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Former Police Officer of the Year in Farmington Hills Michigan Heading to Prison for Child Porn

The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network by a reader using the pseudonym “The Poor & Unknown,” via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page.

The submission details the sentencing of Farmington Hills Police Officer Mathew Parsons for charges related to child porn. In addition, Parsons was convicted of setting up a hidden camera within a bathroom to secretly record nude videos of an unnamed adult victim. He agreed to a plea deal and, as can be seen in the video, was later sentenced to between one and seven years in prison (guess which end of that scale he will end up on).

Prior to receiving his customary paid vacation after a tip led to him being found with child porn, Officer Parsons was a twenty year veteran of the Farmington Hills Police Department. According to Police Chief Chuck Nebus, Parsons was “an officer in good standing who over the decades had received awards and commendations as well as a few complaints.”  While the nature of the complaints was not disclosed, Parsons was in fact named Officer of the Year in 2000.

The CRIMINAL’s are at it again (Via DetroitNews.com):

A longtime Farmington Hills police officer who lost his job over child pornography charges has pleaded guilty to downloading the material, the Michigan Attorney General’s Office announced.

Mathew-ParsonsMatthew Parsons pleaded guilty Wednesday in Oakland County Circuit Court to three felony charges: possession of child sexually abusive material; using a computer to commit a crime; and recording an unclothed person, authorities said in a statement.

As a part of his plea, Parsons is required to register as a sex offender for 15 years and cannot work as a law enforcement officer in Michigan, according to the Attorney General’s Office.

Parsons, 48, resigned from the Farmington Hills Police Department on June 15. (Just how do they let people like this resign with full pension and insurance etc? This is criminal!!)

He was arraigned in May at 51st District Court in Waterford Township on multiple charges stemming from the investigation, which began after a tip from the Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette’s office learned someone, identified as Parsons, had been downloading child sexually abusive material. A probe revealed Parsons had downloaded at least 10 videos with the explicit imagery and “surreptitiously filmed an adult in the nude,” state officials said.

Update (Via WXYZ.com):

Matthew Charles Parsons, 48, of Waterford pleaded guilty to multiple charges related to downloading child pornography in July. He resigned from the police department and will be placed on the sex offender registry for 15 years.

He is facing up to 7 years in prison.

Farmington Hills Police Chief Chuck Nebus says investigators from the Michigan Attorney General’s office and Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force showed up to the station on May 25 with search warrants.

The focus of the search was Officer Parsons, a 20-year veteran of the department.

“It was shocking that it was one of our own,” says Chief Nebus.

– The Poor & Unknown

Please contact the Farmington Hills PD and let them know how you feel about Officer PARSONS the Molester of CHILD PORN:

Officer Involved: Officer Mathew Parsons
Department Involved: Farmington Hills (MI) Police Department
Department Contact Page: Contact Us
Department Phone No.: (248) 474-6181

Las Vegas Metro Cop Joins the Growing List of Police Pedophiles/Rapists

Patrick Taylor Facing Child Porn Charges

Patrick Taylor Facing Child Porn Charges

On Wednesday (May 27, 2015), Patrick Taylor turned himself in on charges involving child pornography, stemming from a March 19th raid on his house after investigations by the LVMPD’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and Internal Affairs Bureau. According to Metro, he is being charged with a single count of possession of child pornography and two counts of distribution of child pornography. In spite of the seriousness of those charges, he has been released without bail after his initial court appearance at the Regional Injustice Center in Las Vegas, which took place Wednesday morning. The only conditions being that he promise not to contact his victim or to access the internet or social media.

Anybody that has been paying attention in recent times undoubtedly has noticed that one of the many crimes on the rise within the ranks of police officers are sex crimes. It’s getting rare when even a week goes by that CopBlock.org isn’t posting a story about a cop being caught using their position to rape or in some other way sexually exploit someone. In fact, this isn’t even the only time in recent history that a Las Vegas cop has been caught, as the LVRJ’s article about this case points out.

Via the Las Vegas Review Journal:

Taylor isn’t the first Metro officer to face child porn allegations in recent months. Metro officer James Henry, 37, pleaded guilty in December to one count of possessing a visual presentation depicting sexual conduct of a child. He was sentenced to four years on probation in April. Henry was originally charged with 10 counts of child pornography possession. Prosecutors said several images were found on an online storage account that belonged to him.

The 12-year department veteran was arrested in October after an investigation into child pornography on his Google cloud account. Henry worked as a patrol officer in Metro’s Convention Center Area Command, which includes the Strip.

Michael Kitchen LVMPD Detective Who Assaulted Prostitute

Michael Kitchen LVMPD Detective Who Assaulted Prostitute

In addition, there is the case of the woman, who was sexually assaulted by a Las Vegas court marshal (see video below) and then arrested for reporting it to a judge (that ignored her complaints), a detective, who assaulted the hooker he was visiting (while on duty and driving his police vehicle) after she increased the price on him, and that’s just within Las Vegas in recent times. As you can also see by the quoted LVRJ article above, Taylor’s child porn predecessor, James Henry, only received probabtion for his crimes and exploitation against children. Yet another example of the lack of accountability that these cops have come to expect from the “Justice System” and, no doubt, one of the explanations for this influx of criminals in general within the police departments nationwide.

Sexually assaulted by a Las Vegas Court Martial; then arrested for reporting it: