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Update: Harris County Texas Cop Who Raped Dog on Video Also Charged With Possession of Child Porn

In an update to a story I posted two days ago, it is now being reported that, in addition to having been caught uploading a video of himself raping a dog (using a Harris County Sheriff’s Office computer), Deputy Andrew C. Sustaita Jr. has now been charged with multiple accounts of possessing child pornography.

Reportedly, over 200 images and videos of child porn, including images of at least two girls under four years old being raped, were found on Sustaita’s personal computer during the bestiality related investigation.

Via ABC13.com:

A former deputy accused of posting a video of himself performing a sex act with an animal is now charged with possession of child porn, according to the Harris County District Clerk’s Office.

Andrew C. Sustaita Jr. is a six-year veteran of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, most recently assigned to the Crime Control Division.

According to charging documents, when deputies searched Sustaita’s personal laptop, they discovered more than 200 child pornographic photos and videos. At least two female victims in the photos appear to be as young as 4 years old, documents say.

Sustaita was identified as a suspect during the course of an investigation managed by the sheriff’s high tech crime unit.

The (original) video reportedly shows him involved in a sex act with a small dog.

No other details have been released.

Not surprisingly, neither his father, who is currently still employed as a HCSO deputy, nor his attorney were ready to make a statement about the allegations against Sustaita. (Because you’re pretty much never ready for that.)

Local Media Coverage of New Charges

Original Local Media Coverage

Texas Police Hero Filmed Himself Raping Dog; Posted Video Online Using HCSO Department Computer

Although details haven’t been released, Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew C. Sustaita Jr. has been arrested after he was caught “producing obscene material online.”

Sustaita was caught after HCSO investigators from the High Tech Crime Unit were contacted about someone uploading a video involving bestiality from a sheriff’s department computer.

Via ABC13.com:

The video reportedly shows him involved in a sex act with a small dog.

“The possession of obscene and illicit material is made even more troubling when a sheriff’s office employee is found to be involved,” Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said.

“Every resource of this office will be dedicated to protecting the public and holding our employees accountable for wrongdoing.”

The deputy comes from a law enforcement family, and they said they are waiting for more information.

His father says he is devastated to hear this allegation, that his son is a hard worker, and that he is reacting like any father would.

Sustaita is charged with obscenity, a state jail felony.

Before coming to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Sustaita’s LinkedIn profile said he was a U.S. Army specialist, and also worked at Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office.

A source who knows the deputy tells Eyewitness News, in his experience and knowledge, he knows him as an honorable and committed family man.

The hard working, honorable, and committed family man was actually fired and charged immediately, which might just be the most shocking part of this story. Reportedly, he could be facing additional charges, as well. He should probably update that Linkedin profile so that he’s ready to move onto another department once they offer him a plea deal for probation and some community service.

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Michigan Cop Arrests Motorist for Suspended License then Performs Illegal Body Cavity Search

Officer Daniel Mack of the Allen Park Police Department, located in the Detroit metropolitan area, stopped a local man because he claimed he couldn’t see a temporary registration sticker on a minivan he had just bought for his wife. During the traffic stop Mack determined that Kevin Campbell had a suspended license. For that he was arrested, but that was just the beginning of Campbell’s mistreatment at the hands (no pun intended) of Officer Mack and at least two other Good Cops that were present at the time.

Even though a K-9 failed to indicate there were any drugs in his car and there was no other evidence to indicate he had drugs in his possession, Campbell was taken to jail. Once there, he was subjected to a body cavity search, which was both illegal and humiliating. According to Cambell’s lawyer David Robinson, any body cavity search would require both a warrant and that a medical professional perform it.

The illegal search/sexual assault also failed to find any evidence of drugs.

Via wxyz.com, the Detroit area ABC affiliate:

“You can’t do that,” says Kevin Campbell on video captured inside the police lock-up on June 7, 2016.

“Yes, I can. Yes, I can,” says Allen Park Police Officer Daniel Mack.

Campbell, and his attorney David Robinson, say Officer Mack performed an illegal a body cavity search on Campbell.

“Why you putting your fingers in my [expletive]??  Why you feeling my [expletive],” says Campbell in the video.

“Cause you got [something] tucked into your [expletive],” said Mack.

Campbell denies that, and Mack finds nothing during the search.

“It was very dehumanizing,” Campbell told 7 Investigator Heather Catallo.  “What he did was unconstitutional, violated my civil rights and violated me as a man period.”

The 32-year-old father from Detroit says he was terrified to find himself in that jail cell, and says he felt helpless.

“My fear switched over to me wondering ‘am I really going to make it out of here alive,’” said Campbell.

Campbell says this all started back in June, when Officer Mack pulled him over on the Southfield freeway near Rotunda.  Campbell says he had just bought a minivan for his wife, and it still had the temporary paper license plate taped to the window.

“He said he couldn’t see the license plate.  I thought that was very weird and odd that he couldn’t see a license plate by it being 7:00 in the afternoon,” said Campbell.

Campbell was driving with a suspended license, since he says he can’t afford to pay the fees needed to reinstate his license.   So Officer Mack patted him down, arrested him, and that’s where Campbell says things start to go wrong.

“He ran my name, he then got the K9 dog out; him and the K9 dog went searching through the car – didn’t find anything,” said Campbell.

Allen Park Police officers do not have scout car cameras or body cameras.  If Mack ran the K9 dog through the vehicle, he would have needed probable cause to look for drugs, and a search warrant.  There was no search warrant that the 7 Investigators or Campbell’s lawyer could find.

Campbell says the dog didn’t find anything, because there were no drugs.  Yet when they arrive at the Allen Park Police Department, Officer Mack is insisting that Campbell put something down his pants.

“Your pants [are] unzipped.  I’m gonna find it one way or another, alright?  So we can do this the easy way or the hard way,” said Mack on the video.  “What you got in your drawers,” said Mack.

After Campbell is put in the holding cell, Officer Mack appears to become irate.

“Drop ‘em,” said Mack.
“Drop what,” asked Campbell.
“Your drawers,” said Mack.
“You want me to get naked,” asked Campbell.
“Yeah, you’re getting naked.  You’re in a holding cell, you’re getting naked,” said Mack.

Then, Officer Mack pats Campbell down for a third time, unzips Campbell’s pants, and looks down his underwear.

Officer Mack is still insisting that Campbell needs to take his pants off.

“Drop your drawers,” said Mack.
“I’m not taking my underwear off,” said Campbell.

Then two other police officers enter the room and Campbell and his lawyer say Mack begins the body cavity search.

“Why you putting your fingers in my [expletive],” said Campbell  “Why you feeling my [expletive].”
“Cause you got it tucked into your [expletive],” said Mack.
“No,” yelled Campbell.
When Mack doesn’t appear to find anything, he says, “You can keep it.”
“Ain’t nothing to keep,” said Campbell.

“The other officers were being aggressive with their voices telling me “don’t move,” and be still, but it’s kind of hard to be still when you know you have someone grabbing your testicles through your underwear, and putting their fingers in places that another man shouldn’t be,” said Campbell.

“It is a body cavity search; it is the worst intrusion by any public officer anywhere on the face of the planet,” said Attorney David Robinson.

Not surprisingly, Campbell has now filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Allen Park Police and Officer Mack for his actions that night. In addition the lack of a warrant and licensed medical professional, Ofc. Mack also failed to mention the cavity search in his police report. Documentation of any body cavity search conducted is another legal requirement.

Another less than shocking aspect of this story is that Officer Mack has a history of misconduct. Just last year, he was involved in a scandal in which he wrongfully arrested a completely innocent man. In that case, he charged a man named Arthur W. Chapman for reckless driving. After a bystander who had filmed the incident came forward, it was revealed that Chapman was merely driving a car similar to the person Mack had intended to arrest.

How Police “Heroes” Create Hatred And Disdain Within The Communities They “Serve”

The content for the following post was shared with Nevada Cop Block by Eric Peters, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page. The video included shows someone, apparently named Bishop A. Copeland (based on the YouTube title), being stopped for a seat belt violation. During that stop, the police decide for some unspecified reason to bring a K9 unit out to attempt to find drugs within his car.

Based on the fact that people living nearby ask if they can take his children home rather than forcing them to sit in the hot car, Copeland apparently lives very close to where the stop occurred. By the midpoint of the video, a group of neighbors have gathered and some of them soon begin questioning and even heckling the police, as does Copeland throughout the video.

In spite of the humorousness of the exchanges between Bishop Copeland and some of the neighbors toward the police, this video is a pretty prime example of how the police first create and then escalate situations which cause both disrespect and open hostility toward police among everyday citizens.

At best, this stop is a case of Revenue Generation and more likely it was simply a tactic of opportunity used to profile someone within a certain neighborhood simply based on their appearance and/or presence within that geographical location and the cops’ arbitrary perception that they don’t belong there or are engaging in some State-prohibited (and often victimless) act there.

Below is the description included with the submission.

Note: The content below has only been edited for spelling errors, typos, etc. and otherwise has been posted as received.

Here’s a video depicting a guy being harassed by three Heroes who appear dressed to invade Poland:

The driver was apparently pulled over for a seat belt “violation” – one of the growing number of petty but tyrannical affronts to our status as (allegedly) free men and women. This became the pretext for Hero #1 to demand that the driver submit to a search of his vehicle for arbitrarily illegal “drugs” (Hero #1 and the other Heroes no doubt consume/partake other arbitrarily legal “drugs,” like alcohol).

They force the man out of his car, then a four-legged Hero is trotted out to suss out the arbitrarily illegal “drugs.” The four-legged Hero is allowed – encouraged – to jump on the guy’s car and scratch it with his got-damned claws. And if, through some process of inter-species dialogue, the four legged Hero “says” he sniffs arbitrarily illegal drugs, the two-legged ones will proceed to tear the car apart looking for them. If they find none, the driver is eventually released and given his now-scratched car back. Hut! hut! hut!

Note that all these Heroes are jacked-up in black military-style web gear, and wear dark sunglasses to add to the Intimidation Factor.

You may be one of those “law and order” types whose reflex is to side with the Heroes – especially given that the victim in this case is a black guy and not particularly articulate.

But – an old song – if they can do this sort of thing to them, they can do it to you, too. All of us are threatened – but many of us do not grok this.

You are a fool if that’s you.

Those white Heroes will be just as happy to do to you what was done to the black guy in this video.

Wake up, wise up.

– Eric Peters
721 Hummingbird Lane SE
Copper Hill, VA 24079


Along with his submission Eric asks that anyone who is so inclined contribute a donation to his personal website and business. Those donations can be sent via his Donation Page at the EPautos site. Alternatively, you can send a donation to the address listed above. In regard to that request Eric states:

I have a fresh pile of EPautos magnets to send out – and Special Bonus! – anyone who sends in a donation of $30 or more will get a magnet and some stickers, a handful of which I still have laying around.

Thanks in advance (and again) for your help keeping this site viable. It’s not easy making a living as a writer or publisher when you don’t/won’t kiss the ring of the establishment and play for Team Red or Team Blue. This site is a big Up Yours! (or better yet, leave us alone) to both of them. It shows that peaceful, voluntary exchange works. That people are willing to support what they think is worth supporting.

I may not get rich doing this, but it gratifies me daily to know that every cent this site generates was generated non-coercively and without any shuck-and-jive. So, thanks again – to all of you!

NYPD Used Helicopters and K-9’s to Catch 16 Year Old Who Skipped $2.75 Subway Fare

The NYPD took a little time off recently from trying to avoid getting swept up in the city-wide corruption and bribery probe that has prompted many high-ranking New York cops to retire early.

Instead they kept themselves busy wasting thousands of  dollars to conduct an “all night manhunt” for a teenager accused of skipping out on paying the fare for the subway, which costs less than three dollars.

BTW, 16 year old Rhamar Perkins eventually turned himself in at a precinct police station near where his daring turnstile leap had ignited the “Fugitive” style, manhunt.

Which, of course, means that the helicopters and dogs that sprang into action around the city in response were literally a complete waste.

Via the Raw Story:

New York police launched an overnight aerial manhunt Monday night (June 20th) in search of a boy who skipped paying $2.75 to ride the subway, the New York Daily News reports.

But even after police brought helicopters and scent dogs out to search for him, the 16-year-old ended up turning himself in a few hours later, according to the Daily News. He’s been charged with escape and theft of services.

Additional details, via the New York Daily News:

He made a run for it about 9:45 p.m. Monday after he was caught jumping a turnstile at the Rockaway Ave. station in Brownsville and brought to the NYPD’s Transit District 32 headquarters for processing, cops said.

About four and a half hours later, he surrendered at the 75th precinct stationhouse in East New York — four miles east of his escape.

Perkins escaped while being processed by a veteran community affairs officer and her rookie partner, sources said. When the veteran stepped away to do paperwork, she asked her partner to keep an eye on Perkins, who managed to slip out the back door.

Apparently, the New York police have been distracted with all the bribery going on and a “string of prisoner escapes” has embarassed the NYPD lately. That’s prompted Commissioner Bill Bratton to threaten to “severely discipline” cops who allow prisoners to escape. So they just ain’t playing no games anymore. If you skip out on a train fare, it’s gonna be the NYPD that let the dogs (and helicopters and possibly dogs in helicopters) out.

Why You Should Never Talk to the Police (Illustrated)

This post and the video above were shared with the CopBlock Network anonymously by a reader who prefers to use the pseudonym “Carrollton Speed Tax,” via the CopBlock.org Submissions page.

It shows why people should never talk to the police even if they act nice and offer to put sugar on top of stuff. In the end, even if they are good at acting friendly in the process, they are talking to you in order to gather evidence and find a reason to arrest you.

In this particular case, the person in the video was arrested for a “paraphernalia” charge. Such charges are incredibly broad and vague in what can be considered a prohibited item and subjective to the officers involved. Plus, they’re pure bullshit in the first place. The War on (Some) Drugs is predicated on victimless crimes and this is one “crime” that goes well beyond even that low bar.

See previous stories “Carrollton Speed Tax” has submitted here.

Date of Incident: February 28, 2016
Officers Involved: Officer Smith, Officer Bright, Officer Smyder & K9
Department Involved: Carrollton (TX) Police Department
Department Phone Number: (972) 466-3200
Department Facebook Page: CarrolltonTXPD

Some stops are more frustrating than others. When you see someone digging their own grave, and there’s nothing you can do about it, it’s painful.

This appears to be yet another fishing expedition by Carrollton cops using something trivial to check ID’s, and to find a reason to try to find a way to cage citizens. In this case, they took a BS excuse that they pulled out of a parking lot too fast (WTF is that?), and that was enough to set off a long, world class effort to arrest people.

They tried getting consent without really giving a reason. That failed. They got the K9 in there, and although it appeared to have a coerced “hit”, the dog couldn’t find anything. This probably would have been the end of it, but the simple police tool of being your “friend” and casual conversation was likely their undoing.

Dont Talk to CopsThe most painful thing about this stop is the sheer number of questions being lobbed out there by the cops, and the victims readily answered. The undoing seemed to come after the K9 seemed to fail to find anything. It would seem that this should be the end of the stop (they don’t have unlimited time). So Officer Smith casually asked what might make the dog “hit”, and it looks like the driver gave in……since, you know, it was just a friendly question.

Perp-WalkWith that simple answer, it looks like it went from speculation to admission of guilt. They could take as long as they want now. The rapid fire questioning continued, and they went into heavy search mode. TWO searches, a K9, and a field drug test later, all they had was paraphernalia. Instead of giving him a ticket, they chose to take him in.

Add to that, the cops provided no help to the female passenger, and sent her off into the cold March night alone to make a three hour walk home. Luckily, chivalry isn’t completely dead in Texas.

Henderson NV Police Allowed K9 to Bite One Year Old After Detaining Wrong Man

Police K9 Attack Child Henderson Nevada

Police in Henderson, Nevada allowed a K-9 to attack and bite an innocent man’s infant daughter even after they had already determined he wasn’t the suspect they were searching for.

Even after realizing they had detained the wrong person, police in Henderson Nevada released a K9 into his car where his 17 month old daughter was. By the time they managed to stop the dog, it had already bitten the infant, leaving her with nine wounds on her right arm.

The incident, which actually happened on January 30th of this year, came to light after the Henderson Police Department agreed to force Nevada taxpayers to pay the victim’s family $13,000 to make up for their reckless actions. In addition, police released the dash cam videos of the incident after the settlement announcement.

Note: If you have videos, stories, upcoming events/protests, or personal interactions with the police (and/or “justice” system) that you would like to share, send them to us and we will do everything we can to bring it to the attention of the world. In addition, you can visit the Nevada Cop Block resources section for information and links to the rights of citizens when dealing with police, during which you should always be filming.

Although the police at the scene had already determined they had the wrong person before the K9 officer arrived, confusion over the fact that the girl’s father didn’t speak English is being used as the excuse for why the dog was released. In reality, it was a lack of communication between those officers that resulted in an innocent toddler being mauled by a vicious dog for no reason whatsoever.

Via the Las Vegas Review Journal:

“My baby,” Arturo Arenas-Alvarez said in halting English as a Henderson police K9 ran toward his sport utility vehicle, which sat nearby in a parking lot. “I’ve got my baby.”

“There’s an infant in that car! There’s an infant in that car!” an officer yelled to his colleagues.

It was too late. The Belgian Malinois had already gone into the SUV and bitten Arenas-Alvarez’s 17-month-old daughter, Ayleen, on the right arm…

Police videos of the Jan. 30 incident show officers who ordered a confused Arenas-Alvarez out of his vehicle quickly concluded he wasn’t the robbery suspect they were trying to find.

But then Sgt. James Mitchell, who had arrived on the scene seconds earlier, got out of his cruiser and released his dog.

In a recent interview, Police Chief Patrick Moers said Mitchell should have communicated better with fellow officers.

“In my opinion, the dog was used too fast,” the chief said.

Chief Moers assured everyone that an “investigation” was conducted, although no policy changes would be made as a result. Equally unsurprisingly, Sgt. Mitchell, who released his dog on an innocent baby within 90 seconds of arriving at the scene, was not punished in any way.

Sergeant Mitchell for his part expressed relief that the dog had a soul after regaling the other officers with a story of how the last person mauled by his dog had nothing but bone left on their arm. It was also pointed out that they gave the little girl a teddy bear to make up for their dog violently attacking her. The fact that they actually had no reason to search the car of a person they had already determined wasn’t a suspect was conveniently left out.

Posts Related to Police Brutality

Speeding Undercover Davie Florida Police Almost Ran Over Dog

The following post was submitted by “Ryan C,” via the CopBlock.org Submissions page.

Ryan states:

“Davie (FL) Police are the worst police in the country. They behave like 13 or 12 year old kids, but they fight and injure like grown men.”


Police Kill Dogs9/28/2015

My brother was just returning home from the store with my dog, in his car. When he opened the door to get out, my dog, Reese, jumped out of his hands, and then chased after a duck (It’s a given that the dog should have been on a leash and shouldn’t chase a duck. However, the cop was in the wrong, too.) At the same time, an undercover police officer came SPEEDING down the RESIDENTIAL street. He was going at least 35 or 40 mph in a 25 mph zone.

All Davie Police Oathbreakers do this. Any time I ever see a marked Davie Police cruiser it’s speeding with no lights, no sirens. A dark black car with some white. I’ve been almost struck coming around the corner dozens of time. I always yell ‘slow down!!’

He’s speeding and heading straight for my dog. My brother ran out, “STOP, STOP, STOP, MY DOG, MY DOG!!” If he had not put himself in the way, my dog would have been struck and killed. And the policeman would have never slowed down before or after. My brother was inches from the right headlight. And my dog was underneath the left one. She was so close, that just one of her claws got smashed. Just one little claw. The miracle was real. If it was one split second later, she would have lost her leg, or her life.

My brother started dramatically pleading. “Why were you speeding, why were you speeding? My dog, my dog.” At that time, the officer got out and my brother saw his badge and gun. My brother then asked for his badge number, which he refused to give. So my brother called 911 because he’s refusing, and we’ve had a similar situation with dogs getting ran over and getting away.

dwc banner-http://www.copblock.org/support/copblock-network/He then gave my brother his badge number. He said it four or five times, but my brother was in so much shock that he didn’t hear it. When he heard it he hung up, and started to type it into a text message. Since he is dyslexic, he asked one more time. At that point the officer said, “screw this we’re calling Davie Animal Control, she should have been on a leash and I bet you don’t have papers. We’re gonna take your dog.”

At this point my brother started recording (which I haven’t uploaded yet) and said, “because you were speeding you almost killed my dog.” The officer responded “It’s just a dog. If a dog dies, a dog dies. You should have had it on the leash.” My brother then asked, “So you don’t care about dogs?” To which the officer responded, “No. It’s just a dog.” My brother pleads and asks if they could just part ways, but he said, “No, you started it. We’re taking the dog.”

About ten or so minutes later, ANOTHER UNMARKED police car with a plain clothes sergeant, who had no visible badge, inside arrived. This man is my hero. He talked to us. He understood his officers are the lowest scum on earth and said, “Hey, they probably were speeding. We’re not gonna take your dog, we can all just go our separate ways.”

– Ryan C

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Michigan Woman Arrested for Renewing Dog License Late

In Kalamazoo, Michigan a woman was arrested because she didn’t renew the license for her dog before it expired. Although it’s likely the charges will be dismissed, Becky Rehr will be facing a possibility of 90 days in jail and $100 fine today (July 7th), when she appears in court for the misdemeanor crime of being too busy to pay a small tax on time.

Rehr, who had no previous record except a single traffic ticket, had stopped by the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s office on June 23rd to show them a receipt proving she had in fact paid for the dog license, including a late fee, after having received a notice that a warrant had been issued for failure to renew the license by its due date. However, instead of it being a quick trip to clear things up, she instead ended up being arrested, booked, and thrown into a holding cell:

While her 14-year-old daughter waited in the car, Rehr followed the clerk out of the reception area. To her horror, she found that she was not being led to an office, but to the booking area of the county jail, where she was fingerprinted, had a mug shot taken and was put in a holding area with jail inmates.

“They frisked me and put me in this intake cell with all these inmates in orange jumpsuits,” Rehr said. “I was pretty nervous.”

It took three hours before she was released on $100 bond, allowing her to return to her daughter, still waiting in the car.

Unlicensed Dog Anarchy

This is probably what would happen.

Apparently, Michigan takes unlicensed dogs very seriously. Even though they are “not looking to punish people,” according to Steve Lawrence, the director of Kalamazoo County Animal Control, they issue four to five warrants a month, on the average, for the owners of dogs whose licenses have expired.

Of course, you can’t let scofflaws (and their little dogs, too) roam the streets, even if they’ve already payed the original fee, plus a late charge, and the reason that they were late in renewing the license was because they work long hours as a surgical nurse and are also taking care of two teenage children by their self, while the father is away on business.

That sort of lawlessness would probably result in some sort of scary anarchy, where everyone was running around with dogs whose names weren’t readily identifiable by looking at their collar.

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Filming Police Dogs & Choppers: In the Right Place at the Right Time (video)

Dogs & Choppers- Right Place Right TimeIt is always good to have feelers out ready to alert you when something is going on with the police. On March 13th, 2015, I got a message that there were about 20 patrol cars and and chopper around the usual hangout of a long-time subscriber, known as “Racist Tommy” for obvious reasons (see video of his hilarious – albeit racist call to the Polk County Sheriff). Something I don’t condone, however, he runs into police often and has been the subject of a few videos in the past.

I managed to catch all the green lights, besides one, getting me to the area in time to see the accused tracked down by a K9 unit. There was a 10 block area being searched, at the time. I pulled into the Home Depot Parking lot, which is where the manhunt ended. It was still uncertain as to what the accused did. He was tracked down hiding in a small patch of woods between the Home Depot & 98 North in Lakeland.

As I got out of the car, I immediately saw an officer running with a purpose, so I followed him. I did not want to get too close and risk being told to leave the area. It was a private property parking-lot and police will often have a person trespassed as a punitive measure by simply asking an employee to do it.

Once Tommy found me, I got a little closer to the action and handed him the camera that zooms better; a good choice considering I have never been able to hold it as steady as he did. At one point he heard a taser go off. I didn’t personally hear it, being deaf. However, as the suspect was being loaded in the car, it appeared an officer yanked a taser probe out of the suspect’s back. Officers then patted themselves on the back and one was checking out a scuffed elbow.

The officer with the suspect in the car quickly left the area. I took a few minutes to walk around attempting to find out what he was accused of and any other information. However, both officers I spoke with claimed to have only been there for backup. No other information was gathered on the situation. I will hopefully be updating the story following a FIOA (Freedom of Information Act) request to the Lakeland Police Department on Monday.

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