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Pokemon Go Player Harassed And Then Violently Arrested By Alabama Police Over Bad Headlight

The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network by Joshua Blumenschein, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page.

Within his post, Joshua discusses an incident in which he was playing Pokemon Go in the parking lot of a Jefferson’s Restaurant in Jacksonville, AL., which apparently is a prime location to catch certain types of Pokemon. After a short time of doing so, he was approached by Officer Martin of the Jacksonville Police Department, who used the excuse that he has a burned out headlight to find out why he was sitting in the parking lot.

Instead of just doing that or even just giving him a citation for the headlight, Officer Martin acted very aggressive toward Joshua and requested a bunch of his fellow gang members to come out and help harass him. Then when Joshua states that he won’t sign the ticket because they are blinding him with their flashlights and he can’t see to read it, Officer Martin exclaims, “good,” indicating that he was looking for an excuse to arrest Joshua. After that, Joshua is violently pulled from the car and arrested.

Joshua has also indicated that he intends to pursue this matter further, stating:

“I am planning on taking this to other press sources and filing charges and/or a lawsuit.”

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Date of Incident: October 27, 2016 around 0100
Officers Involved: Officer Martin – Badge # 136, as well as at least 4 or 5 unidentified officers
Department Involved: Jacksonville (AL) Police Department
Department Phone Number: (256) 435-6448
Department Address: 116 Ladiga St SE, Jacksonville, AL 36265
Department Facebook Page: Jacksonville Police Department

I got off work in Atlanta, GA, drove roughly two hours, then stopped in the Jefferson’s parking lot to catch a Magikarp and a Gastly on Pokemon Go. That area is a nest for water Pokemon due to the creek/ditch. I was pulling forward slowly to search the far side for more Pokemon when I saw flashing lights. I stopped and Officer Martin get out of the cop car.

I slowly opened my door saying “the window doesn’t roll down”.

Martin said, “I need to see your Driver’s License” in a very agressive tone.

I replied, “Is there a problem?”

Martin (being rude and aggressive): “If there wasn’t a problem, I wouldn’t have stopped you”

I handed him my license and waited. Another cop scanned my car with his flashlight and then four or five more cop cars pulled up. I got worried and bored and started live streaming on Facebook Live. The twenty minute clip can be seen here: Facebook Live Video of Arrest.

Martin continued to be unorthodox. I had locked my door and did not feel safe opening it. I was threatened by another officer with going to jail if I did not open it. I dis and Martin was still being rude. He wanted me to sign the two citations, yet was shining his light in my eyes. I refused and within five seconds was dragged out of my car.

  • pokemon-arrest-injuriesThey read me NO rights.
  • Handcuffed me, bent my glasses, and broke my watch.
  • Put me in the police car.
  • They searched my car and trunk. (With all my cosplay gear in it, lol)
  • Proccessed me and put me in a cell, then took me out of the cell and put me in the “drunk tank” holding cell.
  • Gave me NO blanket. I was super cold, but took a nap.
  • Got up and started walking around feeling claustrophobic until they came and let me out.
  • Found out you can get arrested for refusing to sign a ticket (it is the electronic ones that don’t need signed)
  • My car was impounded. (i.e. ~$150)
  • Got four “unsecured appearance bonds:” Obstruction windshield (w/e)
    Headlight out (legit had the light to fix it)
    Resisting Arrest (I was YELLING “I am not resisting”)
    Obstructing Government Operations (how?)
    Total bonds $1600 (w/e that means)
  • Still got the two “citations” (i.e. tickets)
  • I had to walk home with a dead phone and no house keys as they were towed with my car.
  • After examining myself in the miror, I found that I have many injuries on my left side from my ankle to my ear.

– Joshua Blumenschein

Former Chicago Bears Superbowl QB Jim McMahon Urges NFL Allow Medical Marijuana For Players

Jim McMahon Medical Marijuana NFL

Jim McMahon, the Superbowl XX winning quarterback from the 1985 Chicago Bears, a team which is often considered one of the best all-time teams and arguably the best defense in the history of the NFL, has joined the long list of people advocating for the medical use of marijuana.

Currently, McMahon is battling symptoms attributed to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), such as early dementia, severe headaches, memory loss and depression, all of which have been attributed to the effects of multiple concussions and for obvious reasons are especially prevalent among people involved in contact sports.

Even in states in which medical marijuana has already been legalized, the National Football League prohibits its use among players. Anyone testing positive for marijuana use, regardless of local laws (even in Washington and Colorado, which both allow recreational use), are subject to punishments that increase with each instance.

McMahon made his statements advocating for marijuana as an alternative to opiates for pain management while appearing as part of a panel discussion by retired NFL players at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo. The panel was held at Manhattan’s Javits Convention Center.

Via the Sporting News:

The panel, according to the New York Daily News, was moderated by former Giants defensive lineman Leonard Marshall and included former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon, former Broncos tight end Nate Jackson, former Broncos wide receiver Charlie Adams and former Jaguars offensive tackle Eben Britton.

McMahon, who is dealing with early dementia, severe headaches, memory loss and depression — all symptoms associated with too many concussions — believes he would be healthier now if he was allowed to use marijuana instead of pills during his playing career. Marijuana is an effective pain killer and less harmful than opiods, McMahon said.

“Hundreds of thousands of people are dying from [painkillers] and there’s not one case of people dying from the hemp plant,” McMahon said.

Britton added, “Juxtaposing my experiences with pharmaceutical drugs like Vicodin and Percocet, that made me angry and irritable, frustrated, didn’t get rid of any of the pain, made it difficult to sleep, increased my heart rate and made me feel crazy. On the other side of that there’s cannabis that helped me sleep, put me into a healing state of being where I was relieved from stress and anxiety as well as feeling the pain relief.”

Jackson, who appeared on an edition of HBO’s Real Sports that dealt with the same issue, added, “The owners of these teams are, by and large, wealthy men who are older and do not understand that this is a pretty innocuous substance.”

As is also mentioned in the Sporting News article, this offseason the Baltimore Ravens cut Eugene Monroe, a former first round pick who has campaigned publicly for the acceptance of medical marijuana in the NFL. Many people, including Monroe, have attributed that move to his strong advocacy for cannabis use, although the Ravens have denied that is the case.

Jim McMahon Superbowl XX MoonMcMahon, who was known as much for his flamboyant attitude and defiance of arbitrary or silly rules as he was for his play on the field, is no stranger to alternative medical practices or controversy. In one of the more famous photos from the build up to Superbowl XX, he mooned a helicopter while wearing a headband that said “ACUPUNCTURE” on it.

He later explained that he was just showing the media where he had received treatment for an injury he had received in a game the previous week. (The headband derived from an incident earlier in the season where he was fined $5,000 for having an Adidas label on his head band during a game and subsequently wore a headband with “ROZELLE” written on it in reference to the league commissioner, who had fined him.)

Jim McMahon Rozelle HeadbandIt’s silly and contradictory that the NFL approves the use of opiates and all kinds of other horrible pharmaceutical medications for players if they have a prescription (and sometimes without even having one), but prohibits the same medical rights for cannabis patients, even in locations where it can be legally prescribed by a doctor. In fact, it’s not at all unusual for players with lingering injuries to receive shots that numb the affected area in order to play during a game. Stories have even emerged of players receiving such shots in the locker room during a game in which they were injured.

So, it’s clearly not a case of the NFL being opposed to drug use in general or a concern for the safety or health of players. Their refusal to accept that playing in the NFL and improper care for concussions in the past increased the chances of players developing CTE alone is proof of that not being true.

The least they could do is give those players the option of using a safe and non-addictive option to treat the pain is inherent to the game. Being that there are different laws in the different cities which have NFL teams, there’s a small complication in the fact that some players would have access to legal medical marijuana while others wouldn’t because they state they live in still living in the dark ages.

However, in reality, all they would have to do is remove it from the list of drugs which they test for. Legally, they are not under any obligation to test for drugs, whether they are illegal or otherwise. Players certainly make enough money that they could set up residence during the offseason within the states that do allow its use for the next four or five years or so until it’s made legal not just for medical use, but for recreational use as well, nationwide. (That writings on the wall in big letters.)

Former Jacksonville, Arkansas DARE Officer Just Says “Yes” to Drugs

Former DARE StudentIn what has become somewhat of a trend recently, yet another cop has been busted in a drug sting, this time in Jacksonville, Arkansas. The extra bit of irony in this particular instance involves the fact that Donald Bredenberg was actually a former D.A.R.E. officer. So, in case you’re the one person on this continent that doesn’t know what that means, he’s the guy who used to show up at schools to teach all the children about how bad drugs were (ummkay).

That probably took place right after or right before he did a line of meth. Of course, we don’t really know that sort of information for certain yet, so it potentially could have been both before AND after he taught children the evils of drugs and he might have been smoking the crank rather than snorting it. (Full disclosure: he could have actually been shooting it up and, to be fair, he was probably popping pills, too.)

What we do know for sure, via “FOX 16 News” out of Jacksonville, is that he was caught with “26 grams of meth, prescription pills, seven firearms and more than $1300 in cash” during the drug bust:

“LONOKE COUNTY, AR — A former DARE officer is charged with doing the one thing he warned children against. Just two years ago, Donald Bredenberg was going inside Jacksonville schools warning children about the dangers of narcotics. But this week, investigators say, during a drug bust, he was caught doing the very thing he told children never to do.

Lonoke County Sheriff John Staley said, ‘It hurts, it hurts, it is shocking.’

Sheriff Staley says he worked alongside Bredenberg who taught many children about the dangers of drugs. But on Tuesday, Sheriff Staley’s deputies arrested him at a home in Lonoke County for possession of narcotics.

Sheriff Staley said, ‘It’s difficult because you see the person, the personal side and you know what this person could be and was and you see what they have gone to.’

Sheriff Staley says the drug bust happened in the 500 block of Stagecoach Road, which he says is concerning because it’s less than half a mile from an elementary school.

He said, ‘It’s the devil. I will tell you it’s the devil.’

Along with taking four people to jail, investigators say they left the home with 26 grams of meth, prescription pills, seven firearms and more than $1300 in cash.

This drug bust happened after a two month investigation with the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office and Cabot and Jacksonville Police Departments.”

The level of hypocrisy involved here is admittedly pretty high, since Bredenberg was not just arresting people for theDARE Lion Mascot same stuff he was doing, but was also lecturing children about not doing it and attempting to use the D.A.R.E. program to turn them into little police informants at the same time. However, I can’t really say I’m as shocked (I tell ya!) as Sheriff Staley.

Cops spend most of their time breaking laws they penalize others for and promoting double standards, whether it involves things as simple as traffic/parking laws or pretending to investigate the murders their fellow officers commit and then declaring them justified every time. In fact, Bredenberg’s involvement in drugs is not really that shocking, since there have been several high profile cases of cops, including a deputy chief in Fresno, CA, being busted as part of drug rings within just the past couple weeks.

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