested after

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the shooting, stated that the charges had been dropped against 39 of them, due to the grand jury’s term having expired without an indictment. District Attorney Abel Reyna later disputed that claim saying that Looney was “sadly inaccurate” and that the charges had not been dismissed.

Within the YouTube description of that video Stubbs states:


The description then includes a summary of the evidence related to the videos:

The evidence in the May 17, 2015 Twin Peaks incident is voluminous. So, I put together some important video clips that tell the story in the clearest manner. I then attached the audio from the ONLY recorded police interview of a COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT WITNESS. He describes what he saw, including the fact that a Cossack pulled a gun first, Cossacks fired first, and the police fired on all of the bikers in what he describes as “automatic gun fire.”

Here are some additional facts from the evidence:

  1. In August 2014, 3 Cossacks went to police complaining that they were getting picked on by the Bandidos. The police then started an investigation against the Bandidos (spending a massive amount of resources).
  2. Between August 2014 and May 17, 2015, even though the police had spent enormous amount of money on the investigation, the police could not find any substantial evidence to support the Cossack’s complaint.
  3. There was a Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents Meeting scheduled at the Twin Peaks in Waco, TX for May 17, 2015. The Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents is a political action organization that was meeting to discuss politics, legislation, and constitutional rights on issues effecting motorcyclists. Cossacks are not members and were not invited. Noone except the Cossacks and police knew that they were coming. The COCI meeting was not usually held in Waco, but this was a multi-regional meeting with a key-note speaker, and Waco was chosen because it is centrally located between Austin and Dallas (so that more people could attend).
  4. Numerous law enforcement agencies set up at the Waco Twin Peaks and were literally prepared for war. Police were working with at least 3 Cossacks, the Cossacks were not invited to the meeting, no one knew the Cossacks were coming except the police and the Cossacks, and the police set up substantial surveillance as well. The Cossacks showed up with 70+ members and supporters.
  5. As soon as a small group of Bandidos arrived, they were immediately surrounded by 50+ Cossacks and an argument ensued. At this time, other Cossacks were posting up in strategic positions and at least 1 Cossack was caught on security camera brandishing a pistol while the Cossacks were surrounding the Bandidos and before the argument started.
  6. Of the 2 (and only 2) independent witnesses that saw the first shot, both told police that a Cossack pulled a gun 1st and shot a Bandido with a blue shirt in the shoulder.
  7. None of the independent witnesses corroborate Cossack claims that Bandidos drew weapons and fired 1st- not even 1. All independent witnesses saw the opposite.
  8. Very shortly after the first shot, and during the fight, law enforcement (who were ready with their AR15 rifles and tactical gear) started firing on the group of bikers, regardless of whether those bikers were actually involved in the fight (some were running away).
  9. On video, 3 different Cossacks are seen firing guns on groups of bikers that are on the ground covering themselves. 2 of these Cossacks were shot while they were firing on others. Another Cossack was shot and killed while he was attacking people with a large chain.
  10. Jesus “Mohawk” Rodriguez (Vietnam Veteran and Purple Heart recipient) was not a member of any club, but was there for the political meeting. When the fight started, video shows him throat punch a Cossack that is brandishing a gun and Mohawk takes him down (likely saving lives). While they are on the ground wrestling, a different Cossack approached, kicks Mohawk in the head, pulls out a gun, and shoots Mohawk in the face (killing him). That Cossack then walks over to where there are people on the ground guarding themselves and opens fire. The shooter then drops as if he was shot.
  11. Most likely, the majority of the people killed were killed by police.

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Both the Twin Peaks Waco shooting and Stephen Stubbs himself have been featured numerous times previously in posts by Kelly W. Patterson (me), Asa J, Ademo Freeman, and Brian Sumner on CopBlock.org. Below is a list of posts related to one or both of them. In addition, Pete Eyre wrote this 2013 post about the 20th anniversary of the massacre of the Branch Davidians by members of the FBI and ATF, which also took place in Waco.

If you personally have information you would like to share with the CopBlock Network you can submit it using the CopBlock.org Submission Page.

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Banner - cell 411Local NBC News Station’s Coverage of Video

kcentv.com – KCEN HD – Waco, Temple, and Killeen

Truth and Evidence- Twin Peaks Waco, May 17, 2015

Officer Michael Bucher’s Dash Cam, Twin Peaks, Waco, TX, May 17, 2015

DPS Pole Cam, Twin Peaks, Waco, TX Incident May 17, 2015

Patio View 1, Twin Peaks, Waco, TX, May 17, 2015 Incident

Patio View 2, Twin Peaks, Waco, TX, May 17, 2015 Incident

Six Baltimore Cops Indicted in Freddie Gray Murder to be Tried Separately Starting in October

bpd-gang-members-killed-freddie-gray-copblockAmid protests, a First Circuit Court judge ruled Wednesday that Edward Nero, Garrett Miller, William Porter, Caesar Goodson, Lt. Brian Rice, and Sgt. Alicia White; the six Baltimore police officers indicted for the in custody killing of Freddie Gray ; will be tried separately when the cases go to trial starting in October. In addition, Judge Barry G. Williams ruled against defense motions requesting that the charges be dismissed because of claims of prosecutorial misconduct and another motion seeking to force Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby to recuse herself from the cases.

It was a motion by the defense that had requested separate trials for the officers. The prosecution was seeking to have Goodson, Nero, and White tried together. The defense motions to dismiss charges or force Mosby’s recusal were based on a contention by the defense that Mosby had issued orders for police to crack down on the area where Freddie Gray was arrested and that his arrest was a result of those orders.

Defense attorneys have also claimed in court filings that BPD investigators had information that Freddie Gray had been involved in insurance fraud schemes, in which he would intentionally injure himself in order to collect settlements. However, they provided no actual proof of that allegation.

Freddie Gray Baltimore ProtestOutside the courtroom, dozens of protesters (per USA Today‘s estimates) demonstrated against racism and police violence, as well as advocating for convictions against the officers accused of causing Freddie Gray’s death. Signs being displayed outside the courthouse included, “Stop racism now.” There were also chants of “Indict, convict, send those killer cops to jail. The whole damn system is guilty as hell” and “Tell the truth and stop the lies, Freddie Gray didn’t have to die.”

The Baltimore Police Department announced, via Twitter, that one person had been arrested during the protests. in anticipation of further protests during the trial, leave for Baltimore police officers has been cancelled by the department.

The officers are facing various charges ranging from reckless endangerment to second degree murder. According to NBC News:

Edward Nero, Garrett Miller, William Porter and Caesar Goodson, and Lt. Brian Rice and Sgt. Alicia White — were arrested on reckless endangerment charges. Rice, Porter, and White are additionally facing manslaughter, while Goodson has also been charged with second-degree murder.

None of the officers personally attended the hearing. All six of them have pled not guilty to the charges.

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Texas Prosecutor Appoints Committee of “Outsiders” to Review Sandra Bland Death

Texas District AttorneyOn Monday, Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis held a press conference (see video below) to announce the appointment of a committee to review the suspicious circumstances behind the death of Sandra Bland. This committee will purportedly be comprised of “outside lawyers.” According to to Mathis’ press conference, this committee is expected to present its findings to a grand jury at some point during the month of August.

Via NBC News:

“There are many lingering questions regarding the death of Sandra Bland, and I’ve asked Mr. White and Mr. Jordan to assist me in asking those hard questions and making sure they are answered in a timely and appropriate manner as the evidence takes shape and is presented to my office,” he said.

Sandra Bland, of course, was a young woman who had a history of being outspoken about police brutality and racism by the police and who supposedly killed herself in jail after being arrested for a minor traffic offense. The fact that she was arrested at all, as well as the unnecessarily aggressive behavior of Trooper Brian Encinia during that arrest, have caused national controversy. In addition, the idea that she would kill herself over such a minor offense and after having expressed a desire to fight the charges within the days prior has been questioned.

On the face of it, an investigation by an outside group, rather than the typical “investigation” conducted by the co-workers of the cops that committed a questionable killing, would seem to be a step in the right direction. However, as has been pointed out on CopBlock.org previously, grand juries are typically used to cover up crimes by public officials, not to seek true justice.

Click Here (Spoiler, the grand jury was a sham.)

Click Here to read this previous post. (Spoiler, the grand jury was a sham.)

When citizens go before grand juries, the overwhelmingly common result is for an indictment to follow. On the other hand, the complete opposite is true when police are the subject of grand juries. Indictments of cops are almost unheard of. A big part of that is because the evidence, witnesses, and questions asked are controlled by the district attorney’s office, which is often friendly with and dependent on the cooperation of police to win their cases.

Another complication is the fact that grand juries are a secretive process, where witnesses, jurors, and everyone else involved can be criminally prosecuted if they divulge what went on during the case. As a result, any improprieties are covered up by default. Essentially, prosecutors can intentionally “throw the game” by putting on evidence that supports the police version of events and avoiding questions that don’t and nobody even knows what went on. So contesting those actions is both illegal and close to impossible.

The idea that a jury saw the evidence and decided not to indict the cop is cited as proof that the police were in the right. However, the jury only sees the evidence and hears from the witnesses that the D.A. wants them to. It’s an old story with a predictable ending.

Another question that has to be asked is just how much of an “outsider” the lawyers on this committee will be. Police review boards, even those presented as independent “civilian” boards, have typically been stacked with police supporters and used as a ploy to legitimize police findings rather than genuinely investigate their actions.

Here in Las Vegas, the “Use of Force” board was on paper comprised of one half civilians and the other half police officers. However, the reality was that those civilians primarily consisted of ex-police officers from other states or the family members of police. Once criticism was raised about that, people with a connection to police were banned from being used as civilians on the board.

Not long after that, a majority of the civilians serving on the reformed board resigned after their recommendation to fire a cop who confused a hat with a gun and shot a man was disregarded. Thus was exposed the other reality of “independent” review boards. Police departments typically ensure that, even if they don’t follow the script, they have no real teeth with which to take a bite out of police crimes.

Grand Jury Rubber Stamp

Justice or a Rubber Stamp?

It’s still early in the game with this particular “outside committee” in Texas, but there are already some questions about whether these outsiders are really going to just be hand-picked ringers. Lewis White and Darrell Jordan, the lead attorneys on the committee, are both former prosecutors. That includes a year with the Waller County (where Sandra Bland was arrested) District Attorney’s Office for White and over eleven years as an assistant district attorney for Jordan.

Darrell Jordan also has a background of seeking political office, which isn’t necessarily incriminating, but often necessitates courting the support and endorsements of police departments and the unions that represent officers within those departments. If he has future aspirations for elected office he might not want to cross them. There’s also an interesting and maybe very telling skeleton in his closet.

Back in 2007, Jordan’s law firm was sued over a “pump and dump” investment scheme, where stocks for shell companies are artificially inflated and then sold abruptly, creating huge profits for those in on the scheme but rendering the vast majority of investors’ stocks worthless. During the run-up to the lawsuit going to trial (a settlement was eventually reached), one of the lawyers in Jordan’s firm was caught attempting to destroy evidence that was subject to discovery requirements, but that heavily incriminated their firm.

Jordan, who was the managing partner of the firm at the time, served as the executive committee liaison during an investigation into that incident. In spite of the documents in question being retrieved from a garbage can outside of Dallas and the existence of photos of them being dumped there, that executive committee failed to find any proof of wrongdoing. Later Jordan himself drew comparisons to Sgt. Schultz from “Hogan’s Heroes” for his claims of not knowing anything about the incident involving the documents being taken to the outskirts of the city and thrown in a secluded dumpster during a deposition for the case.

Forgive me if I’m a bit uninspired by the prospects of these “outsiders” conducting a proper investigation and doing anything except rubber-stamping the official story down there in Texas at the moment.

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