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London Metropolitan Police Attempt to Demand ID From Cameraman at Hackney One Carnival

The following post and accompanying videos were shared with the CopBlock Network by Marcus Potter, who has submitted numerous other videos to the CopBlock Network, as well. It was shared via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page. (See “Related Posts” section below for previous videos submitted by Marcus Potter.)

If you have a video, personal story involving police misconduct and/or abuse, or commentary about a law enforcement related news story, we would be happy to have you submit it. You can find some advice on how to get your submission published on the CopBlock Network within this post.

Date of Incident: September 11, 2016
Officers Involved: Metropolitan Special Constables Mohammed Rob 5122GD and Egwuatu 5747GD
Department Involved: Metropolitan Police Service
Department Twitter Account: @MPSHackney
Department Facebook Page: Metropolitan Police Service UK
Department Telephone No.: +44300 123 1212

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This video was filmed on the 11th September 2016 and shows you that the Metropolitan Police Service cannot issue you with a section 35 notice without knowing your name and address. You do not have to give your name and address unless the police have lawful grounds to require them, e.g. under Section 50 of the Police Reform Act 2002.

I was recording Metropolitan police officers at the Hackney One Carnival in London, at which point a police officer, namely Metropolitan Special Constable Egwuatu 5747GD, took umbrage to my filming. He told me to “move on” and said “You’ve been warned about being here.”

He was clearly quite annoyed by my filming and wanted me to go away solely because of it. I stood my ground and refused to go. He then tasked another officer, namely Metropolitan Special Constable Mohammed Rob 5122GD, to disperse me from the area using section 35 of the Anti-social Behaviour Policing and Crime Act 2014.

Rob again asked me to leave the area, which I refused to do. He then explained that he would be issuing me with a section 35 notice on the grounds of my filming, at which point he asked for my name and address and asked me to stop filming.

I refused to comply with Rob’s request or provide him with my name and address. Rob then said he would be back to continue talking to me and left. I remained at the location filming for about two hours, during which I again bumped into Rob and Egwuatu. They both ignored me.

– Marcus D Potter

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London’s Metropolitan Police Harass; Attempt to Take Advantage of Autistic Cameraman

The following post and accompanying video were shared with the CopBlock Network by Marcus Potter, who has submitted numerous other videos to the CopBlock Network, as well. It was shared via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page.

Date of Incident: July 27, 2016
Officer Involved: Police Constable 5205CO
Department Involved: Metropolitan Police Service
Department Twitter Account: @MPSWestminster
Department Facebook Page: Met Police UK
Department Telephone No.: +44300 123 1212

On the 27th of July 2016, I was crossing a road and waited halfway for a vehicle to pass. Having decided to cross back, I was approached by a police officer, namely PC 5205CO from London’s Metropolitan Police Service who pretended to be concerned for my welfare in an attempt to obtain my name. I refused to provide it, but rather foolishly answered the rest of her questions.

I later made a subject access request to another police force and found that the Metropolitan Police Service had provided details of this encounter to them and read an intelligence report that was generated as a result. This states that officers were later briefed about me and that they wanted to know who I was for intelligence purposes, so that they could link that person (who turned out to be me) with a Marcus Potter (me) who was “known” to be “mentally ill,” have a “hatred for the police and all they stand for,” and pose a threat to police officers and the government.

This I can assure is all bullshit and whilst I do have a criminal record for two petty offenses it in no way demonstrates that. The reasons they have cited for these beliefs have been completely unrelated to the crimes that I was convicted of namely disorderly conduct and sending a malicious communication. It is also interesting to know that I was attacked from behind by PC Lyons 1762CW (warrant number 231593) later that day and the reasons cited to justify the attack was that I was suspected of being a terrorist on the grounds that I was filming numerous police officers.

I would like to add that as the police are well aware (there is a flag on their systems that I have seen), I suffer from Autism and as a result will be more gullible then the average person. Rather than being upfront as to the reason for asking my name, 5205CO gave me an entirely fictional reason for requesting my name. Had I given it, I would no doubt have also been asked for my home address and date of birth.

– Marcus D Potter

I have gone into more detail on the unlawful attack by PC Lyons here.

Family of Gabriel Parker in Casa Grande, Arizona Disputes Official Police Story of His Shooting

The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network anonymously, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page. The person who submitted it is a family member of Gabriel Parker. Earlier this month, Gabriel was shot by three officers from the Casa Grande Police Department after another family member called to report that he was threatening to commit suicide. Within the post, the family disputes the official story of how and why Gabriel was shot, as well as the necessity of the shooting.

As has been noted here at the CopBlock Network many, many, many times before, the worst thing you can do for a friend or family member who is suffering from a mental health issue and/or severe emotional episode is call the police to “help” them. Unless you’re okay with the possibility that the person you called the police on might be beaten, arrested, and/or killed, you should never call the police. More often than not, they are neither trained nor of the mindset to actually help people who are mentally ill or suffering from suicidal depression. Instead, they generally see them as a threat that must be eliminated and usually that means permanently and violently.

Date of Incident: November 18, 2016
Officers Involved: Officers Bryan Martinez, Jeremy Ybarra, Efran Lujan
Department Involved: Casa Grande Police Department
Facebook Page: Casa Grande Police Department
Email: Mark McCrory, Chief of Police
Department Phone No.: (520) 421-8700

On November 18, 2016 at 3 pm, the cops received a call from my cousin that my uncle Gabriel Parker was threatening to kill himself, he told them to be cautious because he had a machete. The news and public information officer (see embedded video below) make it seem like when they showed up he came out unarmed, went back into the house, and came out with the machete. They shot him with the bean bags and tazer and after he still didn’t comply they used lethal force.

IMG_1288This is not what happened. Gabriel was inside the house. The police cars pulled all the way into the driveway and stood about six feet from the porch (knowing he had a machete inside). The other officers lined their vehicles outside the yard and aimed AR 15 rifles toward the house.Instead of talking him down they provoked him repeatedly, asking him to come out. After back and forth yelling between Gabriel and the officers he stepped out of the house for the first time, machete in his hand. He was immediately fired upon with rubber rounds and lethal bullets from three officers. He tried to take cover, collapsed and was taken to Casa Grande Banner Hospital. He died from his wounds enroute to the hospital.

Gabriel’s oldest son, sister in law, sister, brother, two nephews, and mother watched this entire incident happen. They asked the police to put down the lethal weapons, they stated they were going to wait for a crisis team to arrive. He was dead within 20 minutes of the cops arriving. Never once did he ask the cops to kill him, never did he charge at them.

He was a loving person, he’d give his shirt off his back to anyone.

Local News Report

Las Vegas Mom of Autistic Man Paints Giant Message to Cops on Her Garage After Previous Assault

A woman living in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson has resorted to plastering her house with signs alerting the police to the fact that her son is autistic after he was previously assaulted by the police when a neighbor called them. As well as placing signs taped to the walls, Judy McKim also painted in large bold letters on her garage door “Autistic Man Lives Here; Cops No Excuse.”

Zachary McKim is 28 years old and was adopted by Judy at the age of two. However, he is severally autistic and as a result extremely limited in his ability to communicate, as well as lacking in the ability to follow orders from or even understand who the police are. During that previous incident in which Zachary was assaulted, Judy stated that one of the Henderson police officers began reaching for his gun.

Via “13 Action News,” the local ABC affiliate:

“I wanted to make sure that they knew everything. That he is still in diapers, doesn’t understand words, doesn’t understand what a gun is,” said mother Judy McKim.

McKim posted the signs after she said her severely autistic son, Zachary, was assaulted by police.

“He’s autistic, he doesn’t know what is happening. He doesn’t know what police is,” McKim said.

According to McKim, a friend called police after witnessing her 28-year-old Zachary in a “rage.” When police arrived to the home, McKim said they tried to restrain him.

“He is in a diaper, along with the pacifier, and the cops are kneeling on my son and one of them reaches for his gun because Zach was fighting for his life,” said McKim.

The Henderson Police Department is now reportedly investigating the incident, since the police report makes no mention of them even touching Zachary. That differs markedly from Judy McKim’s description of what happened that day.

Via Fox 5 News:

Zach is non-verbal with an IQ of 17,” McKim said. “A woman who has never seen an autistic rage called in domestic violence on my son and police officers came in very gung-ho,” McKim said.

“There were three police officers on my son’s bed with their knees on his chest,” McKim said.

McKim added that Zach wears a diaper and has a pacifier in his mouth most of the time.

“That scared me,” McKim said.

FOX5 got a hold of the police report. It says Zach was having “fits of rage” that lasted 20 minutes but that responding officers “never witnessed Zach hurt or hit anyone.” The report never mentioned police physically interacting with Zach.

Mom of Las Vegas Autistic Son Police AssaultIn addition to the previous assault by Henderson police upon her son, McKim says her actions were motivated by other recent incidents in which autistic people and other people with mental disabilities have been assaulted or even killed by police. One such example  was the shooting of Joey Weber an autistic man shot in Hays Kansas. In addition, a local example is the shooting of Abel Correa, who two Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers shot after claiming that he lunged at them with a screwdriver and hammer.

McKim says that she is embarrassed by having to make such personal information public, but that she “can’t imagine losing her son” and hopes that her actions will help other families with autistic children gain some measure of safety when dealing with law enforcement.

Although this might seem like an extreme measure to take, the increasingly aggressive manner in which police respond to calls along with their tendency to be poorly trained for and unable or unwilling to properly deal with mentally disabled people or those suffering from a mental illness, undoubtedly makes it a wise one.

FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

Family of Abel Correa Files Federal Lawsuit Against Las Vegas Police Over 2015 Fatal Shooting

One year ago, in August of 2015, two officers from the LVMPD shot Abel Correa, who was hiding in a closet inside his mother’s house after a neighbor had called police to report that he had been damaging property outside the home. Correa was suffering from mental illness, along with other medical issues, and according to the family Officer Glenn Taylor and Officer Eli Prunchak were aware of that from having interacted with him in the past.

In a body cam video (included in this post) released later, those two officers can be seen opening the door to the small coat closet Correa was hiding in and then shooting him five times. Although he was not armed with any sort of actual weapon, they claimed that he had “lunged at them with a sharp object.”That “sharp object” was subsequently identified as a screwdriver that they say he was holding along with a wrench.

Although the placement of the LVMPD’s body cams (conveniently) allows the hands of the officer wearing it to obscure much of the view of the people they shoot, what can be seen on the video doesn’t quite match up with that story. Also, since wearing a body cam is voluntary for Las Vegas police, only one of the cops was recording video that day.

As stated, Correa’s own hands are not visible in the video. So, it’s not clear what, if anything, he is holding. However, it is quite clear that he is not in any way lunging forward or extending his hands. In fact, he’s both moving slowly and standing straight up at the time he is shot. Regardless of what might have been in his hands when they opened the door, he is not the one acting aggressively at the point when he is shot.

The mother and three brothers of Correa have now filed a $13.2 million federal lawsuit against the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department claiming that Officers Taylor and Prunchak used excessive force and were not properly trained to de-escalate the situation when dealing with mentally ill people, as well as violations of Abel Correa’s civil rights.

Via the Las Vegas Review Journal:

Police arrived at Correa’s mother’s home in the 6900 block of Berkshire Place, near the intersection of Rainbow Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue, between 6 and 10 a.m. that morning after a neighbor reported the man was breaking a window to enter the house.

Officers Glenn Taylor and Eli Prunchak arrived about two hours after the neighbor’s call, searched the home and found Correa, a methamphetamine addict with a documented history of mental illness, in a small closet by the front door. The officers shot Correa five times after they said they opened the closet door and Correa lunged at them with a screwdriver and wrench in his hands.

 Officers believed Correa was holding a knife and was going to stab them because he was in an attack pose, they said at a fact-finding review, which was held in June after the district attorney’s office preliminarily deemed the police shooting justified.

Metro acknowledged days after the shooting that Correa “was in dire need of mental health services.” At the fact-finding review, Correa’s family argued that Taylor knew about the man’s mental illness and didn’t know how to de-escalate the situation.

In a civil complaint filed Thursday, Correa’s mother and three brothers claimed the officers were not trained properly and used excessive deadly force.

Maria, Ricardo, Gilberto and Moises Correa accused the police department and Sheriff Joe Lombardo of violating Abel Correa’s civil rights through policies, procedures and training.

The lawsuit claims Lombardo had “knowledge that Defendants Taylor and Prunchak lacked sufficient knowledge and training in the Departments of Use of Force Policy” and “should have known officers were not aware of the policy regarding passive resistance.”

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According to the lawsuit, Taylor and Prunchak knew Abel Correa suffered from mental health issues, knew he had been placed on mental health hold and knew he had never used violence toward anyone, including police.

“Abel Correa posed no threat of harm to the defendant officers and/or to anyone else at the scene of the shooting, as Abel was hiding in a closet with the door closed and no means of escape,” the lawsuit reads.

One of the officers told Correa to raise his arms and, when he complied, they discharged their weapons at least five times, killing him, the complaint reads.

The lawsuit claims Lombardo, the police department, Prunchak and Taylor are responsible for Correa’s survival action — the injuries and pain Correa suffered immediately before his death, wrongful death and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Evidence Suggests India Cummings’ In-Custody Death Was a Homicide

The following post consists of a press release that was shared with the CopBlock Network by Matthew Albert, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page. Albert is the attorney for India Cummings, who died under suspicious circumstances while in custody at the Erie County Holding Center.

In addition, Albert states:

Please contact me with any questions. This story needs to be told. Thank you – Matt

Date of Incident: February 1 – February 17, 2016
Department Involved: The Erie County (NY) Sheriff’s Department
Officers Involved: Erie County Sheriff Timothy Howard and all sheriff’s deputies assigned to the Erie County Holding Center.
Department Phone Number: (716) 858-7618

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 26, 2016

Buffalo, NY – India Cummings, 27, was in the throes of mental illness, clearly incapacitated and incapable of taking care of herself when she was put into custody at the Erie County Holding Center on February 1st, 2016 after a series of irrational actions.

Despite frantic efforts by family members and her attorney to transfer her to a hospital where she could have been stabilized, she was stashed away mysteriously in the Holding Center for 16 days. On February 17, 2016, Erie County Sheriff Timothy Howard states a “medical event happened,” and India was transported to Buffalo General Hospital.

However, by then…it was way too late. Upon her admission, she had a broken arm, broken ribs, severe dehydration, a blood clot in her leg that would have required the amputation of her leg, and her kidneys were failing. She was brain dead and in cardiac arrest. Sheriff Howard fails to mention what conceivable medical event occurred that could have caused all those conditions.

On February 21, 2016, Ms. Cummings’ remaining organs crashed, and she died. Howard and Acting Erie County District Attorney Mike Flaherty have done exactly what you would expect them to do when a young black girl dies in such a tragic and suspicious manner in county care…absolutely nothing. Howard went on record today to say he is “more than satisfied,” by everything he has seen so far relating to her care.

However, when a clearly incapacitated individual is put into County custody, it is the County’s duty to care for her, as she cannot care for herself. Here, best case scenario, under County supervision, India was allowed to wither away and die in a three-week period, having nothing in her system upon her admission to the hospital. Legally speaking, That conduct would constitute criminally negligent homicide.

Worst case scenario, India was beaten until there was nothing left and deprived of necessary food and water in that 16 days time frame. That conduct would amount to intentional or depraved indifference murder. Either way, there is criminal liability present in this girls’ demise. If this was some white doctor’s kid who was in such a precarious mental state, he would have been hospitalized as opposed to left to rot in jail.

An autopsy has been done by the County’s Medical Examiners, who unsurprisingly are clinging tight to the results. This matter is now being reviewed by the State Commission of Corrections. The Erie County Holding Center has been under federal oversight due to their track record of abuse and poor supervision of prisoners in their care.

Via BuffaloNews.com: Mysteries Surround Sudden Death of Erie County Holding Center Inmate

Matthew Albert Esq.
The Law Offices of Matthew Albert
Mobile Office 716-445-4119
[email protected]

Via Facebook:

A tragic and horrific case: My client India Cummings, in the throes of mental illness, clearly incapacitated and…

Posted by The Law Offices of Matthew Albert Esq. on Friday, February 26, 2016

San Jose Jury Awards $11.3 Million to Man Shot in Back by Police Officer

On Monday, a jury awarded $11.3 Million to a man who was shot in the back and rendered a paraplegic by a San Jose police officer. Hung Lam a 38 year old man of Vietnamese decent was holding a knife at the time of the shooting, but was only threatening himself and according to witnesses represented no danger to Officer Dondi West, who shot him on January 3rd 2014.

Police had claimed that Lam “advanced toward an officer” and that he was a suspect in a fight with a neighbor. However, that neighbor was one of the witnesses that disputed the contention that Lam was ever a threat to Officer West and also testified that he was not fighting with him, but rather was trying to talk him out of harming himself.

Another neighbor that testified on Lam’s behalf was a retired San Mateo County Sheriff’s Deputy. Helen Anderson said, “West should have taken the time to back off and try to calm the situation, as Anderson herself was trying to do.”

Via CBS News:

Police were called at 3:23 p.m. because Lam had been threatening to hurt himself, holding a knife to his abdomen with one hand and a cellphone in the other. His neighbor was trying to talk him out of hurting himself when police arrived, according to the complaint.

Officer Dondi West

Officer Dondi West (and the horse she rode in on).

As soon as West arrived, she started running toward Lam screaming commands like “drop the knife” and “get on the ground” but Lam was still talking to his neighbor and not facing the officer.

When she reached within 10-15 feet of Lam, she shot him twice in the back, hitting his aorta, lungs and kidney. He was rushed to a hospital and survived due to surgery but was left with no mobility in his legs.

Lam, once a vibrant dancer, was left permanently disabled, according to the complaint.

He was initially charged with assault on a police officer but those charges were dismissed by the time the federal lawsuit was filed in February, according to the complaint.

“The officer’s outrageous display of excessive force sentenced Hung Lam to a lifetime in a wheelchair, as a paraplegic,” [attorney John] Burris said in a statement Monday.

It took the jury three weeks to decide that the taxpayers of San Jose should be forced to compensate Lam for Officer West’s hasty and near murderous actions that day.

In case you’ve been living under some sort of rock for your whole life and haven’t realized it yet, this is also yet another reminder not to call the police to “help” people suffering through some sort of mental health issue, unless you’re okay with them being killed or permanently crippled.

Hung Lam Jury Verdict Form

Jesus Arevalo, the LVMPD Cop Who Murdered Stanley Gibson, Ends Up in Jail (For 10 Days)

Jesus Arevalo LV Police Murder Stanley GibsonThe former Las Vegas cop, who in December of 2011 fired the shots that killed Gulf War vet Stanley Gibson as he sat unarmed in a car, has been sentenced to 10 days of jail for contempt of court by Las Vegas Municipal Court Judge Heidi Almase. This particular sentence is related to a subsequent charge in which Jesus Arevalo was found guilty of harassing his ex-wife and her new boyfriend. Arevalo was seen and heard by numerous witnesses making death threats against Steve Delao, who is now married to Arevalo’s former wife Catherine, in public at a church.

It’s not exactly clear what constituted that charge of contempt. However, one of the stipulations of his sentencing was that if he violated the protection order his wife has against him after his release he would have to serve the 179 day suspended sentence that he received from that conviction. This would imply that the contempt charge involves some sort of violation of that protection order.

stanley_gibson_shootingAt the time that Jesus Arevalo shot him, Stanley Gibson was not even suspected of being armed (as testified by other officers at the scene), was suffering from a panic attack precipitated by a mental illness and PTSD related to his wartime military service, and was merely sitting in a car that had been blocked in and completely immobilized by police vehicles (see video embedded below). He was incoherent, unresponsive and not in any way threatening or even capable of harming anyone. The police had responded to a suspected break in after Stanley became confused and went to the wrong apartment thinking it was where he lived after having just moved.

Arevalo was a problem cop with an extensive history of complaints and internal discipline, who should have been fired long before he got the opportunity to kill Stanley Gibson. Instead, he was moved from one unit to another and eventually put on the graveyard shift. According to his ex-wife, he had in fact stated that he wanted to kill someone in order to get paid time off, as well as making disparaging and racist comments about Gibson to her after the shooting. Arevalo is just one example of the LVMPD’s abysmal history of refusing and even actively working to prevent accountability for the criminals within their ranks.

Jesus Arevalo's Court Record

Jesus Arevalo’s Court Record

Although on paper he was punished by being fired, Jesus Arevalo was never held accountable or punished in any real way for the murder of Stanley Gibson. Instead, he was effectively rewarded for his deadly actions that day. First, he was given two years of paid vacation while his former coworkers at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department “investigated” the shooting. Then former Sheriff Gillespie dragged his feet long enough before “firing” Jesus Arevalo to allow him to put in for disability (for the stress of being called a murderer after he murderer someone).

He was approved for that disability just one month before his “firing” by the LVMPD. Among those on the board that approved his disability were Chris Collins, who at that time was the president of the LVPPA (the police union for departments within the Las Vegas area). Collins stated that he didn’t feel it was a conflict of interest because they “didn’t hang out together.” As part of his “disability,” Arevalo now receives just under $30,000 (plus future cost of living increases) per year for the rest of his life. Unlike Social Security disability, people receiving government disability are also not precluded from working, they are just not allowed to be employed in the same field. So, Arevalo will receive that $30k/year Killer’s Bonus on top of whatever he makes in another job.

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Depressed Man has Very Active Day While Police Engage in Ten Hour “Standoff” at His Empty House

Standoff With Empty HomeAccording to Justin Holloway’s ex-boss, he had recently quit his job and was making statements about being depressed over his brother dying. He also made suicidal statements and discussed “taking people out” because he was blaming “everyone for his problems.”

Concerned about his mental state, the (unnamed) boss went to Holloway’s house to check on him. Things seemed to have taken a turn for the worst at that point. Halloway had a sawed-off shotgun sitting on the kitchen table and was in the process of taping quarter sticks of dynamite to aerosol cans. He was also making statements (presumably under his breath) about “not wanting to see tomorrow” and not wanting some other people to either.

Justin Halloway SayreFortunately, he convinced Justin to put down the explosives and go grab a bite to eat. Unfortunately, a fire siren went off as they were heading to the restaurant. That sent Halloway right back into the “taking people out” mood and he ran into the house again. At that point, the Boss decided he better get some other people with shotguns and explosives involved.

The Sayre (Pennsylvania) Police Department wasted little time springing into action. According to WBNG Channel 12 Action News:

Shortly after, police secured the area outside Holloway’s home. Robert Packer Hospital was placed on lock down, nearby streets were shut down and a farmers market was evacuated…

Police believed Holloway barricaded himself inside, but all attempts to contact him failed. Holloway had plastic or sheets over his windows, so police could not see inside. Several windows were broken to get a view inside the home. After that was done, police noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from Holloway’s bedroom.

By 5 p.m., a Pennsylvania State Police Special Emergency Response Team entered the house, only to find Holloway wasn’t inside.

Meanwhile, as the cops were busy smashing out windows and in general attempting to antagonize a guy who they thought was busy strapping dynamite to pressurized canisters and finalizing his list of people he wanted to make sure didn’t see the sun rise again, Halloway was out having quite a day.

Standoff Empty HomeApparently, at some point after bailing out on the lunch plans with the boss, he became spooked by an old paramedic putting gloves on outside and then saw the “barrel of an assault rifle pointed toward his house.” The combination of those two things made him come to the realization that he should get out of the house for a while, after all.

According to a statement he later gave police, he then bolted out the back door, jumped the fence, and fled into the woods. Then he walked 20 miles to the nearby town of Owega, got bored (presumably), and began running back home. (The concern that he may have left the oven on as a motivation for running back is an unconfirmed rumor, at this time.)

Luckily for him, a stranger saw him running and picked him up. He apparently had gotten over his paramedic phobia by then. So, he had the Good Samaritan drop him off at the fire station in Milltown (about 15 minutes from his house). Once he got there, the firemen were kind enough to tell him that all the cops in town were down the road trying to convince him to come out of his house, which apparently was a bit of a surprise to him.

Standoff Empty HouseSoon thereafter, he found himself in jail charged with making terrorist threats, possessing weapons of mass destruction, and having drug paraphernalia. The police stated they found a sawed-off shotgun, ammunition, powder believed to be Tannerite Powder, a metal pipe for marijuana, fireworks and a camouflage pellet gun with a scope, but no mention of dynamite encased spray cans.

Although he admitted to having “personal issues” that had upset him very much that day, Justin denied making any threats to harm himself or anyone else. Also, on the upside, Halloway’s sister spoke to police and said that their brother is not in fact dead, but was in the hospital recovering from a stroke and was “getting better everyday.”

So, what a day that was…

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UPDATE: LAPD Cops Shoot Man in Street: “He Reached for My Gun” (Again!)

NOTE: This is an update from an earlier post about a (graphic) video depicting members of the LAPD shooting a homeless man in Los Angeles on March 1, 2015.

Homeless Man Shot and Killed By LA CopsEarlier today, a video taken by bystanders in Los Angeles, was posted online that showed the LAPD fighting with a (reportedly) mentally ill, homeless man. About 22 seconds into the video a tazer can be heard and then, shortly after that, four or five gunshots in rapid succession. The man, who is unidentified officially, but was known by the nickname “Africa” among other homeless people, obviously was dead at that point in what witnesses have stated began either as a result of complaints about him not taking his tent down early enough or an altercation with another homeless person within that tent.

Although there are conflicting interpretations of what exactly the officer who shot him stated and the audio on the video is difficult to make out exactly, the official story (that is still developing) appears to be yet another case of an unarmed man being shot after he “reached for my gun.” If this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s one of the go-to statements cops make whenever they shoot someone, even when there is video of that person clearly not reaching for their gun. Unfortunately, the video that is (currently) available isn’t so clear in this case. However, according to the LA Times, the LAPD, the LAPD’s “Independent” Inspector General, and the District Attorney are currently investigating and we all know how thorough a job they do when they investigate themselves.

This video was posted by Anthony Blackburn’s facebook page about 5 hours ago. It shows atleast 4 police officers trying to arrest a man, you can hear a tazer go off and then gun shots. More details coming soon.