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Nevada Cop Block Founder Kelly Patterson Assaulted; Illegally Arrested by LVMPD for Filming


Note: The Following post was written by and was originally published at CopBlock.org under the title “Nevada CopBlock Founder Arrested While Filming Las Vegas Metro Police.” It’s being reposted here for obvious reasons.

Kelly Patterson, founder of Nevada CopBlock and editor of this website, was spending his weekend doing what he usually does – filming the police on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. That’s when Patterson witnessed Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) officers about to affect an arrest on a woman and pulled out his camera (see video embedded below).

As you can see in the video, it appears that Patterson is a safe distance away from the arrest/officers, but for whatever reason a lagging LVMPD officer comes over to him demanding he leave. Patterson asks questions to the unknown and aggressive LVMPD officer about how his actions are criminal, but to no avail. Abruptly during the exchange, he’s arrested on bogus charges of obstructing a police officer and obstructing a vehicle in the roadway (after the officers arresting him threw him into the road).

While that seems ridiculous in itself, the comments made by retired Las Vegas police Lt. Randy Sutton are also pretty absurd. According to 13 Action News:

Sutton said, “Cop Block, the group that Patterson is part of, is notorious for antagonizing cops.”

“There was apparently some interaction before what we saw in this video because there was a reference made to it when the officer initially confronted the guy who had the camera,” Sutton said.

While Sutton said this, and the news aired it (with nicely edited footage, see below), you can see from the footage above that Patterson and the LVMPD officer had no interaction until the officer demanded Patterson leave the area – which is a violation of his right to record (especially since there was no danger or interference going on). CopBlock being “notorious for antagonizing cops” is also completely irrelevant. Police have to arrest people based on their actions, not the reputation of a group they are affiliated with. (An affiliation that the cop who started this incident and then assaulted and illegally arrested Patterson likely wasn’t even aware of.)

Thankfully, Sutton didn’t go full COPSUCKER and recovered by saying, “The reality is police cannot stop someone from videotaping an action and in doing that is not in keeping up with the policies of the police department.”

The question now is the same as it’s always been after such wrongful arrests, will the officer learn and be held accountable for his actions? Of course, cops are investigating cops on this matter. So, a fair review will be produced in a timely manner I’m sure.

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Click Banner to Learn More About Filming the Police

Meanwhile, Patterson spent 24 hours in the local jail, faces two charges and possible injury from the interaction. Thankfully, Stephen P. Stubbs, a local Las Vegas Attorney, has decided to represent Patterson in his legal matters with the city.

Witnesses Dispute Official Story in Latest Shooting by LVMPD

Overnight Monday (technically Tuesday morning), Las Vegas police registered their 12th officer involved shooting, guaranteeing that the LVMPD will average at least one shooting per month for 2015. The as yet unnamed person killed on Monday had fled from an attempted stop by a marked patrol car around 2:00 AM after the plates on the vehicle came back as belonging to a different vehicle.

Although Metro says the original officer chose not to pursue them at that time, the same car was soon spotted by another patrol in a nearby neighborhood. The car (which has been identified as a stolen car by media sources) had been abandoned, but left in drive. So, although it was unoccupied it was moving down the road toward an intersection. The second officer blocked the vehicle with his own patrol car to stop it. At that point, the suspect was seen being escorted by a security guard  off the property of a nearby apartment complex.

According to Metro (the video of their spokesperson’s official statement is embedded below), the suspect refused to follow orders, kept his hands behind his back, tried to run again, was not affected when tased, and eventually reached for a gun he presumably was concealing in his back waistband area. That resulted in the three officers at the scene firing at and killing the suspect. Reportedly, a gun was later found at the scene where the shooting took place.

However, since the shooting I have received audio of witness interviews recorded at the location of the shooting, which contradict the “official” story by the LVMPD. One of the inconsistencies include witnesses’ contention that the man was not actually armed at the time of the shooting. According to these witnesses, the police originally claimed that they found the gun they say he was armed with inside a nearby garbage can. (The original report was that a gun was found “in the area,” which is potentially consistent with that claim.) If that were true, the man who was killed obviously could not have been pulling a gun out from behind his waist.

It’s also stated that there is a video of the shooting. The existence of such a video has not been mentioned (or ruled out) by the police at this point, although some LVMPD officers are wearing bodycams currently. So, there is a possibility that that is actually the case. However, the person providing the audio appears to claim to have a copy of that video or, at the very least to have seen it, although that video was not provided and they would not have access to bodycam footage, which means it would have to be from another source.

That audio, which also has been embedded below, was received from a source whose identity I do know, but who has requested to remain anonymous. That is due to previous violent encounters they have had with the police, including those employed by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, in retaliation for filming them. That person also stated that they live in the area of the shooting. (In one bit of a disclaimer, I will say that the person who submitted this audio does not in fact “run Cop Block” or even in any direct way contribute to this site, contrary to what he states at the beginning of the video. I point that out simply for the sake of clarification.)

Included with the link to the audio was this description:

“This message is for Kelly Patterson. RE: officer involved shooting 11/24/15 2am at Cambridge and Katie. The media has brushed this under the rug. What LAZY journalism.

After speaking to the numerous witnesses at the park, it was unanimous that the police didn’t have to kill the guy. The Story that you are reporting is no where near the story I was given by the numerous witnesses. Why did they deploy a taser if he had a gun? Not one single witness said he had a gun.

In fact, several people said they found a gun in a trash can nearby. This was another Metro murder and the LVRJ and all the other Las Vegas media sweeping another murder by Metro under the rug. Again.

Video footage was taken and it shows the officers running back from Maryland, seeing the man beyond the fence of the apt complex and ordering him to get down on the ground. The man shouting “I didn’t do anything” a couple times, a taser deployed and two more orders to get down before the cops opened fire. He then falls to the ground and dies.

Any journalist could have gotten the same testimony and video I attained. This is completely lazy journalism and another murder of an unarmed man in Las Vegas that the media refuses to accurately report on. Nobody at that park wanted to appear on camera. (neither do I BTW. I have enough problems with Metro. Keep me out of it) I recorded this conversation with the homeless people at the park who witnessed the murder.

Here is the audio…”

Metro has yet to release any follow up reports on the incident. Typically, they release the names of officers involved in shootings two days later, although the Thanksgiving holiday may delay that. This is also when they typically release updates to the original reports. It’s not at all unusual for their official story to change significantly from their initial narrative.

In fact, the LVMPD has a history of claiming suspects they shot were armed in some manor or actually using a weapon against them to justify their use of deadly force and then later admitting that was not the case. A few examples of this type of behavior are:

So, while the witness statements and possible existence of a video have yet to be corroborated, based on the history of the LVMPD and their penchant for evolving stories, I wouldn’t rule out another revision within the near future in this case, as well.

“Shoot Cops” Las Vegas Company Uses Shock Value to Promote Filming the Police

Shoot Cops ShirtsAlthough, I have actually met Francisco Carbajal, the CEO of Ndigenous Visionaries (a company owned and run by people of color) and the person behind the “Shoot CopsT-shirts, the news report within this post was submitted anonymously by a reader, via the Cop Block Submission page.

There are a lot of things to say about the message and the (minor) controversy that the specific wording caused recently within Las Vegas, but first here is the statement directly from the Ndigenous Visionaries website about the true meaning behind the shirt (links added):

With so much police violence going on locally and globally we decided to drop this tee. We don’t mean pick up a gun an pull the trigger, we mean any interaction you have with a police officer pull out your phone and record. Filming police officers is not illegalTogether we can prevent casualties. Let’s go out there and SHOOT COPS!

One of the criticisms of these shirts is the obvious (and intentional) shock value that the statement “shoot cops” creates. That’s something that invites that sort of criticism, but it also attracts attention. Beyond that, if someone is able to deal with the initial hostility it will create amongst some people, it provides an opportunity to have a conversation about the state of policing specifically within Las Vegas and also nationally, as well.

One of the things worth discussing about the video included in this post is the commentary by retired Metro Police Lt. Randy Sutton, who is perplexed by the “recent” trend of people not having respect for police. The first thing that needs to be pointed out is that Sutton is a shill for the LVMPD, who is generally brought in by local news stations in Las Vegas to analyze video or comment on stories and frame it in a pro-police perspective. He actually stated a couple weeks ago that not only was the Phony War On Cops real, but that the “streets of America are flowing with the blood of the police.”

Shoot Cops T ShirtSecondly, here’s a news flash for Former Lt. Randy Sutton, people are losing respect for the police because of all the murders they are committing and the complete and absolute lack of accountability for those murders. It’s not because of a T-shirt or something someone wrote on a sidewalkClosing your eyes to that and holding fake support rallies for yourself that nobody outside of cops and their families attends won’t change that. Accountability will.

The truth is that the number of cases involving brutality and outright murder within Las Vegas, along with the historical lack of accountability is itself shocking. the idea that not one single cop in the 100+ year history of the city of Las Vegas has ever been in the wrong when they shot someone is ludicrous. Yet that is the record of “accountability” that the LVMPD and other Las Vegas area police departments have. The message that Metro and their leadership are sending with that should be no less controversial than these T-shirts.

Obviously, we here at CopBlock support and encourage filming of the police to ensure accountability and, in the unfortunate instance when cops violate someone’s rights and/or resort to unnecessary violence, to make sure their is proof of their misconduct. It also serves as an important deterrent to such situations. I personally very much encourage everyone to get one of these shirts (along with a Nevada Cop Block shirt or traditional Cop Block shirt) and to always “shoot cops.” (with a camera)

Click Banner to learn more about filming the police

Click Banner to learn more about filming the police

Las Vegas Police Make It Very Clear They Don’t Understand the First Amendment at Chalk Protest

LVMPD CCDC Chalk Protest

Two Can Play That Game

On September 9th, members of Nevada Cop Block and the Sunset Activist Collective were doing a chalk protest at the Clark County Detention Center (CCDC) in Downtown Las Vegas. Things were pretty quiet and peaceful until a bunch of gang members working for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) showed up to harass and intimidate us, even though we weren’t doing anything illegal or in any way disruptive.

They started out by admitting that we weren’t being detained (and therefore not suspected of a crime), but stated that they would like for us to leave. I politely told them (and wrote, as you can see to the left) that we would like for THEM to leave.

At that point, the sergeant (badge #5906) and several (but not all) of the other officers, did in fact leave. However, as they were (jay)walking away they indicated that they were going to go call some patrol officers because it’s illegal for us to chalk there, which is very much not true.

Shortly after, they returned and began making it very clear that they didn’t understand the First Amendment or that wacky Free Speech thing that it protects. The sergeant stated that he was concerned about the content of the messages we were writing. Then when questioned about what the 1st Amendment says and how that might apply to his concerns, he seemed to genuinely not know and kinda just repeated variations of his concern about what we were writing as if it was a mantra they taught him in the academy.



He did briefly manage to expand on that once by stating that he was concerned the content of our First Amendment protected speech would incite people to violence against cops, in spite of the fact that nothing we wrote was violent or urging any sort of violence against anyone. It was merely an exercise of our Constitutionally protected right to Free Speech to protest police brutality and murders by cops.

I pointed out that it is all the blatant instances of police murdering people, often on video, that is inciting people, not us telling people about it. He didn’t seemed to be able to grasp the connection and actually stated that all those videos of cops murdering people were “irrelevant.”

That is actually really telling, in regards to the current attitudes and actions of many police officers. Many of them seem to actually believe that manufacturing a fake “War On Cops” and using that as a justification to double down on their own violence is the solution to all of the hatred and even violence that they are beginning to feel from the public. It certainly is one of the reasons that the police in Las Vegas have such little support among the residents here.

Then everyone stood around for over half an hour while they tried to intimidate us and we waited for these patrol officers to show up and harass and/or threaten us. At one point, someone who appeared to be an off-duty cop drove up, parked facing the wrong direction, and had a little chat with them. Afterwards, he did an illegal U-turn and parked the wrong direction (this time also in a fire lane) on the other side of the road, so he could chat with another officer on that sidewalk.

Murder=Paid Vacation (For Cops)

Murder = Paid Vacation (For Cops)

I got kinda bored then, so I started asking some questions. For the record, I never did get an answer on whether there’s a basketball court upstairs in the jail. Nor did they give me a clear answer on whether they still use those old-timely jail house keys or if there’s any correlation between the shade of their uniforms and their rank. I’m still considering whether to file a FOIA request on those, but I probably won’t.

Then they apparently got word from the patrol officers that they were full of shit, we weren’t doing anything illegal, and nobody was going to waste their time coming down to tell them that. So they (jay)walked back over to the jail and went inside.

All in all, the eight or so cops (five jail guards, one officer who appeared to be with the gang unit, an undercover unit, one patrol unit that was parked around the corner, and a Nevada Highway Patrol unit that might have just been passing through) that wasted about an hour on something they should have known was legal in the first place, served as a great example why the LVMPD keeps claiming it needs to extort Las Vegas citizens for even more money to hire additional cops.

(Note: This video is pretty long, so I tried to shorten it as much as possible by literally cutting out any pauses. For the sake of accuracy and transparency, I’ve also embedded the full 36+ minute raw video below. So you can watch the full unedited version, if you are inclined to do so. Mostly what was cut out was about ten minutes of dead air when we were just waiting for the patrol officers they had called to show up.)

Click Banner to learn more about filming the police

Click Banner to learn more about filming the police

Raw Video

Bill Scott Testimony in Support of NV Bodycam Bill: “My Son Erik Might Be Alive Today…” (Video)

“My eldest son, Erik Scott, might be alive today if Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers had been required to wear body cameras in the summer of 2010, when Erik was shot to death.”

– William B. Scott

On March 31, 2015, the Nevada State Assembly’s Government Affairs Committee held a hearing on Nevada State Assembly Bill AB403, which would require all Nevada police to wear body cameras. Testimony was given by various witnesses, both for and against, the proposed bill. Among those speaking in support of mandating bodycams was Bill Scott, whose son Erik Scott was gunned down by three members of the LVMPD outside a Summerlin, NV Costco, back in 2010.

Body CameraOne of the most contentious issues relating to that day has always been the lack of a video showing what exactly happened. Further, the incredibly dubious claim that the one camera which would have provided that video was malfunctioning at the time, has done nothing but create questions and inspire doubt. Although that controversy itself, along with the already mounting examples of body worn or dash mounted cameras similarly “malfunctioning” or simply being shut off by cops, shows why bodycams and dashcams aren’t the end all-solution to police abuses, they certainly could go a long way toward curtailing them, as Bill rightly states in his testimony. This would be especially true, if they were accompanied with real consequences for police officers that tamper with or turn off those cameras.

As has been demonstrated many times, knowing they are on camera and that there will be evidence of their crimes has often worked very effectively as a deterrent to police abuses. Even when cops aren’t wise enough to stay on good behavior because they know they are being filmed, cameras have often yielded the proof necessary to hold them accountable for their actions. Access and control of that evidence is still a huge issue that necessitates that we should still carry our own cameras and film the police every time we or someone else is stopped by the police, however having another camera recording all the time is obviously a step in the right direction.

Interestingly, the almost singular excuse used to oppose bodycams by those speaking against them (which consisted almost exclusively of police employees) was the expense involved in buying them and storing the footage. That’s actually kind of understandable, since the cops obviously don’t want to just come right out and say they don’t want anybody to see all the bad shit they do all day or especially not to have irrefutable evidence, when those things cross the line into prosecutable acts. The problem with that line of reasoning is that all of the many lawsuits being paid out for the bad conduct of police would more than easily pay for the added expense associated with requiring body cameras.

CBN-network-bannerIn Las Vegas, the citizens eventually paid about $2,000,000 total for the settlements to the family of Stanley Gibson, after he was murdered by Jesus Arevalo (who is also receiving between $23,000 and $28,000 every year from those taxpayers, as a de facto reward for that murder). That alone would put a huge dent in the cost required to outfit cops within the LVMPD with bodycams. So, the deterrence for murders by Nevada police that wearing bodycams would represent, would more than likely actually save money by eliminating the need to constantly pay those settlements to the families of their victims, as well as the associated increases in the premiums (from $1.3 million in 2012 to $6.9 in 2013 at the LVMPD) for the liability insurance that Nevada police departments have against such settlements.

Bill opens his half-hour long testimony (video embedded below) with these statements:

My eldest son, Erik Scott, might be alive today, if Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. officers had been required to wear body cameras in the summer of 2010, when Erik was shot to death. Why? Because body-worn cameras are a powerful deterrent to the use of deadly force. They literally are “unimpeachable  witnesses.”


Officer William Mosher—who panicked and shot my son as Erik and his girlfriend calmly walked out of Costco-Summerlin—had already killed one man, in his first five years on the Las Vegas Metro force. That shooting was ruled “justified.” With no video evidence or civilian witnesses, inquest jurors had no alternative but to accept the accounts of on-scene police officers, even though they were highly suspect.


If he’d been wearing a bodycam on July 10, 2010, Mosher might not have fired at Erik. Having narrowly escaped criminal charges before, Mosher might have asked himself—as he hovered near the door of Costco, shaking like the proverbial leaf, according to witnesses:  “If I shoot and kill again, will I be fired? Will criminal charges be filed against me?” With his and dozens of other cops’ body cameras documenting every move, there would be no escaping the truth this time.


Body cameras on Mosher, Thomas Mendiola and Joshua Stark (the three shooters, who fired seven rounds into Erik, including five in his back) might have motivated the officers to opt for a much different, life-saving tactic: Follow Erik into the parking lot, de-escalate the situation by calmly talking to him, and check his legal concealed-carry permit. Everybody would have gone home safely…and Erik Scott would be alive and well today.

A full transcript of his entire testimony can be found at his website: williambscott.com

Bill’s book “the Permit,” a fictionalized account of Erik Scott’s murder, can be purchased via his personal website.

A related article Bill recently wrote for Politico.com about bodycams and how they may have affected not just Erik’s encounter with the LVMPD, but also how they potentially would have kept Michael Slager from murdering Walter Scott in North Charleston, South Carolina can be read here.

The unedited video of the full Nevada State Assembly’s Government Affairs Committee hearing on Nevada State Assembly Bill AB403 can be viewed here.

click banner for tips on filming the police

click banner for tips on filming the police

Las Vegas, NV Police (and Security/BLM) Brutality Video Compilation #2 (Update)

0This is an update (sequel?) to a previous police brutality compilation video that Jason Nellis submitted to CopBlock.org (by way of Nevada Cop Block) about a year ago. This version is almost twice as long (because the hits just keep coming) and also includes some incidents involving Las Vegas area security, as well as local actions by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), who are employed by the Federal Government.

In the description to the video, on YouTube, Jason writes (links added):

(This is) A 2nd video compiling clips of excessive force and sometimes killing by law enforcement and security in and around Las Vegas. Mostly Metro (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department) but also multiple abuses by hotel security guards, especially on Fremont Street downtown, and by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) outside of the city.


Last year I made the first part (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgg3C…) in “preparation” for the More Cops Tax vote at the County Commission, which was defeated. That was attempted to be brought back in the past couple months by the new Sheriff (former Sheriff Doug Gillespie announced he wouldn’t run for reelection after the loss), but now it appears indefinitely detained. We need to keep an eye out for that to be brought back though and I’ll update this as we get word.


And over the past year such huge national attention has been brought to police brutality and people in general are recording the police more than ever, consistently, and law enforcement agencies across the country are taking notice, and some are even taking responsible steps in the right direction. We keep this up and they’ll remember we the people are who they have to answer to. The problem is still rampant and out here there appears to be a growing problem in our recently revitalized and hyped-up yet gentrified Fremont East district of the Downtown corridor; awareness and pressure are the keys right now against tyranny, and social media is the primary avenue.


A recent Facebook (page) to keep track of all the officer-involved shootings in Nevada (why not make a page for your state?): http://facebook.com/ShotByPoliceNV/


Keep updated on police abuses and keeping police and the local government accountable at:

and more, website submissions welcome. Remain vigilant.


Clip sources (all from the past two years):
Police using excesive force on defenseless african american girl (Aug 19, 2013): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EZc0…


Police put man in chokehold (April 6, 2014): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1Vn9…


Security from Insert Coins (Fremont Street, Las Vegas) Attack a Man Dancing on the Sidewalk (Feb. 12, 2015): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rkb53…


Cop Sexually Assaults Woman Then Arrests Her & Judge Turns Her Back (July 3, 2013): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtRxZ…


Las Vegas Police assaulting rapper for NO REASON (March 31, 2014): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SBD3…


I-Team: Man claims police overreacted, used ‘choke hold’ – 8 News Now (Jan. 29, 2015): http://www.8newsnow.com/ story/ 27977459/ i-team-man-claims-police-overreacted-use­d-choke-hold


Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Beat a Man Because He Didn’t Move Fast Enough (Aug. 8, 2014): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qfs3Y…


Protesters Fight Police Security On Fremont Street (Dec. 17, 2014- I was there to see the arrests afterward, happened to be on a movie shoot right there): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ntUE…


Last moments of man killed by police at Red Rock (Feb. 14, 2014… just before we held a Constitutional protest): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qArk6…


Ranch Riot!! Bundy Ranch Protesters Tasered by Federal Agents and Attacked by K9’s (Apr. 9, 2014): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhJ6H…

Watch the video below:

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Derek Colling – Most Dangerous Cop in America

Derek Colling might be the most dangerous (active) cop in the United States. In less than 5 years as a police officer Colling has killed two, including one 15 year old boy, and was just caught on film beating a man for filming him – great write up and back story at Carlos Miller’s site. Of course, Colling charged Mitchell Crooks with assault on a police officer, which is a complete lie as the video shows.

Please call the LVMPD and ask why they would continue to employ such a violent person. LVMPD Office of the Sheriff: 702.828.3231

Or email if you prefer: [email protected]